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Glasslip episode 4

 photo glasslipepisode411_zpsc4311c38.jpg
I am going to walk in the woods the entire episode while drama happens in town.
Post number 7 ya'll!!! I would celebrate with chips but we have none. We have apples and yogurt but no chips. And the husband hates popcorn. Woe is my life folks woe is my life. Probably not so much since I already had some ice cream earlier but you know...I live to eat snakes. While I try to think about others things besides yummy food have more anime. Up now is Glasslip episode 4. Spoilers for so much scene bouncing and soap opera happenings.
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This conversation was so weird between Kakeru and his dad I don't really understand it...
Episode Summary: This episode was literally all over the place so forgive this summary when it becomes super jumpy and yes most of this happens in the span of 24 hours. Kakeru's dad goes to the backyard and checks on his son who was camping back there. Yes folks camping. They go inside and make some nasty looking meat and other things for breakfast. The dad starts to talk about how he is a bad dad or how being a dad is hard. Something about kids and what not. Kakeru brings up how Dad is always listening to his Mother's....whatever song in the house. This seems to embarrass Dad. None of this means anything except I think Mom is dead. Kakeru hears something about the future but it is super vague. Maybe his trigger is music. Touko and Sachi are on the phone as Touko is scared of Sachi going back to the hospital. She clearly thinks Sachi will be the one to be hospitalized. Sachi and her vague self doesn't make super clear but eventually says that Yanagi hurt her leg during dance class and is at the hospital. It turns out that she sprained it and is already being released. Touko runs to the hospital but sees Yuki helping Yanagi walk and runs out, not wanting to ruin the moment. Touko is a big embarrassed but Yuki still sees himself as a brother and teases her, calling her heavy and what not. By some magical miracle Hiro's sister is in the area and I assume takes them home. This when I think a day or two passes but who knows. Sachi calls and checks in with Yanagi. Yanagi seems to be doing better and the girls promise to meet up soon. Sachi realizes that Hiro is at her house to return her book and flirt with her because he is adorable. Touko is making glass with her dad at the house and has the sparkle visions again. She is shocked that this has been the future all along and is worried she is going to see a bad future one day. Her dad tries to make her focus on the task at hand so she won't be hurt. Touko then dons her school uniform and grandma hat to take a little trip. She calls up Yanagi who is mending from her sprain and eating yogurt as a treat. Touko calls her and they agree to meet up. Sachi serves Hiro some sort of drink in her room and it is all quiet and blushy. They eventually read books together and it is quiet and boring. Hiro eventually looks up the book Sachi likes and TADA the book has been made into a movie and it is playing NOW. They make plans to see it soon. Sachi smiles a lot while Hiro is all blushy.
 photo glasslipepisode49_zps0d6e1aac.jpg
Meanwhile Hiro and Sachi's relationship is growing very, very, very slowly.
Touko meets up with Yanagi who is really....hobbling down the road. They sit near the docks and talk about Kakeru and if Touko thinks he is cute. They agree he is self centered because of the 5 seconds they have spent with him. They then talk about Yuki and how Touko is sorry this all happened. Yanagi then confesses she was never going to confess to Yuki which makes her a bad person. Touko seems to understand what that means and makes excuses for Yanagi because they are friends. They part ways as Yanagi hobbles home and Touko goes to school to sketch chickens instead of I don't know...anything else in the world. As she sketches she hears someone behind her and thinks it is Kakeru. Well Kakeru is hiking alone in the woods the entire episode so it's not him. It is Yuki. Yanagi is seen hobbling to the hospital alone because apparently they have no parents. Yuki sits down with Touko and they talk about the chickens and Touko's personality and how things are slightly awkward between the two of them. Yanagi starts to walk home alone and notes the rain is coming. Touko takes Yuki inside the school so she can get supplies. Yuki refuses to go in the room as he will be alone with Touko. He also has decided that Touko likes Kakeru since she was waiting for the boy at the steps and assumed Yuki was Kakeru. Touko really can't answer so Kakeru leaves. Like runs away kinda leaves. It starts to rain and all the kids need to make it home somehow. Yuki just runs home. Touko gathers up the chickens because she is super concerned about them. Yanagi is slowly making her way home. Kakeru is going home on the same street in the opposite direction. He goes to put a jacket on himself but puts it on Yanagi instead. They sorta have to introduce themselves to each other since they barely has met. Kakeru then gets all awkward and doesn't know it talking about how they write each other's names. The rain stop and they go to part ways but Yanagi and her busted leg falls on Kakeru. This is when Touko chooses to walk nearby. She sees the embrace and assumes the worst and runs away. Touko is barely listening to the boring conversation at dinner time later. The next day Yuki goes for another run SHOCKER while Hiro takes Sachi to the movies..and falls asleep. Touko learns about this date from Gramps as she is alone at the cafe. How did this all become like this?! THE END!
