Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Fun at Olive Garden and Adventure Landing

 photo DuffyJuly201427_zps7e970d11.jpg
This is totally not Christmas paper turned inside out. Never.
It was recently Muffy's mom's birthday. So many '! But instead of going to Disney this year (sad face) Muffy's mom decided to go to Olive Garden and Adventure Landing with friends instead. I guess that is okay even if Disney is more fun! We could have had churros but I have never been to Olive Garden so that might be fun too.
 photo DuffyJuly201428_zps21c9273f.jpg
Got to get the present all ready. Giving presents at birthdays is fun!
 photo DuffyJuly201429_zpse662a025.jpg
For the first time ever Mom was not only ON TIME but was the first one somewhere. GO MOM!
 photo DuffyJuly201430_zps3633a29d.jpg
I was in charge of the buzzer. You put your name in at the desk and you wait outside with your little buzzer. When it is your turn it starts to vibrate and gets all red.
 photo DuffyJuly201431_zps9f5ab714.jpg
After a bit we got seated inside the restaurant at a big table.
 photo DuffyJuly201432_zpsd9e939c0.jpg
What to get what to get?! I have never been here before so I have decisions to make.
 photo DuffyJuly201433_zps6053d6ed.jpg
Mom forgot to take a picture of the food. :( It was a lot too! A salad and breadsticks and raviolis. All very yummy.
 photo DuffyJuly201435_zps3260b109.jpg
After dinner it was time to play mini golf at Adventure Landing.
 photo DuffyJuly201436_zpsf25b7268.jpg
They had a nice little resting area for bears to take a nap.
 photo DuffyJuly201437_zps2c0ecb4a.jpg
Thanks for bringing me my club.
 photo DuffyJuly201438_zpsdcbdfec7.jpg
But....the rocks are the stairs?!
 photo DuffyJuly201439_zpsb112ecbd.jpg
I am not sure what the lighthouse is for....
 photo DuffyJuly201440_zpsc4f6ff19.jpg
We went to inside to play games. While mom lost really bad at Who Wants to be a Millionaire Dad won the jackpot at this game.
 photo DuffyJuly201441_zps93b70f02.jpg
Everyone's favorite game of the night was this new fishing game. Basically we captured fishes and got tickets based on how many pounds we caught. Mom was obsessed with trying to get the bonus. The only person who got the bonus was Scruffy's mom though. It was fun to watch though. We had a great time even if it wasn't Disney. Yay golf!

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