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Dramatical Murder episode 3

What post am I on now? 4 anime posts? It sounds like a lot in one night but they have been building up. And I think I am still behind or still will behind after this mass posting. Sadly or happily depending on how you see it the husband has to go out of town AGAIN this summer to take another class for his job so it will just be me, Duffy, Kira, and some TV dinners. Surely I can get some posting done in the meantime right? You know, in between obsessing over this Zankie craziness on Big Brother. For the record I am one of the same crazies, not the insane ones petitioning CBS to make a Team America task for Frankie to kiss Zach or to get Zach to kiss Frankie. My yaoi colored glasses like things that happen naturally and by choice.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode315_zps318e5a46.jpg
Wait Jail?
You know, like this show and Love Stage. Totally consensual stuff happening in these shows right? HAHA....no. So what is up now? DRAMAtical murder episode 3. Spoilers for Aoba needing to be more upset about dangerous situations.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode35_zps5815cf3f.jpg
Episode Summary: So instead of this guy leaning over and hurting Aoba like it was implied last episode he merely grabs something off the shelf. The interaction with the man and Aoba is very weird and wooden but the man finally leaves with his spare part or whatever. Aoba is like okay...and goes back to work. That night Aoba is walking around and talking (explaining) how life is like in this city. “Teams” gathering around, people displaced from the construction of the Platinum Jail, and how life has changed for him and everyone else. He thinks about how his life will change and where he is headed and is genuinely trying to be stoic. Aoba reaches his home and finds the door unlock. He doesn't know if he left it unlocked or not so he doesn't know what to feel. Ren says he did lock the door but Aoba goes inside without locating a weapon of some sort. It is super dark and when he reaches his room he finds....the blond dude with bandages all over the place messing with his computer. His name is Noiz in case anyone cares. He is quite confused with Aoba computer set up and what he is all about. He confirms he is the one who tricked Aoba into a Rhyme battle the other day. He wants to know how Aoba was able to beat him and Aoba honestly answers that he can't remember. Noiz demands that Aoba battles him again in Rhyme. When Aoba refuses Noiz threatens doggie Ren and Aoba with a broken arm. Before anything bad can happen can happen to Aoba Clear appears at the doorway and instructs Noiz to leave his Master alone or else. Before Noiz and Clear can get into it Koujaku runs in claiming to have seen some shady business and rushed here to protect Aoba. Koujaku demands to know what is going on and Clear sorta stands there looking confused while Noiz decides to insult Koujaku. Koujaku and Noiz then decide to punch each other in the face about a million times messing up the room in the process. Clear watches while Aoba grows more and more upset. He screams for them to stop and instantly they do. 5 seconds later Grams comes upstairs all pissed. She decides that all the fighting in the world will stop if they just had a good meal so she forces them all downstairs to eat dinner. Or just bread. Either way. Aoba wants to know why Clear is here and he claims to have heard Aoba's voice. Koujaku wants to know what the hell is going on and that is when Aoba does awkward introductions instead of calling the police of Noiz for some reason. Everyone seems interested in how Clear can eat and drink with his gas mask on.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode310_zpsad3dcf70.jpg
This would be Aoba not asking why Noiz broke into his house.
After dinner Noiz and Clear leave the house and Aoba tells Koujaku that Noiz was the one who attacked him in the Rhyme game the other day. Koujaku is angered and remembers where he knows Noiz from his Rhyme group. It gets all confusing in my head because I thought Koujaku just had a “team” and allowed some of his people to play Rhyme but clearly Koujaku doesn't like Noiz for some reason. Aoba tries to brush off this assault off as Noiz being confused on who he is as Noiz keeps mentioning Aoba and Rhyme. The subject then magically changes back to Mizuki whom apparently needs more cheering up according to Koujaku. They promise to go see him together and no one mentions the police at all. Aoba goes back to his room and it is still messed up. Thanks guys. Soon Aoba and Koujaku go to see Mizuki at his gang head quarters but it seems like there are way less members there now. They talk about various things like Mizuki doing tattoos and a really well known artist liking his work. Then Mizuki and Koujaku pretend they are into girls and talk about that for a while. Awkward. They joke about Mizuki giving Aoba a tattoo and it is all grand fun. Elsewhere in town people are covering up gang tags and replacing them with new ones. That guy with the dreads is watching TV and there is a commercial for Platinum Jail which is an amusement park and not...a jail like I thought it was. The commercial says how much fun it is for people of all ages while the dreads guy has like war flashbacks and what not. I guess at the top of Platinum Jail the dude in charge Toue is being creepy, talking about drugs and looking oddly at the boy who is always sitting next to him. The next day at work Noiz comes to visit Aoba while the three neighborhood brats are there. Noiz dodges them and kisses the female's hand, saying that boys don't like rowdy girls. Aoba is offended by this kiss and can't explain why. So Noiz does the logical thing and kisses Aoba. Aoba then freaks out more and Noiz is like what? Noiz wants Aoba to play Rhyme again and join his team. Aoba explains that he has never played Rhyme before when he gets a phone call that something bad happened to Grams. He takes off running and it turns out to be a minor back issue. Still Aoba worries and carries the woman home. They think back to when Grams used to carry Aoba and their life after the parents died. Aoba worries about Grams and sets to work looking to order her a cool chair. Grams looks conflicted about something when she is in the house and suddenly she is in the back of a car with some shady business going down. Toue's assistant is all AHA so he was alive while Grams looks guilty. THE END!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode317_zps3fa351c6.jpg
Aoba is still stuck on that kiss you gave him....
