Friday, August 29, 2014

Love Stage episode 7

 photo lovestageepisode76_zpsccf22b9d.jpg
What has happened to Izumi?! Will he survive the end of the episode?!
Post number 3 of the night I am on a roll. XD Go me. Because making one post a day would be insane, letting people know that I am alive and trying to keep on track. PSHT! It is better to fall way behind and bombard everyone with tons of posts at once. Cross of lots of to do things on my trusty list. Yeah I am a good. But lets get to it, this Love Stage episode 7 post. Spoilers for Izumi actually getting a clue and realizing other people exist on this planet.
 photo lovestageepisode73_zpsebbf59b6.jpg
Ryouma has feelings too. It isn't black and white uke and seme up in here.
Episode Summary: Izumi lays on the bed and tells Ryouma he can do whatever he wants with him. He turns the drama up a bit more with throwing his arms to the side. Ryouma tells Izumi that he isn't going to stop now and it will be Izumi's fault. Thus begins the sparkly making out moment of censorship. It is unknown how much attention Izumi received but there was...stuff happening. Ryouma seemed to be enjoying himself when he looks up and sees tears in Izumi's eyes. He throws himself off of Izumi and runs to the corner. Izumi is like what are you doing? Ryouma says that he really loves Izumi and hurting his feelings like this is awful. He runs to the bathroom to think about how big of a mistake it was to stop, his once in a lifetime chance of Izumi sex. Izumi is like...whatever and goes back to bed. Ryouma calms down enough to put the food in the fridge and write Izumi a note. He sees the manga on the counter and takes it downstairs to his manager's car. He then asks for a super huge favor. Elsewhere in the world Rei looks like death. Super death. He hasn't gotten any sleep in days and has sent Izumi about a million text messages. He hasn't told the family that Izumi has gone missing, just that he is at a friend's house. For some reason they buy this lie even though they thought Izumi was a sad little otaku who has no friends. If Izumi has not returned by nightfall Rei will be forced to call the police. He is once sad manager. Back at Ryouma's place Izumi is having a dream about LalaLulu that lasts the whole episode, even when he is awake as if to tell the story of what is going on with Izumi. LalaLulu has an enemy that used to be a friend but she turned to the dark side. LalaLulu has promised to save this friend. Now the friend has gotten Izumi the...whatever to turn to the dark side as well. He no longer believes in hopes and dreams, all there is is suffering and what not. Izumi wakes up in the middle of this dream feeling all weird. He has slept til 6 pm so he goes looking for food. He finds his breakfast in the fridge as well as an apology note from Ryouma about the half sexy times and his clothes all washed for him. As he eats he starts to cry as he realizes Ryouma is a really nice guy and all he has done is take advantage of the situation. He knows he has to to go home...but after he eats this lovely meal. He does eventually turn on his phone and sees that Rei has called a million times and texted about 19 million. Izumi thinks they are going to be angry messages but in reality they are just Rei talking about how worried he is and please come home, that Izumi can do whatever he wants just come home. Izumi has the tears about Rei caring so much for him as well.
 photo lovestageepisode711_zps256cd161.jpg
Ryouma is really trying to earn those brownie points isn't he?
Ryouma eventually comes home to work to a house that Izumi cleaned. Izumi has never cleaned before in his life so it is less than awesome. Izumi seems pleased so Ryouma doesn't mention it. Ryouma sorta wants to ask about staying forever but seems on board with Izumi going home to the family. He gives the boy his manga folder with a note from LalaLulu's manga story author person. Izumi is in shock that Ryouma saw the famous author and Ryouma plays it off as no big deal. In reality it was a huge deal. His manager said no to the idea at first. Then said they had no pull in that industry. Ryouma was going to the magazine headquarters anyway for a different article so he begged and begged to see someone in the manga department. After hearing a no from them Ryouma did his famous bowing to the extreme on the floor and poof LalaLulu's author saw Izumi's sad work and wrote a message for the kid. It says that Izumi must be rather young as the work is not up to par. But that once the person gets more life experience and sees different things there is sure to be an improvement and to never give up. Izumi is so touched by the kind words and that Ryouma did this for him. Ryouma didn't want Izumi to give up on his dream and since Izumi helped him through the dark times Ryouma wanted to return the favor. Izumi is like okay...I will go back home and stop worrying people. And to get more life experience I will....make my showbiz debut. Um okay logic. Ryouma offers to go with Izumi to make the apology as Ryouma hid the kid at this house. They both bow to Rei and are super sorry. Rei breaks into tears and hugs the Izumi kid...then passes out from all the stress and lack of sleep. The other assistants in the house explain how rough it has been on Rei and put the man to bed. Ryouma tried to leave the house to give the family time but Izumi catches him out the door, saying he needs more thanks. Izumi lists all the things he likes about Ryouma and basically are like my big brother. Ryouma is like.....dude that is not where I want to be. Izumi thanks him for all his help and blah blah and Ryouma goes to leave...when he runs back to give Izumi a kiss and a message that he is NOT Izumi's brother. He leaves and Izumi gets all blushy, wondering if this is love. THE END!
