Monday, February 28, 2011

Kore wa Zombie desu ka episode 8

Operation Get Tenchi in Shape is under way. And I think it is a disaster. Like really how out of shape can one person be? Today walking for a straight hour was a lot easier as I brought a book with me but still. Jello legs for the rest of the day. Japan is going to be SUPER FUN FOLKS!

I say this all and yet I have spent the entire time I have been home from work on the couch. HMM FOLKS! But there is still time. I will train hard to go on vacation yes I will!!!!


Also spoilers for tons of cuties stuffed animals!!!

But now it is time for more sitting on the couch to blog Kore wa Zombie desu ka episode 8. Maybe walking would be more fun if I could watch anime at the same time. But in any event spoilers for MORE people like Ayumu. Shocking I know.


Who the hell is wearing all those bras?!?!?! Haruna doesn't wear clothes, Sera's boobies are bouncing free, and Yuu has armor holding hers in place X__X.

Episode Summary: Ayumu is walking down the streets looking at women with his special see through glasses. He even gets hit by a truck (again) to protect them. But Sera comes by and drop kicks him. Turns out the glasses are for her to read secret messages. Ayumu declares himself a piece of shit and life moves on. Haruna has a very perverted dream about Ayumu and wakes up STARTLED! So very startled. She wakes him Ayumu up by drop kicking him and the other girls agree it is all Ayumu’s fault. It appears she tries to punish him by making his crap for lunch but it turns out being good and loved by all the classmates. After running around in gym class Yuki tries talking to Kanami and her friend Taeko. They are in Ayumu’s class and she wants their help. They go to the scariest McDonalds on Earth and Yuki reveals that she NEEDS to learn to like Ayumu since she is his wife. The girls don’t seem to question the wife bit and after a bit of weirdness it is decided that Yuki needs to learn to make fabulous lunches for Ayumu. And she needs to not talk like a boy. The next day Yuki presents Ayumu with a beautiful lunch but ruins it with her need to add crazy toppings. Taeko watches this scene and is sad as she brought her own lunch for Ayumu.


Favorite line of the episode.

While doing laundry Sera gets a secret message and she looks super sad as she glances at Yuu. Part two of Yuki’s plan is to walk home with Ayumu since having sex with him might be too big of a step. Ayumu keeps saying to Yuki that they really aren’t married and she needs to cool it. Yuki is like WE ARE MARRIED AND I AM TRYING!!! But Ayumu decides if they were friends it be okay. Haruna and her jealous self arrive WEARING CLOTHES and tries to act natural. Ayumu wants to take Haruna out as a thank you for the help on the math test. But thanks to Yuki it turns into take everyone on a date. This pisses Haruna off but the girls have fun trying on clothes, spending all of Ayumu’s money, and poking his eyes out. After eating lunch and having fun at the arcade the group goes to the park. Ayumu goes to buy the group drinks but Haruna follows him. She is pissed Ayumu kissed Yuki (okay then) and proceeds to beat the crap out of Ayumu all while demanding he kiss her too. After the beating they rejoin the group and discover Yuu is gone, have been confronted by the evil baddie. THE END!


This makes sense I promise. XD

Ask and you shall receive! Last week a commentator and I were wondering who the girl with the brown braids was and this week we have answers. See folks you just have to ask nicely. Like if I asked CLAMP to give us a better ending to XXXholic I am sure they would do so. It is just that magical.

Um I don’t remember them saying her name but it is Taeko. And apparently her role in this anime is HOME WRECKER! Yeah I said it.


Maybe you would have a shoot if you were a lizard queen or something. But since you aren't NO CHANCE FOR YOU!

It might be weird calling Taeko a home wrecker since this is a harem anime and really Yuki is the one trying to break up the three core girls. But Taeko is a home wrecker. See Yuki came to the girls for help. If Taeko wanted Ayumu for herself she needs to be honest with herself. Yuki doesn’t count as she is dumb and doesn’t realize she is in love. But Taeko is a normal girl so I think it is shady she is helping Yuki out but really wants Ayumu for herself. And one might say well Taeko wasn’t really HELPING but by sitting at that table she was participating and her silence means that she was complying with this relationship.

So no normal girl. DO NOT WANT YOU. You lose, get out of my house.


I hope I sparkle like that!

