Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Catching up with Shugo Chara Doki!! Episodes 83-92

REJOICE THE MASSES! I am typing this on my laptop! One week and 160 dollars later the problem has been fixed. What exactly the problem was I have no idea. All I know is I will never take for granted these beautiful and flat keys ever again. Mommy loves you Dell XPS M1330 laptop!

But back to the topic at hand. Last week I peeked at what Shugo Chara Doki was up to and found myself going MOG I MUST WATCH THAT EPISODE! The thing was I was about 9 episodes behind that particular one so...I had to sit myself down and catch up as fast as possible. Then my internet died! But it still doesn't change the fact that I let myself get three months behind on this series anyway. :( Sorry Shugo Chara Doki, but you were having some boring episodes there.


....How did you get so far behind.....

Catching up felt good. Some of the episodes were really good. Of course there were some boring spoilers along the way but I am glad I didn't give up on the series all together. We get rid of Lulu! That should be enough for people to rejoice about.

So this post is very, very long. I broke it up into episodes in case someone else is greatly behind like I was so you don't spoil yourself too. XD So thanks for reading and yay for catching up!

Shugo Chara Doki Episode 83


I miss playing DDR...

Episode 83- Lulu’s mother is featured on another show in which Lulu thinks is beneath her. Lulu is determined to get the Embryo before Ikuto and EASTER. At the Guardian’s meeting Yaya passes out flyers for a music festival going on. Amu gets sad when she sees a violin and the talk turns to how Ikuto might show up and eat people’s brains. But they decide to go anyway. The trio morons go and bug Ikuto for a while and mess around with their computers at random. Nana slips into EASTER and manages to steal a flyer containing the information about the music festival that EASTER is putting on. Yoru is invited to the musical festival so he gives up his search for Ikuto for now. Lulu is dressed up as Little Yellow Riding Hood and dancing around like a crack fairy while the Guardians make stupid plastic flutes. Lulu busts into a van holding Ikuto (as he was supposed to take over the festival) and sets him free because she is confused. But some random kid decides they want to dance like a crack fairy like Lulu and she jewels her. There is a dramatic moment when Ikuto and Amu almost run into each other but PING there is an ? egg around. The crack fairy princess runs around and puts tutus on people and makes them act insane. Nagihiko (who had a moment earlier about his dreams and dancing) comes and teaches the crack fairy princess how to really dance and Amu heals her. Lulu feels weird about the situation. Ikuto tries to escape to Amu but he is captured again before Amu and Yoru can locate him. The end!


Behold the crack fairy princess!

Overall episode 83 wasn’t too bad of an episode. The lost child was a real STRETCH for me though. She didn’t have a dream to dance. She saw Lulu….spinning around like a crack princess and thought it looked cool. That really isn’t how I would describe a lost kid. The scientist hitting on Ikuto made me want to barf. But at least Tadase wasn’t acting like a total jerk and accepts that Amu wants to help Ikuto out. So…it wasn’t too, too bad. Just the friend of the week was too weak and more focus should have been on Lulu and Ikuto. Oh and those straw flutes were beyond lame.

Shugo Chara Doki Episode 84

Episode 84-Lulu is denied entry into EASTER and is slightly surprised about the situation. Ikuto notices that the level of security at EASTER has been upped since his escape. At school Nikaidou gives everyone the assignment of writing an essay of what they want to be when they grow up. Amu argues with her Charas that their dreams are not hers (even though they were made from her dreams…) and has a hard time completing the assignment. She asks the Guardians later what they would have wrote which gives us another Nagihiko moment about his current situation. While walking around Nikaidou reads Amu’s massive essay (two sentences) Amu and her friends startle him and he trips. After they gather his papers he goes on his way and the girls talk about their dreams. Wakana says she wants to be a teacher like Nikaidou and Amu decides to say he is a bad person to want to be, what with him tripping all the time and dressing slightly messy. Wakana corrects her and slowly Amu notices that Nikaidou is a good teacher who is very attentive to all is students. Yoru is tired from his constant search of Ikuto and Lulu is all pissed off with her dreams being questioned. Wakana starts to question her dream for teaching when she realizes she has to deal with crazy parents. Nikaidou spends more time talking about how each kid is a like a seed and what kind of flower they want to be is up to them. Nikaidou gets jeweled and starts bossing people around. Amu and Rima arrive on the scene to talk her down and show her the light of being a good teacher. She is healed and Nikaidou comes to sprout out some more encouraging words. Off to the side Lulu is starting to doubt her plan even more. THE END!


