Monday, July 27, 2009

Status on CANAAN blogging

Well as of right now…there isn’t going to be any. And even though it is easy to blame my slacker ways there are actual reasons behind the nonbloggingness (not so much with not catching up with Chrome Shelled Regios and Umi Monogatari. Those are cases of the laziness).


Nope it's not because of the random boobies! Try again!

And before any rabid CANAAN fans attack me no, the reason isn’t because I think the show sucks and is unworthy of my blogging. Put down the pitch forks and listen to what I have to say. XD And I bet you will agree with me.


This is the most random scene....ever. In the history of anime. Maybe.

The first episode was MOG confusing. But that often happens with new animes and I accept it. I thought maybe waiting a few weeks and viewing the episodes together would make it less confusing.


Sing when you are in danger!

I just got done watching episode number 2 and yeah…my brain feels like exploding. There is just a lot going on. So much that I don’t think I could write a summary that made sense. Or one that flowed well. It would be full of “and then some other random people were doing this. And then another group of random people were doing this”. I have NO IDEA what is going on.


Who the hell is the bad guy?!

And in some shows that works. Like Pandora Hearts. Most of the time I am going WTF is going on….but it seems to be okay at the end of the day. The plot seems to flow together in a way that doesn’t make sense but it can/will one day. There aren’t 5832 characters out there doing their own thing. It is easier to try and fill in the blanks with Pandora Hearts.


Is everyone trying to kill everyone?!

With CANAAN everything seems like a mess and that this mess is here to stay. Maybe things will get better with episode three and four. So I am not saying I am giving up blogging this series. I find CANAAN very interesting series and will continue to watch it. And I might pick it back up again (blogging that is) once things make sense to me. Or things don’t seem so entirely random. XD It will be more fun to blog about something when I know what I am talking about or have coherent ideas on what might be going on.



But CANAAN is a great series really. Even if I have no idea what is going on it is very unique. The art is well done and no one can accuse it of copying anyone. XD So everyone watch/pick up this series and join the confusion!!

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