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Love Stage episode 4

 photo lovestageepisode413_zps9941121e.jpg
And then Ryouma passed out on the ground and died.
And number 9. There are three other posts that are in different stages of being done and I decided to watch a new episode instead of finishing the nearly done post know being behind is fun. Why finish something when you can start more episodes that you can half finish WOOHOO!!!! So yeah here is post number 9 for tonight. Maybe more will come tomorrow. For now enjoy Love Stage episode 4. Spoilers for Ryouma not getting his face smashed in. Yeah folks it doesn't happen. Sorry to spoiler it for you.
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Ryouma....I want to stab you many, many times.
Episode Summary: Two hosts introduce this Grand Prix...Comedian thingy thing that Ryouma and Shougo are both apart of. Shougo smiles and does his rock star thing while Ryouma looks like death. Even Shougo, who wanted revenge against Ryouma for the molestation for his brother, feels bad for the guy. Back at the house Rei has finished his busy work for the day so he sighs and starts the task of removing Izumi from his room. Everyone seems to acknowledge that what happened to Izumi was terrible but clearly he needs to go to school and move on with his life as Rei tries to figure out this mess. Inside his room Izumi is looking like death. Soon he morphs into a crazy person as the scene between Ryouma, himself, and his naked body keeps playing over and over again. He begins to worry that he is the bottom half of a Boy Love manga couple. Rei hears some of this nonsense through the door and tries to get Izumi to come out and do the mature thing. Izumi doesn't really care that he might fail school. It's his life and he can eat ice cream and get fat if he wants to I think. This doesn't fly well with Rei who kicks down the door and tells Izumi to get his ass to school because classes are expensive. Izumi gets all sniffly because Rei doesn't understand how he feels. Rei is like of course I do, I have been under a man before myself. Izumi is shocked and the conversation spirals into Rei talking about mosquito bites in terms of what happened and males getting turn on by their nipples. It is insanity but Izumi rejoices as he is not a uke and can face the world again. He marches himself to school with a new vigor on life, drawing manga and what not. Rei seems pleased with himself that he got Izumi out of the house but worries that Ryouma attacked a male Izumi, not the female dream in his brain. Izumi happily gets himself to school where he finds a giant crowd. People are whispering about famous people and are they really here MOG. Izumi attempts to get through the gates but realizes that the people everyone is gossiping about are....Ryouma and Shougo. They are wearing sunglasses so obviously they are in disguise folks. Ryouma spots Izumi and the boy panics, that Ryouma is here to get him. Ryouma calls out to Izumi and off the boy runs. Ryouma takes off after Izumi which sorta shocks the crowd. Shougo goes to chase the boys but his sunglasses fall off and everyone sees he is super famous and mob him. Izumi summons all his power as an otaku and runs away from Ryouma, into a dark alley. The two little mascots that often appear when characters are saying or doing something funny break the 4th (or 5th) wall and block Izumi from properly escaping. Izumi's otaku power gives out and Ryouma catches up to Izumi. Izumi braces for the worse and then...Ryouma lays on the ground in a super bow begging for forgiveness. Izumi is shocked and watches as everyone gathers at this I guess embarrassing sight. Izumi gets Ryouma on his feet to listen to what the man has to say. Ryouma looks at Izumi and gets all RARW how can I be in love with such a fashion victim? Ryouma promises to explain things to Izumi but first they have to do a few things....
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How about we TEXT THE POLICE?!
