Wednesday, July 29, 2009

07-Ghost Episode 17

Is it Wednesday already? XD I guess it's good this week is flying by quickly. That means we are closer and closer to AFO and an ant free hotel! WOOHOO.

Now sadly...we do not get a yaoi packed episode this week. I think they might have used a month's worth of yaoi material last episode so I wasn't expecting miracles. But we will endure!


I know I know! But we must endure Frau. It can't be yaoi all the time.

So click and step into the world that is Everyone wants to kill Teito. I hope that is not a spoiler...because by now that should be obvious. XD Enjoy!


Why is this serious moment serious?

The beginning part of the episode focuses on Ayanami and his faithful followers. They are traveling on the Death Star to some place to do something. It is very dramatic. Moving on Hakuren and Teito prepare to entire the crime scene when Hakuren stops them. He explains that if their Kor squishing wands enter such a tainted place they will turn black and be highly unattractive. They leave them outside and enter said tainted room. Teito’s face goes X_X as he sees the half naked spirits flying around purifying the room and being sexy. Hakuren doesn’t see them and decides Teito is insane. Bastien (the nosy bishop) is in there also looking for clues. He catches the boys up on what happened in the room and why the other bishops think that Frau did the crime and should die. Teito does the whole I don’t care what Frau is I want to save him anyway! Bastien declares the room pure and hands Teito and Hakuren back their Kor bashing staffs. He then tells the epic tale of baby Frau.


MMM edgy!

Frau’s life was changed by the two countries warring and he was sent to live at the church of good looking men. Slightly upset that everyone he ever knew was dead and he was forced to live someone he hated Frau was not all smiles and kittens. One might even say that Frau was pissed of that god let his friends all die. He played tricks in class and was generally unpleasant. But Bastien did not give up. Frau become his pet project. He knew deep down Frau had a lot of pain in his heart and was just lashing out. Bastien finds out that baby Frau has been sneaking out of the church of good looking men at night to go squish Kors out of people. Even though Frau failed to find god’s love himself he was able to spread it to others. Bastien promised to always be by Frau’s side and it was sparkly and wavy. Both boys are touched by this story and think that Bastien will rescue Frau and all will be okay. Frau even thinks that himself when his old teacher pays him a visit and does the hair tousle thing of love.


Serious moment is overshadowed by Mikage dragon's cuteness!

Until Hakuren looks down and notices both their Kor whacking sticks have been tainted. After being touched by Bastien. Who just explained why that would happen. OH SNAP! Bastien is walking around looking at his tainted hand and thinking to himself how he is still doing god’s work. Hakuren and Teito make it to Bastien’s room and manage to distract the guards. Teito finds out that Father’s old bishop key can open the door (because it is MAGICAL) and they escape to the room before the guards can catch them. Mikage the cutest dragon in the world finds the most secretest entrance to a secret lair ever and off they go. Teito isn’t convinced that Bastien is a bad guy since he spoke so fondly of Frau not ten minutes ago. But Teito is proven wrong as they find Bastien and he announces he is going to kidnap Teito. Then comes the most ANNOYING SPELL EVER and Teito getting thrown around a bit. Bastien says he is going to kill Teito in the name of the empire and THE END!


I do not approve of Mikage baby dragon abuse!

I hate feeling like a moron. :( I am watching a show, thinking one thing for like 12 episodes and BAM you are wrong. Yes I am dramatic. But I do feel pretty dumb right about now.

So what am I feeling stupid about? About Frau and his Ghostness. I had it in my head what a Ghost person was and this episode smashed that all to the grounds. So while we got to see a very cute baby Frau and all his evil antics…I am still stupid. :(

I thought that Ghosts were like angels. Angels that already were existing in heaven and were dispatched to Earth to squish Verloren and protect the world from Kors. That Ghosts were around since Verloren’s time and had vast knowledge of all the drama that happened with the two kingdoms and all the issues of the past.


Was Frau looking at himself?!

And maybe I am not a moron. I mean, there were things that pointed me in that direction. You know, like the statues honoring the Ghosts and how young kids know about their legend. Or that fact when people talk about the Ghosts they mention Verloren in the same sentence. Verloren being the evil dude that was sealed 1000 years ago and the big man in heaven sent the Ghosts to Earth to do the sealing. Now that I think about it it’s the shows fault for making it seem like the Ghosts were these ancient and wise creatures. SHAME ON YOU!


Frau needs a hug. :(

But NO! Frau was a little kid during this war thing. He really isn’t that much older than Teito (which makes my pairing slightly less X_X). So maybe being a Ghost isn’t something permanent. That being a Ghost is more like a title and the people who were Ghosts 1000 years ago are long dead. That you can be born a Ghost and that is what Frau is now. Or maybe you can earn the title, strive for the title. Whatever the case is Frau is not the original Ghost person. Or maybe he is reincarnated. I DO NOT KNOW!


Teachers are so violent!

But I do know that Frau was a cute kid. And even though I never thought he was a young kid he acted in a way that was very Frau like. His past wasn’t cupcakes and rainbows and he didn’t become a priest for conventional reasons. At times I don’t think the current Frau is really down for god. Which makes his connection with Teito make more sense as they have been through the same things. So even though I was X_X at baby Frau existing I approve of his existence.


You don't need no stinkin past! You just need fluff!

That being said I wish we knew more about Frau’s past. All that we know is that he was a survivor from that crappy war and he was a jerk in school. A jerk because he wanted to be dead with his friends but still a jerk. We don’t know how he is related to the war or how he became a Ghost or anything really important. And that is because it is told from another person’s point of view. I will rest a little easier knowing it will be better when Frau tells Teito all this stuff in person.


