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Isshuukan Friends episode 3

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Oh hi. I woke up at 4 am to make omelets. All the omelets in the world!
So sleepy/ X____X What is wrong with me, it's barely 11 pm. I am getting old. And lazy. Clearly as I see my lack of posts. But I promised myself Sunday was the day I would start finally catching up with posts. Hopefully more come tomorrow but let me get some out before Sunday is over. Let me see what is up first on my catch up list. Oh okay Isshuukan Friends episode 3 is up next. Spoilers for Yuuki thinking Kaori needs more than one friend in her life. How will that turn out?
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Please to meet you too....
Episode Summary: Kaori is up at the crack of dawn. In fact it is still nighttime. Kaori is up in the middle of the night making eggs. Lots of eggs. Measuring and writing things down. Her mom is like this is a lot of eggs....During lunch Kaori presents him with the bento, asking him which one he likes best so she can make it from now one. Yuuki and his blushed face is happy and touched since no one has ever done this for him. After much chewing as many of the eggs are almost the same he makes his decision. Kaori is also very touched as she wanted to eat lunch with her friends for so long. Yuuki graciously offers to eat any bento she makes from now on. Yuuki is overwhelmed with feelings and has to run to the bathroom. He is happy this is happening to him but is sad that Kaori has no other friends. Shougo comes by and makes a remark to Yuuki about being with Kaori all the time. In class Yuuki listens as some girls make fun of Kaori and how cold and smug she is. This makes Yuuki wonder if he could get her more friends. He asks Shougo how he (Shougo) feels about Kaori. He gives his typical noncommittal response. So Yuuki brings it up to Kaori the next day on the roof. He asks if she knows Shougo and then goes on to describe Shougo honestly...but not appealingly. But he thinks that if they include Shougo maybe they can figure out a way to help Kaori. She agrees to this with less enthusiasm. Yuuki then asks Shougo to join them on the roof the next day. Shougo seems to want details on why this is all going on but Yuuki says they will come on the roof. Yuuki is a bit insulting but smiles a lot knowing Shougo will come. Yuuki drags him up but Shougo arrives for lunch. He voices his surprise at Kaori's personality change which makes Yuuki very protective of her. He and Kaori pretend like Shougo isn't there so he can observe them. Well Shougo observes boyfriend/girlfriend behavior and calls them out on it. There is denial all over the place. After that embarrassment Shougo and Kaori explain her situation, about her losing her memories of friends each week.
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But I like being special!
Shougo takes a moment to think...then voices what he thinks is wrong. Mostly obvious something happened to you in elementary school involving your friends. If you are telling the truth. Kaori and Yuuki are shocked that Shougo would say that. Shougo explains if she is putting on a front in the classroom maybe she is putting on a front now. Plus has Yuuki even read the diary? Yuuki banishes Shougo from the roof but not before exchanging a glance with Shougo. She glances at him often in the classroom and gets sad. She brings it up to Yuuki on the roof the next lunch period, that she feels bad that Yuuki and Shougo are fighting. He tells her not to worry but she does anyway. During math class a lot of people get in trouble due to work not being done on time and a punishment is handed out making people stay after school. When Yuuki leaves Kaori wants to call out to him but she gets nervous and can't. Instead she goes up to Shougo and attempts to talk to him. Someone interrupts her because obviously she isn't standing there. She goes to leave the school but realizes she forgot her diary. She goes to the classroom but people are still in it so she decides to WAIT until everyone has left. She thinks the coast is clear after it gets really late but the two girls who were talking about her earlier in the week are still there. She hears them talking negatively about her again and stays outside. Shougo walks by and goes into the classroom. He agrees with the gossip girls that Kaori might be creepy but they shouldn't talk behind people's back. Shougo hands Kaori the diary in the hallway and says she is setting herself up for failure but not explaining anything. Kaori gets a brave moment and tells the girls she is not starting over again, that this notebook is needed to keep her friend. Yuuki hears this and is touched. Finally Monday rolls around and Yuuki and Shougo walk together, obviously done fighting. Shougo notes that the boy has his Monday face on and Yuuki seems determined to show Shougo that Kaori was telling the truth. During math class Kaori starts to do a problem on the board but the number matches up the omelets from last week and she remembers! She runs out of the room crying and overwhelmed. Yuuki follows her and she explains she remembers making the omelets. Yuuki takes this as the best sign ever, that one day she won't forget at all. Yuuki gets shy and bows, asking to be friends. Shougo appears, saying their teacher is looking for them. He heard some of the convo and believes Kaori's story now. Kaori is like oh I remember Shougo and Yuuki dies on the floor. After some dramatics they realize Kaori remembers people who are not her friends aka Shougo. Despite getting yelled at by their teacher (sorta) Yuuki seems very happy with the progress, that things will get better. Or at least that is what he thought at the time. THE END!
