Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More room to breath, live, and store more anime

I spent the entire day cleaning.

From 1:30pm til 11:15pm my friend and I (with minor help from the husband) cleaned, staged, improving, and destaged my house. She was trying to complete two projects for school and I agreed to help her out. Only we didn’t realize how long the process would take. Thank goodness for (scam) Mini Lucky Charms and chicken nuggets to get us through the day.

XD It was decided that the anime room would not be TOUCHED at all today. One because the thought of her moving anything out of my carefully crafted room of love freaked me out and two the thought of moving anything out of my chaos room of horror freaked her out. But every other room in my house was fair game.

And I am tired.


Of course I looked just as hot while I cleaned!

At first it became a game of just moving all my junk to one room, taking a picture, and moving it back. But after a while…it dawned on me that I have a lot of junk. And my house is a clutter fest of insanity. And by taking out 50 percent of the stuff in each room…it started to look like a house! A house that real people could live in and not a place that college kids would call “home” with their piles of video games and dirty clothes spewed around.

Now I am not going to lie. Most of my furniture is mismatched and looks special. XD
But my friend helped us work with what we got. You can style on a budget. So even if your furniture is all second hand it can still look great with the right objects around and near it. Matching is overrated anyway.

This day also showed me that I can bear to part with some of my lovelies for the SuperHappyFunSell at AWA. I might still have a few hang ups about things people gave me as gifts but when it is easy to put something in a bag to stage a room and not miss the item it is time for that item to hit the road. A road to a happy home that will love it more than I do right now.

Besides I need the money to buy more lovelies to reclutter up my house!

After today…I realize that while my husband and I aren’t short on mangas, picture frames, and Asian themed items we are short on basic items. Like glue. And paper clips. The little thing that goes over the shower head that holds the shampoos and stuff. The organizer that keeps your silverwear nice and organized. A stapler. It’s much more fun to buy cute pillows and fun trinkets than boring office supplies and a welcome mat. So…after AWA it is time to start focusing on buying BLEH house stuff and not the latest Tsubasa poster. I will continue to put my 20 dollars a paycheck aside in my anime convention fund but now a bigger chunk of our money will go towards…being responsible. BLEH! BLEH IT ALL! Let this be a warning to all the anime fans out there: sometimes you need a bathmat in your bathroom more than you need a new Naruto key chain.


Being with friends can make any situation fun.

My plan today was to watch and blog 3 or 4 episodes of CANAAN. That has been pushed back to either Sunday/Monday of next week (hopefully, not sure with the upcoming family trip) but it’s okay. Anime will always be there. Sometimes you have to buckle down and spend the day cleaning your house. And it is always enjoyable spending the entire day with your best friend clowning around. After high school your life gets consumed with work, your significant other, and other adult stuff. So today brought back memories of high school when we would spend hours upon hours together just talking about nothing. The topics that were of special interest today were the scam of Mini Lucky Charms, how fetuses breath in the womb, how we hoped all the bratty cheerleaders in high school were fat now, and retelling our favorite horror customer stories. Good times were had by all.

I had planned on adding pictures of at least my anime room, the dining room, and the bedroom in this post. However my husband already went to bed, my anime room has exploded with my AWA SuperHappyFunSell stuff, and moonlight doesn’t work well when taking pictures. So…no house pictures. :( I think when I come back from AWA I will
reorganize my anime room and take some lovely pictures then.

For now I will enjoy my happy clean house and try not to think about how busy the next three weeks are going to be…and that there is no Fai in my house. I WILL BE STRONG! And yes this might be cheesy but looking around at my cleaner house makes me happy and calmer. Clean people! It does a body good!

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