That sounds familiar MMMMM.

This episode was slightly better in terms of the friend of the week. In the fact that it was actually a friend and she had a dream. I thought Amu was being a little harsh on Nikaidou. Just because he trips over air and has messy hair doesn’t mean he isn’t a good teacher. And the fact that after she was told he was a good teacher she finally noticed he was…makes me doubt her power of perception skills. I am glad they are bringing up Nagihiko’s issue..but I wish it wasn’t in passing and it played a bigger part in the plot. Same with Ikuto being locked up. Oh and Tadase being a King to protect Ikuto too was funny. And by funny I mean lame. XD

Shugo Chara Doki Episode 85


New girl is cute! XD

Episode 85- Yaya has some big news for the rest of the Guardians. She has gotten them a photo shoot with a famous model named Yua. Some of the Guardians are X_X and others are happy. But Yua arrives at school and everyone does her trademark pose to greet her. Home girl Yua turns out to be 11 despite modeling in a teen magazine. She takes turns posing for the camera with all the other Guardians but takes a real shine to Amu. Upon hearing her whole name Yua reveals that Amu and her went to the same kindergarten class. Amu can’t remember this all important meeting but apparently it still brings happy thoughts to Yua. Suddenly Yua’s Chara appears dressed up for concert. But we aren’t supposed to know that Yua wants to sing. Yua and her Guardian scream at each other for a while as Yua says she is against singing. But Yua does invite Amu to the studio for her next photo shoot. On the way home Amu runs into Cecil the Chara and she comes home to sing such wonderful annoying songs. Amu wonders why Yua is against singing and Cecil gets all sad.

Amu, Yaya, and Rima go to the studio to watch Yua model. Amu gets a new hairstyle and suddenly she is a model too. They take pictures and all is happy and rainbows. Until when Amu hears Yua singing later and is like MOG you do like singing. Yua starts to yell at Cecil for spilling her secret (WTF) until Yua’s handler comes in and says that this upcoming fashion show wants Cecil to sing for them. She gets excited and says yes. But later it is shown her spazzing at the recording studio and that she has some past trauma. All the Guardians show up to the fashion show dressed very special like. They run into Utau who is singing for the event but pretends not to care Amu is there. They all go to see Cecil who announces she will be lip syncing for this event. Amu seems bummed until Utau breaks it down for her. But Amu is still sad. It turns out that the event loses Yua’s vocals anyway and she bravely goes on stage to sing. But she has a vision of her past that haunts her to this day and she breaks down on stage. The end!

Wow. This was a pretty good episode. Maybe it was because there was no EASTER, Lulu, or lame friend of the week having a lame dream. Maybe it’s because I think the friend of week was super cute and actually represented a real life problem. In any event I approve.


Teen fashion...X_X at 11?!

Even though I do approve of this episode there was a few TINY issues that I had. Mostly the fact that an 11 year old is a model. I know this show is about dreams and showing you that anything is possible. But I still think that kids shouldn’t be models. Or if they are they need to be background models and age appropriate. I thought some of her outfits were a bit…much for her age. But then again that can apply to any episode so my case might be weak. In any event….an 11 year old model?!


I can't tell what this could be AT ALL! I am shocked and confused!

I was amused that Yua was mad at Cecil for telling them about the singing. Because Cecil totally doesn’t look like a singing Chara. Someone was just pulling that out of thin air. No one was going to figure it out until Cecil opened her big mouth. XD I am amused.


Rima does not approve of fun!

But besides those two minor points I thought the episode was cute. I love how Yaya exist only for the purpose of starting the plot. Yaya skips in, mentions a topic, and that is the friend of the week. XD Thanks Yaya for being in the back seat WHERE YOU BELONG!