Well that was a poorly drawn episode of not much happening and a lot of things happening at the same time. I thought the summary was going to be 5 sentences long but I guess we all know me being brief is an insane dream that will never happen yes? But I did mean what I said about the poorly drawn part. Man episode 3 and we are already having a dip in the quality. I could have filled the entire post of poorly drawn panels but I am sure that would have gotten old fast. Plus everyone knows the moments I am talking about so lets just talk about the episode and have in the back of our mind that the art really sucked in parts of this....confusing pile of what.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode33_zps9d8cce61.jpg
Speaking of questionable art....
So yeah the blond hair kid with a lot of piercing and questionable clothing did not hurt Aoba. In fact everyone in this show I am siding eying what they are wearing. The not twins are dressed semi okay but not for “team” activity. Everyone is dressed horribly so I guess I can't pick on a single person. But yes folks false alarm. This kid was not there to hurt Aoba just yet. He was there to shop for a computer part or something and it just so happened to be behind Aoba. Fake out ending of course. Aoba was freaked out by their interaction. Super friendly customer service in Japan and he cannot stray from the script. So when the customer doesn't play along Aoba is left all confused. Like err okay thank you very quiet man who is being creepy. I am sure if this was a normal show Aoba would have gone meh and called it a day. Actually I am sure he did but since everyone that Aoba knows now is a potential boyfriend/rapist he best be paying attention to these tiny interactions.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode32_zps048eef00.jpg
Lala with a smile on my face.
After work Aoba walks home at the speed of slow, taking in all the sights of his town that he has probably seen a million times before but now that the audience is watch he needs to add commentary to it. How life is so different now that Platinum Jail is in town. JAIL folks. JAIL! What part of JAIL sounds like an amusement park? This sounds like some major Engrish fail. Or the evil makers of this doom like place are going HAHA aren't we clever and everyone else is stupid. But life has changed since this place has rolled into town. I am not sure if it part of Rhyme or not though. Maybe it is a virtual reality amusement park and Rhyme is a byproduct? I do not know. I do know that some parts of this town aren't the best looking and that maybe these gangs have formed due to people being out of work and displaced because of this nonsense. Never really a good answer to do that sorta stuff but it is a reason you know? Everyone is down and out and trying to make ends meet and belong to something that won't disappear overnight. Aoba takes a few moments to think about this place in all of this while he walks home with Ren and his giant bag that apparently has nothing in it.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode34_zps235241c7.jpg
Annoyed that you are in my house?
Aoba makes it to his super dark house and finds the door unlocked. All of this makes no sense later as Grams IS home. I mean I keep the door locked when I am home and maybe they do too but why would all the lights be off and such if she was there? Since Aoba has a bad habit of leaving the door unlocked he doesn't know to worry or not even though Ren thinks it is a perfect time to start worrying since he knows the door was locked. I might have started the panicking when I found that there were no lights on in the house and Grams didn't answer me when I thought she should be in the home. And I think I certainly would have walked with my cellphone in my hand as I entered my room in case something was up. And used said cellphone to call the police when a strange person was sitting on my floor messing with my computer stuff. Aoba...just...maybe..you should be more careful in the future. Like super careful. I know you haven't seen all the....pictures of yourself on the internet but you need to go into every room now with a gun and a tazer. Just saying. Show some more upsetness or something.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode37_zps92abdfff.jpg
Err being suspicious?
