Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Sharknado 2 with Fin!

 photo DuffySharknado001_zpsa0634843.jpg
This doesn't feel like a plushie...
Mom loves watching Sci-Fi movies. Or Syfy. I think they changed names or something. Dad thinks...these movies are special to say the least. I think they are special too! I mean two headed sharks and sharks that can fly in the sky and take down planes. It is like anime but in real life. Mom got all pumped to watch this new movie called Sharknado 2: The second one so I put on something...a bit themed I guess for the event. The name of the movie is a bit boring so I hope the movie isn't.
 photo DuffySharknado005_zpsca7fcba1.jpg
Mom went to Adventure Landing for Muffy's mothers birthday and she earned enough tickets for this plastic shark. She named him Fin and Kira does not like him at all. He squeaks and she runs for the hills. :( Poor Fin, I will be your friend.
 photo DuffySharknado002_zps87121d2e.jpg
It was sorta hard for Mom to take pictures. The sharks were flying very fast and the blood was WHOOSHING all over the place.
 photo DuffySharknado003_zps70e5f0ef.jpg
Basically the movie was about sharks in a tornado and the main character Fin (hey he matches Mom's new shark) was trying to stop it. And no one else was really worried about the tornadoes or sharks as they were walking around the streets like nothing was happening at all.
 photo DuffySharknado004_zps26c38155.jpg
I think Dad was right, this is a special movie. X___X

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