Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tokyo Ghoul episode 3

I have returned folks!!! After a pretty long sorta hiatus I have returned. If I see one more nonShiny Eevee hatch from an egg I will scream. Yeah folks that is where I have been. Hatching Eevees, watching killer sharks, and...I guess sleeping. And judging by how many anime posts I have back up...sorta blogging. Sorta. Even though I can look at how many days have passed and realize that doesn't reflect what I have really been doing. But here I am folks hopefully back on track.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode312_zpsc4ddde7b.jpg
But MOOOOOM I don't want to take care of Kaneki....
So what is up now? I have a lot of posts to pick from plus three others that are in different stages of being done. I think I will start with Tokyo Ghoul episode 3. Like at random picking what to get caught up on first. What are the spoilers going to be for this episode? Errr....spoilers for random tools apparently being super important?
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode37_zpse624b170.jpg
So I don't think I am going to like this dude. For obvious reasons.
Episode Summary: There seems to be some Ghoul doctor taking care of the other Ghouls of Tokyo. While one random Ghoul is leaving the office he is thrown back in by the Jason like Ghoul. He has a name but I rather call him Jason because it is not often that I am right. XD He demands the doctor make him something that he has lost, the tool the cops found last episode I suppose. Behind a curtain the Doctor's family worries over this Jason person. Kaneki is starting his new job at Cafe de Ghoul where Yoshimura tries to teach the boy how to make coffee. He isn't doing such a great job as he is too busy around and not. Yoshimura says it is important to learn how to make things correctly as they do have human customers. Kaneki questions why that is where Yoshimura says they need to learn about humans if they are to live in their world. Also Yoshimura likes humans. Kaneki goes downstairs to find Hide dinning in the cafe. He is there to thank Toka for saving him and Kaneki that day in the alley. Horrible accident. Poor Nishiki is still in the hospital. Toka glares Kaneki into going along with this lie. When Hide leaves Toka is all if Hide finds out you are a Ghoul I will kill him. Lovely time. Before things get too fun the Doctor's family runs in all upset. The little girl looks at Kaneki all weird and Toka gets all pissed off when Kaneki asks what is going on. It has to deal with the brief case people DUH! Then we get a glimpse inside brief case central AKA the police. Some douchebag looking dude leads the police meeting. The two men from last week, normal looking Kotaro and creep face Mado talk about how things have escalated in the 20th ward and they found some weird Ghoul medical equipment made of some special metal. After all this talking the douchebag decides they should be in charge of the usually quiet 20th ward as something is coming. Kotaro seems to take his job seriously while Mado and his creepy self wants to seek out problems. Back at the cafe Yoshimura tries to teach Kaneki to eat human food without throwing up so he can blend back into society. Kaneki sorta fails at this lesson. Yoshimura then instructions Kaneki to go out with another Ghoul called Yomo to pick up food, for those Ghouls who are unable to hunt for themselves. Yomo isn't really up for talking so onward they drive to a mountain/hill area. There is a car parked nearby and Kaneki accidentally goes over the edge trying to look down the landscape. That red stuff comes out of his back and he saves himself from splatting. There he sees a human suicide victim. A lot of suicides happen in this area thus the food collecting. Yomo tells Kaneki to collect the food but Kaneki is unable to, leaving him feeling useless once again.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode36_zps98f4195a.jpg
Anime: The land of made up metal.
While Kaneki is looking at dead people Mado and Kotaro armed with their special cop cases of doom start to tackle the mean Ghouls of the 20th ward, whacking them and asking everyone what this...instrument is even though it looks like a pair of pliers to me. The next day Yoshimura tells Toka that Kaneki needs a mask now that the Doves (cops) are in town. She is reluctant to take Kaneki to the Ghoul mask maker but onward she does angrily. They arrive at the mask shop run by Mr. Uta who seems...pretty out there. He teases Kaneki about the women he attracts and if he likes Toka. He then gets serious by talking how the 20th ward is a SAFE place compared to other areas and that Toka works hard to wear a “mask” at all times so everyone can better fit in society. As they walk home Kaneki asks what is up with the little girl and the mother that came in the other day. Toka is surprised that Kaneki cares but says that Hinami has to be separated from her dad for a bit. Kaneki then asks what the mask is all about which makes Toka think Kaneki is dumb. Obviously it is for wearing when avoiding the doves/cops. Speaking of doves...Kotaro (spelled differently on my subs V. internets) and Mado have caught up to some more Ghouls, asking about this set of magical pliers. They even let one go to lead them to another Ghoul, a Ghoul that had been the Doctor's patient earlier and knows about the pliers. Back at the cafe Kaneki tries to talk to the little girl Hinami but accidentally sees her...eating. He panics and another Ghoul at the cafe explains watching others eat, especially girls, is a big no no. he gives Kaneki a cup of coffee to give to Hinami to smooth things over. Hinami seems happy and magically she and Kaneki bond over books. She is having a hard time with big words in her book as she doesn't go to school so Kaneki offers to help. Toka watches this interaction and seems pleased. When questioned what he is Kaneki says he has a human brain and Ghoul body. The next day everyone gets set to work at the cafe when some purple hair freak walks in acting like he owns the place. THE END!
