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Bishoujo Sailor Moon: Crystal episode 4

WOOHOO! I have survived a week without the husband. It was full of lonely moments and TV dinners but I pulled through ya'll. Even if I lack the ability to prepare a cucumber without making a huge mess. Folks how can I be a housewife if I can't even make a salad. I don't even know X___X
 photo sailormoonepisode45_zps3fc87e26.jpg
Luna...Luna...can we have more details this episode...please?
While waiting for the husband to return from his week long military's time to start posting some of the things I have been doing this week. I had a rather large list of chores and episodes to blog while he was gone and I am sorta behind. Obviously. So here we got in an effort to catch up. Here is Bishoujo Sailor Moon: Crystal episode 4. Spoilers for Tuxedo Mask being a creeper 20 years later. XD
 photo sailormoonepisode42_zpsf5fc00d0.jpg
Who cares about this high school boy when a Tuxedo Dude is following your girls around?!
Episode Summary: Luna is busy overlooking her allies and trying to classify where Mamoru stands in all of this. You know that random tuxedo wearing fool on the streets and not Tuxedo Mask, the random tuxedo wearing do that comes around to “help” Sailor Moon. The next morning Usagi is once again late for school because that is what she does. Her mom is amused by her antics but as she reads the newspaper about Sailor Moon wishes her daughter would be more responsible like the super heroine. Throughout the day Luna takes the time to remind the audience who all the Sailor Scouts are and what their strengths. Usagi's seems to be noticing the obvious in her neighborhood and listening to her friends who have all the latest news. There are blockades in town as Princess D from Kingdom D is arriving with some mystery crystal. What is that thinks Luna the cat who is allowed at school?! Luna calls for a Scout meeting after school but it is slightly delayed since Usagi has detention again. This gives Rei and Ami time to bond over playing video games and blushy at each other. Once Usagi does show up Luna repeats the exact same crap she has been saying for the last three episodes. Monsters after Silver Crystal, find the Princess, you are Scouts. Rei is tired of fighting monsters already and Luna reveals that once all the Scouts are found the identity of the Princess will be revealed. Usagi responds to this tiny piece of new news by playing the video game more. Umino comes in talking about the Princess D and crystal being revealed at a party tonight. Usagi of course wants to go but Rei warns against it as she has a bad feeling. In the creepy random place that the baddies hang out Jadeite is still pissed Sailor Mars kicked his ass. The other three Kings stand around and talk about how they are the best and will surely get the Silver Crystal next time. Queen Beryl then rallies the troops to give them a peptalk of no new information. She herself starts to wonder what the heck this Silver Crystal is all about. When Usagi arrives home from the arcade she finds her dad getting dressed to go to the Princess D party as he is either a photographer or interviewer for a magazine. Usagi gets all jealous and despite Luna's protest uses the pen to transform into a princess. She then calls Ami and Rei who did not transform into princesses to sneak into the party. This actually works but Luna is kept out as she is a pet.
 photo sailormoonepisode49_zps6ab0feae.jpg
You might want to make up with your face strange looking man.
