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Glasslip episode 3

How come everywhere else in the United States there are little old ladies who eat dinner at 4pm and go to bed by 7 and have no idea how to use a cellphone yet I have a chain smoking phone obsessed night owl who couldn't be quiet if her life depending on it? Newsflash! Cellphones are not cups on a string you don't have to scream into them. Gosh like really? Isn't she supposed to be complaining about me and my young and wild ways, spying through the blinds to catch me in the act of a moral infraction? I sense I am getting the short end of the stick here folks.
 photo glasslipepisode314_zps34df004e.jpg
So this is going to need some explanation.....
While I contemplate this grave injustice have another anime post. Number 3 is Glasslip episode 3. Spoilers for it being slightly better than episode 2 and maybe Kakeru isn't that creepy.
 photo glasslipepisode33_zps240b8a35.jpg
Because walking is dramatic folks.
Episode Summary: Touko realizes that asking Kakeru to see the future is making the vision she saw/hear earlier come true. Kakeru says he can stop by her place later as he is busy doing things. Touko gets all embarrassed that a boy is coming over even though she invited them and basically banishes her parents from the glass workshop as she has a “project” going on right now. She goes in the work shop to actually make a piece of glass as she thinks about this love triangle with herself and Yuki and Yanagi. Kakeru takes his sweet time walking to Touko's house, being all stoic and stopping so the episode can cause and be dramatic. By the time Kakeru gets there Touko looks at the piece of glass she is working on and sees a vision of Yanagi crying. Kakeru reveals himself and Touko ruins her piece of glass accidentally. Kakeru points out the obvious, that Touko's medium to receive visions comes from where she works. Touko has no time to say anything to Kakeru as her sister briefly walks in to be all smirky face. This causes Touko to send Kakeru packing before ANYTHING is talked about. While walking down the driveway Kakeru asks if Touko wants to see the future because Yuki confessed to her. Touko is like DUDE you just moved here how did you know? Kakeru doesn't hold back and tells her everyone knew but her. Touko says she wants to remain friends with everyone by seeing the future and changing things. Kakeru doesn't know if that will work but admires her spirit. That said he turns down Kakeru when she invites him to go hiking and walks home stoically alone again. The next day everyone is waiting at the hiking place for Yuki and Yanagi. Touko gets a little weird around Yuki while Yanagi pretends nothing is wrong with bringing a blow dryer on a one day hiking trip. Hiro's sister arrives with her new driver self to take Sachi to the top of the mountain along with their cooking supplies. Hiro worries over Sachi as Touko wishes her luck. Sachi smiles as she notes the tension between Yuki and Touko. On the way up the mountain Hiro's sister talks about Sachi pretty pendant and who it could be from. Sachi says it is from someone she loves (Touko) while Ms. Sister continues to try and make Hiro sound good in Sachi's eye. Good wingman.
 photo glasslipepisode311_zpsac943f6e.jpg
Whoa! We are being upfront...in an anime?! Is this real life?!
