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Kobato Volume 4 (through Drop 15b)

I am sad to report there is no figurine post today. It hasn't gotten to the point where I am camping out at the mailbox but there was a sad face when no package arrived for me today. Sadder still is that Pandora Hearts is on break this week.


CLAMP: Killing my wallet since 2000.

But there is still a lot of fun to be had in the world of Tenchi. Or there is tonight at least. After this post I will be joining everyone in the MOG more Kobato scans please! But for now...yay! XD

I am not sure if drop 15b will complete volume 4 of Kobato. But that is all I got for now so this is all you get. ACCEPT MY GIFT OF LOVE AND SPOILERS! Beware of spoilers for other mangas like Wish, XXXholic, and maybe Tsubasa. I am just that special.


Ioryogi catches on very fast!

Mr. Bird has finished telling Ioryogi about the school issues and is flying him back to Kobato. On the way Mr. Bird drops him a few times and Ioryogi is slightly angry about that. When he is dropped again a messenger bunny arrives and saves him from being squished. The flower letter informs Ioryogi that Kobato only has two seasons left (6 months) to fill that bottle up or ELSE!

The man upstairs is a little strict. But he always has a reason behind the strictness. In Wish the punishment issued to Kohaku seems very harsh at first but it later turns out to benefit her (or him...but I think her). So maybe the ruler of heaven knows something we don't (okay he DOES but that is besides the point) and is giving her a time limit to save herself. Like she only has 6 months to live unless she fills that bottle. Or the place she wants to visit will no longer exist. RARW more drama!


Much cooler than a letter!

Ioryogi gets a little embarrassed and gives the messenger bunny a "letter" to give HIM! He uses the word please that shocks Mr. Bird. It is the most fearful Ioryogi has acted so far. Or maybe fearful is not the right word. Almost like a kid wanting to talk to their dad after a punishment has been handed out?

In any event....MMMM what did he want to say in that letter? DIEINAFIRE because of the Kobato time limit? Or that he really misses the other world and is sorry about whatever happened? MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!


Maybe he isn't a douchebag?

While Kobato is looking for Ioryogi she runs into Okiura. Before they can exchange two words Fujimoto arrives and is his usual bossy self. Okiura lets Fujimoto make a fool out of himself and remains cool and calm during the fight. Kobato tries to get Okiura to stop "picking" on Fujimoto because Fujimoto works so hard and tries to help Sayaka out. Okiura answers if Fujimoto really wanted to protect Sayaka Fujimoto would take her away from this situation.

Kobato's expression captures the mood. Okiura isn't acting like a jerk. It is hard to read what words mean when written on paper but the way it sounds in my head is Okiura saying this softly or out of concern. Kobato thinks that too given the look on her face. It is almost like Okiura isn't trying to be a jerk about the situation. Kobato might suspect that Okiura still cares about Sayaka and this is his way of showing it? I am sure that he has his own motives and it will be shown later that he isn't the one to blame but he is trying to stop his gang for squishing the school.

In any event Okiura comes off more as a caring individual in this scene and that is what makes Fujimoto mad.


Spit it out!

Fujimoto goes to hit Okiura again because Okiura is acting too calm about the situation. Kobato gets in the middle of the two boys and tells Fujimoto to stop. When she tries to explain why she has done so she is at a lose for words...

When I first read this scene I thought it was very significant and meant something else. Like it had something to do with her wish/that person who was killed before. Then I realized it was just because Kobato loves Fujimoto. I am slow. But it is still cute.


Dramatic pose is dramatic!

Okiura gently teases Kobato about her...issue with Fujimoto. But then he kills whatever niceness he built up in the last scene when he threatens Chitose. Does she owe him money too? Is the entire neighborhood under his gangs control? So...yeah. I want to take back what I said about him being nice. Apparently he is not trying to protect Sayaka if he can say something so rude like that. Or he is making a stupid attempt to cover up his true motives. I AM NOT IMPRESSED!


Cue the oblivious moment!

Okiura stomps away and flicks his cigarette on the ground (I HATE THAT!). Kobato has a brain dead moment and goes to pick it up. Fujimoto grabs it from her hand to keep her from hurting herself...and hurts himself instead. Both are very special. Kobato has a big crazy attack and wants to help heal Fujimoto's hand. Fujimoto points out Kobato was hurt too. Kobato says it doesn't matter what happens to her, she is more worried about Fujimoto.

Attack of not being able to finish sentences again! ...Just sigh....Do girls in real life really act like this way? Probably not which makes Kobato more lovely. BUT STILL RARW! Get a clue!


When in doubt sing!

Well she does try to get a clue. Kobato thinks over her situation with Fujimoto and moments that don't make sense to her. In the still doesn't make sense to her. So it is TIME TO SING!

So close but so far away. Kobato isn't going to get that clue any time soon. Move along folks there isn't anything to see here!


Can I get a time frame please?!

Mr. Bird is taking Ioryogi home when they both hear Kobato singing. Mr. Bird comments that Kobato sounds just as good as Kohaku. Ioryogi has a meanie attack and comments that singing was the only thing that Kohaku was good at.

WAS. Now since Ioryogi is not down with the things in heaven anymore perhaps that is why Ioryogi uses WAS. Was as in the last time Ioryogi heard her sing.

The other possibility is the events of Wish have already gone down and Kohaku is already serving her "punishment". I just want to know when all the other universes are taking place. I need to know!


I am not sure I support yaoi pairing while the men are in animal form...

So Mr. Bear is working hard at his little food place when Ginsei pops in. He is very moody. Mr. Bears makes a comment that Ginsei can't accept anything from anyone except HIM (him being Ioryogi). Ginsei makes a face but doesn't deny it.