The girls go into the ballroom party with the intentions of finding out who is Princess D and what her crystal is all about. Usagi is like peace out time to dance. She goes upstairs to find everyone dancing and wearing masks. She immediately gets a stain on her dress and drops her handkerchief with her name on it. She runs off and Tuxedo Mask finds said handkerchief. While the other girls slowly make their way to Princess D and her crystal Usagi goes on the balcony to have a pout about how being a princess is lonely. She thinks about Tuxedo Mask and tada he is there asking for a dance. She is happy because she was thinking about him and he was thinking about her. They dance inside and think about how this is familiar and warm to them both. They dance for a while and then he runs off. Luna appears and asks where the other girls are. Well they are outside the room where Princess D is complaining that no one cares about her, it is all about the crystal. The attendant helping Princess D turns out to be Nephrite and gets all transformy. Ami and Rei bust in and turn into Sailor Scouts in front of Nephrite because what secret identity? Nephrite then puts himself into Princess D so she is all evily now too. She runs off with the box containing the crystal. She runs into the main ballroom and is like submit to the evil one and makes the room go all weird. Usagi runs out before anything happens to her and she tries to stop Princess D from..I guess glowing green. Princess D throws Usagi off the balcony and Tuxedo Mask (with cape) tries to catch her but apparently has no strength at this particular moment. They fall off together but Luna screams at Usagi to use her pen. It turns into a cute umbrella and down they float. Tuxedo Masks thanks for the rescue and runs off. Usagi then transforms sans tiara as Sailor Mars burned it up last episode. Suddenly Usagi thinks of Tuxedo Mask and she gets a new sparkly tiara. Rei and Ami have already cornered the Princess D/Nephrite and are doing some trash talking and not actual fighting. Through Luna and Tuxedo Mask's guidance Usagi uses the moon light to remove the shadow Nephrite off of Princess D. Turns out he was only Nephrite's shadow and he and the other Kings gather on the roof top to go NEXT TIME FOOLISH SCOUTS. Oh and to introduce each other to everyone else. Ami and Rei go back inside untransformed to see Princess D reveal the crystal to be...a statue of herself. Usagi remains outside transformed and taking a nap. Tuxedo Mask shows up with feelings and partial memories and kisses the sleeping girl. Luna appears and tells him to get away from Usagi. She asks the man if he is friend or foe. Tuxedo Masks says they are after the same thing so they must be enemies. He flies off and elsewhere in the rain a tall young girl comments on how the storm has arrived. THE END!
 photo sailormoonepisode43_zps1b58bcb7.jpg
I want the art to always be spot on. Please?
Guys. Guys. I was excited for Sailor Moon. I really was. And still am. Especially now that we are getting to the parts where it is really manga only and is straying from the original anime. I just...feel lied to when it comes to the art. Back in the day Sailor Moon had Team A and Team C episodes. The differences were startling. Like um yeah we can't afford to pay the top people this week, get the ones who barely graduated from art school to fill in. and now I think the same is happening now. Only instead of entire episodes being A or C it is mixed in the same episode. Like one minute Usagi looks fine and the next Rei looks beyond derpy. The art isn't even matching the stock transformation sequences. Like whelp we spent too much money on all the attacks and transformations so have derp. Just makes this Moonie a little on the sad/disappointed side.
 photo sailormoonepisode410_zpsa1bd9272.jpg
Who cares about these spoilers, time to dance.
While the show is really following the manga closely this time a change has been made. I am not sure if this is spoilery or not. I mean I guess it is...but since the manga and anime are 2X years old now is it really that spoilery? I think it ranks up there with They have been dead the whole time or He was a ghost. But I think the change that has been made might come into play for the last episode. In the manga Jadeite didn't survive Mars and her fire. All the other Kings are also taken out before the main battle. This is true of the anime too but all the deaths of the Kings are...well almost all by themselves because they are a catty bunch of bitches. XD So whatever ending there is for the kings I think might be totally new material as Jadeite is still alive and despite being slightly catty bitches still they have presented themselves as a united from to the Sailor Scouts. Unless Beryl goes to town on their asses down the road I think the ending of this series will deviate from the manga and each Scout will take out one king while dying in the process, sorta how each Scout died originally in the anime by taking out on of the SkyDancer Sisters.
 photo sailormoonepisode47_zps3ddf3c3c.jpg
Jadeite is sad his shoulder hurts and that he doesn't have a cape.
For now all we know is Jadeite has an owie on his shoulder and the other Kings think he is lame. 3 chances is enough to find a crystal that no one knows what it looks like and kill the Scouts that magically multiple each time Usagi makes a friend. No one really went out of their way to make Jadeite feel bad which almost goes along with the anime from last time. Spoiler Alert (from 2X) years ago: Jadeite was killed by Beryl for his amazing amount of failures last time. Which were numerous at that point since it was so fillery. Dude almost got run over by a plane. At this point the other Kings can just sorta make fun of Jadeite because if their youngest (I think) can't hack it they will have to step up and what clues do they really have? Even the newest Beryl meeting is useless on the new details. Like find the crystal and kill the Scouts. What does the crystal look like? Um Beryl doesn't know. And in her head she wonders what it could be about. So Beryl is taking orders from someone else and she has no idea what is going on either. Let me just bathe in all those details and hope something sticks.
 photo sailormoonepisode46_zps6067bfee.jpg many scouts are there?