The rest of the kids go up the mountain and Touko almost has a moment with Yuki. She then decides to mention Kakeru and the invite to hike on a reflex and all this tension goes over Hiro's head. They reach the top where Sister and Sachi are waiting for them with about 47 boxes full of cooking things. Sister leaves and promises to return when they need a ride back. Sachi claims riding with the sister was fun, like a roller coaster. They take a moment to go a deck and look at the scenery where Touko tries to avoid embarrassing situations. Hiro takes charge of the group and setting up their little area. Yuki tries to go with Touko to get water but Touko takes off with Yanagi instead. They totally walk into the woods to look for water instead of obviously looking at the camp sites where other people are. They eventually find a creek and Yanagi flat out asks Touko if she is going out with Yuki. Touko has a brief freak out that sends both girls into the creek. Yuki gets the tent set up and leaves to find the girls, being a good wing man to Hiro in return. Sachi happily sits down and reads as Hiro makes a meal for everyone. Apparently the boy prepared a speech to woo Sachi but he sorta messes up. It is undetermined if Sachi knows what Hiro was trying to do or if she thinks he is an adorable puppy. Back in the woods Touko and Yanagi start to strip and wring out their soaken wet clothes. They sit down and discuss the Yuki situation. Yanagi confesses to seeing the confession and Touko's lame answer. Touko says she doesn't like Yuki that way and Yanagi is her girl. She will support Yanagi and Yanagi believes her. She vows not to give up on Yuki. The girls then start to use the blow dryer to...dry off. Of course Yuki appears at this time and the girls attack him, tear his arms off, and leave his body in the woods for the bears to eat. Or they all go back to the camp where Hiro has been working hard on the food and flirting with Sachi. At least the food is good. Hiro ends up putting all the 78 boxes of things away and tries to confess to Sachi again. It doesn't work out for him but Sachi gives him a friendship book because. Touko has decided that it is time to talk to Yuki so she drags him away to say....she doesn't think they should get together. He thinks it is another dude while she is tries to tell him they should just be friends and Yuki should open his eyes to someone else. Yuki doesn't throw a fit but doesn't like this answer. Touko seems relieved that hard part is now over. Hiro's sister arrives to take the supplies and Sachi home. Sachi thanks Touko for a wonderful day and Touko gets a vision of Sachi back in the hospital. She tries to ask Sachi if she is okay but the car takes off. Touko worries down the mountain with the others. Sachi does text her on the way home which makes Touko happy. Touko takes a bath with her sister later and tries to talk about the Yuki situation but the sister is more interested in the Kakeru situation. Touko gets all blushy face and probably protests too much. THE END!
 photo glasslipepisode315_zps063ad305.jpg
This is as far as Hiro gets in this episode with Sachi. Sad to watch folks. Well not that sad.
Well...I must say. This episode was much better than the last one. I did think the confession came a bit early but maybe the boys had been waiting forever to make their move. But after this episode I realize that Yanagi is really friends with Touko and her being...semi cryptic and cynical was mostly for show. Dramatic purposes only I suppose. These are just happy and confused kids full of emotions and what not. Maybe we can salvage this slice of life with a tiny bit of magical seeing into the future business.
 photo glasslipepisode35_zps59e5e532.jpg
Stop reading my mind!
Touko is at her family's house eagerly waiting for Kakeru to come over and help her see the future. Life has gotten way too real since the boy has come into town. I think that maybe if Kakeru hadn't showed up none of this would have happened but I don't think Touko realizes that. XD Sorta funny when you think about it. Kakeru arriving and looking at Touko made Sachi and Yuki all HMMM face which made Yanagi want together with Yuki which made Touko break up the no dating rule which lead them to this giant not so giant mess they find themselves in. She needs to take a deep breath as saying thank you to Yuki probably won't last for long. I would like to think that normally Touko wouldn't ask a complete stranger for help in her and her friend's personal lives but desperate times are desperate. Don't come in the workshop or else. OR ELSE!!!
 photo glasslipepisode37_zpsabf689a3.jpg
Well then....this is surely a match made in heaven.
Kakeru was at Touko's house for about 5 minutes. No seriously he was. I would have been pissed if I had been him. She should have just talked to him on the phone and agreed to meet somewhere else if she was going to get that embarrassed about her sister seeing Kakeru. Her trying to hide Kakeru made the situation much more interesting that it really was. I am surprised that Kakeru allowed himself to be pushed aside so fast but I guess he is sorta laid back. He did get an understanding of why Touko's powers work better around glass but that was it. Touko spills the beans on why she wants to see the future and explains the love triangle that seems to be going on. Not so much a triangle as Touko doesn't realize that Sachi likes her but whatever. Kakeru doesn't seem to show much emotion in the fact that Touko said all these potentially embarrassing things about her friends. He handles it in a very clinical way. Like what are you going to do if you see the future. Touko really didn't have a great answer for that since she doesn't know. She wants to do something so they will all remain friends but she doesn't know how to go about doing that. Kakeru notes that will probably fail but her trying to help her friends is something he can appreciate. So when Touko takes these...almost kind words as a sign of friendship she invites Kakeru to the hike tomorrow thinking he will come and maybe to say sorry for sending him away so fast. A hike would be a punishment in my book but whatever. Kakeru clinically turns down the offer and goes home in a very dramatic fashion. Seriously anime, he was walking by some seagulls, why the dramatic scenes?