 photo glasslipepisode42_zps9e00bb07.jpg
...Grossest breakfast ever.
MOG. Mog folks this episode. This episode made my face want to melt off. There were so many things happening and most of them were not important. Plus they were numerous and all over the place. 30 seconds here and 60 seconds there. Too much to keep up with and if I wrote them all grouped together it would make less sense than I usually make. I am sorta surprised my summary isn't longer. But yeah folks...this episode ran like a soap opera. Only soap operas used to run for 45 minutes in my day, not 22. Rest in peace As The World Turns.
 photo glasslipepisode44_zps9bee53f5.jpg
And then Touko died of a heart attack. But I guess since she is talking to Sachi she must know it isn't super serious.
I think for my sanity sake though I will blog the rest of this post in groups of what happened as best I can. Otherwise it will be a giant mess and we can't be having that on top of weeks of absence right? So Touko starts off this episode still being very concerned for Sachi a few days after the hike. She saw the girl in her vision and was looking pretty hospital like. Given that she has a condition this could be anytime in the future and not immediately right? But Touko is on top of things now. I don't like how Sachi/the writers pretended like Sachi didn't understand the question. Like were you hospitalized is not the same question as asking if you are going to the hospital to visit a sick friend. Maybe it was a translation thing but I was upset for Touko who probably had her heart skip a beat or two. But yes Sachi was talking about Yanagi who hurt herself at dance lessons. I thought the internet said modeling lessons but maybe I read wrong. A bit dramatic for Touko but all will be okay. Take a deep breath. For now as Sachi still is a sick thing.
 photo glasslipepisode45_zpsfaea56a0.jpg
But I think Yanagi wants more than family....or rather start a family with you.
Yanagi sprained her leg folks. Maybe she thought she broke it but I am not sure I would go to the hospital for a sprained leg. I certainly would call my parents for a ride home though and any other rides to the hospital. I mean what the heck folks this is a giant parent fail. I know they might both be working but it is more likely that the mother is not working as usually in Japan one parent, the dad, works. But since this is a step family maybe the mom had worked for a time being while supporting Yanagi. Either way I would not be walking anywhere like that, especially if I have dreams of being a dancer or what not. Fail. I wonder if Sachi called Hiro to let him know that Yanagi got hurt and he sent his sister over for some help. That would be nice. For now the sorta nice is coming from Yuki. I say sorta because Yuki still sees Yanagi as his sister and as a brother it is his job to be annoying, especially when Yanagi is acting weird for no reason. All blushy face and what not. I like how Touko ran to see if her friend was okay but checked out the minute it was looking lovely dovey. So many good wingmen in this series. 

Yanagi spends the next few days taking it easy. I think I would have milked it for a bit more so Yuki could give me more attention. I can't reach this Yuki, please help me Yuki. But maybe she doesn't want to bother him as she seems super invested in Yuki's training for...running. Because you know running is a two person job. It seems as if no one came to visit Yanagi but then again it was just a sprain. It wasn't like she got her wisdom teeth taken out or something. Still the girl needed some help around town. All this hobbling to see Touko and the hospital...not a fan. Not a fan of that or her giant bow of stupidness.
 photo glasslipepisode47_zpsbc355a68.jpg you are a giant liar. I see.