Meanwhile Rei has gotten a phone call from a hiding Shougo. He lost his sunglasses so clearly he was mobbed to death. Shougo explains to an angry Rei that at the taping Ryouma was just down in the dumps and felt as if his life had no meaning because he did something awful to Izumi and would never accept his apolgy. So instead of beating Ryouma to death Shougo agreed to help the two meet as long as he was present. And now..yeah they are lost. As Shougo panics Rei activates a tracker he put in Izumi's bag in case something like this happened. Oh okay. Turns out Ryouma has taken to get Izumi's hair done and some new clothes. Once Izumi's glasses are removed Ryouma breathes a sigh of a relief. Izumi is adorable again. Izumi protests that he can't see which adds to his cute factor. He demands Ryouma explain what is going on but there is a rumbling in Izumi's tummy. Ryouma wants to talk to Izumi alone in a private room which obviously doesn't go over well with the boy. He ends up getting them crepes which Izumi eats in an adorable fashion. Shougo and Rei pull up in their car as Ryouma and Izumi make it to a park. They don't get out of the car but Shougo talks a big game about hurting Ryouma is anything happens to Izumi. I assume he means anything NEW. As Izumi munches Ryouma goes into the longest explanation on the face of the planet on why he did what he did to Izumi. When Ryouma was 10 he was adorable. But when he got older the jobs started to dry up. Eventually people like Shougo who were kids of famous people took all the great jobs and that left Ryouma clawing his way up with perverted managers and crappy jobs. The only thing that got him through that rough time was Izumi. He was in love for Izumi for so long and it was such a shocker to find out Izumi had an elephant. All Ryouma wanted to do was get the image of Izumi out of his mind and clearly that meant molesting the boy on his couch. Ryouma takes a deep breath and confesses that he has realizes it doesn't matter if Izumi is a boy, he is still in love with him and is deeply sorry for doing the awful thing for him. Izumi blinks...thinking how sad and deranged this guy is and how to get out of this situation. Ryouma gets nervous and claims he knows this is a shocker and all he wants is to be friends with Izumi. Izumi takes a moment...then agrees, shaking hands. Shougo is pissed but Rei thinks this is for the best (as they were also listening in on the conversation via spy whatever). Rei notices a van hanging around and leaving at a suspicious time. This goes unnoticed by Ryouma who is happy that Izumi is in his life and Izumi who realizes this might have been a mistake. He says they have to be text friends first and move from there. Ryouma happily walks Izumi home or to the corner or to the moon. Somewhere. YAY LOVE! THE END!
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That's nice, can I have another crepe please?
HMMM Folks. HMMM! That went...a lot differently that it should have. You know if manga and anime were real life. Also how long was that summary. Just get to the point already Tenchi. But one got their teeth punched in and Ryouma and Izumi are going to be friends? Shougo is the worst brother ever I think.
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Well that looks super annoying.
I am not sure what kind of show this Grand Prix thing is. I thought last week it was going to be some sort of car show. I probably should have known better. Since I spent almost a month in Japan 3 years ago I am a pro at Japanese TV. I should have known it was going to be a silly variety show that makes little to no sense. Being a celeb in Japan means going on these shows a lot and they probably don't take more than a day to film. Perfect to get your face out there. Everyone else in this show was glossed over, almost in a 4th wall kinda way. The only people who mattered were Shougo and Ryouma of course. Shougo and his...Wish thing is going to be annoying I just know it. He was trying to bring the personality while Ryouma couldn't fight what he was feeling. He was dead to the world and not in the mood to pretend to laugh at whatever this show is about. Even though Shougo should be trying to kill Ryouma for what he did to his little brother he still tries to aid the loser. To save face/the show or because he really cares? HMMM.
 photo lovestageepisode45_zps4f534072.jpg
Show some patience dude!
Back at the house Rei is doing paperwork. I am sure that is what real managers do. I have a feeling Rei doesn't have much of a life and this is a set up for Rei and Shougo getting together because really who else does Rei have in his life. Plus Shougo was acting a bit jealous of Rei's concern over Izumi. Which was deserved obviously. I like how Rei waited until all the busy work was done before he tackled the hard task that was Izumi. Now I understand wanting to give the boy privacy and maybe letting him deal with it himself was the best course of action. But...then Rei opened his mouth later and I wanted to stab him in the face. Stab all over the place.
 photo lovestageepisode44_zps5eb33720.jpg
Or the victim of assault. You know, the same.
Izumi is in his room, all alone with the LalaLulu hug pillow. I would be scrubbing myself in the shower or calling the police or listening to horrible/sad music. But our boy Izumi...well he is upset. Super upset...that all of that Ryouma stuff turned him on. Now....I think most people know that when someone sexual assaults you it is possible to feel pleasure from it. It is your body's natural reaction to certain touches, it is not only a mental thing. But I am sure most of these people still blame themselves and other real world issues that are probably too deep for an anime post. Or are they? But yes folks. That is why Izumi is the most upset. That he got touched and liked it. That he has some how found himself in a Boy Love manga and is the uke who likes being touched by a bigger male. That is his biggest upsetness out of all this crap. Oh Izumi. Priorities. Priorities indeed. I would be using this as leverage to make my parents never make me leave the house again but that is just me. Clearly Izumi and his turned on nipples have a different mindset at this time.
 photo lovestageepisode47_zpsa10a8413.jpg
That was a super fast recovery....