This is all just an educated guess of course. XD

Bastien (the nosy priest) got a lot of air time in this episode. That means he is going to die very, very soon. He mentioned how lovely his relationship with Frau was and how he will do anything to save Frau now. Clearly that means that Frau is going to smush him, probably in the next episode, and it will be all tears and rain clouds. Pretty typical move but you can’t fault the writers for that (or you can but you would have to fault everyone else who ever pulled that lazy move).


Why does everyone want to kill me?!

Bastien seemed okay before he went all insane and glowly eye. But if I was Teito I would be suspicious of the fact that Bastien was even in the room at the time. But since Teito wasn’t supposed to be there either…I guess that is up in the air. Part of me think even though he has gone over the dark side he was trying to find a way to help Frau. That maybe he isn’t fully evilfied yet. He gave clues to Hakuren and Teito that he is a baddie by tainting their Kor killing staff (which they used anyway…) and giving them all this additional information about Frau. Sounds like he wants to be taken out before he can do real harm and kill Frau.



Hakuren is pretty smart. Sorry to say this Mikage…but he is slightly more helpful than the other blond best friend forever Teito used to have. He is more knowledge about being a priest and what not therefore can help Teito not go squish all the time. And the teasing is more fun than Mikage’s constant I LOVE YOU SPEECHES. Besides Mikage the baby dragon of cute was ADORABLE finding the secret not so secret passage.


Uoy wercs.

I would also like to add that Bastien’s word attack thing whatever was lame. And annoying. I had to pause the video and type out each word to make it make sense. STOP MAKING ME FEEL STUPID. And those sentences didn’t even make sense! Rarw!

So…..this episode was one big WTF how dare you confuse Tenchi and oh Ayanami is controlling someone else fest. But since last week was yaoi parade 2009 I can deal with it. Now on to the sparkly death and equally sparking sob party!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This is why we can't have nice things

I swear I am usually not this grumpy. Or….I am but I hide it much better most of the time. It just seems lately things are always BLEH with me. Wake up and there are ants. Go outside and something is wrong with the car. Open my mouth and someone wants to tell me I am wrong.

Sometimes the only thing that gets you throw the day is knowing that in a few short days you will be on vacation. XD Or else the entire situation/day would be even more frustrating!

So last week (or the week before) my husband went to take his car in to fix his breaks. He comes back with a broken AC. I am not blaming the car place he took it too (Pep Boys), I just find it magical and fun. So this past Monday the husband took his car to a different place to get an estimate on the dead AC. He came back and told me the repair cost would be 1k. Once I was done choking on my cookies I suggested we take the car to my boss. He is good with cars and I enjoy saving money so I ring him up. He says he will look at it tomorrow.

Tomorrow becomes today and off I go. He takes my car over to his buddies and I sit and wait in the meantime. Cue incidence number one.

Mother. I love you. I get that you are a Republican and a hard core one at that. You have programmed to hate Obama and everything he does. I am glad that we finally stopped with that Anti Christ thing but there is still work that needs to be done.

Like his health care plan. Now I am not going to pretend to know the ins and out of his health care plan. In theory it sounds like a great idea and I am sure everyone can agree something needs to be done with the crazy cost of just being alive. I will also concede the fact that Obama needs to take more time to think over all the possibilities and not jump into a plan because he is feeling pressure from the American people.

But when you start off your argument with “Fox news says” it weakens your argument. I am not going to dog Fox news. I am going to say that getting your news source from ONLY one network, a network that only has point of view, is a weak argument. Clearly you are going to get skewered facts on the subject and it will make you look biased.

Then when you say well it didn’t work in “Blank and blank” give me more than that. Why didn’t it work? How long did they try it out for? What are they doing now? Because if you say “well it didn’t work there” I will just give you “well it worked here”. Give me solid reasons and don’t just keep repeating this is a bad idea!

Don’t try to get snide with me and say I could afford health care if I just was more careful with my money. You know if my husband and I didn’t do anything fun at all and just ate really basic foods all month I am sure we could afford the most basic insurance. And the one medication we would probably need at this point in our lives. That is best case scenario of course since neither of us have been to the doctors in years and don’t really know if we have any pre-existing conditions. If we did..yeah, I doubt we could afford any insurance at all.

What we can’t afford is what insurance doesn’t cover. My mother says she constantly worries about something bad happening to us and we would go into debt up to our eyes balls. I tried to explain to her even with insurance if something bad happened to us we would still be in debt up to our eyeballs and then some. So no, I can’t afford to give someone money when at the end of the day I will still owe 50 percent of a huge bill. Either way I am screwed.

I try to bring up all these points, even that I think Obama should wait until this health reformed plan is more solid. But even though I am being calm as I can be she still gets pissed off at me. “You must be watching CNN” and “well then EVERYONE is going to want this health care so why would anyone pay for health care”. Apparently she doesn’t understand that if we get universal health care it will force the other companies to shape up and stop overcharging people. OR in her mind, it’s going to fail anyway and the system will stay the same. So in her mind how is this a bad thing?

So after all was said and done and she stomped out I called her up and told her that even though we don’t agree on things I still love her. I love her even though she has no idea what she is talking about because her health care is FREE and has been free for the last 27 years. Sigh. So maybe it is not really fair to blame her for not knowing how the system works. You would think though if someone didn’t know enough about a subject they would gather information for more than one source. Or be like me and simply say yes things do need to change and we will have to wait and see if this works.