Luna isn't doing any better folks. Not any better at all. She can complain all she wants about Usagi not stepping up but what does the girl have to step up to? A talking cat with little to no details on what is going on? Usagi isn't going to change over night. She has a few new friends and some accessories but going on and on about find the crystal, beat the enemy, and protect the is getting a little old. XD Like yes I know I am supposed to do that but WHY?! Tell me why I am Sailor Moon and what the Princess could look like. Why does the enemy want this crystal? Who sent you? We all know why Luna isn't giving out more answers.....because she doesn't know either. Everyone has bits and pieces of memories but they are not enough to finish the puzzle. Luna might have awoken first and has more pieces but she needs to start revealing them because hello she is a talking cat. Instead of thinking Mamoru is creepy for always being around why not think Tuxedo Mask is more creepy for being around Sailor Moon? Oh wait....
 photo sailormoonepisode411_zps4a7c36ce.jpg
Luna the genius might want to tutor this scout a bit more....
Usagi has her eyes opened a bit more to what is going on in her neighborhood. That and an entire section of road being blocked off is a bit obvious. She might have missed her mother reading the newspaper about Princess D and Crystal D and Kingdom D as she was late to school again but when town gossip Umino rolled into the arcade of making new friends she was sorta forced to pay attention to what the new mission was. Luna is just so...what is the word I am looking for? I can't think of it but surely Luna is a genius for thinking the words princess and crystal might be important. Usagi surely thought it was important because...well she wants to be a princess and crystals are shiny. DUH. Sailor Moon is a 14 year old girl after all.
 photo sailormoonepisode44_zpsbef6decf.jpg
Rei is happy to have friends so she blushes. I see.
Other things that happened before the magical pen was taken out was Rei complaining about fighting monsters. Um last time I checked you fought one monster and you chose to do it before you knew you were Sailor Mars. You were all WOOHOO a place where I belong and my powers don't make me a freak. But now it is a burden woe is you. I mean I would be saying that too but I wasn't complaining about not having a place in society and crying over new friends. Also this arcade is a place of hook ups. What was with Rei blushing at Ami? And why haven't these girls played in an arcade before?! Rei's powers were just too weird? All the Sailor Scouts are going to make out with each other and Mamoru will have no one.
 photo sailormoonepisode48_zps517098d0.jpg
Being a Princess means having big boobies. Duh.
Once all that was handled Usagi arrives home and finds that her dad is attending this Princess D party for work. I am not sure why Luna was all eye rolling with how Usagi handled the situation because the cat wanted them to investigate anyway. How else was Usagi going to get in? Although this special pen should also produce paperwork and what not. Usagi makes a very lovely princess but it would have been nice if she was given a mask as that was the point of the party. Also the pen loses a bit of its meaning if Ami and Rei are allowed into the party and all they did was throw on a dress. I guess they could have been Usagi's attendants or what not but please folks. Please. At least she didn't transform into the cake.
 photo sailormoonepisode412_zpsee247fef.jpg
Who could this mystery girl be?!
Once inside Rei and Ami slowly go find Princess D while Usagi is like woohoo party. I like how she gets stain on her fake dress 5 seconds into the party in which she banishes herself to the balcony to complain about how hard it is to be a princess. Yes the tragedy of being alone at a party when you yourself walk away from your own friends. Thankfully Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru shows up to take the nonmasked Usagi on a little dance. Is there a reason why this fool is walking around in public in the same outfit as his secret identity. I can't even accept the you look different when you are transformed excuse. He literally only took off his cape folks. Plus Usagi and her handkerchief dropping self has now told Mamoru that Usagi is Sailor Moon as well as the girl who transforms all over town. So yeah me thinks they will figure things out rather fast this time around instead of 3 seconds before the sorta bad thing happens in the future. For now though Usagi is happy as she was thinking of Tuxedo Mask and how warm and lovely he is. Yay for warmth and dancing. Then as quick as he arrived poof he disappeared.
 photo sailormoonepisode413_zps698a6b1f.jpg
Nephrite has gumby arms!