I love shopping episodes. I don’t know why, I am broke most of the time. Or I do go shopping and regret it soon after. Well maybe that explains why I love shopping episodes so much. But yes I can’t wait to go to Japan and have shopping experiences like I see in the animes. Because I believe that animes are just like real life. Only I will not stab out my husband’s eyeballs. Because I need him to carry the bags.


Well don't start with sexy underwear right off the bat.

A note to the girls in this episode. Sexy underwear DOES sound like a good idea in theory. You would think that is what men want. But really it ends up in the floor within 5 seconds. So sexy underwear is good for watching movies but not in real life. Naked seems to be better. And now I am going to end this paragraph as I have entered creepy territory.


What a pleasant atmosphere to eat in...

Also may I say that is the creepiest McDonalds in the entire world. The entire concept is weird and if I had some masked crazy person tell me SHUSH while I was eating I might crap my pants. I would rather starve than go there. Which is sad since most places in Japan like to say how close the nearest McDonalds is. Like here is your hotel and here is where the McDonalds and KFC are. KFC it is then!!!



Haruna being all jealous of Ayumu’s relationship is amusing to watch. Of course it is her fault Ayumu has a special relationship with Yuki but blaming Ayumu is fun. Also I really want to kiss people after they beat my head into the dirt. Truly that is the thing of dreams.



But I wonder why Haruna is not more jealous of Yuu. She has a better chance of winning Ayumu’s heart AND she lives there. Ayumu is running away from Yuki and Haruna is all jealous. Probably because Haruna is not very observant of deep issues. She is crazy after all.


What is this all about? Is this the magical item the teacher sent?

I do have a question though. The teacher said she was sending Ayumu at item to watch. We assumed they were the glasses. If they were meant for Sera why didn’t the teacher say so? Unless of course the glasses are NOT the special item. Then I want to know what it.


With his eyes closed the artwork looks like Tsubasa. X__X

The episode ended with Yuu being kidnapped by the weirdo from the mall. Which is weird since I thought that person was a chick. Ayumu shall feel guilty because when he was having his flirty time with Haruna Yuu was kidnapped. :( Sad times.



But can Yuu come with me to Japan when she is returned? Because I want her to win me all those plushies!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Starry Sky Episodes 9 and 10

Hello folks. It is another exciting “episode” of Starry Sky. Amazing. You will be floored at the ground breaking excellence in this episode.


Laugh it up you boring people. You is about to be dropped.

Of course I am lying. And with that said this will probably be my last post about this series. Because it is boring, not what I was promised, and instead of 12 guys going after a girl I see 1 guy professing his love for the girl and the other 11 hooking up with each other.

But no one was watching this anyway right? XD Spoilers for lame.


You've been watching me in secrecy?!?! If that wasn't so hot I would be scared for my life!

Episode Summary: Kazuki is sitting down at a tea ceremony where Homura is the one making the tea. It is declared delicious and Kazuki starts talking about how he is nervous to do tea ceremony again. But he made this special room in the student council room just so Homura could make tea. Because making a CLUB for tea ceremony would be silly. Oushiro (that creepy red haired guy with the braids) comes in and they start talking about tea. Homura keeps talking about how they are so immature but they are still friends because of what they did for him two years ago. Homura lost a meet for the archery club and he was all sad face. Kazuki shows up and says he spies on Homura when he practices alone and that he is much better, that he shoots for himself. So Kazuki suggest Homura stops trying to win for the team and draw his bow…for Kazuki. Then Oushiro shows up and wants to take pictures of Homura. Homura laughs that these two stalkers have taken interest him and a friendship is born! So this is why they are all sitting around shooting the breeze in the student council room.


Well....I also watched you from the showers....

Then Kazuki asks how Tsukiko is doing in the archery club. Homura thinks back to when she first joined. She tried too hard and he worried about her. He gave her the same speech that Kazuki gave him when they first met. Tsukiko has much more on her plate as she is the ONLY GIRL IN THE FRIGGIN SCHOOL but takes Homura at his stupid boy word and things get better. Then general chaos happens as Tsubasa tries to set the room on fire and Oushiro declares Kazuki and Homura mommy and daddy of the group with Tsukiko as one of the kids. Real romantic there. Homura then leads his people to the archery club where he leads them with confidence. THE END!

Like……seriously what is this series? Besides crap of course.

Tsukiko didn’t even appear in the first part of the “episode”. How can this be a romance show when the romantic interest is not even PRESENT?!?!?! I don’t even understand folks.