Maybe a bit much...but cross dressers usually are over the top.

Nagihiko was certainly styling in this episode. I think that Shugo Chara Doki already has some outrageous outfits so it was hard to appreciate the “fashion” part of the show. But Nagihiko is so confident in himself I can appreciate his random style. XD Cute.


Always cool and calm that Utau.

This episode also gets bonus points for adding Utau in without it being out of left field. She actually went along with the theme and she had a reason to be there that didn’t involve Ikuto. She has a bit of wisdom in her and I am glad she didn’t judge Yua for lip syncing. Utau becomes more likeable each episode she is in, especially when she is denying how much she likes Amu.


But who am I to argue with fangirls?!

I might get flogged by fan girls but I wasn’t really feeling Amu’s new hair style. I do think she is just as pretty as Yua but her normal hairstyle is pretty dang cute. Or maybe if she simply had her hair down without the curling would have been cute. In any event…special. XD

I think by making this friend have two episodes instead of one makes their story much stronger. We got to see how her fears really affected her and I felt as if her dream was really a dream and not some fly by night feeling. Let’s see how it all works out in the next episode.

Shugo Chara Doki Episode 86


Utau saves the day...and expects no thanks XD
Episode 86- Yua freezes on stage while the entire crowd looks on. She doesn’t want to change into Cecil and nears tears instead. Utau comes out and starts to sing in her place so the crowd doesn’t think Yua is a loser. Yua is still sad though. Afterwords the Guardian gang goes backstage to ask Yua what happened. Yua has decided that she is going to give up singing now (not that she really started to). Amu is sad with her decision but Yua pretends to smile. Nagihiko catches up to Yua to inform her if Yua does not sing again Cecil will disappear. Nagihiko gets a little wistful thinking about how Charas are born from their dreams. The next day Rima has a hissy fit that Nagihiko has more pictures in the magazine than her. Cecil ends up at the Royal garden to confirm Yua hasn’t sung anything since that day. Cecil explains that Yua can only sing alone and never in front of people (because we didn’t know that already). Yaya and the others demand that Amu go and fix it as Amu somehow helped Yua before. So Amu and Yaya go to fix things with Yua. Elsewhere Lulu is looking for a lost kid and is being slightly more selective with her target. Yua thinks back to when she started to be an idol and she was unable to sing in front of the panel. Something is holding her back from her kindergarten days. Amu and Yaya happen up Yua who was singing in the park. Amu tries to encourage Yua to sing again but she just runs off upset.



Yua runs through town and passes Lulu whose PING radar goes off. Lulu runs up and jewels Yua…but wonders why an ? egg doesn’t come out. Lulu thinks that she failed and stomps off. Cecil transforms into a crazy looking Chara and attacks everyone else. She then flies off to find Yua. When does find her Cecil proves to be rather strong and sucks up all the music in town. She then transforms Yua. Yua also proves to be a much stronger opponent than normal. Utau shows up and helps Amu out. Amu tries to again to talk some sense into Yua. Amu remembers what she said to Yua all those years ago. When they were little Yua wanted to sing in front of the class but she was too soft. All of the class left to play outside and Yua cried. She looked up and Amu was still there, saying she would listen to Yua. Yua listens finally and Amu heals her. Yua decides that she wants to sing and runs up the hill to sing the softest song ever. The credits begin to play as there are stills of Amu and Yua having fun with the rest of the Guardians. It is shown later that Yua has conquered her fears and is able to sing as part of her career, all thanks to Amu. The end.


A happy ending that makes me happy. XD

See writers. This is how you do filler episodes without making everyone scream in the streets that you are a moron. You get a cookie for finally getting it right. But only ONE cookie as the next episode looks boring.


Lulu...thinking?! Before she acts?! GASP!

Yes EASTER and Lulu was involved with this episode but it didn’t feel as rushed since Yua had a decent build up. I also like the fact that Lulu isn’t going out and picking some random loser to jewel up. I think she is finally getting that the Embryo is affected by something special in people and wishy washy people’s dreams aren’t going to cut it anymore. That and Lulu also got a talking to by Yua. So overall Lulu was very tolerable this episode which shocks me.


