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Love Stage episode 5

Do not eat whole grain spaghetti. Do not do it. Take it out of your grocery carts, throw it away in your cabinets....just do not do it. I mean whole grain doesn't sounds tasty to begin with but I didn't think anything could taste so...bleh. Not even bad cardboard and chalk. I mean here I am trying to eat slightly more healthy and I am trying to put my trust in the granola loving people of the world and this is the thanks I get. A big plate of bleh that not even cheese could save. So folks....this is your public service announcement. Just say no to whole grain spaghetti.
 photo lovestageepisode57_zps712e3010.jpg
You can get molested but you can't die!
Now that you have been warned you can have your nightly anime post too. I have now recovered enough from my awful dinner to post for you. XD Up now is Love Stage episode 5. Spoilers for saying no to Izumi's awful manga. X___X
 photo lovestageepisode53_zps67accb26.jpg
Izumi's sleeping in class is obvious as he is one of the few students colored in.
Episode Summary: As Izumi is drawing away in his room he gets a rather loud phone call. He has won a national manga competition in which the prize is a place in a super popular manga magazine. Izumi becomes beyond rich and famous as the manga takes off. He starts laughing and then he realizes his friend Takahiro is trying to wake him up as they are in the middle of class at the moment. Oh snap. After class Izumi explains to Takahiro he has been operating on less and less sleep because of something. Takahiro guesses because of the manga competition and Izumi immediately assumes Takahiro is going to steal his manuscript and turn it in for himself. Because Takahiro has eyes that is a no. Izumi says if he wins he will get to meet the artist behind LalaLulu which kinda quiets Takahiro's already quiet self. Izumi's phone receives a test message and Takahiro says the phone went off a few times during class. Izumi checks said phone and it is more like a million messages all from Ryouma. Takahiro wonders why Izumi doesn't block this person if he is annoying but Izumi says that won't work. In a flashback Izumi was busy working on his manga and Ryouma's constant text messages about his daily routine EI what he was eating and doing at the time bothered Izumi so he blocked Ryouma. 1 hour later Rei and Shougo both rush home as Ryouma texted them in a panic about Izumi being in trouble. So yeah no blocking Ryouma for Izumi. Clearly it was a mistake to even allow Ryouma into his life. As Izumi starts reading all the text messages he realizes that Ryouma has the day off and is nearby and is coming to his school and oh look in his manga club. He runs to the club and finds Ryouma being all casual. Izumi drags the superstar out with Takahiro being confused. Izumi yells at Ryouma who in fact was not in the area and came out of his way to see Izumi. Izumi says Ryouma is a nuisance and what not. Ryouma gets so upset that he upset Izumi and starts the dramatic bowing again. It draws a huge crowd so Izumi is forced to drag Ryouma away and tell the manga club this is his shut in cousin Ryou who wanted to see a manga club once in his life. Apparently none of the people in the club watch TV as they don't recognize Ryouma. Ryouma forces one of the nonimportant members to move so he can sit next to Izumi.
 photo lovestageepisode59_zps2e0b7bef.jpg
Again with the bowing thing!
Three of the members read mangas as Izumi works on his own manga. Ryouma sits there for a bit but then is when are club activities going to start? Izumi gets super pissed that Ryouma is being judgey of their club activities. Ryouma then asks what Izumi doing and Izumi is like my manga....wanna see it...even though I am trying to keep is a super secret you can see it. Ryouma looks at it...and his love for Izumi blinds him into thinking this hot mess is really some kind of artist expression. Ryouma tells Izumi it looks wonderful and Izumi is so touched by his very first fan. Ryouma is a great friend and Izumi feels bad that he judged him. The rest of the members look shocked at all this going down. Ryouma eventually is called away by his manager and Izumi no longer things Ryouma is annoying. He has a new energy to put into his crappy little manga creation. But no matter how fast or hard Izumi works the deadline is looming over his head. After some brief math and tiny manga lesson for the audience Izumi realize he will not finish on time even if he hand delivers the manuscript on time. He calls his manga club friends for help but none off them can help. Ryouma had been texting Izumi about how he was finally going to get a day off after a long day of shooting. Since Ryouma was so supportive at the club maybe he will help? Even though Ryouma has worked super hard recently he takes a cab directly to Izumi's house at 3 am to help his love...err friend out. Ryouma is all shy to enter Izumi's room and his love blinds him into thinking all the LalaLulu stuff makes Izumi interesting and not creepy. Izumi shows him the only spare table he has and suggests that Ryouma go to sleep first since he has worked all day. Ryouma is there to help Izumi so no sleep for him. Izumi then shows Ryouma what to do. First he is in charge of coloring black areas of the panel. Ryouma messes that up but Izumi is unfazed and tells him how to fix it. Soon Ryouma is able to master that task and asks for more work to do. The housekeeper comes by asking for a breakfast request and is surprised to find Ryouma in there later. Handsome friend indeed. Ryouma is given more and more tasks to do and while he messes up at first he eventually masters each task. Even when Izumi is unable to draw a certain element Ryouma is able to do it for him AND it looks good. Soon they finished with plenty of time to spare. Izumi is beyond happy and....passes out from exhaustion. Ryouma panics at first then then takes cute Izumi to bed and looks at him like...yeah I want to do things. But Ryouma promised to not do anything horrible again. Ryouma decides one kiss is acceptable and is all WOOHOO about it. Before he can go in for another his manager calls him despite it being his day off. Apparently the president of his company is SUPER pissed at him and is threatening to bash skulls until Ryouma is located. Since his manager is so upset Ryouma promises to make his way to the office as soon as possible. He kisses Izumi about a million more times before he heads out. The president of the agency is looking super pissed as pics of Ryouma and Izumi in the park have come to the surface. THE END!
 photo lovestageepisode55_zpsa1a9d2fd.jpg
Why so interested there friend?