 photo lovestageepisode715_zps18601093.jpg
Okay some growth. Not totally aware....
Wow. Izumi went through a lot of growth in a period of 12 hours or so. X__X Of course if this was in the real world I would still be calling for Ryouma's head because hello assault but you know....things have really turned around for these two. A lot. Izumi might have gotten some delusional praise this episode which resulted in some....random life choice but overall it was a good episode for both the boys. If I was to forgive Ryouma he really stepped up to the plate this episode.
 photo lovestageepisode7_zps5b92b6a2.jpg
Izumi really knows how to set the mood doesn't he?
Of course we do have to start with Izumi and his dramatic antics in bed though. Ryouma suggested that maybe Izumi could live there forever (or another night) but on the condition that Rei is called. Ryouma is only two years older than Izumi but is about 10 years more mature. Rei might be annoying but he is worried about the boy (and his job). Izumi reacts by saying no and Ryouma points out that Izumi being there wearing his boyfriend shirt is way too tempting. Ryouma might be doing it to himself at this point always helping Izumi and being around him but Ryouma can only be so strong before the urge to look at the elephant takes over. Izumi response of course was dramatic. Like take me, my life has no meaning anyway. Might as well give you my body since my hopes and dreams didn't turn out for the best. I am not sure what Ryouma was thinking by actually taking the boy up on his offer. Like hot damn thanks for the meal or let me show you a lesson, that you need to be careful with what you say because someone other than me might take you one day. Ryouma and the sparkle that was this foreplay lasted about 5 seconds. It is unknown if....let me see how to word this....if Izumi was...pleasured as it didn't last that long. I am going with yes but very briefly.
 photo lovestageepisode72_zps180e3006.jpg
Ryouma has yet to be touched or take off any of his clothing.
So far in these encounters if anyone was feeling...good it has been Izumi. Ryouma hasn't gotten to the point where he has gotten anything out of the deal. Probably because doing this kind of activity when the other person is crying sucks. Like whelp since I am not an insane person watching someone cry during sexy times is a turn off. Ryouma is in love with Izumi this time and wants to do this with happiness and flowers and all the yaoi trimmings. It sorta takes away from the magic when Izumi says have at it but hides his face and can' appreciation for the action. So Ryouma pulled back before anything major could happen. He did so because he doesn't want to be the bad guy and because Izumi needs to hear the truth. All the harsh truth coming at him in the past 24 hours. Izumi saying casually that Ryouma can have him was hurtful to Ryouma as the man has real feelings for Izumi. It isn't a joke or no big deal for the man. That when Izumi does and say things Ryouma has a different sorta of feeling towards it. Ryouma might have acted a bit dramatic running out of the room but he said what he needed to say and what Izumi needed to hear. That Izumi isn't the only one that matters in this situation. Good job Ryouma for being strong. We will just ignore that moment in the bathroom when you think to yourself that a golden opportunity has passed you by.
 photo lovestageepisode74_zpsd0ea5b47.jpg
Meanwhile Ryouma wants to drown himself.
Despite the fact that Izumi is playing with his emotions...Ryouma is still pretty awesome. He had already made the breakfast for Izumi before all this sex stuff came up. Even though the man was going to be late for work Ryouma took the time to put away the breakfast that upset Izumi was going to let go to waste. I would have slapped someone upside the head if I made someone breakfast and they didn't eat it. Well...if it looked good. I am not exactly the world's best cook. And Ryouma did something else that was a bit magical. Besides the fact that he left a note taking most of the responsibility for the incident, about going too far. Ryouma took the manga of horror and awfulness and decided to do something to help the boy. We didn't find out until later in the episode but it was really nice. Izumi was being a little brat and acting spoiled so....Ryouma did something to spoil Izumi more but also give him a bit of something. Something that Izumi gave to Ryouma all those years ago by accident.
 photo lovestageepisode75_zpsf014623c.jpg
How has my life turned out like this?!
