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Pandora Hearts Episode 16

Here is a small Laptop Meltdown 2009 update. The husband called Dell and tried to troubleshoot with them on what the problem could be. Everything but the internet is working. But no matter what Dell told him to do nothing worked. The husband then went to Best Buy. He says the woman did something for 2 minutes, charged him 30 dollars, and the internet was working fine.


But they must pay for what they have done to my computer!!!

Great right? Nope. He gets it home and the internet is beyond slow. It keeps timing out and dying on us. So….we don’t know what the problem is. The next step is to find out about our warranty and what our options are. For now…I am laptopless and hating this computer.

But I will endure, even if my screenies suck and I miss my cushy spot on the couch! Onward to Pandora Hearts, where they don’t have laptops and people ripping them off 30 dollars.


They won't be able to find us at all....

Oz and Alice realize that they are in deep trouble, especially since Alice randomly transformed. Oz surveys the scene and concludes that they are at Pandora headquarters. Alice thinks the best way to get out of the situation is to kill everyone. Oz is against that idea so Alice takes off carrying Oz and leaving a trail of destruction behind her. Liam (the nerdy Pandora worker person) is all X_X at this situation when Oscar approaches him. He tells Liam that his nephew is with B. Rabbit and he will be in deep trouble if the rest of Pandora finds out. Oscar asks Liam to handle this situation as people will look at him suspiciously if he got involved. Before Liam can formulate a plan Break pulls him into a random room. Gilbert has transported himself and Break back to the real world but Gilbert is pretty weak. Break isn’t looking any better but asks Liam about Sharon. It isn’t public knowledge but she has been kidnapped. Liam runs out of the room to track down Oz and Alice. Break decides that Alice and Oz being transported to Pandora headquarters was just a ploy and runs off to find Vincent. Gilbert wakes up and goes into must protect Oz mode. Liam doesn’t make it in time and Alice and Oz are surrounded by Pandora people and their scary Chains.


This can only end badly...

Jack starts talking to Oz in his head, telling him to suppress Alice’s powers like he did before. Oz doesn’t think he can do it and Alice goes insane trying to kill all the Chains and their owners. Jack takes over Oz’s body and causes Alice to go back to human form. But the Pandora people are still on the war path and want to take Alice out. Jack decides to make Oz a little glowly and announce to the room (Gilbert has finally showed up) that he is Jack, the legendary hero from 100 years ago. OzJack then goes into epic speech mode explaining how he knows the truth about the tragedy of Sabrie and how if people aren’t careful that event might happen again. OzJack doesn’t give many details but says that the head of the Basketcase clan is still alive and is plotting to take back to the four doors and control the Will of the Abyss. OzJack gets Liam to back up his crazy claims and the crowd decides that Oz is the legendary hero and they stop trying to attack Alice. Jack starts feeling weak and retreats back into Oz’s mind. Oz is a little ticked that Jack has lied about how special he is, that he isn’t the key to fixing all this. Oz questions Jack on the head of the Basketcase people but Jack promises all in due time. But feel free to risk your life and stop him.



Meanwhile Break has hunted down Vincent at Pandora and confirms he did kidnap Sharon. Vincent will give up Sharon if Break gives him the collar from the Cheshire Cat. Break gives it to him and Vincent smiles, as the all important memory of what happened 100 years ago is now in his possession. Oz wakes up with Gilbert and Alice sleeping around him obviously worried. Break pops up near the window and Oz joins him outside for cake. Break suggest that they share information to better understand what is going on. Oz talks about how Vincent was present the day of the tragedy of Sabrie and how he claims it wasn’t his fault. Break seems pissed off that Vincent sees himself as a blameless victim and mutilates some cake. Then Break announces he is not telling Oz anything. Oz is a little pissed off but accepts that Break is a lying piece of crap. Break does inform Oz he is the talk of Pandora and that it would be in his best interest to stay away from Vincent. Elsewhere Vincent is meeting up with the members of Basketcase. THE END!


Break would NEVER lie. Never.

Here I sit suffering on a “normal” keyboard for the sake of Pandora Hearts and my loyal readers. I suffer greatly for my hobby, PITY ME!


Confusion being not flat out telling us what happened with Alice.