Love is blind. Love is beyond blind folks. I know that Ryouma should have gotten his face punched into tiny pieces on the ground but is like a 360 up in this crazy anime. We got from nasty cross dresser to your crappy manga is amazing. That is real love guys. Real love. Sorta like when my husband gives me the chocolate chip muffin with the most chocolate chips in it. The things you do for love.
 photo lovestageepisode52_zpsb1b7aa0f.jpg
Did no one else enter the contest?
Izumi has a lot of dreams guys. A lot of delusional dreams. I am not sure if I feel sorry for him or hate the others around him. Maybe a bit of both. Yes he thought his first kiss was going to go down LalaLulu style. But that probably has a better chance of happening than Izumi winning a manga competition. At this point I think I could win a manga competition before Izumi. My cat could win a contest before Izumi. I mean...does the boy not own eyes? I see that he wears glasses...but he is wearing them!!! Why can't he see that his drawings are crap? I don't mean to hurt someone's feelings who doesn't exist but damn folks. Just damn all over the place. So I guess since he is delusional his dreams are over the top delusional. His manga will win the national contest and sky rocket him to fame. All aboard the crazy rocket!
 photo lovestageepisode54_zps503b13d7.jpg
I think he would steal it and burn it for your own good but submit it himself? Probably not.
Takahiro seems to be a good friend. A quiet friend. Like he and Izumi are the..”normal” looking members of the manga club while the other two are....typical looking otaku. Or what people think otaku look like anyway. He also looks a bit like Ryouma. Since Izumi hasn't identified as gay I guess he doesn't see Takahiro as a romantic choice but does Takahiro feel the same way? What? Boys can just be friends? ON WHAT PLANET?! So instead of thanking Takahiro for having his back in class Izumi is scared to tell Takahiro his reasons for being so sleepy all the time. I mean what if Takahiro steals his manuscript of awfulness? Izumi probably needs to keep all his evil thoughts on the inside. Something else that happened that was slightly interesting was how Takahiro reacted to Izumi mentioning the artist behind LalaLulu? Um is it Takahiro or does he know that person? Guess we will find out much much later.
 photo lovestageepisode56_zps58c48826.jpg
Did I mention it was time to call the police yet? Because it is totally time folks.
The topic of conversation moves from Takahiro not telling Izumi about his awful manga to what a crazy texter Ryouma is. Without saying Ryouma's name of course. Can't be listing his name all over the place or people might pick up on the fact Izumi is friends with someone famous. Apparently no one cares he is related to someone famous. But Ryouma has taken this texting friend gig to a crazy level. Izumi said their friendship had to start off as one of texting. So maybe Ryouma is trying to get all the texting done at once. Like there was a limit, 5,000 texts and get a friendship oil change. Only it is driving Izumi crazy. If he blocks Ryouma the boy will text Shougo and Rei which will cause them to freak out. So Izumi is stuck with message after message going on about food and schedules, the every minutes of Ryouma's life. Does Ryouma have hurt feelings that Izumi doesn't feel the same way?
 photo lovestageepisode58_zpsa2c81301.jpg
Just so casual.....
If he does it doesn't come up. And it probably doesn't matter as Izumi goes through the messages and realizes that Ryouma has the day coming to see him....and is in the club room as we speak. Izumi summoned up his Otaku power to race to the room and drag the perky/amazingly overdressed man out of the room. Like what are you doing?! This is my safe zone!!!! In reality Izumi knows that chaos follows Ryouma and a huge crowd will probably form since SOMEONE has to know who this kid is. Plus...Ryouma has been acting a little stalkerish. I mean...Izumi should have known this might happen though. Ryouma confessed to Izumi but said being friends was okay. Did anyone believe this kid? Of course he still loves Izumi and wants to work his way up to boyfriend. Just that texting was killing Ryouma and he needed to see Izumi. In reality the texting was too much for Izumi and he had the right to say so. Just when he said so Ryouma had his feelings hurt and was worried he was going to be banished from his dear Izumi's life. Thus the begging on the floor and drawing a crowd scene that lead Izumi to let Ryouma in the manga club room as it was the lesser of two evils. Izumi is suffering.
 photo lovestageepisode511_zps63b9359a.jpg
Poor, poor Ryouma....
