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07-Ghost Episode 21

Ah Wednesdays. Short day at work yet long enough to make me doubt my faith in humanity. But in the end I am rewarded with another episode from 07-Ghost. That alone helps me get through the day.


They don't need words. They have the Kor infected water.

This is how anime should be. It should be a getaway from your real world troubles. It helps me unwind and realize that my problems could be worse. I could be Teito.

So enjoy my happy little post about how once again bad things happen to Teito and we all sit down to see if he makes it out alive this time. Really we are awful people. XD


Interrupt me before I use foul language!

We start off this episode with a bunch of really old military men mad at Ayanami. You know, the whole flying in restricted space and making a huge hole in the ground might make the locals notice. One really old dude points out that the hole was made by the Eye of Mikhail and somehow Ayanami located it. So that makes the men back off the lets kill Ayanami talk. The conversation gears towards the political side about how the Empire and the Church have the same amount of power and depending on who holds the Eye of Mikhail the Raggs Empire will be revived. There is talk of the God House and the former slaves uprising. This entire conversation takes place with angel Teito pictures flying around in the back ground so really it will be a shock to see who will be the new King of Raggs.


I smirk in your general direction. And sparkle.

At the church of good looking men the exam is about to begin. Lance (the FABBBulous head bishop from last time) wishes Teito good luck in such a way that it doesn’t seem very friendly. Another bishop is walking around making sure everyone’s Kor squishing sticks are okay. Teito can’t make his work because his energy is too depleted last time because of the almost dying thing. Baby Mikage is sad and depressed. The other candidates pick up on Teito’s wordlessness and tease him and Hakuren. Hakuren makes Teito promise not to cause and scene…and then causes a scene himself. But he defends Teito and that is all that matters. Some kid that I guess we are supposed to remember has healing word magic attack power and is going to give some of it to Teito because all of a sudden it is transferable. Roll with it. It is time for the test to begin everyone!


This had the potential to be fun...

The candidates make their way to a creepy door. For some reason baby Mikage is allowed it too because he is the cool mascot accessory people. In the hallway everyone is attacked by arms coming from the floor. The two old dudes (plants from the testing Bishops) walk easily one and inform Teito it is his fear keeping him down. Teito tells himself he has to push through for the people who worked hard for him. Hakuren and some of the other candidates make it through but the numbers were really cut down.


Math is hard!

Lance appears to tell the remaining candidates their test is to answer 100 questions and pass through various doors to the end. Hakuren proves to be helpful in the Bible department since Teito really doesn’t know about the Bible and stuff. They open the door and it is shown that only the people answering the questions can enter the doors NO CHEATERS. The next question is written on the tummy of a flying Kabuto monster. This time Teito is able to answer the question and look awesome. The next question is not so easy as all the candidates are put into the water hallway of the Kors. They have to destroy 50 of them and answer 50 questions before moving on. And drowning. Which apparently is feasible in some universe. Hakuren handles most of the questions as Teito is low on word power. Lance proves to be a very uncaring bishop as he doesn’t help the candidates as they drown. Teito shows to have more heart as he rescues some of them and Lance marks him off points for calling him out on his rudeness.


Yes, while Teito DIES!

Elsewhere in the church of good looking men Labrador is muttering about how Ayanami is coming and danger is on its way. But no one really feels the need to go make sure Teito is okay. Instead they play chess and reminisce about how Frau or Castor was the worst partner ever in the exam test. Teito and Hakuren make it to the 99th question room. The two old dudes are there and claim to be tired. Teito offers to carry them across the bridge. Hakuren has a moment of weakness as a Kor is following them. The bridge ends up breaking but both boys BELIEVE in each other and make it to room 100.


Mortal Kombat!

They make it to the last room and they are told they have to defeat their partner. There are two doors, a victory door and a YOU LOSE door. They must decide who passes and who fails. Both boys tell the other that they should be the victor because they respect their dreams and the other is more important. It turns into a fight with both boys screaming and the two old men saying they can take their Victor door and they will both lose. But no both Hakuren and Teito decide to go through the loser door. They enter a sparkly room and they both claim neither has been defeated and they are finishing this test together. Lance appears and kills the Kor that has been following them for a while and TADA they have both passed the test which surprises both the boys. Oh and Lance claims to not be a jerk. DA END!



BOO!! No Teito and Frau scenes! BOOOOO! Of course if they did have a scene it would be Frau saving Teito again and I am tired of Teito being in danger all the time. At least really bad danger. He was just in mild danger today. I can handle mild. I guess Frau has to let Teito grow up and get bashed against a wall alone sometimes.


