Friday, August 22, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: A Stitch-y kind of day

 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th026_zps3ee1f521.jpg
I reuse Build a Bear boxes to hold all my different toys.
It's been a rather calm summer in this house. Mom and Dad have been busy doing whatever it is they do when they are not taking me out to fun places so I have to find ways to entertain myself. Good thing Mom and Dad got me a lot of toys and outfits to keep me busy. Do I look a lot like Stitch? Sometimes Stitch can be a little bad so I won't act like him, just play nicely with my Cars toys.
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th008_zps398a3e4e.jpg
So warm and fun in my Stitch outfit.
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th009_zps87cd91aa.jpg
Why hello there Stitch plushie. XD I know mom loves Stitch and plushies so she has quite a few in the house. Maybe my Stitch outfit is a Stitch magnet?
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th010_zps7a9e8794.jpg
Well I have enough Cars toys to go around so I can share and play with you.
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th011_zps01044813.jpg
Oh look another Stitch. Mom got this one in Tokyo from the Disney Store. I guess he wants to play too.
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th012_zpsfed250b7.jpg
Since I got a lot of Cars toys for Christmas I have enough to share with Penguin Stitch too. Lets all play together.
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th013_zps094e4d90.jpg
Err what is that? A rather large...and round Stitch? Mom does love to hug squishy things and he looks really squishy.
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th014_zps366db78c.jpg
Even though I don't think your arms will reach of course we will play with you. Any plushie of mom's is a friend of mine!
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th015_zpsa7bb077d.jpg
Oh I know you. Pillow Pet Stitch! Mom got him from the World of Disney store. I think I helped to pick him out.
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th016_zpsdaeba01c.jpg
Since he is a little bigger I will give him bigger toys to play with.
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th017_zpsbde50aa2.jpg
OH MY GOSH! What a giant and flat looking Stitch?! X___X
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th018_zpsc3bf2e18.jpg
Since he is the biggest Stitch ever he will get the biggest Cars toys to play with. Mom says it was tons of fun bringing this Stitch back home from Japan.
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th019_zpsf1edb5d7.jpg
Some of the Stitches are big enough to fit in my Cars meal container.
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th020_zps9e5e9bcb.jpg
Don't drive off the couch!!!!
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th021_zps2ef8e59e.jpg
Lets play Star Wars Cars together.
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th022_zps4eaa77cd.jpg
Mater is big enough to carry the giant Stitch. He is super strong!
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th023_zps620f1517.jpg
Oh look who it is! Kira isn't a Stitch but she is rather cute.
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th024_zps036b79d5.jpg
Kira likes to smell everything. It is her way of saying hello.
 photo DuffyPicsAugust13th025_zpsb2a5f51d.jpg
After we are done playing we put the toys away. We won't want to leave a giant mess for mom you know. I had a good time with all the Stitch friends. So many plushies to be friends with in this house.

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