So Mr. Ugly Hat is in Aoba's room....why? He does say something odd to Aoba that gets no answer, as if Aoba didn't hear it or it didn't register. What are you? This guy, whose name is Noiz, seems to be a pro at computers so I am going to assume he knows what he is doing around them and what not. So for him to be confused must mean something. I am going to guess that Noiz wanted to find Rhyme stuff in Aoba's house? Because Rhyme is this life consuming game and if Aoba doesn't play Noiz again the world will end? Yeah it makes no sense folks. Especially Aoba keeps insisting he has never played before. Well not until that day he was jumped. Turns out that was Noiz. Now this would be the time where Aoba calls the police right, for assault and what not? Nope. Just nope folks. Aoba will looked shocked and stand there while Noiz threatens poor Ren and then Aoba himself. Is Ren AI? Can't he call the police himself? Why are you having a conversation with someone who broke into your house? Who cares about all this Rhyme crap?!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode38_zps0fefe0f4.jpg
I have no idea what is going on but of course I will jump head first into the situation.
What happens next has me rethinking all the images I saw on the internets. Like oh okay so this is a crazy comedy show? First Noiz breaks in and is randomly talking about Rhyme. Suddenly Clear is on the balcony because he heard Aoba's voice. Then Koujaku is in the room having seen a shadowy figure from outside? Was Koujaku going for a stroll or was automatically coming to Aoba's house? Does Aoba have some magical voice that makes people do things for him at far away distances or does Clear here Aoba's voice in his head? All of these men are upset that the others are in the room and want to protect Aoba. Clear seems to be weighing his options as Noiz and Koujaku decide to fight it out right away. Of course Koujaku is in the right out of all the boys in the room but maybe Aoba could have backed him up a little bit? You know...since Noiz was threatening and broke in whereas the other two came to “help”? Instead Aoba was making sure to be noncommittal so he could have options for his yaoi harem. Maybe Koujaku should have hit him.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode39_zps44e26f50.jpg
Grams is probably the type to sleep through a fire alarm isn't she?
More eyerolling that Aoba not picking a side in this nonsense is how Grams handled it. She slept through Noiz breaking through the house. Even if the old lady was taking a nap after baking the bread I am going to assume she left the front light on for Aoba. To have the entire house dark should have been her first clue that maybe she should call the police. Hearing all the noises from Aoba's room should have been her second. But since Aoba was being so wishy washy on what was happening I guess it is not a shocker she simply had a yell and got things under control. Even though Aoba and his voice had gotten the boys to at least stop fighting. I would have sent everyone out of my house with threats buy old school Grams is like a full tummy will help calm nerves and what not. So Aoba..when you find yourself in the position you often find yourself in the online pics just give them food. That should calm things down.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode311_zps62bbeae1.jpg
We shall ignore Noiz because Clear is a bit more weird.
The meal between all the boys was really awkward. As it should have been since Aoba was not forthcoming with the facts. Noiz threatened cute little Ren. That means he is automatically evil and I hate him forever. Especially with his dumb hate. Grams should have had Koujaku's back since he has always had Aoba's back. Clear...well he took the attention of everyone else with his behavior. It should have been all on Noiz and how he broke into the house and messed with Aoba's computer. What if he put a virus on his computer or something?! But no it was about Clear. I mean all the boys are fashion rejects but Clear is downright weird with his gas mask. Is there a reason why no one asked him why he was wearing it? I mean him eating and drinking with the thing on was pretty weird but the first question should have been why are you wearing it and why do you always have an umbrella? Clear was making this dinner of biscuits into a light hearted event instead of a stare down between Koujaku and Noiz. MOG THESE NAMES!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode312_zps165b5136.jpg
Aren't Mizuki and Koujaku on separate teams?
After dinner Clear and Noiz leave. Clear seems to be happy to be included in the meal but Noiz still pushes it with the glances and what not at Aoba. Only after they leave does Aoba mention to Koujaku that the crazy kid broke into his room. I am sure there was a good reason that Koujaku didn't chase after the beanie wear kid and beat him within an inch of his life. Maybe that sword IS for show. I mean...really folks? Instead Koujaku wants to talk about how he now recognizes the kid. Rhyme and his gang and other things like that. Oh okay so you remember him NOW! Besides the game being annoying I don't think the interaction between Noiz and Koujaku was that negative. Aoba seems more concerned that Noiz has mistaken him for someone else. Koujaku would have told him if he had right, since he has known Koujaku the longest yes? Koujaku didn't really take this concern as much. Like well the kid is insane so he is insisting insane things. He attacked you after all so who cares what he said? And as quick as the conversation about Noiz started it ended. It turned into Mizuki and how sad he has been lately. A bro is sad? Well let us forget about my problems and trashed room, we must make a coffee date with our friend! Forgotten Noiz issue woohoo!
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode313_zpsf5116750.jpg
What girls are you talking about and where is your neck?