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode315_zpsdb1d4075.jpg
So meaty!
What? Anime? Yeah I have no idea folks. I think I watched this episode 2 weeks ago so I barely remember anything that happened. GO ME! I am such a great blogger. Let me reread all my summaries for these half forgotten posts and get back on track. At least I did that much before I went on my Pokemon bend. Bender? Whatever. I ain't a drinker so I don't know. XD
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode3_zps06b891ce.jpg
Err you want a what?
Okay so now that I am sorta back on track lets talk about this forgotten episode. I want to start off with how silly and right I am about that name Jason. Perhaps it is obvious that his name is Jason but still folks. I like to give myself credit because who doesn't like to be right? I don't know if his name is actually Jason or he is a Jason type of Ghoul but right is right woohoo!!!! And yeah he is creepy and gross. I thought my mom was upset with me with the cracking of the knuckles but this dude takes it to a whole new level of gross. I am curious about this Ghoul tool as it looks pretty typical and nonmagical to me. Like something you could buy at a store and doesn't require someone Ghoul like to make it. But I am sure it will be explained later. Whatever this weapon and Jason person are in is bad news to even other Ghouls as the Doc and his family are beyond scared at this bulking person.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode34_zps5ac34b3f.jpg
And now you randomly work here okay.
Is Kaneki going to go to school still or has he quit to work at the cafe full time? I can see him taking a leave of absence until he gets his...issues under control. You know, going to class and thinking his study partner is a tasty treat. But maybe he is going to juggle both at once? I didn't get a sense of what he plans to do in this episode but maybe it will be explained soon. For now Kaneki has a date with Yoshimura to learn how to make coffee. And this isn't Starbucks coffee. Although I don't know how to make either so what do I know. Grind the beans folks, grind the beans. I am genuinely not a fan of people saying oh it is the love and time you put into food that makes it taste great. Poor Kaneki. Take your time and think about how people need a cup of tea/coffee after a long day of working for the man. Put love into things. I sorta feel bad for Kaneki. He already has it rough with his...Ghoul transformation. But now he is the low man on the totem pole at a new job and that is never fun. Plus Yoshimura is rather confusing with his I like humans stance on life. Like....don't we eat them? How can you like them? Confusing times are confusing.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode33_zps3c107818.jpg
Haven't you learned enough yet? It's been a while...
I am going to assume that there are way more humans in this world than Ghouls. So Yoshimura is opened to the public. So they can learn about humans and what not. You know...because Ghouls are brand new and haven't had hundreds of years to learn about humans who are SO different than them. Downstairs Kaneki goes to get glared at by Toka and smiled at by Hide. I wonder if Hide is feeling left out. Of course we don't know what he really heard when he was “asleep” in the bed. So maybe he is pretending now that Kaneki working here makes sense. I guess if Kaneki quit school Hide would have been more upset. Toka on the other hand is only good at pretending with humans. In front of Kaneki she is all glares. Like gosh I have to waste my time with this fool? Contempt folks. I feel it. To keep Kaneki in line Toka threatens Hide. I doubt he will last the series folks for real.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode311_zps8c506ff9.jpg
I am going to guess it cuts off fingers or eyes. XD
When a mother and daughter Ghoul pair come to the cafe things become serious business. Toka is all pissed off about Kaneki not understanding what is going on because clearly he should know everything now. We know this is the family of the Ghoul doctor being threatened by the Jason Ghoul but does Kaneki know? Of course not. In a round about way this has to deal with the suitcase people so it is a good time for the episode to change course and show us what they are all about. The Ghouls refer to them as Doves but they go by a different official name of course. I am going to use Doves because I am lazy. Anyway so the people with the suitcases last episode are humans looking for Ghouls. And they are apart of a whole squad of special cops looking for Ghouls. They are just the main ones for this show as their section is where Kaneki and the others are. This Ghoul medical equipment seems to be a big deal as Kotaro the serious and Mado the creepy are told to go the 20th ward and hunt it down. We sadly did not learn anymore about Ghouls from this Dove meeting. The head dude seems...well tired from his job and Mado wants to kill all Ghouls and bathe in their blood at this point. I just want to know where the Ghouls come from and why the general public isn't more afraid. I guess that will come later. For now we got sane cop, bad cop on the mean streets beating people with their suitcases trying to find out why this Ghoul medical equipment is so important.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode38_zps334aab4f.jpg
And then throw it up afterwards.