Rei has decided that Izumi has spent enough days inside his room and it is time to go to school and pass his exams. Even if all the family wants him to do is enter the entertainment industry. He has to do SOMETHING so if they are paying for college GO. Yeah that was basically all Rei could think about, how much college classes cost. How about you think about therapy for this poor kid! Even if there were some bogus society rules that were keeping Izumi from pressing charges or what not Rei could be a shoulder to lean on, not a person to knock down the door. Of course...once Rei got inside the room I wish he hadn't. Like nope it was better when there was no talking and just hug pillows. The conversation just got...weird. I mean really weird. With Rei and his...deadpan face going yes I have been under a man before, yes I have understood that feeling. Yes it is perfectly natural to be turned on by having your nipples touched. Like his face...his face was just....too bleh. Like the words he was saying and the topic at hand did not match his face. Like Izumi was all like...I need support here and now you are comparing my sexual assault to a mosquito bite. If I had been Izumi I would have been PISSED. Like super pissed that he was being this blaize. But because Izumi is Izumi he was happy with the fact he wasn't a uke from some BL manga and all was well in the world. WHAT SEXUAL ASSAULT?!
 photo lovestageepisode48_zpsb38f80de.jpg
Totally casual right?
Now that all is right in the world and Izumi can live with the fact he has sensitive nipples he can face the day, go to school. Well classes are over for the day but he can still go to the manga club and work on his horrible drawings. Is there a reason why his friends in the manga club aren't saying anything? Awful friends indeed. I admire Izumi's ability to bounce a sad, glad this isn't a real life case kinda way. Everything is going to be alright folks. Except for the fact that Izumi gets to the school and sees Shougo and Ryouma at the gate hanging out with their glasses and fan girls. Like really boys? Sunglasses? Dressed to the 9's? Real smooth. Especially for Shougo. Like if this was part of a grand plan do you think it was best for Izumi to walk into Ryouma and a huge crowd? Yeah awful brother alert. Once Ryouma made eye contact Izumi was out of there. And for good reason. All that forgetting and being happy about sensitive about nipples was out the door. I HATE RYOUMA! Run from the man that hurt you despite that smile on his face and hopeful look in his eyes!
 photo lovestageepisode49_zps9b2f0524.jpg
And he would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those pesky mascots.
I would consider myself a couch potato. I am surprise I don't burst into flames when exposed to the sun. Given Izumi's interest and activity level...I was proud of how far he made it in his run away from Ryouma. He had Otaku power. I am going to assume that means he has the ability to sprint short distances. Like to be first in line for a signing or movie premier. Any long distance running and he is a goner. I am not a fan of the mascots of this show breaking the 4th wall. I rather Ryouma just catch up the normal way. Just another thing that Izumi can be resentful of, that Ryouma is bigger and stronger than him. Izumi had all the reason to in the world to be scared of Ryouma. I would have started calling for help. Or cower in the corner. Maybe I would have screamed. And then had a look of shock on my face when Ryouma did the ultimate bow in Japan. This bow as I understand it is for apologize for the most egregious of offenses. Which is what Ryouma did. He should have bowed like that for 100 more years. Instead Izumi gets embarrassed and tells him to stop because people are looking. Psht get your apology boy. I guess Izumi wants to hear what Ryouma has to say because he deserves answers....and to know in case it happens again what to do and how to avoid it since Ryouma is crazy.
 photo lovestageepisode414_zpsd24e4eb5.jpg
Now I can talk to him because I made him over woohoo!
Ryouma may be in love but he is a jerk. I guess we already knew that though right. But it is like he wants to feel bad for himself. Like great the girl of my dreams is a boy with an elephant and I am still attracted to him. But on top of that he is a dweeby looking boy. WOE IS RYOUMA! Yeah that was a jerky thing to say. I am sure there are days when Ryouma looks dweeby too. Also I like how Izumi looks in real life. His casual/normal look. I think it is a bit hurtful that Ryouma seems to think that Izumi needs to change so Ryouma can talk to him. I mean...if Izumi wanted to change up his look a bit that is on him. Or if he wanted to be more stylish to match Ryouma that would be fine too. But acting like Izumi is untalkable to...that was rude Ryouma. So many negative points on his scale. That all being said....Izumi was pretty cute after the make over. Glasses are glasses though! Some of us need to see and aren't comfortable putting contacts in. MOG you people touching your eyes everyday gag me with a spoon. Don't get me started on eye surgery. BRB passing out from Final Destination 5 or whatever it is called.
 photo lovestageepisode415_zpsf6af917a.jpg
I am not sure who looks more adorable in this picture...
