Friday, August 29, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Bounce along with Tigger

 photo DuffyTiggerpics010_zpsa0cd4a55.jpg
Me, all the Tiggers, and all the Duffys too. XD
Hey mom!! Don't forget about me when you are posting all these anime episode thingys. Aren't I cuter than cartoons? I go on super adventures too......or hang around the house. But I am just as interesting as these people saving the world or having future visions honest!!! Just look at me and all my cute costumes doing cute things. That will be just as fun yes?
 photo DuffyTiggerpics011_zpsd676bf54.jpg
See at first I was just going to spend the afternoon watching TV....
 photo DuffyTiggerpics012_zps4bff7ead.jpg
when all of a sudden there was a pack of Tiggers behind me. How can they be so quiet? Tiggers are usually so loud. XD
 photo DuffyTiggerpics003_zps9a37a2f7.jpg
I love playing with my Cars toys so maybe all the Tiggers will like it too.
 photo DuffyTiggerpics013_zpsd2d737f8.jpg
We can look at cute Tigger merchandise online. Mom really loves these Tsum Tsums.
 photo DuffyTiggerpics009_zps58e41299.jpg
Are you trying to bounce out of the house? On Kira's house?
 photo DuffyTiggerpics008_zpsf8008467.jpg
I will be the designated bouncer. XD I will catch you if you fall.
 photo DuffyTiggerpics007_zps393fa0e2.jpg
This probably will not end well for you....
 photo DuffyTiggerpics006_zps32ab2969.jpg
I don't think you should bounce on's glass.
 photo DuffyTiggerpics005_zps8cfda635.jpg
Oh look it's Kira. Anytime the camera is taken out Kira comes running. She must love having her picture taken too. XD
 photo DuffyTiggerpics004_zpse6aaf5de.jpg
So now that you are up are you going to get down? Bounce?
 photo DuffyTiggerpics002_zpsccdb6bea.jpg
I think we broke our bounces doing all of that. We simply cannot bounce anymore.
 photo DuffyTiggerpics001_zpse2c135d3.jpg
After all that playing we need a nap. It's still light outside so hopefully the other Duffys will be nice and quiet for us....even though we weren't quiet at all. XD