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DRAMAtical Murder episode 5

 photo dramaticalmurderepisode54_zpsb83e5660.jpg
Serious Aoba and his mean words again. I SEE!
What number are we on? Sorry I got lost. Marathoning some Big Brother episodes. Because I am a glutton for punishment you know. Oh yes post number 4 of the night. Up now is Glasslip episode 5. HAHA just kidding. Yeah I still haven't finished blogging that episode yet go me!!! Up now for real is DRAMAtical Murder episode 5. Spoilers for Aoba making new friends.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode56_zps272f9ebd.jpg
If Aoba keeps on asking the same question over and over again I am sure he will get the answer.
Episode Summary: Aoba wakes up to shoes. Mr. Dread's shoes to be exact. Aoba is all tied up and surrounded by Mr. Dread and his peoples. Aoba demands to know where Grams is. Mr Dreads grabs Aoba by the hair to try to remind the boy of his situation. Aoba keeps asking about Grams so Mr. Dreads tells his people to get Aoba. Apparently imply get means something that actual get. The men sorta just take turns punching Aoba in the gut. Suddenly Aoba gets one of his headaches and swirls around his brain. Suddenly he turns into Serious Aoba and says the word Destroy. This makes all the dudes stop beating him up. Aoba wakes up...and passes out. When he wakes up again he is in a cell with Dreads' (whose name is Mink) Allmate which is a bird with a cigar. Since he is not currently kidnapped he takes the time to turn Ren on and look for his medicine for the absolute headache he has. No escaping here folks. When he finds no medicine in his bag...Mink appears at the doorway and throws said medicine at Aoba. Apparently this is special medicine or another. Aoba gets all upset because Mink and his people took Grams. Mink looks bored and says he was only there to kidnap Aoba for a certain purpose. When he got to the house the other people were already there. He is not Morphine. Since Mink got the information he wanted out of Aoba he will help the boy find his Grams. Aoba still has a bit of an attitude because he was beat up and kidnapped so Mink needs to rough him up a bit before offering up his services. He takes Aoba home where Clear and Koujaku breath a sigh of relief. Clear heard that Aoba was in trouble last night and Koujaku came by because hello give me dinner. Mink and Koujaku nearly get into it because apparently the gang Mink is in charge is a bunch of ex-cons and that makes Koujaku mad as everything makes the man mad. After they have their pissing contest Aoba reminds everyone that Grams is kidnapped by someone else, probably Morphine. They go inside to talk about it as Mink has a good idea where they are. His Allmate finds something in the house recording them. Aoba takes a good look at it and realizes it belongs to Noiz. Mink is all HMMM it is gathering information about us...invite the owner here. So Noiz makes his way to the house Aoba needs all the criminals possible to save his Grams. Noiz makes his way over to the house and one by one everyone helps locate Grams. Mink knows the location for some reason, Noiz researches things by computer, and Clear draws a map of the streets that no longer show up on computer. Apparently this area is a dump area that is off limits and all their help is needed to get to Grams. Koujaku is there for moral support. Aoba is like lets go save Grams. Noiz has a little bit of resistance in him but Aoba promises to join his Rhyme team if he helps with the Grams search. After that is hashed out onward everyone goes.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode511_zps3947439b.jpg
They poof there and watch the video game to see what their next move should be.
There is no actual footage of them going through this off limits area. They just poof make it to the junk yard. Mink and Koujaku have their people covering two different ways out of the dump while they make their way through this random place. Noiz stays at the entrance to hack them into different places. This turns out to be needed as there are tons of thugs everywhere that need punches to the faces to proceed. As Aoba is protecting Clear he realizes all these thugs are really Mizuki's team members. SHOCKER! Koujaku and Mink tell the other two boys to go on ahead as there are many thugs to punch in the face. Aoba and Clear keep on going but have to stop when Noiz is having problems with more doors and codes. Clear turns out to be a good fighter when his Master Aoba is in trouble. Eventually all the others tell Aoba to go on alone as they handle the never ending thugs. Aoba reaches outside in time to see Grams being put into a van. The leader of this group is...Mizuki? He looks like he is high on drugs and starts going on and on that they joined Morphine because they are the best and unless Aoba joins them Mizuki is going to slice Grams' neck. All great pieces of news yes? Aoba is clearly in shock and as Mizuki cackles on Aoba starts to get his headaches again. Aoba knows this isn't really Mizuki and tries to talk some sense into his friend. When the knife starts to draw blood Aoba screams STOP and POOF it is ripply time. It is like Aoba gets transported into a Rhyme field. Only it seems to be Mizuki's nightmare. There are people hanging out in his tattoo parlor talking about how cool Rhyme is and that his team Dry Juice is lame. It turns into a trippy nightmare with people having no faces and angry words pouring out of Aoba's ears. Eventually Aoba finds Mizuki and follows him out. Mizuki is his normal self and is super upset. All he wanted to do was help Dry Juice and he felt intimidated by Rhyme. He thought joining Morphine would help but it was all lies, they aren't who they say they are. Before Mizuki can explain who Morphine is the area starts to fill with blood. Aoba is upset for Mizuki but suddenly the other Aoba, the Serious one appears and starts saying Destroy over and over again. Mizuki falls on the ground in obvious pain as regular Aoba watches. THE END!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode514_zps576d82d3.jpg
A very good question Aoba. Maybe we will find out next time.
