Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pandora Hearts Episode 14

Despite there being a few new summer animes that I wanted to check out I decided to hold true to Pandora Hearts and blog about it first. That is just how I roll, with loyalty and such.


I bet he is now....

The more I watch of Pandora Hearts the more I get confused. But it is a good kind of confusion which is still in the acceptable range. This show is fun to watch and I recommend it to all. Watch it or else.

Now on to episode 14!


Aw cute Alice!

After Gilbert gets done going MOG at Jack the episode gets underway. There seems to be a flashback of Alice from 100 years ago. She is in her tower room with her cat Cheshire and all her dolls looking out the window. Jack was trying to climb up a tree to see Alice when he falls and THEY arrive. Back in the present Oz is getting his butt kicked by the Cheshire Cat again. Oz tries to make jokes to diffuse the situation but the Cheshire Cat calls him out on being too calm. He also questions “where” Oz, repeating Breaks question to Oz some episodes back. When Oz comments that Break and the Cheshire Cat see things the same way the Cheshire Cat gets pissed off and tries to squish Oz. Jack appears in the mirror and tells the Cheshire Cat he can’t kill Oz but to go play with Break instead. Jack then pulls Oz through the mirror. Jack takes Oz outside to where Gilbert is and they have a joyful reunion. Oz recognizes Jack as the random guy in Alice’s memory. Jack decides right now is not the right time to tell Oz who he is and instead decides they both must focus on rescuing Alice. Oz says that Alice is his sun as she can be honest with her emotions and that is lovely. Jack tells Oz how he can find Alice by just focusing on her and poof he disappears into pretty orbs. The Cheshire Cat goes through the mirror to find younger Break with his “sister” Sharon and her mom.


Oz is too cute! XD

When Gilbert questions what the hell the Cheshire Cat is up to with Break Jack says that he is afraid about losing his power and he won’t be able to protect Alice anymore. Gilbert is still not pleased that Jack sent Oz out all by himself to where Alice is. Jack tries to explain that he is not a memory of Jack but a fragment of Jack’s actual soul in her memories. The Cheshire Cat and Break fight a little bit when it is revealed that Break was just trying to get the Cheshire Cat to let him out. Then Break unleashes his Chain…the Mad Hatter. Oz has been transported to where Alice is and is running around a huge mansion. Along the way he runs into dead bodies and a small little fire. Jack talks to Oz in his mind and explains that Oz is in Sabrie, the day of the sad event where the capital was plunged into the Abyss. Oz is a little shocked as he thought that event 100 years ago was caused by an earthquake. He slowly puts together that the fact that he is here in Alice’s memory means she was present on that day and this is probably the memory she wants to forget the most.


Gilbert is not feeling the love.

Gilbert is losing his patience with Jack and pulls a gun on him, demanding the truth. Jack smiles sadly and says he never thought Gilbert would do such a thing to him. He asks Gilbert if he really has forgotten about him. Oz continues to walk around the blood and fire filled mansion when he runs into…baby Vincent? Baby Vincent seems to be distressed at causing this all but he just wanted to help Gilbert out. While Oz is going WTF how can Vincent and Gilbert be in the past baby Vincent decides that he doesn’t mind all this destruction and it isn’t his fault. He then flings himself into a firey blaze. But he reappears and starts running down the hall. Oz starts chasing him and wondering what the heck is going on. Oz concludes that since he was stuck in the Abyss for 10 years it is possible that Vincent and Gilbert also could have been stuck in the Abyss for 100 years. This could also explain why both boys appeared in the current time frame with injuries and no memories (at least on Gilbert’s half). Back outside Gilbert is holding his head and begging not to be forced to remember what happened that day 100 years ago. Jack says that is only natural that Gilbert would want to forget and that Oz and Alice would be tied together. Oz follows Vincent to the tower where Alice is locked up. He runs up to the top just in time to see Alice get slashed all up and die on the floor. Oz looks on in shock as Jack tells him that Alice was once human…up until that day when she was murdered. THE END!


I am going to go out on a limb here and say things are probably not going to end well...

Just….just whatever. I am done figuring out this show. XD I should be done trying to figure out any show and just sit back and experience the crazy.


Do Not Want.

Let’s start off with the easier to understand stuff. Like what Break’s Chain is. The Mad Hatter. Yeah…..I thought the caterpillar Chain was ugly looking. Apparently I spoke too soon. And Pandora Hearts takes real liberties on the story Alice in Wonderland. But it still is not as scary as the Alice in Wonderland movie currently in the works so I guess I can let that slide.