He made this room out of his love for you. BE APPRECIATING!

Also they spent at least half of the episode on the tea ceremony stuff and really Homura is into archery. That is the key point to his inner TURMOIL! Not sitting around in the student council room flirting with your boyfriend Kazuki. So thanks for wasting that much time on stuff that is not important. Which…is the main point of this show I think. XD


Well at least he didn't turn to drugs and end up fighting a war against God.

But Homare’s issue is that when he was a freshmen he lost the archery meet for the school. Which I think is weird. Are freshmen even allowed to participate in meets? I guess they have to get experience somehow. But it wasn’t like he was an experience senior who had won countless meets before and him losing it for everyone was shocking. He was the new kid with little experience under his belt. HE shouldn’t have had that much pressure on him anyways.


Please tell me more on how to fix my problems as the only female in this school. TELL ME MORE MALE CHILD!

But he needed to have some drama and there it was folks. Now where this anime fails (again) is that it wasn’t Kazuki that gave Homura the strength to keep trying in life. It was Tsukiko. Which makes sense because this anime is about HER and one of the guys. So that is the reason he falls in love with Tsukiko. Not that we would know that from the show. Had to find it from an outside source. Way to go anime.


So...yeah. So romantic people. Homura is

Also from an outside source we learn that Homura is really in love with Tsukiko and shows it. Like Yoh only slightly tuned down. But all we saw in this episode was Homura referring to her and the others as his cherished juniors. Real love there folks when everyone is referred to as the same.


I wish my best friend would say stuff like that to me.

So the real meat of the episode was Homura’s relationship with Kazuki. As shallow as the interactions were. If I was Kazuki I would not be Homura’s friend. Like thanks for spending half the episode saying I am immature and blah blah. Who wants to hear that all the time?


And that would be your cue to run Homura.

Of course……maybe….if I was Homura and my first interaction with Kazuki was him telling me I had beautiful movements and he had been watching me in secret…I might have run away from him. I wouldn’t be like OH HI let me keep on being an archer just for you and your equally creepy friend. So while Homura is a bit harsh with Kazuki Kazuki comes off as a creepy stalker.


Standing attention as Tenchi gives them a fond farewell.

So there we are folks. A pretty boring episode with the guy barely spending time with the girl and a dramatic look at how teenagers take one not so great moment in their life and turn it into a tragedy that plagues them forever. But I am out folks. Not really wanting to blog more of this train wreck, especially when there are teachers on the horizon. Peace out.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

To Aru Majutsu No Index episode 20

I love my job! I love all my co-workers and all my lovely customers. Nothing ever gets hectic and I go home at the end of the day happy and satisfied with life.


I think Kuroko should only suffer, not me. :(

And if I tell myself this over and over again maybe one day it will be true!!!

XD ON TO THE ANIME! I don’t think I could take the fail that is Starry Sky today so onward and upward to To Aru Majutsu no Index episode 20. Spoilers for people actually DYING!


A drive by kidnapping!!!

Episode Summary: Accelerator is looking pretty pathetic when Index walks up to the scene and is like um what? Accelerator uses that moment to fly into a van, break a windshield wiper, and stab a man into driving him to the hospital. In the chase he manages to snag Index before she is killed. Vento shows up but Kihara isn’t very interested in her. He leaves his men to deal with her which ends well. Touma walks back to the spot where Misaka Misaka says her friend is but all they see is destruction. Misaka Misaka doesn’t think Accelerator did this and they barely manage to hide in time before the baddies come shooting up the place. Index is going on and on about tissues and ugly swans in the car while Accelerator is thinking about what to do next. He tells Index to go find the Frog Doctor so he can give him more batteries. But really he drives away with his captive so Index can be safe. Touma has taken Misaka Misaka and hides in a restaurant. Only everyone is unconscious. More Hound people start shooting at them but Touma does his best to protect Misaka Misaka.


Oh since you have permission to kill me everything is okay!!!

