Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kobato Volume Three

More Kobato?! XD When I get addicted I get addicted hard and fast. That is probably why I collect so many things. I just can't like something a little bit. XD


Too cute for words!

So yes it is time for more Kobato manga. Sadly the 4th volume is not ALL out yet. I might just make a post with the chapters that are out since Kobato has a funky release date. I can't just be happy with what I have okay?!

As always it is time for spoilers, complaints about hiding details from me, and crazy speculations! Good times good times!


Is there a reason he keeps saying the same things over and over again?

Kobato answers the phone and it is the debt collector again. Kobato tries to be innocent and explain the situation but the debt collector is having none of that. He tells Kobato...to tell Sayaka she owes the money. Because apparently we the readers might have forgotten that since he hasn't said that enough. I wish he would come up with different lines. I guess debt collectors do come off as annoying and threatening but come on. :( Overplaying the scary here.

And Kobato has to think over the whole they have the same last name element some more. She sure picked a bad place to heal hearts. Unless she can win the lottery.


Sure of what?! TELL ME!

While Kobato is thinking things over Ioryogi goes outside and confronts that creature from last volume. Said creature's name is Ginsei and he has a score to settle with Ioryogi. They fight a little bit and throw around some insults. Ginsei wants to know if Ioryogi has plans to go back to their world after all is over. Apparently Ioryogi can't or won't come back until he is sure...

OF WHAT?! Why do you do this, every manga and anime series. Give me vague answers and leave me wanting more. :( You are alone Ioryogi, no need to hide things from me!


Hallways are not for sleeping!

Kobato is worried about the whole nursery school situation and Sayaka doesn't give her any reason to calm down. Seriously going on and on about Fujimoto working too hard for her. :( Way to make the mood even more down and out.

Then Kobato comes home to see Fujimoto asleep/passed out on the floor. Instead of leaving him to rot in the hallway she takes care of him and is rewarded with attitude. And accusations that Kobato has told Sayaka about the debt collector. Fujimoto is also filled with light and love!

But....Fujimoto is nice enough to give Kobato her phone number (from the magical phone that comes from Ioryogi's magical pocket) and says she can call him anytime. Not that he cares or anything.


Stop with the doubting!

Ioryogi and Kobato talk about how Sayaka borrowed the money from the yakuza and that is why they are all evil and in your face. Kobato starts to doubt that she can heal Sayaka's heart which is both sad..and probably true. There are some issues you can't heal by lending a helpful hand or ear. :( So while I am like NO KOBATO YOU CAN DO IT...maybe she can't. But she probably will given the nature of this manga.


Just 290 more to go!

But what Kobato can do is lift people's spirits up. Mihara the building manager wants to talk to Kobato. Mainly because Kobato seems down and she wants to offer cookies to her (which I didn't see her eat). Sayaka and Mihara went to school together so Mihara feels close to her. She is sad that some people might see Sayaka in a bad light and how some parents are pulling their kids from the school due to the circumstances.

Kobato not knowing the entire situation gives her rainbow colored glasses view on the situation. She wants to do anything to help Sayaka which I am sure Mihara doesn't hear a lot. It touches Mihara's heart and TADA a broken heart is earned. Ioryogi points it out and both celebrate...in front of Mihara. XD But all is good when Mihara's heart is healed.



Kobato finds out that Sayaka's debt collector is not her brother like I thought...but her ex-husband.

That makes me X_X inside. Really? You married the yakuza and borrow money from them?! I am not seeing the sense here. But at least she divorced him without losing all her fingers? Yay plus side? But still....WHY?!


He totally looks like the understanding type.

So why does Sayaka have this guy's last name? Because she wants him to understand her? RIGHT! Because I totally want to hang on to a last name that is linked to a gang member. X_X Really, what can this guy understand about her? This will be interesting to say the least..



I LOVE THE BUNNY! Hello Wish character (the little bunny coming down to give the angel's God information). They make a better mascot than Ioryogi any day. Too bad Fujimoto is inside that suit. XD And he heard Ioryogi's voice. Time to make up a lie Kobato!


Let's count all the series in this one picture! XD

I see Card Captor Sakura's brother Tooya.

I see Legal Drug characters (Kazahaya is kinda off looking and Rikuo isn't as scary looking).

*looks around to see if Alice in Wonderland are running around*

But Fujimoto is nice to Kobato in his bunny suit. XD Cute. Oh and proof that the CCS universe is happening the same time as the XXXholic universe? That is kinda messed up as Sakura is older when she gives clone Sakura the wand...of course..well anyway!


She is being sucked in!

Ioryogi runs off and leaves Kobato on the bench alone. Alone to think about how lovely Fujimoto is. DANGER DANGER!


Confirming this is the XXXholic universe.

Ioryogi runs off to the pole that is in the XXXholic universe. Yuko has to be in on this wish. She has to! I WANT TO BELIEVE! But it was fun to see Ioryogi slide right in that space instead of squishing by like our favorite neighbor spaz had to.


More people that are briefly mentioned and not named YAY!

Ioryogi goes to a home of a talking bear. Only the bear claims that this is not his original form or name either, just like Ioryogi. They were given to him by THAT person. WHO CAN THAT PERSON BE?! Yuko?! God? MMMMM!

But we learn from Mr. Bear it is Ioryogi's fault that they are stuck in this form. People are always getting in trouble in heaven! Or the other place where they came from.


She is special because there are sparkles around her ya'll!