At some point this show will start making sense right? I mean this is episode 5 folks. Episode 5. And I have still no idea what the heck is going on. Truly this show is made for the people who are aware of the original source (a game) because ya folks. This makes no sense. All these gangs and teams and what not and Aoba having no self preservation skills. No idea what is going on. At all.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode52_zps4097a9b4.jpg
This is how people make friends in anime. Being kidnapped and such.
When we last watched this show about a million years ago Aoba went home in a frenzy thinking Grams was in trouble. He found a house full of unconscious people and no Grams. Dreads was there with his team and they made quick work of punching Aoba into sleepy land. Aoba stayed passed out long enough for him to get transported to Dreads hangout. And a shocker folks. Dreads is not the leader of Morphine. I know it is surprising. He is actually the leader of a group called...err let me try to remember, so many names. Scratcher? Something Ractcher anyway. I will look it later folks, it would be too much for my broken computer to open up another window at this time. Yeah my computer has like stage 4 cancer or something. Can't even download anime episodes anymore. But Dreads is the leader of another group (not a Rhyme team), not Morphine. He also has a name folks. Mink. Let me take a moment to ponder how weird all the names are in this series. Maybe it is short for something else. But out of all the characters he doesn't look like a Mink. These things are important to me apparently.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode53_zpsfea3d57e.jpg
Oh crap only words?! We can't even censor things? IT MUST BE BAD!
What is important to Aoba is Grams. As he kept asking over and over where Grams is. You got to love the boy though. He might have a one track mind but he wasn't really concerned about his own well being. He only cared about his Grams despite being in a room full of strange and angry looking men. To the point where he got his happy little butt kicked again. Mink (Minks?) gave a look and told his men to go to it and Aoba got his ass kicked. I thought for a second that the pictures all over the internet were happening folks, all the rapey scenes. I think the show sorta trolled that moment too. Mink tells the group to beat Aoba up and we go to a cutaway scene, like this event is happening in a different place. Like the men are taking turns with Aoba away from Mink. LIES. Well good lies. Maybe in the game that did happen. But all that happened was Aoba got hit in the stomach over and over again. I wouldn't like it and would probably pass out after the first one but Aoba kept trying to focus on Grams. That is until Aoba started getting one of his magical heads. We know they are magical as little lines squish above his head and there are vibrations in the air. Aoba tries hard to not let this headache take over but now the viewers know headaches are good. See when Aoba was playing Rhyme with Noiz he got a headache and POOF he sorta turned into someone else. A different personality or something with slightly different eyes. I thought that was a Rhyme only situation, something that Aoba could do inside the game. Nopers folks. All headaches, in the real world or game world produce this effect. The effect being Aoba turns into someone different (as Clear recognizes) and whatever he says happens. Well sorta anyway. Almost like the words don't matter, the intent behind them does. Serious Aoba say something and things stop or go his way. This time the goons stopped punching Aoba...really moving. Soon after Serious Aoba passed out and regular Aoba came out...and also passed out.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode55_zpsbad8072a.jpg
Let me just take my time to find my pills lalala.
We wait a bit and normal Aoba wakes up. And instead of jumping up in shock or trying to find a way out...Aoba acts like he is in his bed at home and reaches for his bag. Because his head hurts and he needs his medicine. I am sure he does need his meds but maybe we can run away while the people who are beating you aren't around. Yes turn on Ren and get an escape route going. I would say call the police but they would just shoot up the entire joint and ask questions never. Instead Aoba acts like he has all the time in the world, looking for the pills and wondering where they were. RUN AWAY AOBA! Do you not sense the danger? In case anyone was wondering Aoba didn't have the pills because Mink went through his bag. He stands in the doorway because Aoba senses no danger and tosses them to the boy. Not before commenting these pills aren't common or something. Special sorta pills.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode57_zpsd27fbfda.jpg
So I am done being kidnapped now?