Chibi Amu is too cute!

While Yua’s trauma at the age of 4..almost had me rolling my eyes I still liked it. It shows that Amu has always been a kind person who sticks up for the little guy. And who am I to say 4 year olds don’t get discouraged. Maybe small children are told by their parents they can’t do something and they grow up believing their options are limited. Maybe 4 year olds are more fragile than I think. And I guess when you are 11 your life is pretty limited and things like that still affect you.


This is way more realistic!

And I am also glad that she didn’t sing on stage in front of the crowd. That would have been too easy. It was more likely that she was cave on the stage since she was unprepared for singing for real. So yay for showing something could actually happen and not some happy fairy tale ending.


Thank you for making sense!

I also liked that Yua was stronger than past “bad guys”. Her power made sense. She hated the fact that she couldn’t sing so she was going to destroy music so no one could. That makes more sense than covering people in tutus and flying around in the sky like a freak. Dang writers, you are on a role.


:( He needs a hug. And his eggs to hatch.

Once again we got a little bit of Nagihiko’s issue. I wish that they would stop stringing us along but at least they aren’t totally forgetting that he is in pain and a lot of this applies to him too. He is the typical dependable person…in the fact he can give out good advice but it is hard to apply to his own life. Hang in there Nagihiko, I am sure one day you will get both your eggs back.


Rima is a dangerous little jelly bean.

Rima is a freak. But a cute little freak.

So since we had two good episodes back to back…I predict the next episode will bore me to tears. Let’s go find out!

Shugo Chara Doki Episode 87


Look at me being cute for half a second!

Lulu is making tons of jewelry for her new plan: get as many ?eggs as possible. Nana points out that isn’t what she was saying last time (with targeting better people) but Nana quickly focuses on eating 190345 candy bars. The Guardians talk about how they need to be a little more active in preventing ?eggs. Lulu learns that her mother has gotten a movie offer back in France. She is very pleased but the momma doesn’t seem as excited. But Lulu wants to make sure all goes well so she still wants the Embryo. She and Nana go out and run into Yoru who is still looking for Ikuto. Nana passes out. Lulu doesn’t know what to do so she calls Amu. Amu also doesn’t know what to do and Lulu gets frustrated. But Amu comes over anyway and her Charas set to work “making Nana feel better”. Lulu and Amu go out and buy supplies to make Nana’s favorite meals. Then everyone finds out that Nana only felt sick because she ate 12893058 million candy bars. Nana’s mom comes in and invites Amu to spend the night. Amu learns a little bit about Lulu when she was little and how she wanted to be everything. The next morning Nana wakes up refreshed and cured. She then announces that it is time to go get more ?eggs…..in front of Amu. OH SNAP! The end.


Attention! We are the bad guys! That is all.

Bleh. This episode only had one purpose: To make sure that Amu found out that Lulu was behind the ?eggs and she was working with EASTER. Not the way I would have gone about it but then again I might be a little more subtle with these things. But perhaps the targeted age group for this show doesn’t realize that blurting out the secrets to the enemy doesn’t happen. Or if it does…said enemy gets offed. XD


That is a really ugly face...

So putting aside that this entire episode was fluff for the next two episodes and served no real purpose…it wasn’t true torture. Not the kind of torture I was expecting anyway. Yes Nana’s illness was obvious and way too dramatic but this show likes to be dramatic. A simple cold gets MOG reaction and you must immediately go to their house and get infected yourself while you serve them soup. But it wasn’t that bad as Amu really is a caring person and not really this tough girl she likes to portray.


You'll never betray me right Lulu?

Even though it took like 44 episodes and no effort on Amu’s part she finally knows that Lulu has been working with EASTER all this time. If I was Amu I would stop making friends until EASTER was taken out. She is surrounded by bad guys! Now on to the next episode.

Shugo Chara Doki 88


Say it ain't so?!