Rei spent the entire day wanting to kill himself and being sleep deprived. I am surprised he was able to keep it a secret for so long. Didn't anyone in his family care? Well I guess since Rei lied and said the boy was at a friend's house there was no reason to worry. A bit of suspicion since Izumi has no friends and is going to die alone in life but you know...not too much worry there. Rei had already pulled an all nighter trying to get ahead of this Ryouma and Izumi love story issue. He spent another night worrying that Izumi was out in the world being lost, kidnapped, or dead. Poor Rei. Much too young to be worrying to this extent. I am having a feeling that Rei did a lot of the Izumi raising and not the actual famous parents. I like how Rei had a balance of anger and worry. I know that 18 isn't officially an adult in Japan but the kid is in college so how man can you be if he is out there doing his own thing? I guess the worry comes into play that this is Izumi and he has no bag on him at all.
 photo lovestageepisode78_zps4a202269.jpg
First step to humanhood: Realizing your actions affect others.
Izumi slept the day away. When I sleep way too much in one day I wake up feeling awful and sleepy still. If I had to pick (because both options are bad) between not getting enough sleep and getting too much sleep I probably pick not enough. You can always nap later. But the feeling of being blah all day would be too much. Maybe Izumi needed the sleep from all the hard work he did on his manga and stayed up late. Plus getting your heart broken is pretty draining as well. Izumi woke up and immediately ate the food that Ryouma made him for breakfast. Due to anime magic the food tasted good reheated. Soon after Izumi woke up there were tears. And not for himself which is where the real growth came from. They were tears for Ryouma. Izumi finally realized he has been treating Ryouma like crap. Yes Ryouma did something awful to him at the house. But since Izumi listened to the man and invited him into his life Izumi has been treating him with disregard. Once there was forgiveness and the promise of friendship I think Izumi should have wiped the slate clean. Ryouma being in love and wanting to please Izumi kept giving and giving. Like stay up late and help me with my manga. Let me stay at your house and keep my secret from Rei. Who cares if you really love me, have awful sex with me. Izumi knew that Ryouma liked him and took advantage of the situation, being all WOW Ryouma is a great friend. That wasn't really what Ryouma was doing and Izumi took advantage of that. So hurting Ryouma hit home to Izumi and there were tears that Izumi did something to hurt a man that has been so good to him (after the fact). Eat that food with tears and resolve that you will be better next time.
 photo lovestageepisode710_zps0e0099b8.jpg
Ryouma really is ready to do the super bow at a moment's notice.
Ryouma is a hard working individual. Some people in the entertainment industry seem to make money off of partying and doing nothing. Like look at me I make millions for singing one song. Ryouma seems to be one of the hard working types that are all over the place to get to more places that will lead to better work. A hard working entertainment person. So when Ryouma does favors they really mean something. Izumi started to realize that earlier in the day with Ryouma still being at work and being tired from all the manga work. But Ryouma does things and downplays them later. Like oh it was nothing that I got your favorite manga artists to review your terrible work. It wasn't like I had to pull strings and beg for favors and prostate myself in front of an editor for 5 seconds with the LalaLulu super star. No no it was really easy...super easy. Yep nothing at all that I am super amazing and got the impossible done. It must be love folks.
 photo lovestageepisode712_zps08828a06.jpg
Please don't give up Izumi as you gave me hope in my dark hours too. Everyone say AWWW!
So why would Ryouma do this for Izumi? Well for love like I already said. Buy why would Ryouma risk favors and falling out in a certain industry just so a famous manga artist can review really bad work? To give Izumi hope. Because Ryouma had a dream once. *cue the Rapunzel music * Thinking about Izumi gave Ryouma the strength to go on in the showbiz industry. Ryouma thought that maybe Izumi needed some encouragement from his idol. Now...Mr. LalaLulu (or she, whoever) was very kind to Izumi as this entire thing could have gone sour. Like look kid you suck and Ryouma wasted a valuable favor on me reviewing this crap. I really don't see Izumi improving at all even if he traveled the world and was all sorts of different things. Some jobs you can get better at and others you need talent. I don't think Izumi has any talent. But this manga artist isn't blinded by love and maybe was speaking the truth, he wasn't the best in his industry when he first started out. That Izumi is just young and has the passion, just needs to channel it better and experience new things. So this all worked out well for Ryouma, that his idea to give Izumi hope and encouragement from his beloved idol.
 photo lovestageepisode713_zpsf05b0eae.jpg
Wait does this add up?!