I am sure because Aoba doesn't sense the danger he took one of the pills. These headaches must be really bad. And instead of losing his mind all over the place because Mink is there it was just the normal WHERE IS GRAMS! Mink was like I don't know in a very calm manner. According to Mink all he wanted to do was kidnap Aoba. He got to the Aoba house and there were already people there and no Grams. I am not sure if Mink's people beat up the already there people or not. I am sure they did now that I think about it. But anyway those people are the ones who stole Grams. Not Mink. Mink wanted to steal Aoba for a very specific objective. And now that the objective has been made...Mink no longer needs Aoba. Like what the hell? I am going to assume that Mink wants to do something, maybe get revenge on Toue and he is building an army. Aoba and his random headaches of super voice might work. How would Mink even know that Aoba can do this? Is he an ex-Rhyme player too and he saw what Noiz saw? I don't even know. Everyone seems to know about Aoba and what he can do. Something big happened in the past that Aoba doesn't know obviously. I am glad Mink went through all that trouble of gathering his entire team to kidnap one boy for 5 minutes. Then...allow him to go and find his Grams. Why not actually use Aoba for what you need him for?
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode58_zpsabe68712.jpg
Sure. It was just a minor beating this time.
Aoba decides he believes this lie for some reason. Because he is dumb and senses no danger. I mean that every single time I say it. He really thinks that Mink had nothing to do with Grams being poof. Turns out that Mink was telling the truth but why should Aoba believe him? Oh because Mink knows where Grams is and if Aoba wants to find her faster he (Aoba) should trust Mink. Right because that is how trust is made. The sad thing worked. Aoba totally forgot and forgave Mink for kidnapping him for whatever reason and beating him up. You can find Grams? Well heck we will put this small issue behind us. Really a misunderstanding. Hop in the car and Mink will take you home. Surely we shall find Grams.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode59_zps73ebcca8.jpg
Koujaku.....just...stop missing the point.
So yeah. Since Mink is not Morphine Aoba gets in a car and goes back home. I would have gone directly to where Mink claims Grams is. No reason to go home at all. You know...Aoba had to go home as one of the directives to pick up the rest of his harem. The second the car pulled up Clear came flying out the window and crashing to the ground. He heard Aoba last night being all scared and worried. Heard him. From far away. Why is no one questioning how Clear can hear Aoba when he isn't talking or around? More magical voice crap there. So Clear was worried about the voice thing and came to check up on Aoba. Koujaku came running out of the house at all this noise as he was worried too. I believe him being more about Aoba's house as he is often there for dinner and it was weird for Grams and Aoba not being home. Koujaku and Clear had their moments but then it was inside time and not calling cops time because you know they are evil too.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode5_zps56d78ec0.jpg
Somehow I don't think Mink gives two figs about Koujaku...
At no time does Aoba really explain why Mink is there or what the man did to him. At no time at all. But of course Koujaku knows that Noiz put Aoba is super danger and what did the man really do about that? Nothing. What Mink did was a bit more serious but know....Aoba. Just Aoba. Aoba glosses over things and instantly all is forgotten. Or maybe Grams being gone is more important. I doubt that is the reason, Aoba just is a frootloop dingus. In any event Aoba gathered all these people to his living room to talk about rescuing Grams. Koujaku and Mink can have their moment later. Because there will be a moment. While Mink isn't a dirty yakuza like Virus and Trip...he is an ex-con. And Koujaku hates them too. Because his gang is different than those two gangs. Basically Koujaku hates everyone. What do these “teams” do? Aren't they committing crimes as well? What is the difference between teams and a con team? They got caught.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode510_zps939fb719.jpg
As Noiz does exactly what Mink wants.
In any event we need to save Grams. Like really save her folks. Mink seems to know where she is or that is what he told Aoba. But then it turned into something else. First Mink Allmate finds Noiz...Allmate or listening device or something. I am glad that Aoba knew what it was because it was a green cube. But yeah Koujaku is like he is spying on you MOG!!!! Since the little cube scans and gets info on Mink Mink decides that Noiz is an information freak and that he should join in the whole save Grams thing. WHY IS MINK HELPING?! Seriously it makes no sense at all. At least where Noiz is concerned Aoba promised to join the Rhyme team if the man helped but Mink?! MOG folks.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode516_zps162507be.jpg
So....who isn't at the meeting to help Grams? HMMMMMMMMM!