Since Touko is the friend of a year she calls Yanagi out to sit by the docks. Which would be must more interesting to draw but I guess that is just silly talk. Not sure why the two girls couldn't talk on the phone but sometimes one needs to get out of the house and meet in person. I thought that the girls had covered all the Yuki issues on the mountain but I guess not. They are girls and we girls like to rehash things. Also Yanagi did something I didn't think she was going to do and that was..confess to Touko she was never going to confess to Yuki. Touko knows that it was a set up to make Touko never want Yuki or else she would be a bad friend and maybe have Touko revoke this no dating rule (which should have been talked about in a meaningful way with everyone) . I honestly did not see that coming. Maybe Touko had figured it out or it was new news to her. Either way she was on Yanagi's side and made excuses to her friend. It probably helps that she is not interested in the boy anyway so who cares what Touko said. Then the girls talk a bit about Kakeru which is odd. Odd that Yanagi has an opinion on the boy as he literally spent 5 seconds around Yanagi so how can she judge him as self centered? I guess if I were Yanagi I would talk him up so Touko goes down that path. Had she done that though the moment at the end of the episode would have been..worse I guess so I guess it was good he is self centered to Yanagi.
 photo glasslipepisode4_zps722f4bae.jpg
Best date ever? X___X
While Yanagi is having fun with her sprain ankle Hiro has a plan. He must have liked Sachi for a long, long time. If Touko had not broken the rule what would he have done? These kids are crazy. I would have thought that Sachi would have gone to seen Yanagi since she is often in the hospital. But then again it wasn't a real super serious injury. Maybe if it was a break with a cast you could sign she would have rushed over. Anyway Sachi and Hiro spend most of the episode together. In whatever span of time that passes. And most of those hours are spent in silence. Hiro returns a book, they read books together. Reading is usually a quiet thing so not much talking there. I like how magically the book they both liked is not only a movie but in theaters now. Hiro might be a good actor though. XD It is unclear is Sachi knows Hiro likes her or if she thinks they are just book buddies. They do end up going to the movies together as a DATE in Hiro's happy mind but he falls asleep and she probably doesn't see it as a date so I am forced to call it a wash.
 photo glasslipepisode46_zps0f805ff5.jpg
Me thinks that Touko will disappointed at some point in her life.
The rest of the episode focuses on Touko and her interactions with others. She needs to focus on her glass making before she burns herself. Good job dad telling that girl to get her head out of the clouds. She just doesn't want a bad future ya'll. I wonder what she thought those visions were before Kakeru came to town. It seems obvious to me she would have figured it out by now. Like I see things...and then they happen. Maybe she knew but she didn't want to know you know? Anyway who wants to see the future if it is going to be bad? At least she can change a bad future but with such small glimpses Kakeru is probably more correct in thinking it is just nice that she cares. Cares enough to check in on Sachi and to try to check in on Yanagi but leaves to let her and Yuki to have a moment. Just instead of calling out Yanagi to the boatyard Touko and her grandma hat should have went to Yanagi's house. XD But they worked things out. At least for a few hours before another misunderstanding happen.
 photo glasslipepisode48_zps4260b6cd.jpg
So you want to see the chicken torturer?
After leaving Yanagi Touko made her way to the school to draw the chickens. I understand that someone has to take care of the chickens during summer break but it is almost like Touko wants to do this. Like woohoo it is finally school break, let me spend every moment at school drawing ugly birds woohoo!!!!!!!!! This girl needs to learn how to have fun. Because Kakeru and Touko have had 30 minutes of interaction she automatically assumes he would be around the school when she was. Um why is that? Why would Kakeru be at the school? He hasn't even attended class yet. He was just there the first time to get registered. Other than that there is no connection to the school and Kakeru. He knows where Touko lives now so he can go see her there. Or the cafe. Not at boring school. Plus Touko shouldn't want Kakeru there as he is a chicken threatener.
 photo glasslipepisode410_zps54bfeb4c.jpg
See? Just a little bit awkward...
