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Love Stage episode 6

So folks....I am the type of person who likes things. Little things. I am not all about fancy clothes or food. I rather have spaghetti every night and tons of relatively inexpensive stuffed animals because I can keep those. The same goes for technology. I think I am the only person I know who has a 5 year old phone. Actually I think it is might be older than that. It is seriously an old phone, like 70 in dog years. My car is slowly falling into tiny pieces. And now laptop has stage 5 cancer. Maybe even a made up stage 6. Hopefully buying a new lap protector/fan thingy will help extend it's life but as of right now it is incapable of downloading anime episodes without failing and what not. Be prepared for me coming on one day and going NOOOOOO MY LAPTOP! It am preparing myself. XD
 photo lovestageepisode614_zps4b4a0758.jpg
Izumi's one moment of happiness this episode. You have been warned.
As the computer still has life in it I can still blog. So blog I shall. Up now is Love Stage episode 6. Spoilers for Izumi having his tiny little heart smashed into pieces on the delusional ground.
 photo lovestageepisode62_zpscf11a290.jpg
...Rei has priorities. Surely he does.
Episode Summary: Rei returns home super late to the house because he has no life. The housekeeper/second maid lady sees Rei and tells him that Izumi has a friend over, the first friend in his entire life. Since Rei knows all he knew something was up when he saw the shoes at the door but who does Izumi know that has expensive shoes? Ryouma comes running down the stairs and briefly talks to Ryouma before heading out. Rei has suspicions and runs upstairs to find Izumi sleeping with clothes on and the manga manuscript all done. Rei notes that the parts Ryouma did actually look good. Ryouma has arrived at his agency to be screamed at by his President. Mr. Trapped in his Youth President is super pissed and screams a bit about Ryouma being a brat while Ryouma and the assistant just stand there for a bit. Then the President finally gets to the point of this meeting. When Ryouma was in the park with makeover Izumi there was scum sitting around waiting to take pics. Now the pics are going to be in a magazine and the magazine gave President the heads' up. President is super mad Ryouma is dating the girl from the commercial. Girl? Before Ryouma says anything he calls Rei and asks if he should say anything about Izumi at all. Rei gets his creepy smile on and says to leave it to him. Izumi wakes up to singing birds and happiness in his heart as he is well rested and has a finished manga thanks to his new friend Ryouma the super star. He goes downstairs to find Rei who is excited about Izumi's debut. Um what? Rei quickly and insanely explains that Ryouma and Izumi had their pics taken at the park and are now going to be in a magazine. Izumi is a mystery lady and it is going to be a scandal. But Rei wants to have his own news press conference thing and announce that Izumi is Ryouma's friend AND going to be make his showbiz debut. Izumi is like....I can get down with helping Ryouma but I don't want to be in showbiz, I am going to turn in my manga and win the prize now duh. Rei tries to keep it together but eventually is like look Izumi you suck at drawing. They go back and forth and eventually Izumi and him enter into a bet. If Izumi wins the manga contest he is free to be himself. Loses and he has to enter showbiz as planned. Izumi leaves all dramatic like and Rei wonders if he was too harsh with the boy. Izumi makes it to the manga studio but stops to watch an episode of LalaLulu that is playing. Apparently he really gets into it as he attracts attention. He is called over to submit his manga which he happily does, visions of winning entering his mind. Or at the very least being asked to work at this studio. The man looks at him like the manga is a joke. When he realizes Izumi is being super serious he tries to gently tell Izumi he has no talent at all. Izumi leaves dejected. He travels down the road in the rain with all his hopes and dreams smashed on the ground, a broken man. He accidentally lands in some trash bags and looks pathetic.
 photo lovestageepisode68_zps89ddc029.jpg
The pleasure is all his I am sure.