Okay so maybe he wasn't that upset...

Or not so alone since Hakuren was right there with Teito. Due to Teito getting the Eye of Craziness zapped out of him last episode Teito was pretty weak. So weak his word attack energy was very low and he couldn’t make his Kor bashing stick work right. So we didn’t get to see any awesome Teito this week as he was too busy being the protected shortie. But Hakuren and Teito have become friends so Hakuren didn’t throw this in Teito’s face. Because I would have had to bash his head in if Hakuren did that.


Who stole your lunch box?!

And that is the true of any relationship. Sometimes someone is the strong one and the other friend is great in the moral support department. It might not be balanced straight down the line but when you are friends with someone that’s how it is. One of you picks up the slack for the other and you don’t bring it up. You just do it. Of course…most of the time these kinds of friendships take a long time to form but this is anime. Things happen at the speed of fast so best friends forever are Hakuren and Teito! And baby dragon Mikage.


Oh hi...who are you?

Of course Teito still might feel a little weird allowing someone else to help him out. He was raised to be a killer and he is used to having an awesome power inside of him. So relying on someone else for help might be hard for him to swallow. Well two people if you count the not so random boy who CURE 3ed Teito. That is just something that Teito is going to have to get use to because everyone is going to want to protect him and his cuteness.


Being dead is fair guys!

So this test….was special. I was expecting something over the top and not some written boring practice test. But I wasn’t expecting Lance to let candidates die. This isn’t Naruto. Sure put them in grave danger to bring out the best in them but have a plan to save them. Just because they aren’t cut out to be bishops doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to live! Besides aren’t Bishops supposed to be caring individuals, more caring than “normal” people? Lance fails at life.


Danger alert!

How big is this church? Or did everything take place in one room that changed over and over again (The Cube is scary by the way)? The way the test took place was kinda random but that was okay. My least favorite test was the drowning in the Kor’s test room. Kill 50 Kors and answer their questions and you can live? Yeah I would be drowning too even if I did have a strong heart. And they were trying to kill baby dragon Mikage (why was he allowed to attend the test anyway?) That test was slightly more than unsafe. My favorite test was the last door. XD Trick questions for the win!


You'll get my love and ACCEPT IT!

That scene was classic of course. Teito and Hakuren both have dreams of being bishops but are willing to put it aside for the other person. Teito thinks that Hakuren’s long time dream is more important than his short term revenge (which it is no matter how he spins it) and I can see that. But Hakuren sees that Teito’s dream might be a tiny bit more important than his own and that it might save the world!!! Okay so only we know that but still. Both boys were willing to put their very important dreams aside to help their friend out. Which makes them both winners. Or losers. Or two crazy people screaming at old men.



Either way they pass. Going through the fail door together means they pass at the church of good looking men. But they announce they are both losers. Perhaps it would have been better worded if they said they couldn’t pick whose dream is more important than the other's and choosing would be too hard. But the point of this test is not what your answer is. Or picking the right door. Had they both gone through the YAY winner door I am sure if they had said we both deserve to be bishops they would have passed.

Of course given that Lance is not very nice is a miracle in itself is magical. I thought that we were going to get more out of the Lance is pissed off at Teito storyline. I also thought the test was going to last longer than an episode given how important it is/was. But it wasn’t and there wasn’t so BLEH. Shoulda coulda woulda. Or at least I think so anyway. They passed and life moves on.


He looks like a demon flower bishop...

Ayanami was this close to getting executed (the this is located between the s and the c). I am sure he would have killed everyone who tried but it’s the thought that counts like with birthday cards. At any rate we were so close to having people hate Ayanami…but now he is a hero. :( Sadness fills my heart. Of course this means YAY second season for sure at this point but still! Can’t anything hurt this guy?


Let's play board games now!

When Castor and Frau were busy not helping Teito with his exam and worrying about if Ayanami had snuck in to kill Teito they were busy talking about the past. And by talking I mean talking. No fun flashbacks of Castor and Frau as teenagers failing the exam. I feel very robbed! :( Next time go and save Teito or something.

Now I have to wait a week to see the next lovely episode of Teito’s life is crap. I am going out of town starting next Tuesday so I am not sure how blogging is going to work. The grandparents go to bed early so maybe I can watch anime and blog at night (when I do anyway). I am not sure if this can be done…as their house was made like 100 years ago and they might ONLY have one cable outlet in the living room.

Whatever the case may be, 07-Ghost might be late next week and most certainly will be late the following week. Darn that real life getting in the way! But I will blog those episodes when I get a chance. I won’t forget about you Teito! Not even on vacation in the exotic country of New Hampshire!

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