So who was behind Touko? Yuki. That kid is always running so I guess he ran himself there. Or he was running near there and saw Touko and hasn't taken no as an answer yet. I wouldn't call him a stalker...just a kid who really likes a girl and her reasoning doesn't make sense to him. Girls really can't win though. We can't turn down a guy tactfully because we are accused of not being forceful enough. We need to not lead a guy on. But if we are forceful about it we are just rude bitches. Le sigh. Both Touko and Yuki seem to acknowledge there is weirdness between the two of them because of what Yuki has said but they still are able to have fun times and giggle with each other. See, that is what Touko doesn't want to lose. Feed those chickens and make funny jokes with me. That is what Touko wants. Yuki wants that too...but with kisses.
 photo glasslipepisode412_zps4fd45dc5.jpg
Why are you asking all these hard questions?!
So this awkward feeling between Touko and Yuki was manageable. At least from Touko's point of view. Slowly he would fall out of love with her and see Yanagi as a viable mate despite him seeing her as a sibling and all will be well in the world. Well not according to Yuki. He might be quiet and isn't throwing huge fits about Touko's reject but he isn't done yet. That sounds a lot more creepy than I meant it to sound. What I mean is...Yuki has real feelings for Touko. He wants to respect her feelings but his feelings are his feelings. And being told that Touko doesn't love him doesn't change how he feels about her. Well not yet anyway. Young love, it still stings. But now Yuki wants to voice his heart. That maybe Touko doesn't like him because of Kakeru. There is a reason. If that Kakeru hadn't come into town Yuki would have a chance! Touko sorta gave Yuki the perfect ammo. Kakeru is on Touko's mind because she automatically assumed he was behind her at the school. There was no reason for him to be there. She agrees to meet him to talk about “issues”. She invites him on a hiking trip. Where was she to invite him on a camping trip? Yuki is a jealous teenager but a respectful one at this point as he runs off all hurt and stuff. Touko is a bit shocked on how this all went down and that Yuki assumes she likes Kakeru. But I am sure she will over think this as she was told everyone knew that Yuki liked her. So it must be true if everyone assumes she likes Kakeru right? Not that she actually likes him. Because this romance makes no sense to me given how much time they have spent together so logically Touko will like Kakeru because she was told she does. Case closed.
 photo glasslipepisode413_zps837c65a2.jpg
It must be love.
No matter what the kids were doing at the time they all got caught up in the rain. Yuki ran home because of his interaction with Touko. Touko wanted to talk to Yuki but she decided to save the chickens by putting them in their pens. Sachi and Hiro were probably at the movies at this time. This leaves Yanagi hobbling home on her bum leg and Kakeru who was indeed hiking alone in the woods. I am going to venture that Kakeru actually has no hiking experience and wanted to practice thus the camping outside and such. Maybe he is a city boy. The two end up crossing paths trying to keep out of the rain. Kakeru might be awkward and tactless but he is a gentleman and gave Yanagi his jacket. Then...the two actually talked. For the first time. Episode 4 and they have never talked folks yet Yanagi thinks he is self absorbed or whatever. They really did have the world's most boring conversation about the characters in their names and what not. Which to make this love orgy complete would mean Kakeru is in love with her because he loves girls with characters like that. But if there isn't going to be AS complicated as love orgy as some shows...this was a boring conversation done by strangers hiding from the rain.
 photo glasslipepisode414_zpsc634c66f.jpg
So the episode ends with Touko rounding the corner just as Yanagi slips and falls on Kakeru. A compromising position? Of course. Obviously. Typical soap opera move. But...Yanagi just got done telling Touko she likes Yuki. Touko is going to support Yanagi getting with Yuki. Had Yuki not filled Touko's thoughts of liking Kakeru and what not maybe this hug would have meant nothing. But for a bunch of teenagers who have never dated before and all these hormones and what not....Touko ran. She got something, embarrassed or some other emotion and ran. What does she think? Obviously this is all a misunderstanding that won't lead to romance but Touko doesn't know that. Or will it lead to something? HMMM I guess we will have to find out next time. XD


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