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07-Ghost Episode 20

I thought I was going to be posting about my MOG yay new figurine. But as my husband pointed out 7-30 days shipping means 7-30 days. Not it is day 7 today and WHERE IS MY PACKAGE! You can't blame a girl for being excited right?


Just leaving me hanging...

Besides Wednesday is 07-Ghost day! The figurine can come on boring Thursday. XD See it all works out!

Now I apologize in advance for the quality of some of the screenies. They turned out really fuzzy for the first half of the episode and I am not sure why. :( Stop ruining my TeitoxFrau moments.

Enjoy my post on 07-Ghost while I try to be patient waiting for my figurine (something I am not very good at XD ).

edit:.....You would think I would remember to change the picture size in between manga and anime posts. But I don't. Enjoy the big blurriness?


Why so serious?!

So because I am special it turns out that Kuroyuri and Haruse only transported Teito and Hakuren to the roof of the church (of good looking men). Not a ship. Because I suck. :( But Teito and his face have seen better days. Hakuren tries to handle the situation but Haruse punches him once and he is down for the count. At least he tried right?

Ayanami is flying in his ships closer to the church of good looking men. Even though there is a no fly zone thing going on. Kuroyuri and Haruse decide to not kick Hakuren off the roof and instead puts him and Teito in a little flying craft. They talk about their plans on extracting the Eye and possibly squishing Teito when Hakuren wakes up. His awesome plan is to destroy the plane craft mid flight and send them all flying. Haruse and Kuroyuri are saved by other tiny flying craft (as Ayanami's army has arrived but it is fly through the air time for Teito and Hakuren.


Yes, dying with Teito proves you are his friend. And that you are both special.

I am not a real big fan of this plan. I would have gone for knocking out the bad guys and stealing the flying craft but that's just me. I like to make sense and all.

And I am not sure what it means to grab your best friend before you go splat. I guess dying together is romantic? I am not sure. I guess the idea is nice but I am not impressed. XD It is hard to impress me with fail plans.

In any event Teito and Hakuren are rescued by Frau. XD Was there any doubt that Frau would not ride in on a white...hover craft and save his Teito?!


MOG the borg!

Frau pours some water all over Teito's face and the scary war paint melts away. But the Wars are still inside the Eye of Awesomeness. Frau wants to throw it away and save his Teito. Mr. Eye obviously has a problem with this. He wakes up and demands to be allowed to kill Ayanami.

At this point it is hard to tell if the Eye is talking or if it is TeitoEye talking. But maybe Mr. Eye is upset about dead Mikage and wants revenge for his master? If that is the case then Mr. Eye isn't all that bad. XD

But then everything gets a little bit messy. Everyone is jumping around onto different crafts and being all confusing. It doesn't help matters that Ayanami's other minion looks just like Hakuren and Frau so it confuses me up. But it is battle time!


It's morphin time!

TeitoEye has decided he is going to threaten Ayanami from like 1586898 feet away. Kuroyuri gets in his way and TeitoEye tells him he doesn't want to kill anyone but Ayanami. But the Eye goes a bit crazy due to being poisoned with wars. Kuroyuri is flinged off the ship and Haruse is not happy with that. Teito is more in control of the situation and tries to spare Haruse's life but his Eye spears are not listening.


Why is Teito so nice all the time?!

WHY TEITO?! Why do you always give people second chances? I am not down with you being nice to the bad guys because you feel bad about having done bad things in your past too. Just be the victim and kill the guys in black okay?!


Um...this is interesting?!

Kuroyuri has managed to land on another random small ship and wants to retreat. Haruse is out of juice due to the demon flowers still surrounding his body. He tells Ayanami he is going to take one for the team and DIE. Well merge himself with Teito's body so he can transport Teito and the Eye back to the evilness. Kuroyuri is against this fail plan but Haruse smiles gently and gets ready to squish Teito.

Then the Eye speaks to Teito. But it is not the harsh voice we have been hearing so far. Instead it is a gentle voice that cares for Teito and wants to save him. He is going to suck the Wars into itself and plop out of Teito's hand.