I am not sure why Izumi's club members didn't recognize him. He is all over the TV. Surely his commercials come on during anime episodes yes? But they didn't and no one really talked to him. Probably was a little safer that way after Ryouma demanded he sit next to his Izumi. I sorta wanted to laugh when Ryouma asked when activities were going to start. This is called the manga club. What did you think they did?! But Ryouma really redeemed himself. Like went above and beyond for his man love. He told Izumi...his art was wonderful. In Ryouma's defense he thought that Izumi was drawing crappy on purpose to make an artist point but still....look at it! WITH YOUR EYES! I mean.....he needs glasses. And Izumi needs other glasses. Ones that work. Izumi went from thinking Ryouma was annoying to having stars in his eyes because Ryouma is his first manga fan. Like you are my bro now I am sorry for thinking ill of you. I like you because you compliment my work when you are not taking advantage of me, we will be friends for life. The rest of the manga club was shocked too. Thankfully Ryouma got called away on work before things got too insane. But I guess thinking Izumi is good at drawing manga is already too insane so you know...
 photo lovestageepisode513_zps92d7a2c5.jpg
I mean....why....why does he think this is good?
Izumi skips homes and I guess spends the next few days not studying for exams like Rei told him to. Instead he keeps on drawing his manga to enter in this contest. Obviously he is going to lose but in his demented mind he is running out of time and that is why his hopes and dreams will be ruined. He does seem pretty knowledge about the business I will give him that. So if this manga gig doesn't work out (obviously) maybe he can still work for a publisher or something. There are other options, not everyone has a staring role. For now he is focused on getting as much done in 2 days as possible. Carry the one add the three and Izumi is running out of hours to finish his project. And with none of his friends able to help (sinking ship) what is a poor boy to do? WOE IS IZUMI! Could the family seriously not hire an assistant for him or do they own eyes?
 photo lovestageepisode514_zps8ad3171b.jpg
Ryouma really, really loves Izumi.
Since Ryouma went from zero to hero in Izumi's eyes he was called a backup plan. Even though Ryouma is probably busier than all three people combined that Izumi previously called. Izumi called Ryouma despite the fact that he knew the man has worked a very, very long day. A bit inconsiderate. I wonder if a small part of Izumi is using Ryouma because he knows Ryouma has feelings for him. That would make Izumi a bad person. Despite being super tired and in need of sleep himself Ryouma rushed over as soon as possible. He took the time to blush at the idea of being alone in Izumi's room and didn't say anything about the LalaLulu hug pillow. He is there for Izumi his love. True love indeed.
 photo lovestageepisode515_zps572f1f19.jpg
Better than all the pages of Izumi's combine.
Ryouma was obviously not very great at any job Izumi gave him. He has never had any experience before so of course he sucked. Izumi's art sucks so I am not sure it really matters. Did Ryouma not see how bad the black lining was on all of it? The one thing Izumi had to do? Anyway Ryouma would mess up and feel bad and Izumi would calmly explain the technique to fix it. I tell you the boy has a lot of knowledge...just no talent which is sad. But Ryouma had no knowledge and a lot of talent as he was able to master all the tasks given to him in short order. And shocker he is a better drawer than Izumi. Sorta sad right? But yeah. Ryouma was a good worker who did what he was told and helped bring Izumi to a point where all was well in the world. I have no idea how the parents and Shougo didn't find out that Ryouma was there but...yeah they didn't. They are special.
 photo lovestageepisode516_zps08bf376e.jpg
The eeking was cuter than the kisses though....
5 seconds after Ryouma and Izumi finish their work and they congratulate themselves...Izumi passes out. Ryouma must be running on love fumes as he was working just as long as Izumi if you add in the time he was actually at work. But Izumi has reached his Otaku limit again. Once Izumi passes out he is down for the count. Ryouma is nice enough to tuck the kid in bed (sorta, a blanket would have been nice) but...then Ryouma decides this is too magical of an opportunity to pass up. Here is love is sleeping and looking adorable. He is just screaming to be kissed. Over and over again. At first Ryouma stopped and reminded himself he would never do anything awful to Izumi again. Then he told himself it would just be one kiss. Then a little happy dance lead to another kiss. A forehead kiss. Another kiss. -____- Izumi wake up! Kick this dude out of your room. Ryouma doesn't go any further than kisses but this is not a great way to build trust. A big DUH right?
 photo lovestageepisode517_zpscf7038e6.jpg
How does he know about the kisses?!
The kisses eventually end as well as the episode as Ryouma gets a call from his manager. It is his day off still. Late hours until his day off which makes it worse. I think Ryouma actually likes her and it doesn't help she was crying on the phone. He was ready to give her some slack. She was all frantic because the president of agency wants to talk to Ryouma NOW or heads will roll. Ryouma stops his one miss kiss train to see what the angry man wants because I guess no one has Ryouma's phone number. What could be going on? Well it looks like the van from last episode was taking pics of Ryouma talking to Izumi. It was just talking but I guess Izumi might look like a girl and Ryouma might have stars in his eyes so the gossip papers are talking. Ryouma is an idol and being an idol dating. So I am guessing Ryouma is going to get screamed at for talking. Amazing. I guess he deserves a bit of yelling at what with all those sleeping kisses....How will Izumi react though? Guess we will find out next episode. XD

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