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07-Ghost Episode 17

Is it Wednesday already? XD I guess it's good this week is flying by quickly. That means we are closer and closer to AFO and an ant free hotel! WOOHOO.

Now sadly...we do not get a yaoi packed episode this week. I think they might have used a month's worth of yaoi material last episode so I wasn't expecting miracles. But we will endure!


I know I know! But we must endure Frau. It can't be yaoi all the time.

So click and step into the world that is Everyone wants to kill Teito. I hope that is not a spoiler...because by now that should be obvious. XD Enjoy!


Why is this serious moment serious?

The beginning part of the episode focuses on Ayanami and his faithful followers. They are traveling on the Death Star to some place to do something. It is very dramatic. Moving on Hakuren and Teito prepare to entire the crime scene when Hakuren stops them. He explains that if their Kor squishing wands enter such a tainted place they will turn black and be highly unattractive. They leave them outside and enter said tainted room. Teito’s face goes X_X as he sees the half naked spirits flying around purifying the room and being sexy. Hakuren doesn’t see them and decides Teito is insane. Bastien (the nosy bishop) is in there also looking for clues. He catches the boys up on what happened in the room and why the other bishops think that Frau did the crime and should die. Teito does the whole I don’t care what Frau is I want to save him anyway! Bastien declares the room pure and hands Teito and Hakuren back their Kor bashing staffs. He then tells the epic tale of baby Frau.


MMM edgy!

Frau’s life was changed by the two countries warring and he was sent to live at the church of good looking men. Slightly upset that everyone he ever knew was dead and he was forced to live someone he hated Frau was not all smiles and kittens. One might even say that Frau was pissed of that god let his friends all die. He played tricks in class and was generally unpleasant. But Bastien did not give up. Frau become his pet project. He knew deep down Frau had a lot of pain in his heart and was just lashing out. Bastien finds out that baby Frau has been sneaking out of the church of good looking men at night to go squish Kors out of people. Even though Frau failed to find god’s love himself he was able to spread it to others. Bastien promised to always be by Frau’s side and it was sparkly and wavy. Both boys are touched by this story and think that Bastien will rescue Frau and all will be okay. Frau even thinks that himself when his old teacher pays him a visit and does the hair tousle thing of love.


Serious moment is overshadowed by Mikage dragon's cuteness!

Until Hakuren looks down and notices both their Kor whacking sticks have been tainted. After being touched by Bastien. Who just explained why that would happen. OH SNAP! Bastien is walking around looking at his tainted hand and thinking to himself how he is still doing god’s work. Hakuren and Teito make it to Bastien’s room and manage to distract the guards. Teito finds out that Father’s old bishop key can open the door (because it is MAGICAL) and they escape to the room before the guards can catch them. Mikage the cutest dragon in the world finds the most secretest entrance to a secret lair ever and off they go. Teito isn’t convinced that Bastien is a bad guy since he spoke so fondly of Frau not ten minutes ago. But Teito is proven wrong as they find Bastien and he announces he is going to kidnap Teito. Then comes the most ANNOYING SPELL EVER and Teito getting thrown around a bit. Bastien says he is going to kill Teito in the name of the empire and THE END!


I do not approve of Mikage baby dragon abuse!

I hate feeling like a moron. :( I am watching a show, thinking one thing for like 12 episodes and BAM you are wrong. Yes I am dramatic. But I do feel pretty dumb right about now.

So what am I feeling stupid about? About Frau and his Ghostness. I had it in my head what a Ghost person was and this episode smashed that all to the grounds. So while we got to see a very cute baby Frau and all his evil antics…I am still stupid. :(

I thought that Ghosts were like angels. Angels that already were existing in heaven and were dispatched to Earth to squish Verloren and protect the world from Kors. That Ghosts were around since Verloren’s time and had vast knowledge of all the drama that happened with the two kingdoms and all the issues of the past.


Was Frau looking at himself?!

And maybe I am not a moron. I mean, there were things that pointed me in that direction. You know, like the statues honoring the Ghosts and how young kids know about their legend. Or that fact when people talk about the Ghosts they mention Verloren in the same sentence. Verloren being the evil dude that was sealed 1000 years ago and the big man in heaven sent the Ghosts to Earth to do the sealing. Now that I think about it it’s the shows fault for making it seem like the Ghosts were these ancient and wise creatures. SHAME ON YOU!


Frau needs a hug. :(

But NO! Frau was a little kid during this war thing. He really isn’t that much older than Teito (which makes my pairing slightly less X_X). So maybe being a Ghost isn’t something permanent. That being a Ghost is more like a title and the people who were Ghosts 1000 years ago are long dead. That you can be born a Ghost and that is what Frau is now. Or maybe you can earn the title, strive for the title. Whatever the case is Frau is not the original Ghost person. Or maybe he is reincarnated. I DO NOT KNOW!


Teachers are so violent!

But I do know that Frau was a cute kid. And even though I never thought he was a young kid he acted in a way that was very Frau like. His past wasn’t cupcakes and rainbows and he didn’t become a priest for conventional reasons. At times I don’t think the current Frau is really down for god. Which makes his connection with Teito make more sense as they have been through the same things. So even though I was X_X at baby Frau existing I approve of his existence.


You don't need no stinkin past! You just need fluff!

That being said I wish we knew more about Frau’s past. All that we know is that he was a survivor from that crappy war and he was a jerk in school. A jerk because he wanted to be dead with his friends but still a jerk. We don’t know how he is related to the war or how he became a Ghost or anything really important. And that is because it is told from another person’s point of view. I will rest a little easier knowing it will be better when Frau tells Teito all this stuff in person.


This is all just an educated guess of course. XD

Bastien (the nosy priest) got a lot of air time in this episode. That means he is going to die very, very soon. He mentioned how lovely his relationship with Frau was and how he will do anything to save Frau now. Clearly that means that Frau is going to smush him, probably in the next episode, and it will be all tears and rain clouds. Pretty typical move but you can’t fault the writers for that (or you can but you would have to fault everyone else who ever pulled that lazy move).


Why does everyone want to kill me?!

Bastien seemed okay before he went all insane and glowly eye. But if I was Teito I would be suspicious of the fact that Bastien was even in the room at the time. But since Teito wasn’t supposed to be there either…I guess that is up in the air. Part of me think even though he has gone over the dark side he was trying to find a way to help Frau. That maybe he isn’t fully evilfied yet. He gave clues to Hakuren and Teito that he is a baddie by tainting their Kor killing staff (which they used anyway…) and giving them all this additional information about Frau. Sounds like he wants to be taken out before he can do real harm and kill Frau.



Hakuren is pretty smart. Sorry to say this Mikage…but he is slightly more helpful than the other blond best friend forever Teito used to have. He is more knowledge about being a priest and what not therefore can help Teito not go squish all the time. And the teasing is more fun than Mikage’s constant I LOVE YOU SPEECHES. Besides Mikage the baby dragon of cute was ADORABLE finding the secret not so secret passage.


Uoy wercs.

I would also like to add that Bastien’s word attack thing whatever was lame. And annoying. I had to pause the video and type out each word to make it make sense. STOP MAKING ME FEEL STUPID. And those sentences didn’t even make sense! Rarw!

So…..this episode was one big WTF how dare you confuse Tenchi and oh Ayanami is controlling someone else fest. But since last week was yaoi parade 2009 I can deal with it. Now on to the sparkly death and equally sparking sob party!

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