Oh and I fail to see how I can afford health care after my boss comes back with said broken car and says that not only is the AC broken (but he said it is hard to determine what since there is no Freon in the stupid thing) but there are other issues that need to be fixed too.

Despite our impending poorness I happily skip to Marshalls because I need new pants. Well maybe not happily since my butt has decided to grow a bit and my usual size was a bit tight. I did find one pair that was okay (rarw to it being too big at the waist because of said big butt) so on I go to pay. I wait in line and the cashier is telling the customer at the register she needs to ask a manager something. So I am waiting and two people behind me are waiting. I am not going to be all bad_service dramatic and say the wait was TOO LONG and mog where were people?! If anything it was like 4 minutes and two more cashiers came up. The first cashier returns right as I get up to pay two spots down and shit hits the fan.

Yeah I was listening in on their conversation. I am a nosy person. And yes I am going to make matters worse. That is just how I roll apparently.

So it turns out this couple and their teenage kid were trying to return an electronic item. They didn’t have the receipt nor did the item have the Marshalls tag on it. I am not sure if everyone is aware but Marshalls is a bit different that some regular stores. They carry mall brands at a discounted rate. Sorta like last season things that didn’t sell well and things like that. The pants I was buying for instance said American Eagle and listed the original price and the Marshalls close out price. On some stuff I have gotten there in the past it has the actual store tag still on the clothes while others simply just have a Marshalls tag telling you the original price and how much you save.

The point is that everything has a Marshalls tag on it and some might have the original tag. These people had something with only the original store tag. When the girl went back and told her manager she took the item with her. I am not sure what the manager said but it was something along the lines of without a receipt there is no way of showing this item came from our store. That and it sounded like the manger didn’t believe the item came from the store anyway.

Another problem with this scenario is the couple was trying to return the item for the price tag on the thingy thing. You know, the price tag from another store. So even if these people weren’t trying to be lying scammers and they did get this item from Marshalls there was no way they paid 250 dollars for it. That was the price at whatever department store it came from. There is no way these people paid 250 bucks for this thingy thing at Marshalls.

So the cashier lady tells the couple that unless they have a receipt or the sticker so she can scan the Marshalls price there isn’t anything she can do. The second she says that it is an explosion of FUCK YOUS! Not oh, is there anything else we can do or can I have the number to corporate. Just FUCK YOUR STORE GIVE US OUR MONEY.

I am going to give these cashiers the internet award for calm. The first fuck you directed at me and I would have backed off and refused to deal with them. Or the more likely scenario would have been I would have backed away and run to the back to get someone else cause that is how I roll. I do think the cashier dealing with them was a little shocked. She was young looking and probably had never had this happen to her before. The cashier next to her was older and looked more seasoned than the others. She calmly asked the man to calm down or he would have to leave. He proceeded to tell the older woman to fuck off and handle the problem, that no one was making him leave.

I have no idea where this moment of bravery came from. Or rather a moment of stupidity. But I was really tired of how he was treating these woman. I looked at him and told him he needed to calm down or they were in their rights to call the police.

This was clearly the wrong thing to do. Because now all the Fuck yous and Mind your own fucking business were directed towards me. I told him it was rather hard to mind my own business with all the cussing and screaming going on and if he wanted people to stay out of his business maybe he shouldn’t be causing a scene.

This was also the wrong thing to say. He became more belligerent and started saying this store was full of scammers and they just wanted their 250 dollars back and I needed to Fuck off. So yeah I tried to stand up for the cashiers who weren’t in a position to give this moron a piece of their mind…but now I made him even angrier.

So what ended up happening? I don’t know. After I was rung up I told my cashier that they needed to call the police and they didn’t have to take this abuse. Outside the customers that were near the register at the time were gathering and were watching the scene unfold. We all gossiped about what a jerk he was being and how they were clearly trying to scam the store. Oh and how it was convenient that they were speaking English just fine when the cashier went off to get help but when they heard no suddenly it was accent time and why don’t you understand us crap. But then we all went to our cars and didn’t do a damn thing. :(

So what was the purpose of these stories? That maybe I should keep my mouth shut. Or…know my audience a little bit better before I open my mouth. It is easier on the internet to go back and change something that sounds wrong. But once the words leave your mouth in real life that’s it. You are screwed.

Oh and the next time I want to defend a cashier I will find a manager and tell them about the situation. No more putting myself in the line of fire again! Or at least not this week anyway. XD

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Status on CANAAN blogging

Well as of right now…there isn’t going to be any. And even though it is easy to blame my slacker ways there are actual reasons behind the nonbloggingness (not so much with not catching up with Chrome Shelled Regios and Umi Monogatari. Those are cases of the laziness).


Nope it's not because of the random boobies! Try again!

And before any rabid CANAAN fans attack me no, the reason isn’t because I think the show sucks and is unworthy of my blogging. Put down the pitch forks and listen to what I have to say. XD And I bet you will agree with me.


This is the most random scene....ever. In the history of anime. Maybe.

The first episode was MOG confusing. But that often happens with new animes and I accept it. I thought maybe waiting a few weeks and viewing the episodes together would make it less confusing.


Sing when you are in danger!

I just got done watching episode number 2 and yeah…my brain feels like exploding. There is just a lot going on. So much that I don’t think I could write a summary that made sense. Or one that flowed well. It would be full of “and then some other random people were doing this. And then another group of random people were doing this”. I have NO IDEA what is going on.