Accelerator has called Doctor Frog and wants to know where Misaka Misaka is. Mr Frog tells him but warns not to go on a killing spree and focus on one thing. That he is not super man. Motoharu is walking around the city, saying that Vento must be up to something crazy. He later finds huge spikes coming out of the ground. Fun times. Misaka gets a call from crazy Kuroko. Kuroko assumes Misaka is with Touma and goes insane. Uiharu begs her to do work instead. News reports about Vento are on TV but when people think about Vento they fall unconscious. Uiharu succumbs to this and Kuroko is like WTF. Accelerator manages to go somewhere…and does something. But while he is doing that something more Hound people find him and he takes great joy in killing them. Vento takes out the Hound people attacking Touma but she then starts fighting him. They quickly figure out the vulnerable spots against each other and things are looking good for Touma when Vento starts coughing up blood. She escapes and Touma is like WTF I hate my life. And Accelerator has been branded a wanted man. THE END!!!

Well….at least no one turned into a crazy magical girl witch right?

This episode was focusing on getting to a certain point. Because of that it seemed…not natural. Like they really are trying to throw things together building up to a point. That made things robotic and not as natural to me.


Too dumb to live folks.

Like Index. Index is pretty spacey to begin with but she seems okay traveling in a car with someone who is being stabbed. Like not lala he was stabbed and Index didn’t know. Like Accelerator is holding the stabbing tool in the victim. And all Index can do is talk about tissues and helping to find Misaka Misaka. Like fool….really?


Touma is in great shape, I bet he doesn't get winded walking for only an hour.

At least Touma is a bit more aware of danger. Which is good since he is the one trying to save everyone. XD He just walks up to danger though. Or maybe he is a danger magnet. But it is a good thing Index lives with Touma. She be dead otherwise.


Must protect the annoying children of the world.

Accelerator is doing a better job at being human. He is going to deny it until the day he dies but he is. Of course he might of killed some people this episode which would make him pretty awful. But since he is the one who killed 10k clones him killing the people out to kill him and Misaka Misaka doesn’t really make me think less of him. I mean now he is killing with a cause yes?


Game over.

Although trying to squish someone with an elevator is a bit much. Of course he is the type of person to delight in the killing of his enemies. He can’t just fight to survive. Nopers. He is a messed up kid and thus is all cackling about the blood and guts.



But the grossest thing about this entire episode was Accelerator pouring what MIGHT have been bleach on his head. Maybe it was just detergent but many of those products contain bleach. I don’t know. Maybe it wasn’t bleach. But just the thought of pouring any cleaning products on myself makes me ill. ILL FOLKS!

Misaka walking around trying to by an umbrella. I am sure it will prove to be important later. XD Misaka to save the day.



Okay Misaka was there to help Kuroko go insane. And anytime Kuroko suffers it makes me happy. But I am sure there was more to that than just suffering. Kuroko is probably going to be needed in this big battle. I guess I am just grateful Uiharu was taken out before she got too annoying. But yes Kuroko suffering is amazing. Always.


Going outside in the dark....being I think I will take GOING OUTSIDE for 200 Bob.

Vento is a freak. Not much to say there. She is the typical enemy, crazy and ranting. I do like that she showed the paper work to Touma. Like see I have permission to kill you so it’s okay! The cross hanging off her tongue looks gross and painful. Also I hope her powers improve. I mean I guess her making anyone unconscious who thinks ill of her is awesome. Not so much her attacks though.


No one tells me no!!!!!

Oh. And I do like that Mr. Frog Doctor was trying to be the voice of reason with Accelerator. Like Accelerator has not been told NO in a very long time so it is good to know that there are adults in his life willing to guide him despite being a murderer.


This all makes perfect sense yes it does.

What else what else. Um….oh yes! Motoharu and the random spikes of doom. That looks like that will be important for next week. Probably how Vento is planning on taking out the city. I do like that how he is able to tell who is behind the attacks. Like oh I KNOW WHO IT IS because….um you left behind Vento residue? I don’t know it is crazy folks.


Behold my madness! And awful hair.

Code Red can’t give me enough energy to stay awake folks! But I am still interested to see what happens next week. We got the chibis switching owners again, Accelerator smelling like Pine-Sol, and most of the military force in the City being taken out without being touched. Things are getting interesting now if not X__X

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica episode 8: Just say no to magical girls


I think everyone is very, very curious as well Mr. Evil Face.

So like…this episode was too X___X for me to try and type anything before going into the post. So…spoilers for WTFness and a constant level of surprise.


And I predict this show will end in a blood bath.

