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Kobato Volume Two

Welcome to another addition of Tenchi Loves Kobato. XD It seems like my entire weekend has been devoted to this manga series. Well that and looking up 585768978 tiny desserts with my mother to get a NO on each and every one of them. Good times good times.


She has more outfits than Sakura! I didn't think that was possible!

Putting that aside...Yes Kobato rocks. However I take back what I said about it's good about not being that behind on the chapters. After searching the web it seems that Kobato only comes out once each month. X_X That is worse that XXXholics. Sadness fills my heart.

But for now we will celebrate Volume 2 and how lovely Kobato is and how stinky Fujimoto is. Enjoy my lovely rants and crazy fangirling.

Again you can read Kobato volume two at Lumiere. Thank you for the scans.


Stop abusing Kobato Fujimoto!

Kobato is excited to start her new job as a non nursery school teacher. She seems very eager and full of energy. However she has the Tenchi disease and runs late to work. This is an ongoing theme with poor Kobata and I feel for her. I can't be on time to save my life. Fujimoto is not as understanding with Kobato. He is very hard on her and I hate him! Thank goodness Sayaka is in charge and not him! Quit harassing my Kobato.


Did he seriously just go there?!

This is me reaching through my computer and strangling Fujimoto. We are going to put aside that it is impossible to steal one of those huge mattresses. How rude do you have to be? She was being harassed by some old dude in the park and he assumes she is a hooker or a gold digger? Now that he thinks she is poor she is a thief too? Just go back to your 3 part time jobs and leave Kobato alone.


Serious scene is serious.

After Kobato is harassed Sayaka gets a phone call. Ioryogi listens in on the conversation and it is basically some people harassing her about money. MMMM loan sharks. It is surprising that Ioryogi actually cares about the school though. But I am sure it will turn out to be a more self serving motive about getting Kobato's hearts collected.


Redeem yourself faster Fujimoto.

Why is everyone always picking on Kobato? While on the way to work the loan sharks (from the phone call earlier) are outside the school and decide to pick on the kids as a way to get their money. Kobato tries to defend said kids but she is twig girl and isn't very scary. Fujimoto decides to be a man and defend Kobato. But he was more worried about the kids and the school. It would be pushing it to think he was worried about Kobato. But the loan sharks aren't full of light and love and want their money. What is happening here?!


Um're not that big...

The loan sharks don't really care that Fujimoto is going to beat their heads in. Sayaka comes outside and there is some yelling. Kobato decides she has grown in the last 3 seconds and can defend Sayaka. Which is kind and all but I don't want Kobato in danger. I also don't believe in NO violence. If you are harassing little kids you deserve to be hit with a pipe. No one would every call me a pacifistic. XD Kobato does earn a few respect points in Fujimoto's eyes for being "brave" despite being scared. So that's something I suppose.


Overwhelmed by the cuteness!

After this loan shark situation Kobato tries to cheer up the kids while Sayaka and Fujimoto share upset looks. After school Kobato runs into one of the kids at the school Toshihiko (a crossover character from Tsubasa). He tries to brush off the fact that he has to wait after school because his mom works. I don' think he is mad at his mom and he really understands the situation (which is more than I can say for other kids his age). His issue is people talking trash about his mom about working and not being there for him.

Since Kobato is missing the part of her brain that judges people she is all like YOUR MOM IS AWESOME. Toshihiko starts to cry and it is hug time. Everything is sparkly. The touching AWWW scene.

Even though I might tease Kobato about not understanding the situation I like that she made Toshihiko feel better. It would have been better if she understood the situation and why people thought the way she did. To me saying that's wonderful without knowing the entire situation is slightly empty. But since she was able to cheer Toshihiko up that is besides the point. Despite not seeing the whole situation she was able to recognize that Toshihiko loves his mother and that the mom works hard for her son. YAY Kobato!


One down, 299 to go!

After Kobato gets home from helping Toshihiko out she thinks she is coming home to an empty jar (well really the bottle is with her at all times but whatever). But TADA there is a weird candy looking thing shiny in her bottle. It looks like a berry off Pokemon and it sparkles. CELEBRATE KOBATO! Only Kobato doesn't understand how she earned her broken heart.

Ioryogi points out that Kobato doesn't have to DO anything for some people. Sometimes just being a kind person can heal a person's heart. I am not quite sure Kobato gets it but she is happy. And we are happy for her. Even though those hearts are very tiny. X_X


This reminds me of Charlie Brown.

After earning her first broken heart and finding out that Fujimoto lives next door to her Kobato is motivated to heal some more broken hearts. And in her mind the best way to do this is to sit in a huge box and offer help. Ioryogi points out that this plan is made of fail in his special Ioryogi way. Kobato seems to think the day is a success since she has found a homeless kitten! Yay for focusing on the bright side of life?


Don't feel bad about him when he just got done insulting you!!!!