Who the hell is the bad guy?!

And in some shows that works. Like Pandora Hearts. Most of the time I am going WTF is going on….but it seems to be okay at the end of the day. The plot seems to flow together in a way that doesn’t make sense but it can/will one day. There aren’t 5832 characters out there doing their own thing. It is easier to try and fill in the blanks with Pandora Hearts.


Is everyone trying to kill everyone?!

With CANAAN everything seems like a mess and that this mess is here to stay. Maybe things will get better with episode three and four. So I am not saying I am giving up blogging this series. I find CANAAN very interesting series and will continue to watch it. And I might pick it back up again (blogging that is) once things make sense to me. Or things don’t seem so entirely random. XD It will be more fun to blog about something when I know what I am talking about or have coherent ideas on what might be going on.



But CANAAN is a great series really. Even if I have no idea what is going on it is very unique. The art is well done and no one can accuse it of copying anyone. XD So everyone watch/pick up this series and join the confusion!!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pandora Hearts Episode 17

Hello there loyal readers. I am in a slightly better mood today. XD There are significantly less ants in my house (although I found another one in the bathroom this morning...), there was no work to drive me crazy, and no one on the road tried to kill me. So all in all a successful day. Plus there was cake! Everyday is a great day when there is cake involved!


Kittys are better than ants!

So on to Pandora Hearts. Again not what I was expecting. Perhaps half of what I was expecting. But that turned out to be a good thing so overall I am satisfied. But maybe that is the cake talking.

But there are a few key plot points (at least to me) covered this week and some random craziness. Also a familiar (not so familiar really) face shows up. Yay for good episodes and on to review!

Edit: HOLY CRAP THE SCREENIES ARE BIG. XD Next time I will adjust my photobucket settings. Sorry for that fail....err enjoy the super sized screenies. Now you can better read the subtitles? XD


Me thinks this is important....

There is a flashback of the past. Break wakes up on the floor a bloody mess wondering if the past has been rewritten. Baby Sharon comes running up to see his bloody mess. Back in the present Oz learns that Sharon was kidnapped. Break tries to act like the situation was no big deal and doesn’t give Oz any information. Sharon doesn’t appreciate Break being so calm about the situation and beats him for a bit. Then there is a mini flashback of Vincent taking Break to where he has been keeping Sharon. She and Echo have been poisoned and will remain so until Break uses his power to destroy the memory fragment. Vincent gets a little bit psycho about the situation. Within this flashback is another flashback of a younger Break telling Sharon’s mom his purpose in life is to find out the truth about the tragedy that happened 100 years ago. Back in the first flashback Sharon wakes up and tells Break not to destroy the memory fragment as it is his most precious thing he has been searching for. Break whispers something into her ear and she gets all blushy. Break destroys the collar and Vincent repays him by dropping the antidote off the balcony. Echo saves it before it gets mushed and she is nearly slapped for her troubles.


What did you say?!?!?!

Back in the present (again) Oz tries to find out what happened but Sharon is too busy hitting Break and then crying about how it is all her fault that Break suffers. They share a hug and Liam takes Oz out in the hall and explains that Break and Sharon aren’t really siblings. He then explains how he has known Break for some time now and that Break hasn’t been such a ray of sunshine. In another flashback it is revealed that Break was quite pissed off when he first arrived back in our world and Liam tried to help him. Break didn’t want to be helped but Sharon’s mom somehow got through to him. After Sharon gets done boo hooing Break asks Sharon if she saw the Cheshire Cat’s face and that the Cheshire Cat has his eye, the one that the Will of the Abyss stole. Before Oz can figure out his place in the world Uncle Oscar comes in with drama and tears. He throws outfits on all three of them and flings them in a carriage. On the way over he explains they are going to Ada’s school. Alice is surprised Oz has a sister but soon becomes bored in the mission. Turns out the mission is to find out whom Ada has fallen in love with and they are going to break into the school and pretend to be students. The plan doesn’t go as planned and Uncle Oscar comes off as a pedo and the group gets separated in the process. Elsewhere there is the random glasses wearing kid that we saw a while ago at the Nightray house.


The truth about hats!

Uncle Oscar reveals the real reason he has taken them to this school is so Ada and Oz can reconnect. Ada’s pet cat attacks Gilbert and he goes insane. Ada shows up and Oscar tells her what is what. She freaks out and worries that she won’t be the person that Oz is expecting. In another part of the school Alice concludes that Oz is too scared to see his sister. Oz is afraid that she won’t remember him and that she will be so different and wonderful and he is still the same person. Alice almost has a nice moment but then decides her man servant needs to man up. In walks Ada. The two siblings share a glance and are very awkward with each other. Ada says she has never forgotten Oz and it is better now that he is here again. She cries and flings herself into his arms as Oz stands around looking uncomfortable. But at least he smiles. Before things can get too lovely Alice gets jealous and tells Ada to bounce. Gilbert starts screaming at her and telling her to bounce. Oscar screams at them both and tells them to focus on the mission. It is greatly implied (or inferred by the group) that Ada’s love is Gilbert and the hat Gilbert loves so much is a gift from Ada. Oscar and Oz declare Gilbert a dead man walking. A chase ensures and Ada and Oz end up in a random part of the school. Oz finds this fun time great until he hears a familiar tune. The tune from his pocket watch being played by a piano to be exact. He runs off, leaving Ada, to find out the source and THE END!


And who are you?!