Then it is gets all sparkly and we get that awesome screenie of....X_X. angel? Or is the Eye invoking the powers of said angel? It kind of looks like some creepy vampire stuff is going on (NO SPARKLES). So who know what this Eye thing is. It just GLOWS okay!


Baby Teito is cuter when there aren't things growing out of his arm.

As the Eye leaves Teito it tells him to remember the past. He suddenly sees Father and him jamming away as Teito was in control of the Eye power. He also sees Father and him going on a journey. Remember faster Teito! I guess it doesn't matter as there is going to have to be a second season anyway. XD


This battle would be more epic if the screenie didn't suck.

During all of this the not so fun minion of Ayanami's is fighting Frau. It is actually kind of amusing but all the screenies from the first half of the episodes were kinda crappy. The word kinda is fun. XD

But after the Eye decides to leave Teito and blow up Haruse (not sure where Haruse ended up actually. He just wasn't there anymore...) Teito is crashing to Earth again. He is reaching for the Eye and Frau and the minion are racing towards the both of them.


You can't have him.


That Eye was actually smaller than I thought...




Sucky screenie is ruining my moment!


....Or maybe not...

Do we see this touching scene people?! PROOF! PROOF I TELL YOU!

Frau obviously reaches for Teito instead of the Eye. The minion gets the Eye and runs off to Ayanami who is having a WOOT attack. But he can have his little happy day parade. I get a touching scene for my little yaoi pairing. Let me have this moment.

Okay so Teito was having a hard time getting into this moment. He was more concerned about the Eye that likes to take over his body and do random things at random times. Yes it is important Teito but so is making sure you aren't splatted on the ground. Or molested by Ayanami. Not sure which one is worse.....

But Frau tries to have a moment with Teito to convince him his life is really worth it. Or that Teito is the most important person/thing in his life and it is all magical in my eyes. Do you hear that Teito! You are important to Frau! That is probably as close as he is going to get to cry. Be caught up in the moment. Yeah you better hug him back.


Today is national hug a Teito day.

After they land on the ground Hakuren is all dramatic and hugs Teito. He probably got a little jealous that Frau was getting more hugs than him. But they are FRIENDS now and that means something people.

There is also some talk about how all the people at the church of good looking men is stupid and thought the Eye going insane was lightening. Lightening that made a crater in the ground.

Since that is boring..have Hakuren hug instead. XD


Memories: One sliver at a time.

Teito starts to remember a few other things from his past, about going on a journey and a song. He sings in briefly and Frau says he knows it. That his friend used to sing it. WHAT FRIEND IS IT?!


MMMM bonding moment.

Frau tries to pass off saving Teito as no big deal. Apparently the Eye won't be able to do anything with out Teito so who cares if Ayanami has it. But we all know it's because Frau likes him and wants to give him kisses. They taunt each other back and forth about the situation and Teito ends up spending some time with him singing.


A plant....seriously?!

So Castor and the demon flower owner arrive on the scene. They have an awesome little plant with them. Bastien has been reincarnated as a plant. A

I think I rather be a cute baby dragon...but Frau seems happy.


This is a great place to plant a tree, right next to another tree.

This is really the best spot in the garden Frau? Right next to another huge tree? Where is this tree supposed to grow? X_X Stick to your day job and don't be a gardener.


No love triangles!

Teito had decided to take off his mourning robes and put on a real trainees robe. He is going to go for the goal with Hakuren and become a priest. Hakuren decides to blush for some reason. NO! Teito is taken. GO AWAY!

But I am glad that Teito is trying to move on, even if he did look better in the black robes. And I am glad that Frau acknowledged this. Perhaps too much in a teacher like way but whatever. I want the cute!


This promises to be special....

On the way to their exam Teito steps on a bishop's key. His special gold key. And he flips out. Since this is anime this bishop turns out to be the person ahead of the entire exam. That is how Teito's life goes people!

I wasn't really feeling this happy/funny moment. There was a serious tone in this episode and throwing in a joke/fun thing at the end was...not flowing well. I think it would have worked better had this been the beginning of episode 21. BLEH!

But this episode was still great. Really great Frau and Teito stuff. XD Can't wait until next week (where the fun is allowed!) 7 more days to go people. XD

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