After Aoba cleans his room and doesn't check in with Ren to see what the robot dog has to say on all this nonsense he walks his happy self over to see Mizuki. Who probably is in a worse mood now that even more people have quit his gang. I am sorry, team. Are we ever going to see what these teams do or are they really gangs? Because all we see are sitting around, tagging, and beating up. I guess we did see the guy with the dreads being all upset and staring at the TV. But I think that has more to do with Platinum Jail, the super Fun amusement park and not a prison, and not the gang situation. I am sure there will be more on that later and why he has tears about fires and people leaving is masses. For now it is time to see Koujaku and Aoba cheer up Mizuki. This mainly turned into a talk about tattoos. Mizuki runs a gang by night and tattoos by day. And he is proud of his work. Koujaku seems to love tattoos and both men fantasize about tattooing Aoba's naked skin one day. SO WONDERFUL I am sure. During this cheering up I guess Koujaku and Mizuki realized they were spending way too much time thinking about Aoba's naked tatted up body and it turned into a weird bro moment. Like incredibly weird moment. We got transported to a male frat house or something because all of the talk turned to girls. Like yeah we like girls. We totally like boobies and vaginas and what not. As Aoba sits there and both Mizuki and Koujaku want him. Take a pic of this happy moment as it is sure to not last long.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode314_zps94cdf7b4.jpg
So about that hat.....
There was a brief scene inside Platinum Jail. You know the scary amusement park that apparently booted people out of their houses and what not. The dude in charge is talking to his male assistant about something. Something...we can't know about yet. All we can know about this place for now is that Toue is in charge and he likes talking to this random teenager in a horrible hat that is constantly sitting next to him. Is this kid on drugs? Anyway that was just for a brief moment. It is a new day in this anime and Aoba has to work again with his lovely puffy jacket. And who is this customer that has now walked in the door? Noiz. HELLO NOIZ STALKER! Aoba thought he had it rough with those random bratty neighborhood kids. Now he has Noiz and his unpredictable self. The first thing Noiz does is......get rid of the bratty kids? Well then...maybe Noiz isn't so bad after all. Apparently Aoba was none too happy with how Noiz sent them packing. A kiss on the hand isn't such a big deal to me but Aoba was uncomfortable with the whole thing. Noiz seems to think differently and has decided to show Aoba what kissing is all about by...kissing him! Score Noiz: 1. Rest of the potential pairings: 0.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode316_zps86c16870.jpg
Noiz is a bit unpredictable.
Aoba's reaction to the kiss was shock. Like let me kiss me for 30 seconds then back away all shocked and slightly...not angry but the emotion less than angry. Sorta like when Noiz broke into his house and Aoba was like BAD BOY! Noiz seems to not care about the issue at all. It was like it didn't even happen in his mind. I thought he was going to say see, kisses are no big deal. Maybe it turned into a big deal and Noiz decided to say nothing as he didn't want to look like a fool. Instead he talked about the real reason he was there....join my Rhyme team. What? Even if Aoba is having some brain issue and he did play Rhyme before why would Noiz put someone he wants on his team in danger by playing the game with the safety off? Does that make any sense at all? Of course it doesn't. I mean I guess Noiz could have been testing to make sure this is the player he THINKS Aoba is but damn what if Aoba died? Like whelp there goes the best player I used to know. This train of thought got Aoba off the kiss which he really should have demanded needed more attention.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode3_zps99232aef.jpg
Noiz will come back later. So you guys can be bros.
Before anything can come of...well the kiss and the demand Aoba gets a frantic call that Grams is in trouble. Boss man decides to show up at that moment and instead of taking care of Noiz Aoba runs out of there. Like runs. Grams is his only family. Probably him and her for a while til friend Koujaku came around. She took care of his after the accident and the family died. She works hard being a doctor of some sort to support him. Hell she even makes bread for questionable people because Aoba might be friends with them. So of course he runs off all worried. Turns out the old lady just hurt her back but you can't be too careful when old people get hurt. It takes a long time for them to heal. Aoba walks her home. Well carries her home. A bonding moment between the two. Aoba wants her to be around forever but that is probably not going to happen in this sort of anime.
 photo dramaticalmurderepisode318_zps0d0e8808.jpg
There seems to be a lot of technology in this universe yet they couldn't find someone they were looking for? Is this movie Transcendence or something?
The episode ends with Aoba being the sweet grandson he is by looking up old people chairs. Like I want to help my Grams out since she helps me out so much. Well..it turns out Grams has a secret. A big secret. Her back might have been hurting earlier but she seems to be fine enough to walk outside to sit in a car with Toue's assistant. Mr. Assistant is all smiling like a Cheshire Cat because HE is alive. Like ha you hid him but now we have found him. Grams looks sad so I am assuming the him is Aoba. But who did she hide Aoba from? Toue? The dude running the amusement park? Why would he care about Aoba? Guess I am going to have to keep on watching to learn this...weird piece of information yes?

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