So….that was different than what I was expecting. I thought this episode was going to be fluff about Ada and Oz being crazy about the situation. But only half the episode was dedicated to that topic and it was much cuter than I thought it was going to be.


No always a happy boy was he...

But let’s start with the unexpected stuff first. That being Break and Sharon. I thought the part about Sharon getting kidnapped was going to be glossed over. So I was pretty surprised to see it actually get discussed and parts of Break’s past on top of that! Woot for surprises!


How lovely. Now why did it do that?

However…not much was explained. If anything more questions popped up. I was never under the impression that Break was really Sharon’s brother. And if I did I will deny it now. But the Cheshire Cat had Break’s eye not Vincent. :( There goes that theory. But it turns out that the Will of the Abyss took his eye. Not sure why and that makes me sad. :( And I am like 90 percent sure Break is from the past as well. Probably 100 years in the past and that is why he is so focused on finding out the truth. Perhaps he thinks someone he knew had a hand in that or he blames himself. He needs to find out the truth to put his mind at ease.


Psht why does Oz need to know who the kidnapper is anyway?!

But can he tell us any of this? NO! He can’t tell Oz that he feels for him being displaced in time. By the look of things he hasn’t told anyone why he lost his eye or his reasoning for finding out the truth. Because it is more fun to string the audience along. :( For now I will try to be satisfied with knowing these tiny pieces of information and have fun trying to make my brain explode.


Slap a ho time!

Vincent is an asshole. I am sure everyone already knew that but seriously. He poisoned his little Echo to get Break to believe him? I am sure that Break does distrust Vincent but still?! X_X That is a bit extreme. Echo does his dirty work and he rewards her with a near death experience? I am happy she screwed up his plan and saved the anti poison whatever medicine. She deserves better.


I approve of this beating. XD

Meh. Maybe Sharon deserves a little bit of credit for trying to be brave and telling Break not to destroy the precious memory he had been searching for. We all know that Break was not going to sacrifice his sweet Lady for the truth so the gesture was meaningless. But I did enjoy her beating Break up and abusing him like he deserves. XD


......Just die.

But other than that we didn’t learn much more about Vincent. He is a jerk who will do anything to hide the truth from everyone. He isn’t the one who has Break’s eye. And I hate him. Dieinafire.


Dance around the Oz. XD

So after all that heavy stuff we get to the fluffy part of the episode. Instead of going back to Pandora and being the reluctant hero Oz is shipped off to go have an adventure with his sister. Oz, Gilbert, and Alice are tricked into thinking that Uncle Oscar is worried about Ada at school and she needs protecting. In reality Uncle Oscar wants Oz and Ada to reconnect and the longer they wait the harder it will be. Not quite sure which situation Oz would have been more afraid of (the hero or the big brother) but the results were fun.


Oh Alice. Dear Alice...

Alice being over the top jealous was priceless. Instead of the word boyfriend she uses the word manservant. And it is cute that she thinks she isn’t being utterly transparent. Even though I am not a fan of a love interest being jealous over a sibling this case was done in a manner that didn’t make me want to puke. Woot for not puking.


Holy crap Oz is the Will of the Abyss?!

Gilbert has a special episode. First he was forced to go to a school and pose a student even though it is pretty obvious he is not. He was attacked by a cat even though he wasn’t the one smoking. His hat’s origin is found out and now he will suffer the consequences. And he will suffer two fold as he is getting attacked from the other proactive father figure and the overbearing big brother. Truly he suffers.


This is a normal reunited reaction.

Ada was just…okay in my book. Not that I was expecting that much. She was such a minor character in the only episode she was in there wasn’t much to go on. Perhaps it was the big boobs (way too big X_X) that threw me off. But she cute enough, crying over the brother she thought was lost and afraid that she wouldn’t be good enough for him now. Just wish the moment would have lasted longer.


This is not.

Oz’s meeting with Ada was a bit off to me. I think Alice was spot on in her observation (a shocker) but Oz didn’t have time to absorb her words. Just BAM there is the sister. If I hadn’t seen my baby sister in forever and she started crying I would run up and hug her. I wouldn’t wait until she started falling on me to hold her. I understand that the situation was odd but he didn’t seem to be feeling as much as I thought he should have. But everyone is not me and maybe this was a typical confused reaction. But I was still expecting more.


That same old tune....

The heartwarming fuzzy moment and the torturing Gilbert moment weren’t long enough. It has been interrupted by that darn plot! The glasses wearing kid is at this same school and is fond of ANOTHER random blond. Said random blond seems to be playing the tune from Oz’s pocket watch which is suspect. So…I guess we are back on track next week. No fun for Oz apparently!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ants and Cat Puke and Bad Drivers OH MY!

Ever have one of those days where you wished you owned a time machine and could repeat the entire day over? Or maybe own a harpoon gun and skewer a few people who get in your way? Or at least crawl under the covers and sleep until tomorrow comes?

Today I had one of those days. Now I have been known to complain…a lot (REALLY?) but seriously. When 483295 things go wrong within thirty minutes of my day, within an hour of me being awake…that is a clear sign that today has been cursed and I should have hidden from the rest of the world.

Edit: Pictures have been fixed. XD

I wake up ready to greet the day with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. Or I wake up, throw my Hello Kitty alarm clock, and moan that I need more sleep. Either way I finally make it to the shower and attempt to wake myself up. I glare at my shampoo bottle as I see an ant crawl across it. An ant. In my shower. It has been one week since these little bastards have shown up and I am at my wits end figuring out what they are getting into. I drown the little sucker and pray that he was just a rogue survivor looking for his dead buddies.