Episode Summary: Sayaka continues to whack at the witch in a crazy manner while she is hurt herself. Soon things end and crazy Sayaka throws the grief seed at Kyoko, because she doesn’t want to owe her. Madoka helps Sayaka walk away as she is very weak. She gets Sayaka to a bus station where she tells her to stop fighting like that. That being reckless and no regard for her own body. Sayaka then loses her mind and starts going off on Madoka, saying that if she had just become a magical girl life would be easier and she is a zombie and blah blah. At Homura’s house of crazy Homura shows Kyoko where she things D-Day is going to take place. Kyubey also shows up and pretends he has very important information. But Homura is like crazy I already know that if Sayaka isn’t helped soon things are going to get bad real fast. Kyubey and Kyoko both wonder how she knows all this but neither push the issue. Sayaka never goes home after the battle. Instead she stalks Kamijo as he walks home with Hitomi where she seems to confess and things go well. Sayaka further loses her mind at that scene. She runs around killing random things are not witches. Homura tries to stop her and gives her a grief seed to use. Sayaka is like bitch you don’t even care about me! Homura then confirms that she in fact does not care about Sayaka and only wants to make Madoka happy. But since Sayaka won’t save herself Homura will just kill her. Kyoko shows up and helps Sayaka escape.


As much as I appreciate the foreshadowing I hope they both die.

Sayaka takes a train ride home where two men trash talk women in general. This pushes Sayaka even further as she thinks the world is not worth protecting. Madoka was out looking for Sayaka when she finds Kyubey. She wants to know why she is so important and awesome but Kyubey doesn’t know why. But if Madoka becomes a magical girl she can give Sayaka back her previous body. Madoka almost makes a contract but Homura runs by and pumps Kyubey full of lead. Madoka is like oh look at the time and takes off. But not before Homura breaks down and cries, saying that Madoka is super important to her. Madoka almost remembers something…but still leaves to find Sayaka. Kyubey number 2 comes by and EATS the dead Kyubey saying this is the second time Homura has killed him. Now Kyubey knows Homura is not from this time frame and that she knows his true form as the Incubator. Kyoko has located Sayaka but she has broken. She manages to talk about how she realizes what a magical girl really is, one who is destined for sadness before her jewel breaks and KA-BOOM! Elsewhere Kyubey gives an SAT type answer as to what is going on. Girl is to woman as magical girl is to witch. OH CRAP FOLKS!!

Holy shit folks. X__X

Like really. Homura is from the future to save her mother Madoka from becoming the ultimate magical girl AKA the witch in the future Homura has to kill. It all makes sense to me now!!! I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!


But if Kyle Reese is my father how was I born to begin with to send him back in time to father me? X_X

Okay maybe not the part about Madoka being Homura’s mom. I might be right though. But as of right now that is just speculation. The only things we know for certain are Homura is from the future, Kyubey IS evil, and magical girls are actually witches. Still pretty HOLY SHIT FOLKS material.

Let’s talk about Sayaka first. Because she is dead and all. I really tried to feel compassion for her. I really did. But she learned the hard lesson that doing something for a boy THAT ISN’T YOURS YET! Boys run around breaking hearts all the time in any normal setting. Using your one wish in life on a boy that hasn’t confessed his love to you is a red flag. Like the ultimate have you lost your mind RED FLAG.


That is what I wish for my friends. After something horrible happens to me I wish the same thing happens to them. WOOHOO FRIENDSHIP!

I really can’t blame Sayaka for being upset about the soul issue. However I think she took it too far. Clearly she doesn’t know what a zombie is. If I found out my soul was in a jewel I might be pretty X__X too. But I wouldn’t be sobbing in the corner about it. It is not like my soul is GONE. It is just….pocket size for my convenience? As long as I had my jewel near my body I would concern myself human.


Thanks for wishing me better. Now I can make out with your hot friend!

But Sayaka didn’t. She thought she was now disgusting and less human and unworthy of Kamijo’s love. She was okay with losing Kamijo to normal circumstances (another girl, being killed in battle, ect.). However she was not okay to being unworthy of that love which let’s be honest was never going to happen ANYWAY. So really Sayaka is pissed that she wasted a wish on a boy who will probably go out with her friend instead and now she is stuck killing witches in a “zombie body”.


Crazy eyes have been invoked. She is a goner.