Well then. How interesting is that. I often try to beat up the people I love and look up to. It makes total sense guys! But only not.

Mr. Beat starts talking about plot related things (like Ioryogi making God mad and that Ioryogi raised Ginsei) when Mr. Bird comes in. He has news about Ioryogi and Kobato and the messenger from heaven. Ginsei gets a little X_X and wants to know everything! Yeah Ginsei is great at hiding how he feels.


Mascot finally acting cute!

Ioryogi arrives home and informs Kobato that it is raining (because she is awesome like that). Kobato tries to dry off Ioryogi but instead he comforts her instead. He isn't sure what he is comforting her about but the gesture is nice.

Maybe Ioryogi is comforting her because he knows about the time limit. He is comforting her for the things that are to come. Or maybe he could read the sadness in her voice while she was singing and he wants her to know despite the fact that he calls her a pigeon he does care about her. In any is about time that Ioryogi is nice to Kobato!


Not exactly what I pictured...


The underworld needs new capes.

Kobato tells Ioryogi about how she feels about Fujimoto. She falls asleep confused. Ioryogi knows what is going on with Kobato and worries about how this will affect her mission. Ginsei watches both Ioryogi and Kobato sleep. He worries that Ioryogi won't be able to return home if Kobato fails. Ginsei isn't worried about Kobato at all....

Both creatures are shown with human shadows. Or human like shadows. Ioryogi comes off as a more rough looking human and Ginsei looks younger. Both have really torn looking capes to let us know they have come from the OTHER WORLD. We have to look menacing you guys.

So....I don't know what I was expecting their true forms to look like. But now I am more curious to find out more about them. TELL ME NOW!


We can pretend this is jealously?

The next day Kobato is late to work (like always). She nearly crashes on the ground but a man named Takashi saves her from going splat. Fujimoto sees the scene and walks off looking upset. Takashi explains that he and Fujimoto have been in school together since the beginning of time. Well up until Fujimoto dropped out of college to help Sayaka out at the school. Takashi thinks Fujimoto doesn't like him anymore because he is always pressuring him to return to school.

Kobato has a hard time concentrating on what Takashi is saying because she experiences jealously pains every once in a while. Only she doesn't recognize it as such. Every time Takashi says Fujimoto does this to help Sayaka it is a PING attack.



Goodbye boring character.

Finally Takashi leaves. Goodbye character who only exists to give us important plot information and fade into the darkness. You probably won't be missed!


This just in: Kobato is in love!

Kobato runs off to school and thinks about what just happened. Kobato must not be human if she can't understand these feelings. Or maybe she is younger than what she appears to be (if she has a different form).


Yes I am bossy. Get with the program Kobato.


The question is are they still alive at this point?

For some reason Ginsei is helping Mr. Bear out at his store. Ginsei wants to take out Kobato so she won't be trouble for Ioryogi. Mr. Bear tries to point out (in a very gentle way) that killing anyone who causes Ioryogi an ounce of discomfort isn't the way to live your life. Then the conversation glides into how Mr. Bear, Ioryogi, and Ginsei were lords of the underworld. Mr. Bear explains how all the worlds are divided up and humans are only aware of the world they live on. Well...most humans.

Why do you torture me CLAMP? You aren't even subtly putting other CLAMP characters in Kobato now. Just BAM here is Yuko and Clow Reed. I swear you are trying to kill me.

Since Mr. Bear says there ARE a few who understand it makes me want to believe they are still alive. But who really knows what anyone means in CLAMP. BLEH!


Ioryogi?! A trouble maker?!

Mr. Bear sounds talks about how the different factions rule Heaven, Hell, the underworld, and Earth(ish). Apparently 12 years ago something major went down. It isn't clear on what happened but Ioryogi caused a war that caused all three of these animals (4 including the Mr. Bird) to be cast out of their positions and be not themselves on Earth.

So even though Ioryogi caused these problems...neither animal are really upset. I would be if I were them but whatever.

I also wonder if the Kohaku/Hisui incident are what they are referring to. I am not sure why that would cause a war but anything is possible. This is the CLAMP universe you know. Maybe during the 100 years Kohaku was sleeping something major went down...


This sounds vaguely familiar...

Mr. Bear talks about how the war was caused because the thing Ioryogi wanted was in heaven. They also rehash the other stuff we already know, that they were punished in these forms, that Ioryogi can't return to heaven until he helps Kobato, and that Ginsei wants to squish Kobato for being a problem.

So...the thing they are talking about is in fact a person. So let's say PERSON okay?! Ioryogi cared enough about a person in heaven he was willing to risk all the rules and stability of the entire universe. MMMM people. That sounds very familiar.

But now I am very, very interested! Who knew Ioryogi had such a side to him?!


Aw! They can be special together!

Kobato is deep in thought trying to not think about her being in love with Fujimoto. She runs into a person just like her: slightly brain dead. But it is amusing and laughs are had. We the readers need a bit of comic amusement when things are getting sad okay. Plus spazzes are fun!



The girl Kobato runs into spazzes a bit and runs off to get her water to cool her head. Both girls talk about being worried and Kobato sees the opportunity to help a broken heart. The girl explains that she wants Kobato to help her....turn in divorce papers.

This the worse thing ever. :( Hopefully it turns out to be more dramatic because I have no sympathy for small problems like that. isn't a small problem but when we have twins of fathers being the brother of someone else and the world exploding divorce is small. But never fear Kobato will save the day, no how small the problem is.

I wonder how long it will take for the next chapter to come out....*goes to the sad impatient corner..*

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