Now…this might sound gross but whatever. I know you do it too. I was planning on wearing the same pants I wore to work yesterday today. I only was at work for like 6 hours and somehow managed to avoid getting pizza sauce and butter all over them. So yeah I was going to wear the pants again. And yes I am a bit of a special person and these pants were located near the edge of my bed.

My feet started to feel itchy but I figured that is because I saw an ant. I crazy myself up and once I see an ant I imagine ant bites everywhere. So I reach my pants and start to put them on when OW!!! MY LEG! I look down and….


What a great way to start the day!

-_____________________- It was like I had fallen into an ant pile. There was that many of them. Horrified I flung them off and slipped my slippers back on to protect my feet. The slippers that were next to my pants all night long….I fling those off too and confirm the itchiness on my feet are actually bites. I leap backwards and survey the situation.


Is this the part where I die?

All the clothes on the floor near the bed…are covered in ants. I move them aside carefully and it is like a SciFi movie. Of course since it is on SciFi (sorry SyFy) it would have a lame name like Ant Terror or When Ants Attack. Maybe Ants on the Floor. Whatever it is called that is what it was like. Ants on ants, crawling up my wall trying to eat my soul.

Once I stop cursing my situation I realize that it is time to put on my big girl pants (but not those) and handle this situation and fast as time is ticking. I run and grab one of the ant traps that is in one of the more obscure locations and plop it in the middle of the mess. I take the clothes and drown those suckers in the washing machine.

So now I need to procure new pants as two pants have been infected with Giant Ants from Hell. I am walking to find said pants when I feel something wet in between my toes. Toes that are in slippers every minute I am in this house. Toes that should be protected from wet things. Toes that just stepped in cat puke.


Cat puke completes my covered in ant bites look.

-_- My cat throws up. A lot. This is a given. But after spending 200 dollars at the vet and spending 17 dollars a bag (4 pound bag) for some fancy tummy sensitive food and spending 18 dollars on a prescription of thyroid help me not puke pills I was delusional enough to think that maybe, just maybe the puking would stop. HOW DARE I HAVE HOPES AND DREAMS! Here on the floor, under my innocent toes was the remains of some very overpriced cat food. The crowning second in this moment of -_- was when said puking cat came over and meowed…as his food dish was empty.

So after this ant problem and puke situation I was running late. But in true Tenchi fashion I had enough time to swallow some food and brush my teeth. And find some pants. All was going well. I was going to make it on time. As in I would pull up in the parking lot at 11:29:50 and I would make a mad dash to the door.

But this is my life. Right as I was walking out the door I hear a horrible noise. Like someone’s last dying breath after being eaten by Mutant Zombie Ants. I rush in and see my cat gagging. Not puking but gasping for air and looking freaked out. The other cat stared in horror and was generally was no help. Neither was I with my DON’T DIE BABY! Screaming was probably not the best idea as that scared him into running under the bed (you know, near all the ants) and gagging the whole way. I had the pleasure in maneuvering him out from under the bed…where he puked on the floor. And went on his merry way like nothing happened. -_- Yeah I was going to be late.

But I was going to try and minimize the lateness. There is very little give room in how long it takes me to get to work. It depends on the people in front of me and how much they are willing to speed. And they weren’t today. But soon some slow people turned off and we were finally able to go the damn speed limit when DISASTER STRIKES!


You're all going to die down here.

I know this diagram is the most awesome picture you have ever seen in your entire life. But let me explain it to those who fail to see my artist talent. Me and this little red car were just cruising along at 45. There is a neighborhood to the left of us that can cross over into our lane WHEN IT IS SAFE. Apparently Mr. Blue SUV decided that safe in his book meant cutting across traffic into our lane two feet in front of the red car. And I am not saying he turned in front of the red car and we had to slow down to accommodate him and it was mildly annoying. As in we had to slam on our breaks as Mr. Blue SUV almost HIT the red car. X_X Forget the Hell Ants, crazy drivers are going to kill me before then.

Now when most people piss me off on the road (with the exemption of that man who screamed at me in the parking lot) they do their very dangerous/stupid thing and I never see them again. Not with Mr. Blue SUV man. All three of us are heading in the same direction and we all empty out into the main road. Red car and I get into the left lane, the faster lane while Mr. Blue SUV gets in the right lane. I was thinking YES I can speed away from this asshat and flick him off hehehe. Because I am very mature about car situations.


Sorry to be in your way. Feel free to run me over.

Of course this is my life and that doesn’t happen. The red car speeds away from Mr. Blue SUV and I am on my way to passing him. Suddenly all I see is blue, blue coming at me and fast. Instinct kicked in faster than anger and I honked the horn out of fear (yes, there are fear honks and PISSED OFF HONKS). Home boy got out of my lane and back into his. And then the rage sets in. Seriously can this dude not MOG WHAT THE FUCK?!

10 seconds later he tries to do it again! I mean, I would draw the situation out but it is identical to the first one. Only that he had his signal on. BECAUSE CLEARLY THAT MAKES IT OKAY. Wtf?! SERIOUSLY?!?!? I lay on the horn and it is wild hand gestures time. He gets the clue and gets back in his lane. But I am pissed. This asshole has tried to kill me three times now?! It is on like Donkey Kong. I am chasing this asshole down the street, cutting him off, driving 2 miles an hour, and becoming the bitch to end all bitch.

