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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Chapters 227-228

Is my Fai figurine here yet? NO! Am I impatient? YES!

But CLAMP is trying to lift my spirits up with a new Tsubasa chapter. Not much happens in either chapters but if I combined the post it will be blog worthy. Any chapter with Fai in it is blog worthy!


Nothing about our destiny is fair....

This post would be more lovely if it included XXXholics as well. But CLAMP doesn't love me that much. :( Maybe they kidnapped my figurine too...

Enough whining! It is time to witness the continuation of the longest battle ever (well besides Dragon Ball Z of course).


Someone took crazy pills...

Fei Wong Reed has gone off the deep end. I just hope he hasn't revealed his true intentions about bringing back Yuko. If all of this was because he wanted to show the universe he was better than Clow...I will be pissed. See this face -__-. That is me pissed off. It is a preemptive pissed off face as it could turn out later he had a different reason for completely turning the universe upside down. That is how CLAMP rolls.

But still....this disappoints me. I was expecting something more. More being that Domeki did this all for Watanuki because he loves him. Perhaps....I am expecting too much? That I am a crazy yaoi fan girl?

No...I think this is all reasonable.


And he is NOT sharing.

Everyone kinda stares in awe that Fei Wong Reed has lost his mind. This man has orchestrated the events that have affected everyone's lives and killed countless others. He has calculated every move down to a T. He planned events that would happen after time repeated itself again. He was basically...the man. And now he is the crazy man watching it all fall apart. I would be scared too if I watched this.


Words are hard.

Here is more of Fei Wong Reed going insane. Despite the fact that it is impossible to save Yuko, even after all the near impossible things he has done...he can't accept reality. Insert crazy man cackling now. Can you hear it?


What did I ever do to you?!

Fei Wong Reed has come up with an awesome plan to bring Yuko back: Do the exact same thing as before. Syaoran will be a prisoner and Fei Wong Reed will harness Sakura's powers. Now...if this didn't work before why would it work now? Because you took some crazy pills? Probably not.

And don't the way wishes work is you have to sacrifice something important to you to have said wish granted (well the way Yuko's wishes go anyway...)? Of course Fei Wong Reed has gone into psycho land so maybe trying to make sense of how this would actually work doesn't matter. Because it won't.


Um...who is who again?

Fei Wong Reed continues his crazy talk and decides to taunt our couple (real couple) before locking them up in his tube forever. Fai and Kurogane launch some attacks, Fei Wong Reed zaps some squiggly lines on the pages, and everything is generally confusing. The real couple starts to be sucked up into the tube when the clones attempt to stop the process. They push the real couple out of the way and prepare to get sucked in themselves. But then the real couple grabs the clone couple. Both Syaorans and Sakuras are wearing the exact same clothing and look the same age. Can one of them get a cut on their head or something so it is easier to figure out what is going on? A little help please!

But yes...both sets of Syaorans and Sakuras are the same. Same good heart and same stubborn streak.


Congratulations! You are alive. Now die.

And then real Sakura woke up. 26 (27?) volumes later and the girl finally wakes up. Better late than never. It is hard to describe how I feel about her. She is the original but we all know and love clone Sakura. She is the one who traveled the worlds and endured all these hardships. Real Sakura has been spared this pain so it is hard to feel the same thing I do for clone Sakura.

And clone Sakura will always be more of a goody goody anyway.


This is the opposite of good....

Despite Fai and Kurogane trying to rescue both couples and real and clone Syaorans and Sakuras trying to save the other set....both sets end up in the tube. Just like the first page of the very first manga. Around and around we gooooooooooooo.


I think I would be messed up if I saw all this...

Chapter 228 starts off with clone Sakura telling real Sakura THANKS A LOT! She explains to the real Sakura that she and clone Syaoran were trying to stop this vision of the future from coming true. The vision that caused clone Sakura and clone Syaoran to willingly go in their own tube as a price to pay. You just woke up real Sakura and you are causing problems. XD

CLAMP loves to play on the dream and visions. Which is fine because it works. It is just expected though.