Usagi isn't too broken up about the lack of dancing as it was time for action. Luna snuck into the party and Ami and Rei find the grumpy Princess D as she was being taken advantage over Nephrite. See he has a different way of being a baddie. Instead of making a baddie out of clay or mud Nephrite gets the job done himself. That could also get him killed a bit faster but meh. He took over Princess D's body and made her glow sometimes green as she stole the crystal. I might have gone a different road. Since they were already IN the room alone and these Kings can materialize things away to the other place why did he have to go through that problem of possessing the girl? Just poof her and the crystal away.
 photo sailormoonepisode414_zpsf110e664.jpg
This mansion was on top of a mountain by the way...
Since that didn't happen it was Princess D poisoning the room and running like a crazy person. Usagi gets caught up in the drama and is flung over the balcony. Tuxedo Mask has found his cape and tries to save Usagi but.....I guess it is different carrying a person and trying to hang on to them? The weight isn't displaced and there was too much momentum. Or Tuxedo Mask sucks because he and Usagi both went over the edge to their doom. Or almost doom as Usagi's magic pen can turn into an umbrella. One of my favorite scenes from the manga so pretty. Thanks for the rescue Usagi. You know since Luna keeps yelling out her name!!! She even yells it out at the end of the episode too. So much for keeping your identity a secret. Luna needs to add that to her normal find the crystal and princess lines. Tuxedo Mask hides around the corner while Usagi joins her fellow scouts in transformation land.
 photo sailormoonepisode415_zps1d18e55f.jpg
WOOHOO! Shine on pretty weapon.
Since time was running out in this episode there was very, very little fighting. Ami and Rei transformed to just waste more time I guess. Usagi transformed and realized that Rei and her firey debut destroyed her tiara and now her head is empty. For some reason thinking about Tuxedo Mask grew her a new one on her forehead. Like.....why? Warm feelings=weapons? Also if you make the weapon shiny enough you can blast the enemy out of the random Princess. True facts. I am not sure how powerful that attack was and I doubt it would have killed Nephrite if he had been in the body anyway. In any event it just destroyed his shadow and he joined the other Kings on a ledge nearby so they could dramatically introduce each other. And not attack the scouts as it is 4 against 3.5 right now. I say .5 as we haven't seen Tuxedo Mask do anything so far. So yeah...there was no attacking even though now would have been the time. Just we will see you next time scouts and poof they are gone!
 photo sailormoonepisode4_zps0dfc44a9.jpg
As the new girl is covered in water.
After that not much else happened. Turns out Princess D is cute without her glasses but that wasn't really a build up. Ami and Rei go inside to the now awake party guests who are not upset at all by being passed out/poisoned. They watch as Princess D reveals the crystal....of herself. Yeah that was one fugly statue and I hope everyone besides the girls felt robbed at this party. Usagi decided a better use of her time was to pass out in her secret identity alone because there are no baddies or friends around. Tuxedo Mask is like oh here is the girl I like and have warm feelings about let me kiss her while she sleeps. Luna breaks it up rather quickly and Tuxedo Mask takes the time to make the situation worse for him. For no reason folks. Just to go maybe I am the enemy and maybe I am not. Like okay douche fly away now. And the last scene of the episode shows a girl running in the rain announcing the storm has arrived or something. I would say once the rain hits you yes the storm has indeed arrive. 100 percent chance of obvious. Since we are seeing this girl at the end of the episode we will probably get a new sailor scout at the end of the next episode. SPOILER ALERT! You know...from 20 years ago. And the opening song. XD


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