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XXXholic Chapter 183 WTF and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Chapter 224 READING MY MIND!

I have doubted you oh great Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. Forgive me for I have doubted your great and powerful wisdom. Accept my sincere apologizes CLAMP for thinking you would not explain the great WTFness that is this granfathering/time travel mess. I should have known better.

For those who are wondering no, I have not lost my mind. I am just referring to how in chapter 223 the entire universe of Tsubasa explode on itself and all over my brain. I was slightly...X_X about the situation and let it be known.


Seeing the future is always painful. Seeing a future that is your past is a whole different kind of pain.

But now I have seen the light. Or at least a glimmer of hope that things WILL be okay. Read on to find out why.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Chapter 224


Being strong for their son...who is really his dad?

Clone Syaoran and clone Sakura ask their son real Syaoran to gather some stuff to make tea. He runs off and clone Syaoran is worried about if tomorrow will come for them. Clone Sakura says she has a dream which is a very dangerous comment to make in a CLAMP manga. She says that it was about the events that were yet to come (see volumes 1-26 of Tsubasa). Clone Sakura states that it is impossible for clone Syaoran to be the father of real Syaoran (cue Tenchi DYING in her seat). But then she states the reason that this cannot be is that everything will repeat in a circle and once more this conversation will take place. Clone Sakura explains her dream was the one moment that has not taken place yet and clone Syaoran asks if that is how they can change this all from repeating again. The only way for this to happen though is for real Syaoran and real Sakura to be separated permanently. Even if it was clone Syaoran and clone Sakura who were separated forever it would still not matter or change the future. Then clone Sakura says that CCS gave her the Clow Wand and told her everything will be alright. THE END!


Dreams are scary in this series.

So there we have it folks! They must have read my blog and decided that they needed to explain things to me and make all better.

Or this was planned all along and I am insane. XD But still I am slightly happy with the situation not being glossed over into OH IT IS MAGIC or OH EVERYTHING IS MESSED UP land. I wanted the subject to be acknowledged as WTF and it did. Yay.



And maybe it a way it does reflect on my question on how could real Syaoran exist in the first place...just in a non direct way. I mean, if this circle will always repeat itself it doesn't explain how Syaoran came into existence to begin with. Or how Yuko's promise will come true. She would not set up their wishes to make them suffer and suffer again. She is not that evil.


Can we know this one moment?!


Or....or not. :( Just forget the issue...

But then clone Sakura says that there is a part of her dream that could change the future. That would be fine if they showed it. Which they didn't. Not that I want it to happen but I don't think it will. So I want to know now, even if it was a brief explanation with a black background. It will bug me that we will never know...or we will know and things will not end happily.


Keeping up with the times and people and clones makes me explody.

Something that made me go....what??? was when clone Sakura was talking about CCS Sakura. This has already happened before right? Or am I that confused that it hasn't? Let me think this out....okay maybe it hasn't happened yet. Even though I think it has given the fact that Yuko already had the rod and said it was payment for earlier stuff. BUT this all could be a flashback with Clone Syaoran and clone Sakura before they show up to the final battle. Okay, it is back to making sense now. XD Somewhat.


A cute little family with a shaky tomorrow...

It is a little weird seeing a grown up Syaoran and Sakura. But in a way I am happy. I am tired of seeing parents who look exactly the same from their kids age wise. People look older and lose the childish features. I am approve of this even though it is a little strange.

But I do not approve of another Fai and Kuroganeless chapter. :(

So on to XXXholic!!!

XXXholic Chapter 183


Watanuki needs a

Watanuki watches as the last bits of the random darkness take Yuko. He wakes up in the shop with tears in his eyes. Dōmeki tells him that Watanuki was alone in the treasure room when he found him. Watanuki asks Dōmeki if he knows Yuko and Dōmeki states he does. Watanuki is briefly....okay with that information. Before he can explain what happened to Dōmeki Maru and Moro reappear in the shop via other dimension travel style. They start crying and hug Watanuki explaining that Yuko used the last of her power to keep the shop intact. Dōmeki gives them a moment and goes outside with Black Mokona (who randomly has reappeared too). Dōmeki says that he saw Yoku's last moments and that it was not a dream. Dōmeki then muses that he still does not know what the egg was for in the end. Mokona states the time to use the egg has not come yet and when the time does come it will be based on what Dōmeki wants. That Yuko has picked certain people to be around Watanuki when he makes this decision. Due to the fact that Dōmeki can see what Watanuki sees it is he will have to decide when/if to use the egg. THE END!

