Sunday, May 11, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: There is a rumbly in my tummy

 photo Duffy010_zpsac9882b5.jpg
I'm hungry mom. Make me some fooooooood.
Even though Duffy goes on a lot of fun adventures he also is very mature and knows sometimes ya gotta go and pay bills or take the kids to school or mow the yards. If I had kids or a yard. But in any Well it doesn't magically appear. Time to go shopping Duffy!
 photo Duffy011_zps979c2896.jpg
Since one cannot make a meal with salsa, whipped cream, and crisco to the store we go!
 photo Duffy001_zps8624e962.jpg
I think you should buckle me in for safety.
 photo Duffy002_zpsce41dfd9.jpg
Your list looks small. Dad should have come with us.
 photo Duffy003_zps5ab81b77.jpg
All of these treats for a dollar? Can we get some mom? Mom? MOM??!?!?!
 photo Duffy004_zpsc1131d1e.jpg
That kid across the aisle was staring at me so I will pretend to look at these fascinating noodles.
 photo Duffy005_zpsc48091c7.jpg
What does family sized mean? Aren't we a family?
 photo Duffy006_zps9c66b486.jpg
Mom has Code Red. All is well in the world.
 photo Duffy007_zps09baf0be.jpg
Mom hates milk. Seems okay to me.
 photo Duffy008_zps4918dcf3.jpg
Can someone point me down the aisle with the Duffy stuff?
 photo Duffy009_zps4c92f51a.jpg
Groceries are expensive. No wonder I can't get outfits all the time. Mom has to spend it all on food.
 photo Duffy012_zps5b850102.jpg
Dad's not home so mom has to "cook".
 photo Duffy013_zps5d4e2c2b.jpg
Time to sit down and watch some TV. Grocery shopping is such hard work.

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