X_x Sentences don't need to make sense. You are too busy caught up with the entire series going WTF in your face.

Err.....yeah Sakura. Whichever one you are. That is exactly it.

I guess this means that clone Sakura could see all that real Sakura saw? Even though it would make more sense if real Sakura was saying this to clone Sakura. Bad translation or lost in translation? Either way one Sakura knew this was going to happen and tried to save the other Sakura.


Because you are my dad/clone of myself/me!

This leads into one of the pair declaring to the other how important their existence is to them. Or maybe both confess. Again it would help if there was a way to tell these kids apart! I can't be that dumb right?

Even though I am slightly and always confused about what is going on I can still see the emotions behind the feelings is nice. No one is going to get sacrificed over the other one. Everyone is important in their own way. Now...let me die for you.


Enter the ninja. Literally.

Mommy and Daddy aka Fai and Kurogane don't have time to worry about who is who and why the other set should saved verses the other one. Because they want to save all four of them. They are the adults of the group (even if Kurogane is actually the youngest...) and as such must do dangerous things. Like futilely attack the crazy man over and over again.

The battle is not very impressive. It is actually very hard to impress me with battles but a lot of the scenes come off very fuzzy and random. No real feel to it. Just lines and ka-booms. Do not like. :(


Really Mokona?! REALLY?! Why don't you tell us which one it is! Watanuki or Domeki?!

So while this epic battle of lines and words is taking place our friendly neighborhood mascot Mokona decides to mention HEY that tube looks familiar. Very the tube at Yukos.

REALLY?! You mean that Yuko had something to do with weirdness?! That Yuko has a connection to a weird and powerful object? NO! Tell me it isn't so.

So besides the fact that Syaoran's family had this tube in his family and that Yuko set this all up 568924 years in advance....we know this ties in with the boys of XXXholic. Yuko is dead in their time. Watanuki and Domeki are the only ones really left with a motive to bring back Yuko. Fei Wong Reed has Yuko's magical tube. Thus we can conclude that one of them is Fei Wong Reed.

Or this could be another cruel joke that CLAMP is trying to play on me. The one that drives me insane thinking about possible outcomes and meanings. So while it might not end up being makes sense. And it will make sense even if it proves not to be the case. I just hope CLAMP's explanation is as sound as all my lovely theories.

I hope it's not Watanuki.

But I hope it's not Domeki more. :(


And then we got our butts kicked!

Fai and Kurogane are not doing too well. When one takes their crazy pills their magic gets stronger. That or the battle has been going on too long and Fai just got his powers back thus being weak and Kurogane has a fake arm. They weren't on their A game to begin with. But that doesn't matter. They care for those kids and will keep getting body parts thrown away to protect them.

I will attempt to not go all fan girl over the fact that Fai and Kurogane were able to read each other so well they don't need words to fight. And after spending 6 months with no way to verbally communicate of course they have learned to read each other's body language and movements.

See not fan girling it at all.


Err.... real didn't travel with just woke up after 16 years. Or head hurts.

Both sets of Syaorans and Sakuras watch as Fai and Kurogane keep on fighting to protect them. They all four note that changing the future is hard (and may involve going through a cycle a few times) but with Fai and Kurogane they all can change the future.

I want to know what this future is. Clone Sakura said the future she saw was one with real Syaoran and real Sakura separated. But what else? What after that? Why do you tease me CLAMP?!

But now everyone feels like they can change the future and they don't have to be bond to their fate. I think it is high time for some plot to happen. Move along plot! Give us some more answers and stop stringing us along. Sometimes you make it hard to love you CLAMP. But I do...I always come back for more.

Hopefully that more gets released within a week and not 3 this time. Even if I don't get any answers and MOG moments...I still want my weekly dose of Tsubasa. It's a love hate relationship. But mostly love.

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