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07-Ghost Episode 18

Let me take this moment to say something completely off topic: CSB’s website sucks. When I blog anime I usually have something playing on the internet to motivate me to get on my game and post. I know it sounds crazy but it works. So after watching 07-Ghosts I go to the CBS website to watch yesterday’s Big Brother episode (a reality show) and OH SPOILER ALERT. Only not.

Yesterday there was elimination where one of the houseguests on the show is sent packing. When you click on the Big Brother link for CBS it sends you to the newest episode and a banner with the latest evicted house IN HUGE LETTERS! So thanks CBS. Why am I watching this episode when I know the outcome? I hate you CBS I really do.


I hate you this much!

But enough about stupid American TV. On to the cool stuff.


Don't you dare start sparkling!

Hakuren isn’t very pleased that Bastien wants to execute Teito and tries fighting him. That doesn’t work to well and Hakuren gets wrapped up in purple…stuff. Bastien tells Teito he has been working for Ayanami and has been uncover for a long time. He has learned that Kor smushy staffs can be used for black magic if you read scripture verses backwards. All he has to do is sacrifice a few souls (AKA those criminals) to make this work. Teito is not pleased. Teito tries fighting back but Bastien locks Teito up in purple goo too. Castor and Labrador decide that it is time to take action and save some people. Kuroyuri and Haruse knock out the guards to Frau’s cell and replace them with their own because they are oh so sneaky. Hakuren is slightly distraught and questions Bastien’s motives for all of this. Kuroyuri senses that their guards are no longer guarding and sends Haruse to investigate. Haruse gets back to the door and finds his guards sleeping in a bed of flowers. Labrador’s creepy bed of demon flowers. And then he sends out a vampire butterfly to attack Haruse. Yay. Teito tries to fight the purple ooze that has a bunch of Wars in the bubble of fear. He seems to be fighting them well but the Eye of Mikhail decides to take control. He lashes out at Bastien and does a great deal of damage. Mr. Eye probably would have taken Bastien out but Teito take controls of his body. He refuses to hurt Bastien as he is Frau’s special person.


A very interesting kind of moisturizer.

That doesn’t seem like a good idea as Wars take over Teito’s body Ghostbuster slime style. Kuroyuri makes it to Frau’s cell and cuts off his head…only to reveal that it is only a puppet and Frau is holding his scythe to Bastien. He gets Teito out of harm’s way and there is a dramatic face down. Bastien then explains he was saving the criminals souls by taking their sins into himself and when he dies they will go to heaven. They argue a bit about Bastien’s reasoning for all of this and in the end Frau is sad that Bastien is using him to end his life. Frau hesitates in dealing the death blow but Bastien eggs him on and SLASH he goes. In his finally moments Bastien thinks back to how baby Frau thought the whole going to heaven thing after getting your wishes granted was crap. Clearly Bastien’s wish was to be taken out by Frau and Frau is sad at that fact. Before Frau can mourn Eye of Mikhail Teito taunts Frau, saying he had the situation handled. The Eye goes back in Teito’s hand and Frau says it would be okay to die at Mr. Eyeball's hand. Hakuren begins to stir and Teito questions what is going on so Frau puts them to sleep. In the dungeon room Kuroyuri is not pleased that Frau was a doll. Castor taunts him a bit with more dolls until he confronts Kuroyuri. He puts his hands through Kuroyuri’s body (X_X) and talks to Ayanami. WE ARE ON TO YOU PUNK! The End.


Bring it.

This episode basically pans out exactly how I thought it was going to. I didn’t think that Teito and his magical Eye of Mikhail were going to kick that much butt but yeah. Bastien dies at the hands of Frau and it is sad and semi sparkly. But just because it happened the way I thought it was going to happen doesn’t make it any less special.


Having flashbacks of vampire Kamui from Tsubasa..

But the Eye of Mikhail really has a mind of its own. I like how it randomly chooses to protect Teito. I mean, he couldn’t protect Teito when the baby Kors were out trying to squish him but now that Wars are in the picture it is time to fight. And splat people in a purple mess on the floor. The Eye of Mikhail acts out of self protection and a black/white sense of justice. None of this emotional crap that Teito seems to go through. XD


Teito needs a hug right now! And every minute of his life apparently....