Late that night Rei realizes that Izumi still isn't home. He wonders if he was too harsh on the boy but decides that tough love is for the best. Izumi texts Rei saying he is going on a trip and not to look for him. He turns off his phone so Rei loses his mind at the idea of Shougo losing his mind and Izumi being dumb over this manga nonsense. Ryouma is chillin at his house thinking it is his fault that Izumi is going to be in this magazine. Rei calls him as he can't think of anyone else shut in Izumi would go to for help. Ryouma doesn't really press for details but realizes Izumi is in trouble and needs to look for him. Suddenly Izumi and his trash smelling self is at the door. He had Ryouma info on his phone and the man lets the gloomy kid in. Ryouma goes to call Rei to tell him Izumi is alive when Izumi flings himself on Ryouma begging him not to. The moment might have been magical if Izumi hadn't fell in trash earlier. Ryouma quickly gets Izumi to take a bath and to leave his clothes in the basket outside. Ryouma seems conflicted on whether or not to call Rei. He wants to look inside the envelope but doesn't want to break trust. He gets worried when Izumi is being too quiet and goes into the bath. Izumi had fallen asleep and nearly drown. Ryouma gets him up but Izumi seems to be out of it. He gets out of the tub in front of Ryouma and then dons one of the man's shirt which is way too big on the kid. Ryouma dies of a nosebleed. Before Ryouma can go buy underwear Izumi decides to sleep in Ryouma's bed. Ryouma sleeps on the floor near the bed thinking some god is testing him. In the morning it is revealed Rei did not get a wink of sleep. He doesn't know what to do and is slowly losing his mind. Ryouma on the other hand is making breakfast for his grumpy sleepover pal. He gives Izumi coffee when it is apparent the kid isn't in a great mood. Ryouma presses Izumi for answers, that he can trust him. Izumi explains his story of sad woe and Ryouma feels for him. Izumi has brief happiness thinking of LalaLulu but is overall a sad panda. Ryouma decides that Izumi can stay while he goes to work but Rei needs to call. Izumi is like no I am never going back. I will just join your family. Ryouma decides it is time to point out he still has a crush on Izumi and this is a very tempting situation for Ryouma. Izumi is like...fine have me and offers up his body. X___X THE END!
 photo lovestageepisode613_zps01824ecf.jpg
Ryouma will never sleep again.
Well that was sad...I think. Yeah I think it qualifies as sad. Izumi might be delusional but still sad faces for all. Also is Ryouma going to change agencies during this series or what? Maybe these boys should run away and Ryouma can be the artist and Izumi can be the assistant because I am not seeing good times for a while for these two.
 photo lovestageepisode6_zps56dc783b.jpg
How does Izumi have friends MOG!
Rei is a super hard worker. He always seems to be at the house, Izumi's house. Being assistant must be code for slave in Japan. I guess if you want to move up in the industry you have to work until your eyes melt out of your head and have no social life at all. Then when you are old and grey and too weak to enjoy your die. Sounds fun to me. So Rei arrives at the home in time to spot Ryouma's shoes. Like um I am here every single day and know everyone's shoes and no one owns these shoes for I am the all knowing assistant. The...housekeeper/maid/cook person was all like oh it's Izumi's friend and Rei was surprised. Um Izumi has friends, the manga club DUH! Just because he is an otaku doesn't mean he is friendless. He can have otaku friends. And how is he a shut in if he goes to school? So Rei...stop being dramatic. Or can see Ryouma coming down the stairs and be dramatic all over him. Because yeah he was awful to Izumi and he needs protecting. Rei can do nothing and watch as Ryouma leaves happily. Like great those two are friends now life is amazing now that Izumi has someone he can invite over.
 photo lovestageepisode65_zpsb76110a9.jpg
I am causing that many problems?!
Ryouma had to leave Izumi and all his unconscious kisses because the President of his agency wanted to have a few words with him. A few angry words. A lot of angry words actual. I think that Ryouma needs to take this President dude on his own make over because hommie is trying to dress like he is 16 still and it isn't a great look for him. Anyway after making some insults to Ryouma President explains that Ryouma has a girlfriend and life as we know it has ended. The van that was outside during Ryouma and Izumi's little park time took pics and sold them to a magazine. Yay to people who need to get a life. Since Ryouma is a little cash cow and having relationships is super frowned upon when it comes to idols in Japan this actually is a big deal. Ryouma wasn't even doing anything but that doesn't matter. Ryouma is with a cute girl alone so things must have happened.
 photo lovestageepisode63_zps3dc81360.jpg
Ah the girl....I see....
Wait a girl? Izumi? I thought that Ryouma was going to explain himself right away, that Izumi has an elephant but nope. He is in showbiz and needs to think about how this will affect his image and Izumi. Because he really is sorry for being taken over by a demon and doing bad things to Izumi. So instead of getting himself out of immediate trouble and allowing the magazine to go oh...that is boring, they are both boys (or the magazine going WOOHOO that is hot two boys) Ryouma went the more polite and roundabout way of calling Rei to see what he should do. Because Rei is an adult and should have the answers. Unfortunately Rei works for the parents and not Izumi. I am sure Rei wants the best for Izumi but everyone thinks he should be in the entertainment industry and not a manga artist. Anyone with eyes should see that but not Izumi. Of course anyone who has eyes and ears should see that Izumi doesn't want to be the center of attention and in the spot light but I guess that is not the point.
 photo lovestageepisode64_zpse5852121.jpg very proud of work. Soon it will explode though.