Amu is in shock and asks Lulu if that is true. Lulu gets all pissy and says it is, that no one will get in her way of getting the Embryo. Lulu’s mom comes up as she heard screaming and Lulu throws Amu out. Amu is very depressed that yet another friend is working for EASTER. Her Charas explain that Lulu must be a good person as she has parents…and a Guardian Chara. Lulu is trying to pull herself together when she learns that her mother has turned down the movie offer. Nana starts thinking that maybe getting the Embryo is a bad idea but Lulu is more pissed off now. Amu tells the Guardians what is on and Yoru shows up to confirm that Lulu has been working with EASTER all along. The Guardians leave for some reason and Nana shows up. She tells the other Charas about how Lulu just wants to help a special person. She also talks about how Lulu use to be full of hopes and dreams but her Grandmother filled her head with ideas about being perfect and crap. Dia randomly appears and tells Nana she already knows what to do. Lulu is in a park handing out jewelry like it’s candy. Nana shows up and Lulu ?egg them all against Nana’s will. All the eggs turn into three really big ones and the Guardians run up to go X_X. Amu tries to talk to Lulu as the others fight off random dreams. Nana explains that Lulu is only doing this to help her mother become a better actress. Amu questions if Lulu’s mom is even unhappy and if Lulu isn’t just wasting her time. Well that is apparently the wrong question and Lulu jewels herself and transforms Nana into a ?egg. OH SNAP!

Amu handles Lulu’s news as well as can be as expected. She did her typical NO THIS IS ALL A LIE! I really didn’t think that Amu and Lulu were that close of friends but meh. She thinks that people she meets for just one episode are her friends so Lulu must be her bestest best friend ever. Or maybe Amu thought she was in the twilight zone with another friend turning out to be a bad guy.


Yes let's handle this AFTER SCHOOL!

Now…if I was told someone was a bad guy I wouldn’t just skip out of their house. And if I did, it would only to gather my troops and hunt her down. None of this pity party, how could she, I know she is a good person crap. People’s DREAMS are at stake. Okay that is a little dramatic but that is how they roll in this show. Just stop letting the enemy escape crazy Amu.


Why must you torture me?!?!

WTF was with Dia hatching for 10 seconds? Why can’t she just hatch and stay hatch? I am tired of this back and forth crap. Amu is confused on what she wants to be. That is why she has 4 Charas. So why isn’t it the right time for Dia to hatch? IS SHE JUST WAY TOO AWESOME FOR WORDS?! I promise I can handle her awesomeness now let her be hatched.


There are a lot of boys in the crowd.....

I rather liked Lulu jeweling a bunch of kids at once and massive ?eggs being formed. It marks big boss status and makes Lulu a little scarier. Which she needs since she looks like a cream puff. On to the next episode.

Shugo Chara Doki 89


I bet it all works out!!!

Amu continues to try to talk sense into Lulu while the others battle the ?Eggs. Well, Rima and Tadase fight, Yaya is a big friggin moron, and Nagihiko is feeling sad that he can’t do anything to help his friends. Lulu apologizes to Nana but transforms into a different person, Dream Dream. She is a lot stronger than normal transformed kids and Amu is having some problems. Rima and Nagihiko have a moment so fangirls everyone can be satisfied. Amu tells Lulu that getting her mother’s dream at the expense of others will only make her mother sad. Amu also says some stuff about how this is really Lulu’s wish but not her true wish. When Lulu says that she doesn’t even know what her real dream is Amu confesses she doesn’t either. Lulu finally gets that sacrificing other people’s dreams is wrong and she has hurt Nana. Amu heals her and there is a bit of tears and boo hooing. Nana is reborn so all is well. Lulu runs into her mother at the park. They go home and Lulu tells her mother she was working hard to get her back in the lime light. Lulu’s mother says that she was happy doing variety shows and the reason she stopped filming movies was because of Lulu. She wanted to be home to be with Lulu and by doing variety shows she had more time for her family. Her mom cries for a while for misunderstanding what her daughter. There is a bit of a bonding moment and all is well. Lulu shows up to talk to the Guardians the next day and give them some information about EASTER. She says that she can’t help Amu fight EASTER as she is going back to France. Her mother has decided to take a movie job that will allow her to be at home more often. Amu is a little sad that another friend was leaving and starts to worrying about Ikuto. Amu sees Lulu off at the airport and they promise to be friends forever. Lulu acts more like Utau by trying to act all cool but it fails. Off Lulu goes and Amu smiles that things worked out in the end.