But I can’t fault Teito for being a cutie pie. XD He is big on friendships and most important people. Bastien was Frau’s most important person so he wasn’t going to put Frau through the pain of losing him. In case you didn’t know Teito recently lost his best friend Mikage who is now a cute baby dragon. So Teito’s feelings are a little delicate on this issue. He might get himself thrown around a little bit and otherwise maimed to try to reach Bastien. While I think that is a plan of fail and I would have let my Eye of Mikhail protect me this is Teito. Teito might be a grumpy emo kid but he wears his heart on his sleeve and is big on helping people even if he doesn’t realize that.


MMMM purple mess.

I found the whole battle a mess though. I wish we knew how things happened and why everything was purply and bleeding later. Are Wars (or whatever they are) trapped in some separate world and Bastien used a spell to send Teito there? How can a War attack a human who has not made a pack with a Kor? I thought that was some basic rule but I guess not. And Wars attack someone by infecting them with purple chicken pox? Oh and the whole reading Bible verses backwards makes them evil made me go X_X.


Crazy talk is very crazy. X_X

What I really wasn’t impressed with was Bastien’s reasoning behind being evil. Because he was really good ya’ll. He killed those bad criminals to save their souls DUH. Doesn’t that make sense? Instead of trying to preach good will towards them while they are alive it is easier to kill them and suck their evils into your own soul. Doesn’t that sound like an awesome plan to you? No? Not really? That would go against your plague to God and hurt the church of good looking men? That’s what I thought. It seemed way too easy to make Bastien a good guy in the end. Sorta anyway. It didn’t work on me though. I am not very sympathetic to his cause. Perhaps if he had just worked with Ayanami to get rid of Teito to PROTECT Frau I might understand that. But Bastien failed at being a bad guy and a good guy so no tears for him.


Insert random cute baby Frau here. XD

How did Frau get out of his magical jail cell? Castor let him out but only because Teito was in danger. Not because Frau was about to die. So meh. But I did feel bad for Frau having to kill his special mentor man. It almost seemed like Bastien wanted it to end like this and that is really selfish. You love someone so much you want them to kill you? I wish Frau had hesitated a little bit more (as Teito was almost more upset than Frau was) but maybe that is just Frau. He isn’t very good at showing his emotions but that balances out Teito who is oozing with emotions. XD


UM do not want!

But what was up with Frau asking the Eye of Mikhail to kill him? The dialogue sounded like the two had known each other before but we know that is not possible. Or at least that is what I think given the material (baby Frau for the win). So maybe it is the Ghost that knows the Eye thingy and they are old pals. In any event I do not want Frau to die (again?). And I do not want Teito to be the one to do it. First off that kinda kills my yaoi pairing. Second I don’t want Teito to suffer like that. Just like Frau suffered when he killed Bastien. But maybe when we know more about this Ghost business we will understand why Frau wants to DIE at the hands of a homicidal piece of jewelry. But for now Frau just seems like a young guy possessed by a Ghost and really doesn’t have a reason to die. And maybe now Teito will give Frau a reason to live? XD


This 12 year old does not frighten me. XD

Haruse and Kuroyuri are not very scary. If anything it was like Kuroyuri threw a huge tantrum because someone took away his toys. It probably would have been wiser if one of them went and made sure Bastien took care of Teito. But Kuroyuri is too bent on getting back his precious Ayanami’s scythe. But yay for Castor molesting his chest and making Ayanami slightly worry. Or at least let Ayanami know he is on to him. I wish to know more about why Ayanami has half their souls!


I am SO convinced. Really.

Labrador…..your flowers are doom are scary. And you calming asking people to leave in your creepy voice yeah…it makes it special. And your flowers are scary in case I didn’t say that already.


No love triangle. Now shoo!

Hakuren spent most of the episode unconscious but that is okay. The point came across that he was trying to protect Teito and that is all that matters. Also no baby Mikage :( But life moves on.


Flawless victory!

So that is our episode. Frau gets cleared (I think) and Bastien is dead by his hands. There is a bit of sadness in the air but that is typical. But next episode Teito has been affected by War goo so more sadness is to come. And it looks like Hakuren is by his side and not Frau. Frau better be fighting the bad guys or have a really good excuse! Beware my wrath Frau if you don’t!

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