Yeah I would be pissed too and say really messed up things to my friend. Because Madoka is slightly annoying with the crying and saying everything is going to be okay. I don’t think she believes that personally but listening to that might be disheartening. Although Sayaka telling Madoka this is all her fault for not being a magical girl in Sayaka’s place was messed up. Sayaka acknowledges it and regrets it and I think this was Kyubey’s plan all along.


And you're crazy. Crazy.

I also like how Sayaka was just going through town slashing anything she could get her hands out. Should have slashed those two asshole men on the train but she has morals ya’ll. She has nothing to live for now and if she is doomed to a lifetime of witch hunting well let’s make that lifetime a little shorter. She wasn’t trying to get herself killed but she wasn’t really trying to protect herself. Not taking the grief seed was a pig headed move but she isn’t friends with Homura and Kyoko did save her ass on her first hunt. But yes. She was still protecting people by hunting the baddies but had no plans to regenerate her power and save herself.


Willy Wonka couldn't have written this contract X__X

However I do not think Sayaka would have gone THIS route had she realized that she was going to become a witch. She might have splatted herself on the cement or something but not allowed her jewel to become dark and tainted. Sayaka wasn’t an evil person. She was just weaker than Madoka in the end. She didn’t think through her wish/future very well as Madoka saw how horrible things could be (without even knowing the entire truth!). Sayaka was the one who saw things through yaoi colored….err rose colored glasses. She wasn’t going to end up like Mami. She wasn’t going to regret her wish. She wasn’t going to be one of THOSE girls. She was going to win the heart of the boy and become a stronger magical girl than Mami. In the end Sayaka was the one who was weak, not Madoka.


And splat she goes.

But dude. X__X I really didn’t think that the witches WERE the magical girls. We all had a feeling that Kyubey was evil. But to come to Earth to make witches out of confused and stupid girls is just….I don’t even know. I knew him eating the empty grief seeds was important. Now that we know those are really the jewels of magical girls (aka humans) it shows why Kyubey is on Earth.



Okay maybe not. Maybe he is just one of many Kyubeys (well he is really…) who is working for the ultimate baddie. But he is really the Incubator. Incubators house something small and help it grow into something large that can live on its own. So the real question is….what is Kyubey holding inside? The souls of all the girls he contracted with? HMM PEOPLE HMM.

During the show of what I would type a lot in my blog. But a lot of things got answered for themselves. Like Homura having outside information on what Sayaka was going to become. Why Kyubey didn’t know who the hell Homura was. Why Homura gave up trying to kill Kyubey.

Because Homura is an android from the future sent to protect John Conner who has been reincarnated as Madoka.


I think this translates to SCREW YOU SAYAKA.

Okay maybe not. But Madoka has to be someone very important to Homura. Homura went above and beyond to protect Sayaka whom apparently she could care less about just so Madoka would be happy. She traveled back in time to save her from some horrible fate. She has gone up against Kyubey the Incubator despite him being super evil. I mean is it possible Madoka is her mom? After watching this show I don’t think magical girls live that long to reproduce but you never know.



What I do know is what the best part of this show was. Kyubey got taken out Set It Off style and Madoka…just went away. Like oh I have to go now even though the creature I was just talking to resembles swiss cheese. Like DAMN girl that is cold harded. You cry about everything else in this world and all you can say is HOMURA you promised not to kill anymore, like she would scold a toddler for eating more cookies or something. It was…amazing folks.


Well as good as she can get....

Other points of interest was Kyoko being the GOOD girl this episode. A bit bizarre that she called herself Sayaka’s friend but she isn’t playing with a whole deck. But she actually tried to save Sayaka because she LIKED Sayaka, not because she wanted to protect Madoka. She wanted to bond over their zombiness and was even playing nice with Homura in the creepy room of swinging scythes.


Obviously everyone changed personalities this episode...

Oh and while Kyoko was playing the supportive friend Homura CRIED in this episode. Twilight zone much people?

So folks. Where are we going with this? Madoka was so close to becoming a magical girl to save Sayaka. So if Sayaka becomes a witch Madoka would surely want to save her right? Or is Madoka finds out that Kyubey has been eating the souls of magical girls she would surely want to save them right? But in the process of trying to save everyone Madoka will become the most powerful witch ever and that is what Kyubey wants to eat.

See that? That is my head exploding. But I do think that Homura coming back in time to stop Madoka from becoming a magical girl will make Madoka become a magical girl. But with the way things are going Homura is going to turn out to be Madoka’s mom.
Say... That's a nice bike..

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