Have a necklace of friendship!

Things worked out and everyone is happy. Well except for Ikuto but you know. He will be happy one day. The point is everyone is friends, no one is punished for their supernatural crimes, and Amu saves the day. Hot dog.


A bit much for a 6th grader...

I was a little sad that we didn’t get to see an X version of Nana. She is already cute but it would have been nice to see her all evilfied. And Lulu’s big transformation would have been more dramatic had we seen her transform before. But we didn’t and life will move on. I think that Lulu’s costume was a little bit…risqué for a 12 year old. Interesting but not age appropriate. Or very specific. BUT STILL NICE!


Yaya is not worth saving.

Yaya is never going to be useful. I wish that she would go over to EASTER’s side and become a little more…something. But I am glad that Nagihiko is there to remind us that he is just sitting there doing nothing. Otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed. I just wonder why Rima who seems smarter than your average Guardian hasn’t questioned why one of their own doesn’t have their own Chara. MMMMMM.

Amu once again saves the day and says the most obvious thing to the bad guy. Which in this case is Lulu will make her mother sad instead of happy. Also that err…lulu’s mom isn’t unhappy with her current life. It is sad that Amu was able to figure this out while Lulu couldn’t. But maybe Lulu was caught up in how lovely things could have been had her mother been a famous actress still. But negative ten points for Lulu not realizing that her dream was hurting other people. Fail.


But my mom said I was!!!

Also bleh to Lulu’s mother crying and saying it was her fault. Here Lulu’s mom gave up a glamour life to be with her kid and said kid wasn’t happy with that. Like fool, do you see me in this stupid stuffed animal outfit? The parents need to start laying down the law and saying YEAH you messed up. But I guess since Lulu realized she was a douche bag it isn’t a total loss cause.

I think if Lulu had left 20 episodes ago it would a little more dramatic and meaningful. But now it is more like HURRAY! She was almost a second tier bad guy half the time what with Ikuto’s drama getting involved and tons of side story. But since Lulu was just a filler characters that is to be expected.


....Is Tadase on crack?

In the end Lulu and Amu become friends as Lulu leaves. Everyone ends up being happy in the end and loving Amu for saving them. Yeppie. Now back to Ikuto and maybe Nagihiko. Thank you.

Shugo Chara Doki 90


Amu does not approve of this episode!

Amu is thinking about Lulu being in Paris and how much she will miss her. She starts to make fun of Yoru but then feels bad about him missing Ikuto. Downstairs Ami and her dad are practicing for the shout your love contest going on next week. Yaya tells the Guardians about this event and decides that Amu and Tadase should enter the event. Rima, Tadase, and Amu are less than thrilled with the idea. Nagihiko decides it would be a good idea to attend as EASTER might show up. So Yaya runs off to enter them in the contest. The director of EASTER is off being a loser. Tadase tells Amu they don’t have to enter the contest but he rather so he can tell everyone how he feels. Amu tries to tell her Charas that she is against this idea but they are for it. Yoru is also practicing for this event so his love for Ikuto can bring him back. It’s the day of the event and it is massive amounts of stupid. Finally it is Tadase and Amu’s turn but TADA Ikuto starts playing his violin before Tadase can confess. Ikuto uses a bunch of X eggs to tie up the other Guardians and transform himself into Death Rebel. There is a bit of fighting and Yoru starts crying for Ikuto. Amu pleads with Ikuto and he comes back to his senses for a minute. EASTER increases the tuning fork of doom and Ikuto is once again lost. Amu and Tadase heal all the eggs and the Embryo appears but no one goes after it. Amu is sad that Ikuto couldn’t be saved and it is all tears. The director starts to think about what the Embryo really could be and is all X_X! The next day Yaya is an idiot and tries to get Tadase to confess his feelings to Amu. But he doesn’t as he thinks of Amu’s reaction to Ikuto yesterday. The end!


It means you suck!!!

Boring episode is beyond boring. But of course I think any episode that focuses on Tadase and Amu’s “relationship” needs to die.