So Noiz makes his way over and each boy then takes a turn demonstrating why they should be picked as main love interest for Aoba. It now just dawned on me that Mink is....a possible love interest. My eyes folks my eyes. Everyone but Koujaku helped out in the mission to help Grams. Koujaku is a childhood friend so he doesn't need to earn his place in the harem. Mink knows for some reason the area Grams is in. I don't even know what folks. I really don't. How does he know where Grams is if he got there and the woman was already gone? I guess he has other information, where Morphine is located, that we don't know about. So he just knows the area. We need Noiz to pull up computer graphs for some reason that are out of date to make him feel important. Clear seems to be the most important person during this entire operation as he has walked around this off limits area recently and his map of the area is the most accurate. So really who needs Mink and Noiz? Oh Aoba wants to keep his rapist harem together? Well sure lets promise to play Rhyme with Noiz. Surely we will need him on this mission. 

Okay so it turns out they need Noiz on the mission. This massive pile of trash has a building and what not with tons of locks. So all those maps Noiz, Mink, and Clear made...I guess they already went through those boring parts. We are at the point where Aoba gets a useless video game update on his life and it is time to move forward. Mink and Koujaku brought their teams which I think is pretty nice. Everyone really wants a piece of Aoba. I think it would have made the most sense to take Noiz with them into the building. What if the guy got jumped while he was alone outside? Wouldn't it be easier to see what he was physically up against? For some reason Noiz stays behind to hack while the others move on to the trash area of grossness.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode512_zps4955b6e1.jpg
How can he see with the gas mask on?!
As the others made their way through the area of uselessness they encountered thugs. Like seriously why didn't they jump the fence or walk through the trash if Grams wasn't even in the damn building? Anyway these thugs weren't killed by the others but quickly taken out by Mink, Koujaku, and surprisingly Clear. When punches were being thrown Aoba realized all these thugs were Mizuki's people. Wait I thought Morphine took Grams? What is this foolishness? Aoba doesn't voice his concerns out loud and Koujaku doesn't recognize the people. They just keep busting heads and allowing Noiz to unlock the doors. I am sure they could have kicked these doors down thus leaving Aoba free from that promise but everyone has to do everything together for some reason. Hurry Aoba we will all stay behind and protect you from the thugs. Go save Grams.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode513_zps0f0ad766.jpg
Mizuki! I thought we were bros!
Aoba runs outside dramatically as Grams is being loaded into the van. Caught them just in time wouldn't you know. It hurts Aoba's little heart to see who the hostage people are. Mizuki and company. He had to know it was Mizuki after the first couple busted heads right? Only this Mizuki is looking high and crazy. And stupid. Let me cut off Grams head to get Aoba to join Dry Juice that no longer exists because they joined Morphine. That is right folks. The man that loved his little “team” to death has decided to join Morphine and be famous. Look at all my power I am so awesome! JOIN ME NOW OR DIE. Getting people to join your team under that circumstance must mean a lot. I like how Aoba doesn't immediately get pissed. He takes the time to realize his friend is high on kite land and something is amidst. Or maybe Aoba's headache was keeping him from really concentrating. He seems to be getting a lot of them and we the viewers know this is a serious headache as there are ripples and we can hear the noise the headache makes if a headache really made noise.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode515_zps85bc57d4.jpg
Then...things get crazy. Aoba tells Mizuki to stop as Grams had some blood on his neck and it was Rhyme game time. Is Noiz around again with his rabbit loving self? It seems different than a Rhyme field or game. It is almost like Aoba has passed out and is having a dream. Or that Aoba and Mizuki are sharing a dream. Because Aoba is seeing things that only Mizuki knows about. Hearing all these people talk about Rhyme and how Dry Juice is lame. A real nightmare for Mizuki. So yeah Aoba is experiencing Mizuki's dream via Rhyme. I thought it was particularly awful to see the gross words pool out of Aoba's head. The people with no faces wasn't TOO bad. Not AS bad as it could be. Good thing Aoba found Mizuki before things got too crazy.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode517_zpse719914a.jpg
Err things are not looking very good for Mizuki now....
The episode ends with Aoba finding the real Mizuki. The one not on drugs and trying to kill his Grams. Turns out that Mizuki did join Morphine on purpose. He wanted to protect his team, to protect the family he thought they were from Rhyme influence. If they were a better team maybe they wouldn't leave for Rhyme. Only...DUH Morphine wasn't a great place to turn to for help. Things went wrong and now Mizuki really regrets the decision and needs Aoba's help. Only Aoba isn't talking. Like he isn't really there, not an active part of this dream. The active person seems to be the other Aoba, Serious Aoba and he is in the mood to say destroy over and over again. Um why so angry Serious Aoba? Mizuki is friend not enemy. Well every time Serious Aoba says Destroy Mizuki is looking worse and worse. Like um his head is going to explode. I am sure there is a logical explanation to this craziness but it will have to wait until next time. Mizuki! Don't die and leave Aoba here with all these crazy people. No destroying for you!


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