So the Wish universe is going to come into play with this storyline as well. The bunny's are mentioned as well as heaven at this point. Not sure where their time line is going to end up given that Wish has a BIG span of time to cover. XD

But yes, thanks for making it obvious that Kobato is special. XD I wouldn't have been able to figure that out all on my own.


He's not a very good second banana is he....

Mr. Bear teases Ioryogi about his form now and brings up Ginsei. Apparently Ginsei was under Ioryogi and might have looked up to him at one point. Doesn't explain the RAGE that he has towards Ioryogi but I am sure all will be explained soon right?!

But at the end of the conversation and snipping Mr. Bear agrees to investigate the stuff about the school. Why I am not sure since they seem to have enough information to me. But things are often crazy in manga and have their own reasoning for doing things.


Aw Kobato cares for the crazy person who torments her!

Kobato is waiting for Ioryogi and he never shows up. Despite the fact that Ioryogi always makes fun of Kobato and basically calls her stupid she worries about him. Because he is o so sweet.


Helping people out of the kindness of your heart? That is overrated!

So Ioryogi got kicked out of heaven and lost his original form and now to earn his place back in heaven (if he even wants it) he has to help Kobato with her wish. I guess if I had to depend on some crazy girl to get back my life I might be a little *(&*(^* all the time too. But I am sure that Ioryogi will learn to love Kobato for herself and not what she can do for him.


Fujimoto just earned 15 points there. Yeah I am stingy.

Kobato finds the man who threaten her in front of the school. He seems to be in a great deal of pain and Kobato calls Fujimoto for help. Because special girls don't know to call the police. He rushes there because he cares about Kobato but is all RARW when he sees it's just that punk.

Kobato gets really, really upset that this man is in pain and he could die. Like over the top upset. Fujimoto tries to comfort her and tell her it is going to be okay. And that makes me happy. XD Not that she is sad but that Fujimoto doesn't tease her for being upset over something minor.


Kobato is way too cute!




They take the crack head person to the hospital and it turns out it is his appendix. Fujimoto tries to tell Kobato that no one dies from that condition but the tears flow again. She states that people can die from the simplest things. That people DO die from the simplest things.

So...Kobato's wish is to see that person again. To be where he is. And if she falls in love again her wish can't happen. I have it all figured out WOOT!...Okay probably not. But I do want to know who died.


OH! We are adding Wish into this universe.

Ginsei shows up to bother Ioryogi again when Ioryogi can't find Kobato. Ioryogi thinks that Ginsei did something to Kobato and it is time for yelling. And it is also time for Ginsei to bring up the heaven stuff again. Everyone likes to repeat themselves in this series. And people like to get kicked out of Heaven in CLAMP.


Someone got kicked out of heaven...........

So after getting kicked around a little bit Ginsei acknowledges that Ioryogi is still the man heaven is brought up AGAIN. Now it is whether or not Ioryogi is going to return to heaven once Kobato's stuff is all over. Ioryogi is a bit hesitate to answer. If he doesn't want to return to heaven why is he going through all of this?!


His touch is magic?

Fujimoto takes Kobato home from the hospital. He is shocked to see that Kobato owns NOTHING in this world and doesn't do a good job hiding his shock. But he gets a little bossy with Kobato to cover up the fact that he is worried for her. And if he touches Kobato it glows. GLOWS I TELL YOU!

And Ioryogi comes back from his own adventure and beats on Kobato a little bit. XD


He can still be a jerk.

The next day Kobato is still sad about the situation and Fujimoto picks up on the situation. Kobato tries to put on a happy face for the kids but inside she is sad. And tired. Fujimoto again tries to be bossy about the situation and gives Kobato orders to watch the kids nap. It is all a cover up to allow Kobato to rest a little bit. But Fujimoto can't straight out say that to Kobato because he is the tough guy.


I'm not sure why this makes him evil...

While Kobato is busy being caught up in Fujimoto's amazingness Ioryogi is left behind in the streets. Mr. Bear's co-worker Mr. Bird arrives and says that he has news about the school. Apparently Mr. Bear is good about getting info out of people. Long story short is the school was owned by Sayaka's dad. Dad was a great dude and even adopted some kid at a point (Fujimoto). He needed money and thought he was borrowing from a charity organization but it was the yakuza. Sayaka took over the school and is being harassed now.

I guess the question I have is when Sayaka and this dude married. If it was before the debt well then he is a jerk. If it was afterwords she is stupid. But I am going to assume it was before and Sayaka wants him back.


Love triangle anyone?

And this makes me think that even more. Fujimoto seems to have/had feelings for Sayaka and this MAN stole him from her. It doesn't sound like he is upset about the debt thing as much as Sayaka chose someone so untrustworthy over him. If he was a bad guy from the start I doubt Fujimoto would be helping Sayaka the way he does.

Or maybe he is just playing the protective older brother who is looking out for his sister. Either way...we need more answers! And more Kobato! Don't push her to the sidelines!

So much for volume three. So while no one has really DIED yet (well except Sayaka's dad and Kobato's person) it is still turning out to be a sad story. :( Bring the happy in volume 4 maybe?!


Anonymous said...

In the picture in front of the store, the other worker is Touya (Cardcaptor Sakura), not Rikuo!! So another series... apparently Touya worked this job in one of the CCS movies too.

Christina said...

Anonymous- Rikuo is not in the picture I posted because I cropped it. The bottom half of the picture shows Rikou stocking the shelves.