Well then. Even though it said super long chapter it felt like a normal length chapter and I am still left with many of the same questions along with new ones. XXXholic answers questions at the speed of slow.


Dōmeki's choice of words makes me suspicious. Actually everything anyone does makes me think twice...

But Watanuki is alive and in…whatever world he lives in. Sad and with tears in his eyes but alive. I am little X_X that he was found inside the shop and not outside in danger but meh. Dōmeki will save his life again soon enough so I can wait. But I am not that patient.

Also Black Mokona, Maru, and Moro are alive so yeah! I wasn’t that afraid about Black Mokona as he seems to be connected with White Mokona. That and he could leave the shop and be okay. The two girls on the other hand were created for the sole purpose of keeping the shop alive and they can’t leave as they have no souls. I felt they were connected to Yuko than Mokona was so hence the worrying.


Watanuki is slowing become an adult.

But the girls are alive and are crying with Watanuki. And instead of Watanuki sobbing himself he seems to be protecting the girls. He is already taking over the role as protector and knowing that he has to be the one in charge now. Of course he doesn’t know all this yet but he is taking her spot and it was probably Yuko’s plan all along.

Dōmeki not comforting Watanuki was typical but it still makes me sad. Even though Fai and Kurogane are WAY MORE OBVIOUS AND FUN TO SHIP Watanuki and Dōmeki are kinda obvious at points too. But Dōmeki can’t push his luck or Watanuki will out right reject him. Instead he gives Watanuki space and hopes that Watanuki knows that he is there for him.


Whatcha talkin bout Mokona?!

Dōmeki muses about the egg and how the time to use it must have passed without him knowing. Mokona corrects Dōmeki by saying the time has not yet come. Let’s review this magical egg shall we.

When Sakura was in Acid Tokyo (AKA CLOW COUNTRY!!!) the price to save Fai was to retrieve this egg that was not harmed in the acid rain. She only retrieved one. When the egg was sent via Mokonas two arrived. One egg hatched into an adorable chick that is not affected by Himawari’s curse. The other egg had no magical powers. Yuko gives Dōmeki the other egg as payment for drawing the water (for Acid Tokyo which makes Clow Country possible). Yuko told him to keep it close to his skin and not to
hesitate when the time came. Then the egg issue was dropped until now.


Me? Why is it always up to me?!

In a way the egg is still dependent on Watanuki’s wish. Him staying at the shop waiting for Yuko means he will have another decision to make. But the way Mokona worded it is that Dōmeki will be the one who decides when to use it. Now that is slightly confusing as Dōmeki was told not to hesitate using it when the time came. He was under the impression that time would just BAM upon him and he would be forced to save Watanuki again.


But we all know that Dōmeki is going to save Watanuki in the end...

However I believe that Watanuki is going to wish for something/do something that puts himself/the future in danger. Dōmeki is going to have to use the egg to save Watanuki and make Watanuki hate him forever but that is the burden he will have to bear. That is my theory for now about the egg issue. I am sure once all is said and done all this make sense and I will think DUH that was easy to figure out.

On to the newest psycho theory. And this one is special. It expands on the fact that I think Watanuki is actually someone else. But I keep changing who I think he is between Clow Reed himself or Fei Wong. Depending on who I think Watanuki is affects who I think Dōmeki is. Dōmeki can’t be Clow Reed…so that would leave Fei Wong. But Fei Wong is much more emotional than Dōmeki could ever be…unless something really horrible happened. As in Watanuki does something drastic to bring back Yuko and loses himself. This theory in itself is creepy as Yuko and Clow Reed appear to be VERY CLOSE…but then again it could explain why Fei Wong is pissed off that Clow died but he still wants to make Reed happy and bring back Yuko.

Don’t yell at me that this theory makes no sense. The entire story is WTF okay!!!

But the new part of my WTF theory is that Himawari is the person Xing Huo is cloned after. It is crazy and really out there but she just seems similar in style to Himawari. Fei Wong killed Xing Huo after she helped real Syaoran escape. He said “considering your origins, I suppose it couldn’t have been helped”. Since we know NOTHING about Xing Huo it is hard to understand why she would want to help out Syaoran. Of course it could be explained that Fei Wong was attempting to clone Sakura and she was the failed product. Or Yuko. Both have said the dream has to end. MMMM. My theory is falling apart before my very eyes so I better stop while I am a mile behind.

So while Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle gives me some hope and answers XXXholics just makes me go X_X still. But I am still excited about the new chapters and sad that things are slowly coming to an end. Hopefully the next chapters will come out soon. XD

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