Since being Kaneki is suffering his next lesson from Yoshimura was to learn how to eat human food without throwing up instantly and acting like said food tastes like dog crap. Since Yoshimura has been around for a while he has gotten used to the process. I am going to go on the record I would fail as a Ghoul. I fail as a human being because I think a lot of normal foods taste like dog crap now. There would be no way I could suck it up and pretend it was so delicious. Don't invite me to any of your dinner parties unless I can get a kid plate of mac and cheese. Kaneki fails as this task but since he has been a Ghoul for 5 minutes there is still hope for the kid. And remember even if you can eat human food you can't digest it. So you have to eat it...and then throw it up. Double suck in my book.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode39_zpse98996af.jpg
We are going to go where shopping is a pleasure obviously.
Since Kaneki is doing great at this seemingly easy tasks Yoshimura sends the boy out to do something that would be hard on a normal day of a week, forgetting the Ghoul connection. Yoshimura sends him with the most talkative member of the cafe Yomo to gather food. And since food means humans for Ghouls I am going to assume they can't go to Publixes and walk down isle 5 for some hands and livers. I am assuming in means...well other things. I thought for a minute they were going to go kill some humans. Like there is a list of humans who have done horrible things and life would be so much better if they just died. I think there are a bunch of child molesters in prison that would make great hamburgers for these Ghouls. But nope. I think that lesson would be too advanced for Kaneki anyway. Today's lesson instead was going to pick up a suicide victim. There seems to be a spot near the cafe that people often go to end their life. A bit out of the way and slightly questionable as parked cars in that area for a long time should be a red flag but I guess if they check pretty often the cops don't have time to check. For some reason Yomo thought that Kaneki was going to help make the suicide victim into bite size and carry-able pieces. HAHA he was lucky the boy didn't faint on sight of the dead person. Baby steps. Baby steps cafe people. Kaneki is still half human and this is still a sad moment for him. Thank you for the meal though.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode314_zps563fb068.jpg
To hide your face? Dude it's a mask.
The drama for Kaneki marches on and the next day Yoshimura asks Toka to take Kaneki to get a mask made. Once it is explained to Kaneki it does make a bit of sense. I don't know why Kaneki was so...surprised by the Doves? I am sure humans call that section of the police force different but surely he had to know about the Ghouls being tracked down and stuff. And since Ghouls aren't mindless monsters they would obviously need a way to hide themselves if things got hairy. They can blend into society when they are doing normal things but when they are eating a human being..that might draw some attention their way. So masks it is when they are running away from the police. I am not sure why they need to get special made masks that are so complicated and personally made. Just grab a random mask and keep it with you at all times. I guess they want to show some of their personality while having to hide their face? I feel as if this was just a plot device so Toka and Kaneki could have a conversation about the little girl at the cafe and how Toka is strong and hides her true face in public and all that jazz. Also Kaneki's mask is going to be scary later X__X.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode316_zps97d7b51b.jpg
Well I love words and reading so I will help you.
Since Kaneki really can't mess up going to a shop and buying a mask he was feeling a bit....well good about himself. Thinking that he was slowly understanding Toka and the pressure she was under, all the Ghouls are under. So Kaneki decided he would go and see the little girl Ghoul Hinami who was probably missing her dad. Maybe it would be easier understanding and getting answers out of a little Ghoul? There was a bit of a set back as Hinami was busy...eating when Kaneki came in with some yummy tea. Since everything is censored forever we don't get to see what Hinami was eating but I would like to assume there was just a giant hand on the plate. Maybe a face. After getting yelled at for a bit, that no one wants to be looked at while eating humans, Kaneki got back on the trying to understand Ghoul's wagon and tried again. This time with better results. It seems as if there are not enough Ghouls to have a school for them and I guess they need more training before they can enter high school like Toka has. Either way Kaneki finds a way to bond with the girl over books which makes a spying Toka happy about this situation. Maybe there is hope for Kaneki after all.
 photo TokyoGhoulepisode317_zps574d630a.jpg
Hello Mr. Fabulous?
I am not sure how long that hope will last for. Hinami is there at the cafe because her Ghoul Dad is a doctor who apparently can make these special tools. Mado and Kotaro along with their special suitcases of doom are cutting open any Ghouls they see to get answers. No really Mado and Kotaro are using their suitcases/briefcases like they are swords. Maybe they are made of special special kind of metal that the Ghouls can't handle. Whatever it is they are making their way closer and closer to the man who made this tool. That could spell trouble for the cafe. But before that can happen it looks like Kaneki and the others are getting a special visitor. A special and....very flamboyant Ghoul. I AM FABULOUS BITCHES! I am pretty sure what is what he said anyway. So Kaneki has a lot to learn still and maybe he will get the chance to now that Toka doesn't want him completely dead. Just..slightly dead. Just the course or else!


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