Sucks to be Tadase!

But this didn’t even get to the typical stage of MOG awkward smile crap. Nopers we were denied that lame scene. So really this episode served no purpose except the last scene at the end. Where Tadase realizes that Amu has feelings for Ikuto and him forcing her to pick would be cruel. HAHA I laugh at his pain because I am evil.


Well...and everyone conveniently not being around during battle time.

Seriously I am moving to Japan though. Random events always seem to be going on and I feel left out. NOW ON TO IMPORTANT EPISODES!

Shugo Chara Doki 91



Nagihiko is thinking back to when he was younger and told that he must fully embrace his life as a girl. Back to the present all the girls are going crazy over that guy that asked Rima out. Rima gets mad and says she isn’t upset she turned him down. Nagihiko comes around and plays basketball too to help out the team. Kukai comes out of nowhere and interrupts the game. He says he came by to make sure Nagihiko is doing a good job as Jack. He seems a little miffed that everyone thinks he is doing a better job that Kukai did. So naturally it is time for an arm wrestling contest. Nagihiko almost wins and his egg starts moving around. Nagihiko and Kukai go out for ice cream while Amu talks about how she saw his egg moved. Kukai tells Nagihiko later that he needs to get his act together but still have fun. Not to worry about his two eggs that haven’t hatched and just do what you want to do. Later some random kids come by to play basketball and Nagihiko shows off his mad jumping skills trigging his egg to move again. The stupid trio work on a machine that will use Ikuto’s violin music to get X eggs. Yaya and her Chara try to get Nagikiho’s egg to hatch but they fail. There is a bit of teasing of Rima but it is unclear who they are trying to pair her with. Amu ends up at the game and watches Nagihiko play basketball. The stupid trio show and draw out everyone’s eggs. The X Charas want to play basketball and Nagihiko ends up being awesome and making a basket. He thinks back to how basketball use to be his dream and how he could feel free to be a boy and jump as high as he wanted. POOF his egg hatches and Rhythm is born. Nagihiko transforms and helps save the day. The people playing basketball earlier remember Nagihiko from when they were younger and it is a bonding moment. Amu and most of her Charas are X_X Rhythm’s playboy behavior.


Well that was different....

Okay….so this episode was different that what I was expecting. And what I was expecting was a dramatic MOG Nagihiko is really my female best friend from like a year ago and Nagihiko realizes he can do “boy things” like play basketball while performing his girl dances.


Did I mention cute?!

But we didn’t get that and I must accept that. I will cling to what we did get and try to be happy with that. Because if we aren’t we might get another Lulu and we can’t be having that.



I wish there was more to this story but I guess it was covered well enough in one episode. It could have been worse and we would have to share Nagikiho’s happy moment of Charaness.


I like basketball?!

I am not sure how you forgot about a hobby that you were fond of just a couple of years ago but whatever. Nagihiko didn’t remember that he was oppressed by a child and denied his boyhood right to play sports. His body remembered and he was able to show off his mad jumping skills. It was nice to see an episode focusing around Nagihiko and how awesome he can be.


This episode has me in it! It can't be lame!

The battle was pretty lame. It was nice to see the X-Charas back but them wanting to play basketball was lame. Lame lame lame. And Amu with her rollerblades of awesomeness could have handled the take at hand. But this episode was for Nagihiko!


I want a figurine of Rhythm!

And poof Rhythm was born. He is the cutest thing in the entire world!!!!


Negative 100 points for Tadase. XD

Is it wrong that when Nagihiko transformed the first thing I thought wasn’t MOG how cool is that? It was MOG Tadase looks like a bigger loser than usual and I laugh at his pain for all time? Because that is what I did. And I am sure that is what other people thought too. So don’t judge me!


What's up with the random pairing?!

So in the end it was what I was expecting and I think it could have been better. But at the end of the day this episode was the reason why I got off my butt and caught up with this series. Nagihiko deserved more attention and he got it. I look forward to this new addition to the group and Nagihko’s journey on finding himself thus making his other egg hatch. On to the next episode!

