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Pandora Hearts Episode 19

A week ago we were having our last fun filled day at AFO (or at least we were when I started to blog this post…). Clearly I am still suffering from convention withdrawals and am counting down the days til AWA. 39 more to go people!


It is boring back in the real world....

But until then I have anime to keep my company. You know, the reason anime convention exist at all. XD Although I am hoping to see some more Pandora Hearts cosplayers in the future. I only saw one team at AFO.

With this episode I am going to try something a little bit different. Instead of a summary I am going to explain what happened during the episode and then add my magical commentary. XD Let’s see how this works as I think it will be random and tough to follow. But how is that any different from how I usually write? On with the show!

This episode was 22 minutes long but it doesn’t feel like much happened. We got a glimpse into the past but other than that…BLEH. See my sad BLEH face? :(


Oh if you say so...

Eliot and Oz finish their little fight but I am not sure how it was resolved. Oz explained himself a little bit but not to the extent I thought he was going to. Basically it was an “I think I am a loser and if I die for someone else it makes my life more worthwhile”. He acknowledges that plan is made of fail and Eliot seems to accept that. Or maybe Eliot accepts the fact that Oz is a messed up person and doesn’t value himself as a worthwhile human being. Oz isn’t trying to be a hero and these are his true feelings. So after all those epic speeches that almost rival Touma’s…all is well and they can move on. Thanks Eliot for giving Oz permission to escape the danger.


You and Teito can hug each other!

But Oz saying all those things does make me sad. :( It is one thing to sacrifice yourself to save your family/friends because you love them. But if you are doing so because you really think you aren’t worth it and no one will care if you are gone is just plain sad. And Oz needs a hug. I will call Teito and see if he can spare some hugs but I am sure we can work something out.


When are we going to see him anyway?!

Oz thinking he is worthless because of his dad makes me mad though. I am not going to argue that a father saying crap to his son isn’t bad and won’t mess a person up. But Oz had other people in his life to make him feel worthwhile. He had Gilbert comfort him after said crappy event and a little sister who adored him. I wish he didn’t have such a dramatic reaction to his father’s cruel words. :( He should have just wrote his dad off as a loser and not thought something was wrong with him.



Before our new little heroes can escape the Basketcase people catch up to them and the woman has a chain with her. I am not really sure where a lion comes into play with the Alice and Wonderland storyline but whatever. Oz and Eliot try to bond over sword fighting the lion but they are quickly squished.


I like her better with the robe.

The crazy Basketcase girl is named Lotti. Her real name is Charlotte. And guess what?! SHE IS FROM 100 YEARS AGO TOO?! Aren’t you shocked and amazed? No since it was mentioned last week? Well fine then!


Like a pinata.

But Lotti has some beef with Jack and tries to knock Oz around a little bit to make Jack come out. Jack eventually does appear at the request of Oz. Of course Oz asked how to use Alice’s power and not directly for Jack but the result is the same. The dramatic so we meet again moment has arrived. Oh and Alice comes on the scene indirectly to kill the lion but not really. She and Gilbert are still outside and don’t aid Oz at all in this episode.


One big happy family? But probably not.

Everyone gets to take a walk down memory lane with Lotti and Jack. Lotti was very close to Glen, the Basketcase leader and resident dark/emo kid. She may or may not have been is fiancée from an arranged marriage. Jack is described as the useless third son from a second rate noble family. But somehow these two men are very close friends and Lotti has to fight the urge to be jealous. Jack creates the infamous pocket watch while Glen writes the overplayed tune in said pocket watch.


We don't need no stinkin answers. Murder for all!

But then things turned ugly and randomly Glen orders Lotti and those random two lackeys to murder everyone in the castle (a Basketcase castle I believe). Lotti tries to question Glen’s orders but he is very pissed for some reason and those three just go on a killing spree. In the present Lotti questions Jack why he killed Glen, his very best friend in the entire world but he refuses to answer. He says he can’t give her an answer because he is protecting Glen and he won’t give up Glen’s position. Lotti scoffs at Jack’s “loser” loyalty and declares that this battle not over yet.


Behold your hero!

I love the fact that Jack was a misfit before he became a hero. It would be too easy for him to be born into a high class and be in the right place/right time to be a hero. Instead he comes from just an OKAY family and the reason they are famous now is because of his deeds. He saw life in a carefree manner (almost like Oz but Oz is a bit more serious) and made friends with a powerful person just because he liked him, not because Glen could do something for him.


Jack IS prettier than me....

Lotti was portrayed as a normal girl to garnish sympathy from me. Again I am not big on the sympathy department. So Lotti as the loyal fiancée trying to help out her man doesn’t really fly with me. Sounds like she was more worried that Glen and Jack were having a bromance and she was trying to keep in Glen’s good favor. But I would have picked Jack too.


I don't have enough hugs for all of you!

After present day Jack tells Lotti and her crew to bounce he and Oz both experience the pain. You know when your heart randomly hurt because of a horrible memory. Oz is taken back to that event 100 years ago where Glen and Jack were having their face off. Glen doesn’t say anything as Jack is having a meltdown. He can’t believe his friend went around and killed a bunch of people. Jack is heartbroken that he has to kill Glen now and he begs for answers. But apparently he doesn’t get those answers and SLASH!


Don't be Gilbert OR ELSE!

If Gilbert somehow ends up being Glen I will eat something. Why else do they keep hiding his face?! Did Vincent and Gilbert somehow get turned back into little kids and fly through the Abyss to end up in the now? Whatever…I am just not seeing room in this past life for Gilbert so my mind is playing tricks on me. Either way Jack was very sad to see Glen squished…IT BETTER NOT BE GILBERT!

Jack comments to Oz that all humans are weak before he goes back into Oz’s soul…mind…body. Wherever he is hiding I guess. This really hits home to Oz. He has it in his head that Jack was this great hero who was strong and brave. It turns out that Jack is just as human as everyone else and has moments of doubts himself. But instead of being comforted by the fact that even heroes can have moments of doubt too Oz just sees himself as a bigger loser and the entire world is doom. Way to miss the point Oz.

Photobucket a loser PART TWO (or three?)

So after this little adventure down memory lane (one that Leo, Eliot, and Ada did not take) the group makes their way outside. Oz has another pity party moment where he realizes some stuff about himself. He is upfront with Eliot and tells him basically that he doesn’t value his life and is afraid to move forward to the future. Eliot tells him to man up and Oz sees the light. He realizes that he can’t keep on living in the past and makes steps towards his probably not so bright future.


Eliot is very gentle.

Maybe it was a little more dramatic than that. But that is the short hand version of his sadness. :( I was just sad that the whole Break asking where Oz was isn’t important at all. I think that just kills a tiny bit of my soul. I thought it was going to be important and have something to do with Oz’s connection to the past. BUT NO. It wasn’t literal. WOE IS ME.


I am worth it now! I SEE THE LIGHT!

But for the most part it was a lot of dramatic words coming out of Oz’s mouth that I am not sure I can swallow. He thinks he is a bad person because he felt bad for caterpillar chain kid? How is that possible? It is almost like he is twisting every situation around to make him the bad guy. Everything is his fault. And even though Oz went on and on about all of this maybe we are supposed to feel bad for him. I already did though so I think this is a bit of overkill.

Next week’s episode looks a little more upbeat. Alice and Oz have a little dance they are going to and apparently people are teasing them about having feelings for each other. So none of this self discovery Oz has gone through matters and he probably won’t have time to tell his crew about all this new Jack stuff. But who cares about that when romance is in the air right?!

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