 photo glasslipepisode39_zpscc422263.jpg
Pay attention Sachi, this is important!
So remember that hiking thing that Hiro planned? That Sachi is too...weak in her random sickness that she couldn't attend a local festival but she would be okay with a hike up a mountain? Yeah that didn't happen either. I can barely hike up my stairs and I am a healthy person. Healthy but lazy. This hike would involve Touko, Yanagi, Hiro, and Yuki. Sachi would be driven up the mountain by Hiro's sister. She would wait for them to arrive, eat lunch with them, and be driven back home after all was said and done. So how does this mean Sachi is hiking too? Yeah Hiro is trying to include Sachi and it is cute but I really wouldn't feel involved with this. Plan a trip to the beach where Sachi can sit in the sand while everyone else swims or something. But I would have loved to be Sachi instead. Like haha I get driven up the mountain and you don't lalala. Hiro's sister does a great job trying to plant love seeds in Sachi's head about Hiro but then she takes the time to mention Sachi's necklace which is from Touko so...you know. Bit of a wash there.
 photo glasslipepisode38_zpsf6728aa8.jpg
You wouldn't. Ever. Except at the end of this episode.
The rest of the 4 kids hiked up the mountain. Not my idea of a good time. Most things outside aren't my idea of a good time though. Yanagi had me rolling my eyes because she brought a blow dryer on a day long camping trip. At least it has batteries....The teasing between Yanagi and Yuki felt like one of a real brother and sister team so I am glad I know they are step siblings and it isn't as incestuous as it seems. I am an equally opportunity teaser though so I will point out that Hiro brought a crap load of stuff to make a meal. I mean at least it was brought in the car but still. Pack a small picnic lunch. But I guess that wouldn't give Sachi much to do. There wasn't much hiking actually shown as that is boring and what not and bugs. Really bugs folks. Yuki did help Touko from falling down the mountain which meant blushy faces. Any other day it would be a friend helping a friend but there is tension between the two. I might have freaked out too Touko, don't feel bad. XD
 photo glasslipepisode312_zpsa9361e30.jpg
Gosh Touko you can't even do a confession right.
Once up the moment there was a bit more teenage tension. I am sure the tension was there before as Kakeru told Touko earlier that everyone knew that Yuki liked her. Even him and he moved to town 30 seconds ago. So there are moments where Touko tries to get Yuki closer to Yanagi and she hangs back a bit. But the tension wasn't so overbearing people couldn't have fun. But then something happened. Other than Yuki trying to genuinely help Touko because finding water is hard moment. That was special. No folks...another moment happened. Instead of spending an entire season full of misunderstandings and hurt feelings things actually happened. People opened their mouths and said how they felt. Like flat out asked questions and gave answers. How is this possible?! Don't they know they are supposed to be in anime and they need to exchange hurt glances and misunderstandings for at least 5 more episodes? HOW CAN THERE BE THE TRUTH?! Well besides Hiro and his pure love for Sachi. He tried but really he is not ready for the truth. He can keep on being cute for now.