Shugo Chara Doki 92


You better come back Dia if you want to continue being my favorite Chara!

Nagihiko arrives late to the next Guardian meeting and introduces his playboy Chara Rhythm to all. Nagihiko reveals the reason why he was late to the meeting was Rhythm character changed him without permission and he ended up showing off to all the sport teams. Now all the sport teams want him to join and Nagihiko is unhappy. Kiseki doesn’t seem very thrilled with Rhythm but Yoru likes him. The stupid trio make a new X egg machine and set off to cause havoc. There is a random scene with a blond hair kid. The next day everyone is still fighting over Nagihiko. Rhythm Character Changes Nagihiko and Nagihiko “flies” off with Amu. Nagihiko is kinda unhappy with his Chara and Amu tries to make the situation better by saying it was an adjustment for her too. Kukai randomly shows up and his Chara gets along with Rhythm great. Nagihiko decides that Rhythm represents a small part of himself that he is lacking and that scares him. Amu is off thinking about Charas being a representation of what you lack when she runs into blond hair kid. She buys him some taiyaki. He is all what is THIS but Amu is distracted by the stupid trio start playing Ikuto’s song. The blond hair kid runs off and EASTER moves to a park to get more victims. Nagihiko was in the park so he alerts everyone to the issue. All the X eggs come out of random kids and form a super egg. Nagihiko takes control and manages to work with his new Chara. Amu saves the day and explains to Nagihiko that things will work out with his new Chara even if they are different. Random blond hair kid runs up, says that taiyaki is unnecessary for his life, and runs off. The end.


More about Nagihiko rejoice!!!!

Okay. So the writers are trying to appease me and not sweep this Nagihiko thing under the rug. Good effort I must say.


Time to get frustrated!

This episode felt…real to me. Or as real as a show about Charas and magical powers can really get. Amu’s reaction to the situation might have come across as bitchy when she first received her Charas. But that was a real reaction. You don’t want random weird things floating around you and bothering you all the time. So while other people might be sad that Nagihiko and Rhythm didn’t bond right away I call that normal.


Now we get to know each other!!!!

And to be fair Rhythm is much different than Nagihiko. Well…a lot of Charas are different from their owners but Rhythm is a pretty out there kinda guy. But he represents the part of Nagihiko who wishes he could let loose sometimes and not always be the responsible one everyone relies on. That is also very relatable.


Things will be better I promise. XD

And at the end of the episode Nagihiko wasn’t all cupcakes and rainbows about the situation. He still finds Rhythm to be a little much but now sees that he isn’t all bad. Which is what should happen. You don’t become close overnight and become best friends forever. Things take time and this is a big change for him.


This kid is on crack.....

That random blond hair kid was random and very subtle. I am sure he will be utterly important down the line and perhaps will be the new enemy now that Lulu is out of the picture. But for now he is weird and rude. But cute.


He is the new replacement bad guy!

I am not really thrilled that EASTER is using this new machine to do their plans. That means even less will be focused on Ikuto and that makes me sad. That and those idiots make me mad anyway. So bleh to them.


Just in the nick of time!

WOOT! I have finally caught up with this series and it was a lot more fun watching them all together instead of one at a time. This would have been posted a lot sooner but due to INTERNET ISSUES that was not possible. But now maybe I can tackle Chrome Shelled Regios as that series is done with. X_X Wish me luck.


Karen said...

Yeah I have to agree with you that in the Yua episodes Amu's hairstyle was uhh. kind of wierd. Yes I said it. She's still Amu-chan though! D: I like the random little boy, it's wierd his look is refreshing in a way because the only other blond in the show is Utau, and I dunno his look is different in a good way, even though his ideas are wack! Sweets are a necessity!! >:O Yay cute Nagi is cute :) I'm looking forward to the supposed Utau centric episode next friday~

Christina said...

Karen- I was like X_X wtf kind of kid doesn't like snacks? And isn't that kind of snack made from beans most of the time?! i know some have real chocolate in it but most contain bean paste. that sounds pretty healthy to me considering i just ate half a container of Pringles.

I always think it is odd that no one but Amu changes up their hair in this series. you would think Utau would since she is a singer :(