Does any of this happen? No. Because before I can cut him off he gets behind me…and makes a U-Turn. Back in the direction we just came from. Justice was not mine. And this asshole lives another day to try and kill someone else. Plus home boy was old. He probably didn’t even know I was upset. It comforted me very little when I saw the handicapped tag in his window. I hate you DMV.

So I get to work at 11:32 which I think is a miracle. But I have a delivery up and it is minutes from being late. It is time to strap some rockets to my butt and fly. In my mind I am working up one of my try and true excuses to get myself out of the impending rage. I get to the familiar house and decide that engaging in small talk would be my best bet. Now every time I go to this house two huge dogs try to eat me and my delivery bag. I prepare myself for that. This time…it is only one dog. Because I am a friggin moron I tease the doggie and ask where its big bad friend was and why he was so quiet. Do you want to know where its big bad friend is?

In heaven. The ground. Dead.

-_- Why am I such a moron?

Please note this all took place within a 30 minute time frame (more or less). Can I go back home now and start this day over?

Apparently not. I was told to HURRY UP to my next delivery…even though I was being told what to pick up at the store. I mean, I should have just left without hearing what I needed. Who needs an actual shopping list? Later I burnt two of my knuckles on the oven. I got the whole SUCK IT UP speech. Lovely. My husband calls and tells me there is no evidence of the ants near the bed at all. Which I guess is good in a sense the traps killed them. But it is bad in the sense that I look like a crazy person or they might be hiding like Demon Ants tend to do.

But the crowning moment of my day was my very last delivery. I was already not very happy about it as it was 8:20 (we close at 8:00) and I have a mountain of dishes to do. But there is a guaranteed tip with this one so off I go.


You know you are jealous of my car. Jealous.

Or not. Apparently the term is ghetto car. To me it is just a car that is…nearly touching the ground on one side. But after I sighed dramatically and stomped back into the store I was informed it was a ghetto lean. Whatever the hell that means. All I know is that the tire on my car, the tire that is dead WAS my spare tire. A few months ago I had an “egg” on one of my tires and my boss put my spare tire (my spare tire is/was a real tire) on and put the egg tire back in the trunk. Apparently you can drive with an egg tire but not very fast and not for very long. -_- It is 9:25, the end is near right?

But as you can see I have made it home safely. My momma came and rescued me. I have her car and she has my egg car as she lives much closer to the store than I do. But not after I was “lectured” on how I should have gotten a new spare tire months ago and BLAH BLAH take care of your car BLAH BLAH. It was hard to hear all that crap when all I was thinking was…goodbye tip money I just made. I hardly knew thee.

I have only seen one Demon Ant since returning head but my husband assures me he set 22 traps all around the house. That might be overkill but I don’t care. I gave the puke cat some special attention since I was worried about him and that resulted in his hissing in my face. I washed the flour dough and pepperoni oil off me…and set to work on making you all some awesome pictures. Don’t you feel honored?!??!

AFO…you aren’t coming fast enough. After a day like today I need a vacation and now. Here’s to hoping that tomorrow is better than today. I would even settle for half as bad at this point. Wish me luck as I go sleep my sleeps in the bed…near the scene of the crime.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

07-Ghost Episode 16: BRING ON THE YAOI!

Disclaimer: The following post will contain irrational fan girl behavior and the pairing of TeitoxFrau. This blogger believes/enjoys/encourages yaoi parings. You have been warned.


Am I making this up?! I think not.

And really…it might not even be irrational at all. It might be obvious and intended. See, the writers only want me to think I am crazy. But they are really promoting this pairing. I am only bringing the truth to light!


....As Labrador's vines go all The Ruins on us....

Instead of talking about Frau’s situation Castor breaks out into a story about Fia Kruez. The gist of the story is that Fia stole Pandora’s Box which had Verloren’s body in it and he brought it back to the Ragg Kingdom. No one knows why the Ragg Kingdom was really attacked but Castor thinks that this was the reason. Teito is all like NOOOOOO Fia was good and saved me and must have had a good reason. Teito is more determined to become a bishop and find out the truth for himself. Labrador and his freak vines of doom inform the group that Frau is going to receive the death penalty. It is a very MOG moment despite the fact that Frau is already dead. Teito is all like IT IS TIME TO SAVE FRAU. Elsewhere in church the head bishop dude is talking to the nosy bishop dude. They say a lot of crap but the head bishop dude confirms that Frau is not the one who did the crimes as he has been “tainted” and can no longer hold the Kor’s killing staff. A traitor is in their midst!!!

Teito goes to find the dungeon where Frau is in but the three same nuns we see every week have no idea what he is talking about. Razette the mute mermaid appears and takes him to the underwater dungeon where Frau is (leaving poor sad Mikage behind and nearly killing Teito in the process). Teito tries to blow up the cell but Frau tells him to stop. Frau does not want to run away and look guilty. He tells Teito to worry about his own problems which makes Teito all sad and slightly pissed off. But it comes off more angst given the water bubbles they have to communicate with. Teito wants to break Frau out but Frau insist he go, giving him a blessing with a bible verse. Teito starts to leave when Frau signals him to come back. Frau says that he would feel better if Teito smiled. Teito freaks out and swims away. Teito has a flashback to when Mikage tried telling him the same thing about smiling and how it can make a situation better. Teito turns around…and smiles at Frau. Frau nearly dies of shock and Teito is permanently red. Teito returns to the surface and Hakuren is waiting with baby Mikage. He says he knows Teito wants to find out who framed Frau and he will help Teito out. They return to the scene of the crime and THE END!


