Sunday, August 2, 2009

Anime Festival Orlando 2009 Swag Post

I have RETURNED! *insert evil laugh here as my voice is pretty much toast at this point*

Yeah. I was going to make a AFO or Bust post right before I walked out the door...but being that I am me and I can never be anywhere on time yeah...we left 15 minutes late. So there was no time to make a See ya soon post. Nor was there time the night before to make a Tsubasa/XXXholic new manga chapter post! X_X You go out of town and all this new stuff comes out!

But I am back now. The wallet is pretty empty and my feet are tired but I am happy. This weekend was tons of fun. Tiring but fun! So here is my tentative blogging plans for the week.

Right now, Sunday- Swag Post
Monday-AFO convention report
Tuesday- Pandora Hearts
Wednesday-Tsubasa/XXXholic newest chapter (mostly XXXholic)
Thursday-07 Ghost

Since I am a slacker this is all subject to change. Except for this post as it is the easiest to do and I am tired. So...ON TO THE STUFF!!!


No I didn't buy the entire dealer's room!

Okay I am a greedy rotten pig. Yes there is a lot of STUFF in the picture. But don't be my mom and lecture me on how I need to not blow all my cash on silly things and I have too many plushies and blah blah. Just appreciate the beauty of the stuff!



Behold the squishies!!!! I have never spend that much money on one stuffed animal before (at least I don't think I have...) but they are so cute! And those vendor people are evil. They make you hold them and love them and feel the softness. I have never seen my husband so...happy about a stuffed animal before (or anything else adorable). Even though they were a little hard to carry around this weekend they were too cute to leave in the room. Piglu approves of the new additions. XD


Almost too big for the AFO beds!


Yay for random numbers?

Here is my sad collection of mangas. I have never waited until Sunday to buy my mangas and I can see why now. The selection was really...sparse. Not that I think there was much to pick from to begin with. Only two booths had manga this year and it seems like AFO might have been their last convention of the season. So we got the leftovers and I got random numbers. :( Maybe AWA will help me round out my collection better.


No Fai?! :(

I almost ran away from a convention with no posters. My husband nearly died from shock. But....3 for $5 is too good of a deal to pass up. I didn't bother to really look at the other booths because they had less than stellar deals of 3 dollars/4 dollars each. Sadly there were no Fai posters at this booth but I will endure! XD Looking at posters is hard work. x_x


CLAMP likes to steal my money.

Behold the figurines!!!


Note the empty spot...

Now you may be asking, why does this crazy person have so many? And there is a reason besides the fact that I am crazy.



Do you see the side of this box? Do you see Fai? Do you see my favorite CLAMP character of all time? Yeah that's what I wanted.


They can't be a happy family without Fai. :(

And what I got was 2532857867 of everyone else in the whole universe, one Kurogane, and a very sad wallet. Yes I was that girl in the dealer's room who just sat there and opened box after box trying to get my one figurine. That's all I wanted people. Well and Kurogane too but STILL! And the second I gave up because I realized I was losing my mind...some girl came and got TWO FAI's!!!! WHERE IS THE JUSTICE?! So Ms. Good Luck lady if you are reading this contact me and we can trade. I WANT THAT FIGURINE SO BAD I CAN TASTE IT!



Oh and yeah. The extras will be given out as Christmas presents. So enjoy people. ENJOY MY SUFFERING!


Stickers for all!

Now I am not a big Artist Alley buyer. There were some super cute items there though. I tend to stick with...stickers because you can never have enough stickers and they are one time use items. I don't need to worry about wall space issues. XD Woot stickers. You hear that people? Make more stickers.


What does the star do?

The squishes can't be friends with Mr. Star for long. This is going to be a present for my little brother in September. I thought it was strange that there were two booths with nearly the same plushie. I am sure that is an interesting back story.


I love collecting stuff...

I kept going back to one booth all weekend. They had some blind packages of chibi horoscope people. They almost look lego like. They are SO CUTE! I only got one ugly one and one cute double (more presents ya'll) so I was extremely happy. It bums me that they didn't have the Code Geass ones they had last year but I think I got a good set this year. XD


MMMM more stuff.

Hannari plushies! I actually was trying to bid on these items recently on E-bay and was horribly outbid. XD But I walk by a booth and BAM there they are. And less expensive than the E-bay winning bid. SO HA GREEDY PERSON! The poster...I found it on the ground after the opening ceremonies. I hope it was free or not that much....but I doubt it since the booth tends to sell their band stuff at jacked up prices. But I will gladly return said poster or randomly give it away for a Fai figurine. XD And the WTF hat is my husband's. We have deemed it the sperm hat for some reason.


And here is the best deal ever!

Sadly we had to pass up this amazing offer. A 70 cents bag of cereal for 20 dollars? NO thanks. XD

So there is all my wonderful sway people. I am surprised I didn't get as many mangas as I usually do but that is in part to me going insane with the figurine/Fai search. That and there was no 5 dollar manga booth. But I am happy with my haul this year. It felt like there were more booths this year and while there is the overwhelming selection of "popular" animes there was some booths that had older stuff too.

And yes I bought all this stuff with one car that has crappy breaks and another car that's AC died recently. And I will probably buy just as much stuff at AWA. I hope that everyone had a great time in the dealer's room too and got great stuff. See you tomorrow with my AFO 2009 convention report (hopefully).


chiisai_kitty said...

So basically, I'm super glad I'm not the only one who noticed the severe lack of manga in the dealer's room. I ended up buying only two, on Sat. no less, of a series that I'd never heard of but that looked interesting (and had some seriously kickass cover art to boot).

And may I ask, where did you stumble upon 3 for $5 posters? I was on a hunt for the perfect poster to tote with me to college (not wanting to overwhelm my roommates and all) and I couldn't find anything that I wanted, posters and wall scrolls alike...whereas last year I walked away with basically every Final Fantasy poster I could get my hands on. It seemed like there was a lack of posters too.

Having been inspired by this, I might have to do a swag post of my own...even though my own acquisitions are quite small in number lol. Dumb whole not-having-a-job-anymore thing.

Christina said...

Chiisai_kitty-It was the booth right when you walked in on the left side. The booth that had a lot of blind box figurines and the pokemon plushies behind the booth. Their posters were right against the wall on a table. It was a PAIN to go through the entire stack. I saw some Final Fantasy posters in the stack but it must be a new series since I didn't recognize anyone. X_X

The booth that had the most manga got to the convention late and ended up throwing everything on the table and not in order. So that made it more difficult to search for specific series. And that booth was the one who said this was their last convention of the season. :( So we got left overs.

I love seeing what people get at conventions. Sometimes it makes me go WTF where was that i want it XD

SoloArcana said...

Steve at Anime Pavillion had the most manga. 3 for $20 was an awesome deal, and I would have finished my Furuba collection...if I had unpacked the ones I have so I would know where to start buying again. -_-;; Yes, I moved in 7 months ago, but I still have not got enough room for my books. He will be at Mini Megacon, and then he's done for the season. Poor guy was overwhelmed by the trip to ComicCon. *wants to gooooo* Had I made that trip, I'd be all *blaaaaahahahrg* too. ^_^

Christina said...

SoloArcana- Well then. I guess my stock would be close to NOTHING if i just got back from comic-con. That also explains why he was late. He probably just woke recovering from that long weekend. XD I mean, I got home Sunday night and was like MMMM bed and i didn't work the convention. No telling how those people feel.

I got my last FB at AFO XD It came with a random insert of new titles. I love FB because the characters actually age! Oh and that it is a really good/unique/wtf story. :( But now it is over and soon Tsubasa will be too. Sadness.