Real brother or not...they got history.

Are Break and Sharon really siblings or is it just another case of calling an older male adult “Big Brother”? Either way X_X.


Thanks for bringing up small plot points. It is appreciated.

Another interesting tidbit of information was the fact that the Cheshire Cat told Oz he wasn’t really there. That might be a passing comment until you realize that Break said the exact same thing to Oz a few episodes back. Now my theory is that Oz and Jack are really the same person/different timeline/Tsubasa explanation and that Oz is not completely here in this time line. But since that is my theory it might(is)be wrong. Regardless of what the comment actually means I am glad that they are reminding people of that comment and keeping that part of the plot alive.


SHHH it's a secret.

Jack is a special, special person. I am still not sure if he is a good guy or a baddie in disguise. I am more inclined to think he is a good guy who is keeping everything a secret and appearing to be a bad guy. That kinda annoys me as this makes everyone pissed off for being left in the dark and not being able to trust people who would have been comrades. But if Jack just flat out told Oz and Gilbert what was going on then what would happen to the rest of the series? So I guess it is a necessary evil that I might accept.


Thanks for telling

Alice used to be human. I knew it. I knew it but was too afraid to flaunt my knowledge. Because often when I go YES I am right it turns out I am wrong. But ha Alice was human! Well, until someone killed her and it sounds like it might have been Oz….which would be very, very interesting.


Oh snap. How many more people are from the past?!

The biggest WTF moment of the show is when Oz realizes (with Jack explaining elsewhere) that Gilbert and Vincent are just like Alice with regards from being from the past. But they appear to be human which makes me slightly happy. Not so happy with Vincent as he seems to be a freak but at least Gilbert is a somewhat normal human being who had a very traumatic past and will probably have a major mental breakdown in the near future. But he is normal right now and that is all that matters.


And the plot thickens.

But from the sound of it Gilbert and Jack were close in the past. Which will be interesting as Oz met Gilbert when they were very young and current Jack seems to be in his twenties. So 7 year old Gilbert was pals with 20 year old Jack? We need more information before we make any more crazy theories about their relationship. But it sounds like Jack thought of Gilbert as an important person and is sad that Gilbert has forgotten.


Apparently Oz having a Chain Rabbit from the Abyss is possible but not Gilbert being from the past.

I like how Oz is slightly slow when it comes to most things but was able to put together the puzzle pieces once they were revealed to him. Of course if I saw a house full of bodies and a crazy kid throwing himself in a fire I would not be sane enough to put the clues together. But Oz is slightly smarter than I give him credit for and is able to focus on the task at hand. I just hope that things don’t change between him and Gilbert with this new information.


Gilbert needs an adult!

There is much more I want to say about the whole Alice, Gilbert, Jack, and Vincent situation but I am just going to assume whatever I theorize will be wrong. XD So I will keep all thoughts to myself and wait until next week when hopefully more answers will be provided. And more questions too but that is okay as long as some answers get answered.


Anonymous said...

So many questions...
First off, Oz's carved seal is sure taking it's time. It hasn't moved in six episodes! Why exactly?

How did Vincent+ Glibert get out of the Abyss? Did they make legal/illegal contracts?

Why does Vincent hate Break's guts so much? he obiviously wants Break dead...

Love your reviews!

Christina said...

To Anonymous: XD I am glad you enjoy my reviews. I try to give an informative summary with a slight bit of snark.

I am sure that it will turn out that Break knows exactly what Vincent is and has been trying to protect Gilbert all this time. That won't fly with Vincent hence the anger issues. XD

Anonymous said...


I just love to see non-manga fans speculating the mysteries in PH <3

No worries, Oz's clock will surely move like a time bomb xD

*not gonna spoil ya~~~*

Great review Chirstina xD
Shame to those who dropped PH befor ethis awesome episode xD

Christina said...

vivz36-I think you manga readers get a kick out of seeing us anime watchers shake our heads in confusion. XD But i don't blame you, i do the same when the tables are turned.

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha xD

A fellow PH fan just found the upcming episode titles. If it goes well, they might follow the manga precisely and left an open end; which means second season and the possibility of getting a better production company to do it (or just Xebec but with improvements xD)

By the way, will you blog the DVD extras when they got out and subbed?