Fujimoto comes around and sees Kobato's special stand of specialness. Instead of saying anything kind to her he decides to be a jerk. Like always. When Fujimoto sees the kitten he automatically assumes that Kobato would be a crappy pet owner and not look after the cat. Well actually he said that Kobato would just play with the kitten and toss it aside. Once again Fujimoto only can assume the worse in Kobato and that makes me mad. :(

But instead of being mad with me Kobato decides to focus on the sadness in Fujimoto's heart. Which is fine and all but just because you are sad doesn't mean you can be cruel to other people. Learn to deal with your pain in better ways.


You better start looking at her differently!

Of course Kobato is wonderful and finds a home for the kitten. Even though she got sprayed by a hose and is soaked wet now. The kids are always happy to see Kobato and her clumsy self . Fujimoto decides to stop being a jerk and realize that Kobato has a kind heart even though she doesn't always have a good game plan. Suck it Fujimoto!


Fujimoto....I hate you.

While Kobato is drying off she answers the school's phone. It is the "head" loan shark so to speak. Kobato has a hard time being firm with the rude man on the phone. He threats Sayaka and tells Kobato to tell Sayaka she needs to get out now. Kobato is a bit uncomfortable and doesn't know what to do about the situation. She later runs into the landlady Mihara. Her girls are talking about a bazaar going on at their school to save raise. WOOT! Kobato now thinks having a bazaar will be a great way to earn money for the nursery. While Sayaka tries to be positive about the situation Fujimoto is not.

I hate you Fujimoto. Kobato is a simple and honest girl. She heard of a good plan and thought she would pass on the idea she had. There is no reason to be beyond rude about the situation and rain on her parade. Do you run around telling people they look fat in that shirt too? Seriously look at her broken soul. Hater.


That crazy line means things are serious. BE SERIOUS!

No Fujimoto. I don't care that you use all your part time job money to pay for the school. I don't care your life is hard and you are a jaded person. You go find Kobato and apologize to her NOW!


MOG Kobato! I love your

After Sayaka and Ioryogi give Kobato words of encouragement the bazaar is back on. Or on to begin with. Sayaka is willing to give this idea a chance and Kobato makes all the kids excited. Kobato does what Kobato does best and does things earnestly. That means she is going to make posters with random animals on it. Why I am not sure.

And so what her animals are a! That doesn't mean Fujimoto gets to make fun of her...drawings. You back up off her punk I don't see you helping for this sale!


Stop harassing my Kobato.

Later that night Kobato runs into a man who claims to be the mean voice on the phone. Kobato does her best to be mad at the creepy dark haired man but she doesn't come off very scary. Said man isn't very forthcoming with any information. All he says is tell Sayaka to leave the school and NOW. He is not going to extend the loan date any longer and he looks pretty happy about that. Kobato runs off and is conflicted on what to tell Sayaka.

Turns out that she isn't going to tell Sayaka anything. Fujimoto manhandles her in the hallway of their place and demands Kobato spill about what just happened. Stop being so rough with Kobata. If she wants to tell Sayaka what happened she will. And hello, it's not like this is a huge secret or anything. I am sure that Sayaka has been getting phone calls from this loser too.

Stop being a jerk Fujimoto!


I would buy that Kobato! I promise!

So after that confrontation Kobato tries her best to be positive around Sayaka and gauge her feelings about the situation. Clearly she cares for the school and the kids, despite the fact the number of kids they do have is low. Ioryogi overhears a conversation that Fujimoto has on the phone with sad creepy loan shark guy. He overhears Fujimoto call him Okiura which is Sayaka's last name too. Ioryogi informs Kobato of the name thing but she doesn't know what to think about the situation.

So she does what she does best and decides to make little...animal things...They are super cute no matter what they are (those chicks you get at Easter time?!) I just wish that Kobato could focus more on the situation at hand instead of thinking she can fix the situation with pure determination. But she is a semi magical girl so determination WILL save the day dur!


Why don't you go and help Kobato spread the news!

The bazaar comes...and no one is there. Kobato's land lady (and Sayaka's old friend) shows up which temporarily makes the kids happy. She informs the group that the date on the fliers has been changed to next week. Everyone is GASP the loan sharks did this. Kobato says she is going to run off and tell everyone when the bazaar is. Fujimoto tells her it is too late and nothing will change the fact that no one is coming to the bazaar.

But Kobato is Kobato. She isn't going to take this lying down. She is going to shout it to the roof tops and the street corners that they are putting on a bazaar. She doesn't seem to think that this plan is made of fail. If you try hard enough and believe it will happen.

To prove Fujimoto wrong...tons of people show up at the bazaar. Tons. And all of them show up because Kobato was eagerly telling passerbyers about their little sale. Everyone says the same thing, that Kobato is a happy girl who has exciting energy and they were taken in by her. Fujimoto makes the I WAS WRONG FACE and it is excellent.

Despite the fact that the bazaar had a lot of people in attendance I am going to go out on a wild limb and say it won't raise enough money for said loan sharks. That makes me sad. :( I am surprised that Ioryogi is letting Kobato stick around at this school for so long. I would think he would want her to go somewhere where she could make more progress.

Then again Kobato is Kobato and she would want to stick it out anyway. So we are probably going to be stuck with this nursery school setting for the entire series. I just hope that Kobato earns enough hearts this way. So yay for volume two and BOO to Fujimoto!

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