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New Series Alert: CANAAN episode 1

Do we all remember yesterday? Yesterday when I said that Umi Monogatari episode one went really, really slow? Like snail pace slow? Remember when I said that I would be the first to complain when if a series had their first episode explode with plot and confusing crap?

XD Well we have a winner with Canaan. Not only did nothing make sense but everyone seemed to be ignoring the fact that people were being shot all over the place. XD So an anime show that agrees with the fact that everything is totally insane and nothing makes sense YAY!


Plushie abuse already?! FOR SHAME?!

I am not quite sure why I picked this particular anime show to watch. Most of the summer anime list didn’t catch my eye so I went the snobby route and went based on the animation. I did check out Anime News Network to see what the plot was all about and here is what I found:

The modern-day story centers on a detective, a young man, a virus researcher, and a cat mascot character who are brought together in the Tokyo neighborhood of Shibuya by bizarre events with worldwide implications.

Okay not much to go on but has some potential. And I do love me some cat mascots. Maybe they are being vague with the plot so they can wow us with something awesome later. I mean, what could these characters have in common and what are the bizarre events? Now I am curious and I must investigate.


Let's start things off with...things that make no sense.

Since this episode makes no sense…I won’t try to make a summary. If I did it wouldn’t make sense and would probably be 156839486 words. So the condense version is as follows: Two people working for a rag newspaper show up in China in time to cover a festival. Despite the fun times people are being murdered all over the place and it turns out that Maria’s old friend Canaan is taking them out. She seems to have super powers as she leaps through the streets and fires on people who also have special powers (not as special as hers) and they appear to be attacking her first. Elsewhere there is a girl in a bathtub thinking about her sister and Canaan. Two business men introduce the viewer to the term Synesthesist, a person who has super control of their five senses. Bathtub girl talks about her sister a lot and how she can “feel her”. And somewhere else people are getting arrest off a boat. Later one of the people from the boat (a girl who looks like bathtub girl) is being escorted by a caravan of important looking people. Things end in an explosion as someone tries to free Van girl. Oh and everyone at said festival fails to notice that people are dying all over the place. THE END!


You and me both sister!

Well then…..yeah. So. That was nothing like the short summary I read at all. Sure there was a young man (or at least I am going to assume the reporter is a young man) but where was the detective, virus researcher, and cat mascot? And I am pretty sure this event took place in Tokyo. The festival was in China. Um, so perhaps the tiny summary (with obvious mistakes) was either not very accurate or episode 1 will tie into the plot in some magical way. And it will have to be very magical at this point.

So…let’s pretend that little summary doesn’t exist. We are also going to pretend we don’t know anything about the game this show is based on or anything else. Because I don’t. XD


I think I will need a third eye to understand this all....

A lot is going on in this first episode. A lot. Almost to the point where my brain exploded. I wish they did a better job of explaining who people are. You know the drill, in the first episode where everyone says everyone’s names even though it is obvious that these people are close and probably shouldn’t be saying each other’s names and occupations so obviously. Clearly Canaan did not get that memo.


Yay for festivals...and bullets! XD

So let’s try to concentrate on what we do know. The episode takes place during festival time in China. I would say during New Year. But all is fun and people are laughing and taking part of the good times.


Um...you didn't see the dead body before you took the picture?

Well except for the people wearing masks and dying once said masks are taken off. Going by what another character says earlier it appears these mask wearing people are suffering from sensory overload. Canaan appears to have this ability as well but her brain doesn’t explode if she isn’t wearing a hat. But putting aside what their problem is…everyone is not focusing on the fact that the people in hats were dying all over the place. Instead they were playing around their dead bodies and acting like it was all a big game. Yay for people not noticing MOG dead bodies.


Um...are you all seeing the dead man flying into the river? Yes? No?

So okay maybe we could give a little bit of slack to people not realizing that people are not having fun and they are indeed dying. I guess I could see how a bit of their behavior could be perceived as goofy and fun. But how about when people started to get shot? How did that look like part of the show? I mean, what part of this celebration would include people randomly falling down from gunshot wounds?


I hope they are not that stupid...

At least the reporter guy (Mino) realized that something creepy was going on. I think the photography chick (Maria) also understood the MOGness seriousness of it all. But when she was talking to Canaan not so much? She wanted to be with people and the lights? Yeah it is a festival and all but did you not just see the dead body you just took a picture of? Did you not just see the gun shots and the danger? Yeah it is not time for complaining about being away from people. Now is the time for hiding. But Mino tried explaining that even though people knew what was going on it was too much for them to handle and they had to lie to themselves. I am sure that will play into the sensory overload stuff later.


I wish my eyes were that cool....

Let’s talk about this wonderful sensory overload stuff. Not that there is much to talk about as it was barely mentioned. But we do know that the people in the hats were not in control of their ability to use sensory overload and went splat. I keep using the term sensory overload but really they call a person who can use all five senses at the same time a Synesthesist. You know, like the color red sounding like the color red and smelling like the color red. I guess if I wasn’t in control of a power like that my brain might explode too.


Behold her nakedness!

The people who might be in control of their powers include Canaan, naked bathtub girl, and the girl in the van (leader of the snakes). I say might because I am not sure about those last two girls but Canaan for sure. In case it wasn’t obvious with her eyes turning all sparkly and her seeing things all crazy. The bathtub girl was acting pretty weird about “sensing” her sister (whom I assume is van girl and not Canaan). In any event this power seems pretty cool and hopefully it will be explained more, even if I wasn’t expecting the show to go this route.


Too much plot!!!

I think the plot had way too much going on for one episode. We have the organization called the Snakes who use to have an in with the CSI. Canaan may or may not be part of the Snakes. Maria seems to know Canaan as does bath tub girl. We have some shady men talking about Synesthesist and they seem to be working out some kind of business deal regarding people with those powers. We have Mino and Maria covering an event that turns into a bloody mess.


Opening theme song A plus!

Perhaps the next episode will make more sense and I will be able to write a more extensive summary. It is worth a second episode though…just to see what the heck is going on. XD

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