You are making it too easy!

….Was this episode made for me? Is it really Christmas in July? Or maybe it’s my birthday?! Whatever the reason may be this episode was beyond good in my eyes. I am sure the only way to improve this episode would be to have Frau and Teito kiss which is probably never happening. They can’t actually SHOW the pairings, just greatly imply them.


Painful separation! The story tells itself!

Now why do I believe all of this is actual yaoiness instead of Teito caring about his friend? Because Teito likes to go around screaming that he hate Frau and Frau is a lecherous punk. And maybe he is going to such extremes to help Frau because he somehow thinks this is his fault. But he really doesn’t have any evidence (yet) that this is his fault and Frau took the fall. Teito just assumes anything greater than a paper cut at the church of good looking men is his fault. And Teito had an excellent reason to go see Frau. See that collar around Teito’s neck? The one that has a little rule if Frau and Teito don’t have contact after 48 hours there is a big KA-BOOM? Yeah that is an important reason to go see Frau.


Okay, maybe a little mad...

But nope, Teito didn’t mention that fact at all. And Teito really didn’t dwell on the fact that all of this is his fault (which was surprising). No Teito just wanted to break Frau out of jail and help him proclaim his innocence. And every single minute of it was AWWWWWWWWWW!


Almost too much to handle!

Seriously people, I expect to see some decent fan fictions now about this episode. Teito and Frau not being able to talk to each other. Frau trying to be the older and calmer one even though he is dead man walking (already dead man walking actually). Teito practically crying because Frau won’t run away with him. And did you see the press up against the glass scene?! This blogger nearly died from all the blatant yaoiness.


Teito's youth makes me feel dirty....

But putting aside how hot I found everything and how many bad thoughts I had running around in my head I thought everything was really sweet. Teito wasn’t screaming at Frau calling him a pervert and Frau was taunting Teito and calling him a little kid. Teito genuinely cares for Frau and can’t bear to see him suffering. The fact that they couldn’t really talk face to face made the moment that more sweet/bitter sweet. And I love how both of them made good points and acknowledged that the other wasn’t totally wrong or insane.


WTF is that animal? I MUST HAVE!

I love how Teito had a memory of Mikage and it didn’t result in tears and a trip to emo fountain. It was very nice to see Teito think of Mikage and how Mikage helped him be a better person and it not involve some bullies or a speech about how they are best friends forever. It was something that applied to the situation at hand and really shows that Teito is not making up how close he and Mikage were. At times it has felt forced and had me going….they were close after just a year? But then little scenes like this pop up and I feel bad for doubting Teito!


The smile (if you can call it that...)


And the reaction (forget the smirk afterwards!)

I think when Frau was telling Teito to smile he really wasn’t expecting a smile. He was just saying that in an attempt to calm Teito down. Or upset him and go away. Or frustrate Teito and make him go away. He wasn’t expecting Teito to turn around and give him (the world’s scariest) smile. Frau almost died from shock when he saw that beautiful smile and ruined his apple. I am not sure if he was touched that Teito actually did what he asked or that Teito thought smiling would make Frau better so he did it. Whatever the case may be it was a powerful moment and I was eating it up like candy. Frau better have wanted to break out and give Teito a hug after that or else!


Too cute for words!

There were other things that happened in this episode besides yaoi moments that make me go insane. Like how sad cute baby Mikage was about being left out. :(


Because the timing is perfect..?

Okay there was other stuff TOO! I am not really sure what was up with Castor telling Teito that story about Fia Kruez. Granted it was stuff that Teito needed to know I am not sure how it applied to the situation at hand. The situation being Frau being in prison. Now maybe down the line these situations will connect and this will all make sense. But for now it was like “Oh Teito here is some bad news. Let me tell you some more bad news so your entire day can be wrecked.”


Really Castor, really?!

I think the information could have been handled differently and not just thrown at the viewers. But it wasn’t and it is out there. And it was surprising. I am sure that Fia Kruez has a good reason for stealing Verloren. That reason might be revealed during season two in the very last episode but it will be revealed. The point is after Castor’s long story is that no one knew what was going on in Fia Kruez’s mind and that the Ragg kingdom got set up to explode.


Not getting a bad guy vibe from him. But I have been wrong before...

Not that I am buying that Fia Kruez had any bad intent behind this stealing of Verloren thing. Maybe he found out that Ayanami existed for the sole purpose of bringing back Verloren and he was just trying to prevent that. And maybe Ayanami blackmailed Fia Kruez into doing all this. The point is that Castor’s maybes and what nots were BLEH. He knows that Fia Kruez is set up. Man up and say it next time.


Quit trying to confuse me on what Frau is!

Another bit of information was with head ugly bishop and sorta nosy bishop about Frau. Nosy bishop thinks something is up with Frau. It is nice to know that some people can ask obvious questions and think that the situation is really messed up. But the way the old bishop was talking made me go X_X As if there was a way of fixing Frau? Um he is a Ghost. I am not sure how he could possibly be saved. But that is just me asking obvious questions and thinking something is up. Crazy talk I tell you.


Let's go get in more trouble! WOOT!

Hakuren was super nice. He was acting like he wasn’t worried about Teito but he really was. See, he tried to cover it up by saying they were partners and he had to look after him. That is what Teito should have done earlier. But Hakuren thinks he can help Teito find evidence to clear Frau’s name and that is nice. I am sure it will end with a battle but it is nice. We will see how lovely it all turns out next week. Until then…TeitoxFrau. XD

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