Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Trying to get mom Shiny Eevees

 photo DuffyJuly201425_zpsd68c5fa4.jpg
Before we get started with this eevee hatching marathon I need to get some noms in my tummy.
Mom really likes playing Pokemon. And her favorite pokemon are Eevees and the different things they evolve into. She uses them all the time as her main party. She wishes that there was a flying one so she wouldn't have to ruin her party with a non Eevee. A few weeks ago Mom decided that in all her free time she would do nothing but try and get shiny Eevees. It is complicated but it involves hatching lots and lots of Eevee eggs in the hopes of getting one that is shiny. Apparently this takes a long time so I volunteered to help not knowing how long it would really take...
 photo DuffyJuly201410_zps0cad1e2f.jpg
This would be Kira not helping at all.
 photo DuffyJuly201411_zps8dad4998.jpg
I am going to take a nap Yoffy, you take over for a while.
 photo DuffyJuly201412_zpsee83c664.jpg
It doesn't look like Yoffy was very helpful at all.
 photo DuffyJuly20143_zpsd1af3309.jpg
Drank some Code Red, ready to go!
 photo DuffyJuly20142_zps8bae01a0.jpg
Another Eevee. Guess what....it's not shiny!!!
 photo DuffyJuly20146_zpsf5b36e18.jpg
Another day, time to hatch more eggs.
 photo DuffyJuly20147_zps9c08301d.jpg
I am going to need some more fuel to get through all this....nom nom potato chips.
 photo DuffyJuly20145_zps24c45c7e.jpg
Back and forth hatching eggs....same path every single day....
 photo DuffyJuly20144_zpsf13de258.jpg
I see no shiny eevees!
 photo DuffyJuly20149_zps99f3ca04.jpg
Sometimes I have to use my paw as Kira steals the stylis.
 photo DuffyJuly20148_zps58ec7cb4.jpg
So many Eevees. I feel bad about releasing the non Shiny ones but they take up so many boxes...
 photo DuffyJuly201413_zps320ab556.jpg
 photo DuffyJuly201414_zps7b487a8d.jpg
Maybe it is hard to tell because of the screen but it is a Shiny Eevee!
 photo DuffyJuly201415_zps35d76009.jpg
Shiny Eevees are very pale whereas normal Eevees are brown.
 photo DuffyJuly201416_zps97f4ab8a.jpg
After about 1,000 Eevees we got a Shiny One! Now it is time to evolve it!
 photo DuffyJuly201417_zps06ed567f.jpg
Which eeveelutions will Mom picked?
 photo DuffyJuly201419_zpsf5b57f84.jpg
She picked Vaporeon. Instead of being blue it is purple!
 photo DuffyJuly201420_zps770ee629.jpg
Congratulations Mom!
 photo DuffyJuly201421_zps577818bf.jpg
Buddy Duffy has decided he will help me while I get a bit of sleep. So much hard work.
 photo DuffyJuly201422_zps00d87f6c.jpg
Another Shiny Eevee after only 200 eggs? LUCKY DAY!
 photo DuffyJuly201423_zps45650a62.jpg
Thanks so much Buddy Duffy! Mom will be so happy.
 photo DuffyJuly201424_zps3a8c798b.jpg
Mom decided to pick Umbreon as her next shiny Eevee. Instead of yellow rings it has blue rings. Getting these two shiny eevees took a really long time. X___X Maybe we should take a break before we try for more? Please? My paws hurt.

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