 photo glasslipepisode313_zps53bd6f4d.jpg
Well that got better fast. X___X
Yanagi struck first. And she didn't even wait for the adorable moment when she and Touko both fell into the water. Did they really think they were supposed to use stream water for a picnic site? Goobers. But yeah Yanagi had started to talk and BAM they were in the water. After they dragged themselves out Yanagi told Touko that she saw Yuki confess, heard Touko's lame reply, and wanted to know what Touko was going to do about it. I mean she didn't confess EVERYTHING, like how she basically set things up for Touko to take back the no dating rule but she was more upfront than normal teenage girls. I found it refreshing that she was being honest with Touko. In turn Touko was honest with her. No I don't like Yuki. I think of him as a friend. I have always thought you two would be a better couple. And I promise to make it better. We don't know if Touko can make that happen as it involves Yuki's feelings but she and Yanagi are friends. Close friends. She would never want anyone to be hurt and I think she can appreciate how Yanagi was...well I guess mature about it. I will call Yanagi mature. Now they shall celebrate by actually using the damn dryer that Yanagi brought and freak out when Yuki sees them half naked in the process. YAY FRIENDS!
 photo glasslipepisode316_zps099e4538.jpg
Yuki is speechless by the honesty.
Touko decides to keep this honest train going. I was a bit...shocked. But maybe I shouldn't be. These are kids that have known each other forever and she really does want to fix things as fast as possible. So while Hiro has all the fun of making the food and taking down camp alone while not being able to get out to Sachi how he feels Touko goes to have her own talk with Yuki. Which was rather short. I think I like that too. Touko told Yuki that he is her precious friend and that she won't be returning his feelings. Yuki was of course upset but didn't rage against the walls or beg Touko to change her mind or tell her to give it time as she will learn to love him. The name Kakeru got thrown around a bit but I guess that is to be expected. Overall they handled the situation maturely and without...well it was awkward but they moved past it. I am sure he still likes Touko and Touko will still try to Yanagi but I like that Yuki was told up front that he wasn't going to get any Touko action. Lets just get that out there in the open so Yuki doesn't have false hope and look pathetic.
 photo glasslipepisode317_zpscc8f0d94.jpg
Looks like a hospital to me.....
As everyone is getting ready to leave (4 kids walking down the mountain and Sachi taking the van via Hiro's sister) Touko's gets another vision. She gets a lot of these. We haven't gotten much confirmation on this but everyone does know she sees things right? She just hasn't told them yet that they have been classified as visions of the future from Kakeru. Anyway Touko sees Sachi and a hospital and assumes the worse. We don't know what is wrong with the girl yet but something is wrong with Sachi, enough that she can't hike up a mountain or spend time with people at a festival. So Touko is really worried. She can only ask if Sachi is feeling okay right now as...well what else can she do? Sachi is sick, not injured in the future. Touko can't really fix that and I am sure that will become a sad point for her and maybe Kakeru in the future. That seeing things and not being able to change them is heart breaking. Moreso than not getting Yuki and Yanagi together.
 photo glasslipepisode3_zps1553e265.jpg
Gosh stop assuming I like a boy I have spent a grand total of 30 minutes with!
The episode ends with Touko having some bath time with her sister. I have a feeling that I should learn the sisters' names in this show but I guess I am being lazy at this point. Maybe if they add more I will learn them. Not going to learn Mom or Dad or Gramps though. That is universal for all animes I seem to watch. Only people between the ages of 12-22 matter in animes gosh. Older than that and you might as well be a senior citizen. Anyway Touko has a lot to think about including Kakeru. Well she wasn't thinking about him. She was thinking about being confessed to (what Yuki did) and the sister assumed she was talking about the boy in the shed Kakeru. Wait? Boy? I like him? Yeah I am slightly rolling my eyes at that folks. They haven't had much interaction at this point and one of them, the first one, involved some weird look at the school's chickens. Maybe she is attracted to what she thinks is the bad boy in him but I want more interaction before there is instant love or something. At least have a fish growing out of her knee or something to tie them together. I guess we will see how this works out now that there are a correct amount of people for this new love orgy!


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