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Pandora Hearts Episode 20

Instead of doing a third Kobato post in a row…I have done a Pandora Hearts one instead. I can’t forget about all the other great series in my life just because I have discovered a new one. Besides I have a schedule to keep!


There was plenty of plot! STOP JUDGING ME!

There wasn’t much in terms of plot this week so this post will be summary less. I think it works and all major points are discussed anyway. It has nothing to do with the fact that I am lazy. Perish the thought!

So enjoy your adventure that is the drunken mess that is this Pandora Hearts episode. XD

Edit: Yeah...forgot to adjust Photobucket...enjoy the extra large screenies! XD


Wait what?

Well….that was a lot different than what I was expecting. I thought there was going to be dance of some sort and Alice and Oz were going to have some romance stuff going on. Remember this is me right? The person that is always wrong? Yeah I am not sure what I was thinking.


Woot for questions!

But any event I am very happy that Oz asked the all important question to Eliot. What was up with that tune he was playing on the piano?! Of course Eliot lied and said it was his song but Oz got an answer. That is all that counts. And Oz gets points for asking about an important plot point instead of getting caught up in the drama. Although almost being killed is a bit too much drama to think properly.


Was everyone there?!

And maybe Eliot didn’t lie. At the end of the episode Eliot was talking to Leo about the nightmare he keeps experiencing. What is this nightmare about? Oh just that silly event that happened 100 years ago. I am not sure if the viewers have picked up on that fact yet. But in an event his nightmare consists of Eliot standing amiss the massacre holding a bloody sword.


You give me just enough to explode...I hate you.

If we factor in what Break says later about Eliot (“That means Mr. Eliot is also…) and we can conclude that Eliot is not a normal human. Like everyone else in this series. I hesitate to suggest that Eliot is from 100 years ago. Maybe we will just get a run of mill reincarnation instead of OH HI I am from crazy times just like everyone else. What bothers me is what Break says. Well everything Break says bothers me and makes me wonder but still. Also WHAT? Why does everything have to be vague in everything I watch? Why can’t we ever get straight forward answers? Well I guess it wouldn’t be interesting then…


We were shunned! SHUNNED!

Not that Oz knows any of this. I am sure he has some questions about Eliot’s maybe lie about the Lacie song. Instead he and Gilbert are going to be upset on how Eliot treated them. Eliot shunned Oz a bit after learning the truth about who Oz is and Gilbert got shunned by his little (but not really) brother. I would be more upset at the fact that I was attacked by the Basketcase people/my master was attacked by the Basketcase people but that is just me. Feel free to be more upset about how some punk chooses to view you. At least Leo is nice?


Manservant is code for I love you!

While Oz and Gilbert are being all sad and depressed about how Eliot treated them Alice is also depressed. She tells Sharon she is upset that Oz spends all his time worrying about other people and not her. Alice claims she feels sad because Oz is her manservant and thus she owns him. Sharon goes off into crazy land stating that Alice is jealous and what a marvelous thing it is to be jealous when you are in love. Anyone who disagrees with Sharon gets hit with a fan.


Sharon's craziness is not tasty....

Everything tasty to Alice. Is romance tasty? Is jealously tasty? Yes each and every one of the words in the human language is tasty. I am sure the porn book Sharon was accidentally reading was tasty too. But I enjoy Alice’s one track mind and how she is innocent about things despite the fact she use to be human. And yay for Alice calling Sharon big sister and Sharon’s overall craziness.


Romance is overrated! Time for booze!

Nothing much happens in terms of romance. In an effort to cheer up Oz and Gilbert Uncle Oscar decides that celebrations are in order. Uncle Oscar claims the liquid is only juice but it is wine. And everyone drinks lots and lots of wine. But it’s okay everyone because our cast is all legal despite the fact that Sharon, Oz, and Alice all look like teenagers. Commence with the table dancing.


Apparently Alice was packing all along?!

Who had the funniest drunk moment? I don’t think it was Alice and her strip tease. I am on the fence how I feel about Oz reacting to Alice’s boobies. I am sure if he had acted like a normal boy and gone BOOBIES I would have been upset. But with his I HAVE SEEN TOO MUCH reaction was a bit too mean. He rather see Sharon’s boobies I guess. Sharon was a mean little drunk with her lick my feet thing. Break wasn’t drunk so he doesn’t count. Uncle Oscar was just plain scary. And Oz was just a bit tipsy so he doesn’t count either. Or at least he is an example of what happy drunks should be.


The moment sparkles.


You can't has him!

So that leaves us with Gilbert. Yay Gilbert you win! What do you win? Probably a really bad hangover. But you also win the knowledge that you were slurring your words, fighting over Oz’s love, and reverted back to your childhood mannerisms. I am not sure what will be more embarrassing for Gilbert. Personally I found Gilbert arguing and fighting over Oz to be a great joy.


Aw I miss baby Gilbert.

But Gilbert crying over his master 14 year old kid style was cute too. Maybe cute isn’t the right word as the moment was supposed to be touching but I am pretty rude sometimes. XD Oz manages to give Baby Gilbert some comforting words and actually thinks the scene is very nostalgic. There should never be any doubt in Gilbert’s loyalty to Oz despite his last name. Gilbert gets lots of hugs so the insecurities in his heart can be healed. And the fact that Oz loves Alice and Gilbert in different ways is hug worthily too.


And that is all we get to learn today people.

This episode wasn’t very forthcoming with any new information. All we got was Break implying there is more to Eliot than a bad attitude and propensity to carry around a sword. Eliot himself revealed to us he experiences weird nightmares about the tragedy that took place 100 years ago. SOOOOO we got more questions and no answers to the old ones. Thank you Pandora Hearts. :( Why do you put me through this each and every week?!


Aw don't cry Gilbert. It's only two weeks.

I guess not every week since Pandora Hearts is taking a break next week. I take it back though. I love this show even though you drive me crazy. So I will wait patiently those two weeks and hope for answers next time. Even though this is looking like at two season type of anime. CURSE YOU PANDORA HEARTS!

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