So in the end Rei was unhappy that Ryouma spent time at the house helping Izumi finish his sad manga. I would have been more concerned that Ryouma was alone with Izumi is a room but you know...Rei has priorities. And an eye for detail as he could tell Ryouma did the...less than sucky work while all Izumi can do is suck. Izumi had no idea anything happened with Ryouma or that Rei had spent all night trying to fix this disaster. So when Izumi got ready to turn in his awful manga Rei stopped him and explained the situation about the pictures and how the magazine is going to make a big deal about this no matter what Izumi's gender. Probably more scandalous that Izumi is a dude. RYOUMA TALKED TO A DUDE! In Rei's amazingly messed up world he is going to head this scandal off at the pass and hold their own press conference introducing Izumi to the entertainment world. Of course Izumi wasn't down for that and I can't blame him. Like okay press conference to help the now nice Ryouma but I don't want to be an entertainer. Rei wants to strike while the iron is hot and I guess in the entertainment industry introducing Izumi despite the fact that he has only done TWO commercials his entire life and has no real desire/talent to do anything like singing,dancing, acting, ect. Because he has other dreams. Dreams with the manga. Of course Izumi sucks at that too and Rei actually said it to his face this time. Something a little nicer but to his face Izumi you have no talent. It worked Izumi up enough for make him agree to a bet with Ryouma. Win the award or go through with the press conference like Rei wants. Rei feels bad about this later and I would too because how can they MAKE Izumi do anything in the entertainment industry? Does Shougo have a never ending supply of LalaLulu crap? I think not.
 photo lovestageepisode67_zps12e2e638.jpg
I sorta feel bad for that man for having to unleash the truth too. :( Like he killed a dream....
Izumi spent a lot of time on this manga despite the fact that it looks like crap. Barely got any sleep for days and wakes up rested to angry Rei and his crazy demands. But Izumi wasn't going to let that get him down. He has a plan and it is to turn in his manga in person and win the competition by default. He will be rich and famous and Rei will eat his words. So after watching a few moments of LalaLulu the anime Izumi turned in his manuscript. Now.....because Izumi was waiting until the last minute to turn in his manuscript he had to do it in person. Had he sent it by mail things wouldn't have ended so sadly. I mean the way it ended I think Izumi will get the message. But it was still sad folks. Izumi was delusional and he deserved to have someone in his life tell him before he embarrassed himself that his manga really truly sucked. I mean maybe you need some new glasses or something. But yeah....the man asking Izumi if this manga was a joke and upon realizing Izumi was serious...the man tried to break it to him in as gentle but nonsense as possible: You have no talent at all in this field.
 photo lovestageepisode66_zpsfcfcb5f2.jpg
Also this. Rei and his fight...yeah this won't end well for him...
I can make fun of Izumi all I want but I still can feel bad when Izumi was devastated. Like beyond drained and upset. So upset he left his entire bag at the studio, only taking his manuscript that has been deemed trash. Imagine if all your life you wanted to be a singer and you practiced all the time and devoted all your free thoughts to that one thing. Then BAM you go into the studio and are told you sound like a dying cat. Because no one in your life ever told you the truth. Not hard enough to drill the truth into your head. That is how Izumi feels. I don't think he KNOWS yet that his manga sucks but his dream has been crushed. He is walking down the street covered in rain and sadness. No hope. Oh look a random pile of trash. Lets make sure that Izumi falls into as well since he is having that kind of day. :( It was just rough to watch Izumi face the cold hard facts and see that sad little face. :( He certainly needs a LalaLulu hug after this horrible day.
 photo lovestageepisode612_zps5a885d9c.jpg
Lord give me strength because this family drives me insane.
Rei had regrets folks. He thought he was doing good for Izumi by giving the boy the truth. THE TRUTH. I have been known to unleash the truth on people before. I do not support Rei pushing Izumi into the industry. You can be worried for the boy's future all you want but pushing him into an industry he doesn't want to be probably won't help. The family is pretty famous and wealthy I am sure. I would probably focus Izumi on leaving the house and making friends as he could probably not work at all and be okay with the money his family has. But yeah telling him the truth about his art because it does suck. I think Rei would have spent the entire episode pissed off at Izumi being rude to him but when Izumi decided to break out the dramatic messages, I am going on a trip don't look for me...yeah Rei lost his mind. And spent the rest of the episode in lost mindness. Like nooooo why was I so honest? I hope Rei is getting a lot of money at this job. Doesn't seem worth it to me.
 photo lovestageepisode69_zps0db999d0.jpg
Ryouma wants to do the happy dance but Izumi smells like ass so you know....
