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07-Ghost Episode 14

This week’s 07-Ghost post is going to be short and to the point. I am slightly tired from work and need to get up early to do something nerdy tomorrow. Yes I am a lazy slacker. Forgive me.


NO! Must sleep!

So I will not be including a summary with this post. From now on I will try to post on Wednesdays when my work schedule is not so long and I am not staying up late to finish blogging.

But please enjoy by brief views on this episode. XD


What do you mean?! Tell me!!!

Let’s start off with the more interesting parts of the episode. I like to switch things up and be totally wild like that. I am beyond dangerous. Fear me.

After Kuroyuri(small purple hair bishie) and Haruse(keeper of said small purple hair bishie) attempt to attack Teito and Hakuren and massively fail Kuroyuri says something interesting. He refers to Frau as a murderous traitor. MMMM what could that mean?! Frau is one of the seven Ghosts (as are Castor and Labrador). With my massive awesome math skills I figure that since we know three of the Ghosts there are four others out there. Unless the number seven is a magical number there should only be 4 left. And judging by Ayanami’s wonderful character….yeah he isn’t one of them.


I still think that name is special......

So Kuroyuri wasn’t referring to the fact that one of them (Ayanami’s crew) is a Ghost and Frau betrayed them. No, it must have been back when the Ghosts were somewhat friendly with Ayanami. When Verloren got banished from heaven I am sure he took some of the heavenly people with him as follows (aka fallen angels). If Frau chose to stay in heaven and not serve Verloren that might be what Kuroyuri was referring to. Or maybe Frau has something to do with Verloren’s fall from heaven. In any event Ayanami and Frau have past issues and Ayanami has told his crew some of them. I will stop overanalyzing the situation and file this information in the back of my mind for now.


Baby Hakuren is too cute!

Hakuren is not a douche bag. I don’t think I can explain how excited I am with that information. After the porn scene/bonding moment I thought that was all Hakuren saw in Frau. A powerful bishop with an impressive porn collection. But now we know that Hakuren’s mother was corrupted by a Kor and Frau saved her life. Baby Hakuren was so impressed by Frau’s awesomeness and decided he was going to spend his life helping people too. Despite the fact that he comes from a family of douchebags and they have basically disowned him he has decided to rise above it all and be a better person. So now I like Hakuren and will read any potential pairings between him and Teito. XD


This training looks so promising...

Castor’s training really didn’t make sense to me. But a lot of things in anime go over my heads so I don’t feel too stupid. But I fail to see how Teito will grow as a human being and learn to harness his powers better by getting beat by a bunch of creepy dolls. I think if the point was to teach Teito to come up with better strategies and to think before he goes and blows things up. But running from Frau dolls and trying to not get blown 2 miles away is more fun to watch I guess.


Yes. Exactly.

I think the concept of the Wars could have been explained a lot better. And by a lot I mean at all. It was really brushed aside in the bishop meeting . First we have Kors and now we have the thing they might turn into after receiving their wishes? So was sparkly pool of blood man really a War and not a Kors? Confusing topics are slightly confusing.


They sparkle through their pain.

I think Teito and Hakuren having a bonding moment was pretty cute. I was expecting more in terms of rivalry and I hate you tension but this series seems to be moving a little bit faster than I thought. Just another person to add to the growing list called Teito’s potential boyfriend.


Teito is so cute when he is pretending to be brave. XD

I also found it quite cute that Teito is not jumping into this new friendship with open arms. He is still hurt from losing Mikage and I am sure he is tired of putting people at risk (not his fault of course). But I hope he realizes that people want to protect him and their offers of friendship are real.


Yes, this makes sense...

The last scene left me X_X. Of course it could sway in the favor of he is just the daddy figure and he is suffering because his son is suffering. But I choose to see the confusing dialogue as PROOF of…something. We all know that Frau was like a father at one point to Teito. But those feelings can change! Plus it would be more interesting that way.

This blogger is getting sleepy and senses she is not make much sense. So off to bed she goes. Good night.

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