Izumi was already touched by Ryouma already during the day while eating the food. That Ryouma really is a great person. But when Ryouma comes in with that letter from the manga artist...I am pretty sure it was game over. What do you mean Ryouma came to my house and did something awful to me? This man is truly perfect and thoughtful and blah blah. So with Ryouma's kind actions and the knowledge that Rei really does care about him as evident by the millions of phone calls and text messages that weren't anger laced.....Izumi had a lot of things in his eye this episode. Everyone just wants the best for me even when I haven't really done much for them. He didn't know he was Ryouma's inspiration. So...for some reason...Izumi has decided that to become a better manga artist means he should take up Rei's suggestion and make his showbiz debut. Like how my sentences didn't really match up there? Yeah that is how it went down folks. The train of thought in Izumi's head was a bit off. Way off. How does a equal cheese? I get he was told to get out and see the world but you know...traveling could do the same thing. Studying overseas. Actually going to a manga studio to see how others draw. Maybe take some anatomy classes. But...joining showbiz where you have the nerves and shakes at the thought of being the center of attention? How is that going to help Izumi at all? I feel as if this was going to be the naturally path for Izumi, he was meant to be an entertainer no matter what and the reason behind it is paper thin. Just...odd.
 photo lovestageepisode714_zpsd7a52744.jpg
This poor man needs a good...days sleep now. XD
Now that Izumi has new inspiration, friend, and fresh clothes it is on to home to see Rei. Well at the rest of the family too but only Rei knows it is a big deal. I like that Ryouma went along too putting aside the romance. He did it because he had a part in making Rei worry. I think if it had been anyone else Rei would have been overeating but it does seem that Izumi doesn't have many life skills. I say that and I can't fix anything in my house and I hate cooking. Putting that aside Izumi and Ryouma did a very polite and sincere bow of apology. I am not sure how much of this Rei saw as he passed out shortly afterward. Some assistant or another put the man to bed. How many does this house have? Maybe they need to work a little harder if Rei is always around and I don't know who they are. But Rei is better now folks. He really cares for this kid. Maybe he will wake up and give Izumi the lecture he deserves tomorrow.
 photo lovestageepisode716_zps5e4b46d7.jpg
Does this feel like an older brother kiss? And...maybe don't answer that.
For now Izumi needs to say goodnight and thank you to Ryouma who once again was being respectful and trying to leave quietly. Ryouma might have had a tantrum after the commercial but besides that he has really been pretty mature. Although who cares about how Izumi looks or dresses yes? But yeah Izumi had to talk to Ryouma some more and while the kid thought he was being nice...he sorta stabbed Ryouma in the heart. Like you do so much for my big brother! Like I am surprised that Ryouma didn't die right then and there. I like that Ryouma started to leave but came back for a kiss and to clarify this was not a big brother relationship. That he loves Izumi. No pressure I guess but there was kisses so you know.....Instead of getting upset or trying to ignore the situation Izumi got all blushy face and thought about how he felt about Ryouma. Ryouma keeps doing nice things for him which can make you happy about a person but of course it is more than that right? Right Izumi?
 photo lovestageepisode77_zpsfe7f1dbb.jpg
Izumi is dramatic even in his dreams.
I think that is about it for this episode. Izumi joining the showbiz industry seems odd especially since Ryouma hates coat riders and that is all that Izumi seems to have going for him. Unless he is going to premier in the drag queen area of showbiz. I didn't touch much or finish talking about the LalaLulu dream. Izumi's state of mind played out in LalaLulu land again. He went to the dark side with LalaLulu's former friend and the super heroine even got hurt. But soon Izumi saw the light and was saved. He brings in dreams again folks. Now we can look forward to super star Izumi? How will that work without a good luck charm? Ryouma needs to be around all the time now? Guess we will find out next time!


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