I like how Rei automatically thought of Ryouma. I mean the man tried to rape Izumi once and then bought him clothes/texted him another time that he knows of. I wouldn't automatically think oh yes he might be at Ryouma's house. Just seems like a dramatic leap to me as there are people in the manga club. But Rei decides that otaku Izumi has no one else in life and must look there for the boy. I think Rei didn't realize how much Ryouma would have gone into a panic for Izumi. Like my love is gone?! I must look for him. I will not rest until his blond self is found. I actually thought that is how things were going to go down, that Ryouma would have found him in the trash or somewhere else all sad and lonely.
 photo lovestageepisode611_zpsfd943cb5.jpg
A test of your will. Are you going to fail?
Nope folks. Apparently emails in Japan have personal information. Or the ones that Ryouma sends out. Because here is Izumi with his turned off cellphone, manga manuscript, and trash smelling clothes. I feel as if for the next few hours Ryouma went on a roller coaster of emotions. First he was like YAY Izumi is here and alive, choosing me to protect him. Then he was :( about Izumi being sad. Then he tried to be the mature adult and take care of Izumi who smelled like crap. Bath time and laundry kept his mind off the naked love interest in his tub. Just up and down should I ask what is going on with Izumi, should I call Rei, what is up with the manga manuscript? Ryouma was trying to be a good friend while also trying to work in his angle as possible love interest where a real friend might have unleashed the truth on Izumi as well.
 photo lovestageepisode610_zpsa470fba6.jpg
I can't handle the cute says dead Ryouma.
Izumi was having a super bad day and was pretty out of it. I am sure had he been aware of his actions he wouldn't have behaved the way he did. Or maybe he would have as he is a slightly spoiled kid. But yeah just walking naked out of a tub is a bit much, especially after what Ryouma did to him. Granted anyone can be naked and it doesn't give them the right to be touched. Izumi was just pushing it with Ryouma's feelings. Maybe Izumi missed the nosebleed then but then it got WORSE when Izumi put on clothes. Because boyfriend shirts are hot ya'll. Izumi did look pretty cute. In a quest to not explain anything to Ryouma Izumi then took the only bed in the house and passed out. Like hello you are the unexpected guest, ask to take the couch like you should. I am sure that Ryouma would have insisted Izumi take the bed anyway but it is the thought that counts. Of course Ryouma could have slept on the couch instead of torturing himself all night with the thought of a nonunderwear Izumi rubbing against his sheets.
 photo lovestageepisode615_zps42785ef7.jpg
The only thing worse than having your hopes and dreams crushed is someone making the I told you so face. True facts.
Instead Ryouma and his no sleep self greeted the day with a smile in his heart. The opposite of what Rei was doing as he imagined that Izumi was dead and Shougo would surely flip his lid at the knowledge. No no folks Ryouma, whom has a busy day at work, got up and made the most awesome breakfast I have ever seen. It was like they went to a Disney buffet or something. So amazing the amount of effort that went into that breakfast. Sadly it was not eaten because Izumi woke up with the sads. I guess I can forgive him since he was in no mood to tell Ryouma yesterday about his woes. Now he is awake and has coffee and has enough brains to talk about the worse thing that has ever happened in his life. Considering he and Ryouma were operating under the assumption he was the best manga artist ever I can see how they came as big blow to Izumi. All his hopes and dreams gone forever. He has nothing to live for woe is him.
 photo lovestageepisode616_zps7c5b9abb.jpg
Stop teasing me with your sexy self.
The episode ends with Izumi having a tantrum and Ryouma trying to be a mature adult about the matter. I think that Ryouma was probably doing cartwheels at Izumi's no I don't want to go home and talk to Rei, I want to live here forever in your family. I am sure Izumi meant as an adopted son and Ryouma was like cute little house wife! But Ryouma was like no no...I must keep back my excitement and cartwheels and point out that Rei needs to be called and what not. Well....Izumi is dramatic and had his dreams crushed. That is all he wanted to do in life, draw manga so without it he feels as if he is nothing. So when Ryouma pointed out that he was in fact in love with Izumi and all these words were having an effect on him and his mentality stability Izumi was like psht I don't care. Don't hold back. Have me. Izumi laid back with his boyfriend shirt and no underwear wearing self and said have me to a man who was barely holding back as it was. So....Ryouma cracked? Cracked all over the place at the sight of Izumi giving himself up to the man. Yeah I am guessing this will not end well for our little crazy. I am sure Ryouma will regret whatever he does and it will create a bigger mess than before. Or Izumi will be like never mind I care stop kissing me. Either way...dramas for next time yes?
 photo lovestageepisode617_zps491e5ebb.jpg
Or tease me more. Either way...


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