After Izumi is dolled up Ryouma is able to talk to him. I would have thought this conversation would have been easier if Ryouma could focus on the task at hand and not the amazing face of his beloved. Had I been Izumi I would have called the cops. I call the police a lot in anime. At least Izumi had enough brains to not go anywhere alone with Ryouma. Like private booth alone type deal. Eating crepes and walking through the park is okay. Notice that no one really gushed or went crazy over Ryouma this entire time. Maybe his star status isn't as high as Shougo. Or together they draw more crowds. I guess that is helpful to Izumi as he doesn't want any attention on himself anyway and Ryouma needs to apologize and grovel some more. MORE BOWING. But it has been hours, start explaining now.
 photo lovestageepisode417_zpsd034b1ad.jpg
Please be my everything, elephant and all.
Ryouma gave the longest speech on the face of the planet. Like dude you nearly rapped Izumi and you are starting in on a story that starts 10 years ago. I mean I guess Ryouma needs to explain himself and that is where it did start but still if I were Izumi I would not be pleased with Ryouma and his excuses. Which are...Ryouma fell in love on set with Izumi and his pretty eyes. That life after that commercial got hard for working kid Ryouma. I am sure Japan is like the United States. If you are famous it is easier for your kid to get famous. Like Shougo, the kid of two famous people. For upstarts like Ryouma it is a bit harder and they have to climb their way to the top. This explains why Ryouma hates Shougo but maybe calling Izumi a hanger oner was a bit much since he hasn't done anything since that first wedding commercial. This all leads to Ryouma confessing that Izumi got him through those rough times. He was in love with Izumi and at first the shock of seeing Mr. Izumi elephant left him feeling pissed and hurt. Instead of burning Izumi out of his mind he became more attracted to Izumi. He just wanted to touch and love Izumi because...well he is in love. He wanted to be with the person he has loved all his life and it didn't matter what was between the legs.
 photo lovestageepisode412_zpseb33775b.jpg
And then you pound him in the face. Not lead him to your brother.
During all of this Shougo and Rei were not being idle. Shougo couldn't chase after Ryouma and Izumi when they ran away because....crowds. I am sensing crowds are going to happen a lot with all these famous people from here on out. And one cannot simply push through a crowd. One must coward and allow oneself to be mobbed until they are rendered useless. Plus he lost his sunglasses folks. Without his sunglasses he is clearly Superman and he had to go into hiding. How could he find Izumi without his sunglasses? Good thing Rei is on the case. He locates Shougo after a phone call is made and has a tracker on Izumi in case something like this would happen. Instead of calling the police in the event of a stalker we will just stalk Izumi instead. I SEE NOW! Rei doesn't seem too impressed with Shougo allowing Ryouma near Izumi but the two allow Ryouma to finish his conversation with Izumi. Shougo might have gotten dirty looks all his life from Ryouma but the second Ryouma cries over his little brother Shougo is all about doing favors. I see now.
 photo lovestageepisode418_zpsdaade227.jpg
You probably should feel bad for yourself but you know....
So while Shougo and Rei watching and Ryouma eagerly looking at Izumi....the young otaku panics. Obviously. Or well....i guess no panic. He was more...feeling sorry for Ryouma. Like dude he is so pathetic I can't be mad at him for trying to rape him. Look at him. All being in love with this mystery girl for years, finding out he is a boy, and then still loving him. All the while having this doe eyes. much patheticness. Then Izumi....well his naivety grew 5 sizes that day. He was like.....err.....and Ryouma was like okay we can just be friends haha of course you don't like me. But I am sorry and want to be your friends. So since Izumi didn't immediately shut it down and run off into the sunset to the nearest police block a friendship was born. A texting one at first but a friendship. From molester to friend just like that.
 photo lovestageepisode4_zps4644c1c0.jpg
Texting friends!!! See? XD
So I think that is it. Rei did see some van spying on Ryouma and Izumi that magically drove off at the speed of fast. I am sure it is going to be a tv tabloid kinda thing but Izumi and Ryouma weren't doing anything scandals. Maybe it will be a who is this mystery person, is Ryouma gay type of article. Izumi and Ryouma didn't notice anything. Izumi wants to go home and think about his life and Ryouma wants to walk Izumi home and be in his life forever. And ever. But we are just texting buddies. Totally. Not going to make a move on you at all......HMMMM!

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