So instead of hiding from Pandora Oz is their new poster boy of MOGness. Which is not his fault. Nothing is ever Oz’s fault, things just happen to Oz. Oz is born into a crazy family, Oz got sucked into the Abyss, Oz had to make a contract with the weirdest Chain ever, and Oz is being used by multiple people to find out the truth about the events from 100 years/to make the events of 100 years happen again. :( Oz suffers greatly.


Behold my greatness.

But it is better than the alternative. With B. Rabbit killing everyone and Oz being labeled a murderer. Jack did some quick thinking by taking over Oz’s body and invoking some fear into the irrational men of Pandora. Then he enlisted the help of Liam in case people were slightly skeptical that a dead dude was taking over a random person’s body. Whether the attention is just as overwhelming it is certainly better than being the villain.



But seriously the moment was very dramatic. With all the sparkles and the dramatic hand movements I thought OzJack was leading troops off to war. It was very theater-esque, what with OzJack telling the crowd the bare minimum about the tragedy of Sabrie and how he kept repeating the same information in different ways yet the crowd hung on his every word. Lots of OHHHHS and AHHHHHS. But his dramatics worked as Oz is now the reincarnation of a hero and not some crazy boy with an angry bunny in tow.


Answers? You don't need no stinkin answers!

But really what is up with Jack? He is getting slightly annoying with not telling Oz the truth about Sabrie, himself, and Alice. Granted many animes center on some secret that only gets revealed at the end. After all, if we knew the truth the ending would not be as dramatic and the next 10 episodes would not be as much fun. Because we all must be surprised and go MOG when we finally learn the horrible truth. This I get.


Also no answers on why he can take over Oz's body...

However when Jack tells Oz that he will tell him in due time….yet tells Oz to work hard to prevent another tragedy from happening again some details would be nice. I think it is lovely that Oz learned the truth about Alice being a human. But how does that help him defeat the Baskercase people and their really old (or time traveling) leader? It doesn’t. A little information on the enemy wouldn’t kill Oz. The lack of information might though. Seeing Alice dead on the floor from some random pair of scissors is not going to save the day. INFORMATION PLEASE!


I was expecting it to be more...dramatic. But OzJack used up all the dramaticness.

The issue with Vincent kidnapping Sharon was lame. I was disappointed. I was expecting more. But no, nothing bad happened to her and she was returned much quicker than I was expecting. Vincent was using her as bait so he could get the collar from the Cheshire Cat. I am not sure why Alice’s memory is important to Vincent. Perhaps it shows him causing the tragedy of Sabrie and he can’t have Alice knowing that information yet. Maybe that memory actually shows the reason behind his shady business now. Or maybe he just doesn’t want them to have it because then we the viewers will know what is going on. The point is Break couldn’t stop Vincent as he is up to things Pandora can’t know about thus he has no recourse. Angry Break is angry and eats cake.


Me thinks that Breaks know a lot more than he is letting on.

Poor Oz though. He once again believed Break and his hopes and dreams were shattered on the floor. That is what you get for never learning my dear. But when Oz told Break that Vincent might be part of the tragedy of Sabrie Break didn’t look very surprised. When Oz told Break that Vincent said it wasn’t his fault Break scoffed at what Vincent was claiming. As in Break already has a pretty good idea that Vincent was behind the whole thing and is missing one tiny piece of the puzzle. Or at least that is what it sounds like to me.


Vincent? A bad guy?! I AM SHOCKED!

Vincent working with the Basketcase people does not surprise me at all. In fact I am surprised it took this long for the information to come out. But I do think it is a bit odd or forward to be meeting up with them in such a way that puts him in danger. Vincent is a pretty smug person so perhaps he thinks he is untouchable. Which will make his fall that much more fun to watch in the end. XD


Is oz's dad this man.....

It is a little sad we didn’t learn very much in this episode, despite how much OzJack was talking. We did learn that the leader of the Basketcase people is still alive which doesn’t surprise me. Everyone has been transported in time by the Abyss in some way it seems. And I wonder who this leader will end up being. I doubt it will be Vincent as he was a child at the time of this tragedy. I just hope it’s not Oz or someone equally as surprising. Surprises can be good but not that….crazy.


Bow to the great OzJack!

It looks like next week won’t be any better information wise. But we do get to see Oz’s sister which I think we should have seen a long time ago. But family reunions are fun right?

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