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I guess that would be the same each skipping to the important weeks might make sense....
Hey One Week Friend anime! You are supposed to show me ever week. What is with this we have been friends for a month already business? I guess it could still be week 4 which would almost be a month. I guess every week can't be interesting, especially when most of it takes place on top of the roof as Kaori isn't ready to show the world she is capable of making friends. Yay roof tops.
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Err....they all taste exactly the same?
Who the heck wakes up that early to make lunches? Oh that would be Kaori. Like really I guess she is super excited about having a friend but waking up THAT early to make about a million eggs is too bizarre. Clearly anime is not real. And why was the mom up so early? Does it really take that long to make a bento box? Is that why they are full of love and WOW feelings when given to other people? Because yeah. That is way too early, even if I wasn't a noon sleeper. Just no. And all those eggs. X___X Just so much work for the same product with the SLIGHTEST of changes. It's not like she changed the recipes all that much. Does mom really have no idea what Kaori has been up to, in terms of new friendness?
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If you don't mind...I will eat all your lunches everyday. Because I am that great of a friend.
Of course since this show is about feelings and blushing Yuuki loved this entire box full of eggs. To him it represented so much more. That a month has gone by and she is still friends with him. She might not remember anything but the diary is helping and she is still the same sweet girl every week. Plus he likes her a lot and what guy wouldn't like the person he likes making him food? Of course the same exact food with almost the same ingredients. Details. I am sure if I ever made my husband food he would be so overcome with emotion he would put aside the fact it tasted like crap. Just soaked in the love.
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So reassuring!
After that very.....special lunch it was time for business. Well not really business but something that Yuuki thinks will help Kaori. Now I might argue that one month isn't really a long time in terms of friends to introduce another friend. Things seem to be going well but it is still sad that she forgets and Yuuki still gets upset every Monday that something might go wrong. So....yeah Yuuki's heart was probably in the right place to introduce a new friend to Kaori. So she can expand her world. Maybe show her having multiple friends are fun and maybe one day she can make her own. Maybe maybe. And since Yuuki has only been seen with one friend so far...well I guess Shougo is it. Kaori of course has reservations and she was right to have them in the end. I mean I think she would have had doubts no matter who the person was. She just so happened to be right on the money about Shougo.
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You are being sucked in Shougo. What shall you do next?
Okay maybe that is a little harsh. Shougo is just...Shougo. Maybe there is a little Shougo in me. Goodness knows that I have been accused of being insensitive many times in the past. I like to blurt out exactly what I am feeling. So yeah...maybe Shougo is Shougo. Since he is a boy I don't think he minds too much that Yuuki has been letting him down in the friend department lately. He has been ditching lunch every single day for a month. If that were me I probably would have said something by now. But since Shougo is Shougo has asks the basic of questions and does a lot of shrugging. Like why do I want to go to the roof and be with the ice princess of class? Tell me the point or I won't go....or I will go anyway because that is the kind of person I am.
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Oh sorry. I thought the flowers and blushy faces meant something...
The roof started off rather special. Kaori was her actual self which surprised Shougo and his tactless self. That sent Yuuki into protective mode. I was slightly amused that Kaori and Yuuki decided to be...themselves at first and then tell Shougo. That sent Shougo up perfectly for the are you going out comment. I was looking lovey dovey. Waking up that early to make breakfast...But finally, after blushy faces OF COURSE WE ARE NOT GOING OUT it was time for the truth. The reason why Shougo has to come to the roof. Kaori has her friend memories of her brain reset every Monday. Woe is Yuuki and take pity on his sad situation. Oh and Kaori too since it is happening to Kaori.
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Shougo...well he responded probably as well as anyone could. He didn't start off doubting her. He took a second to think about things and voiced some logical advice. OBVIOUSLY something happen in Kaori's childhood to make her forget only friend memories. I am going to guess a friend moved away or she did and when that person moved back they didn't remember her. Kaori was so upset she vowed never to get hurt again and now forgets all friends. Something like that. It won't be traumatic like a brain injury. I would hope that if that was the case her parents would be a little more concerned. They do know right? I would think so since they don't take her anywhere with friends or ask her about friends as that is a sad subject. So yeah it something little that Kaori got super upset about and now this is her life. Not that it's little NOW but this anime is big on feelings. I am sure her feelings got hurt and that is why this is happening.
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Oh snap. Those might be fighting words.
So Shougo started off that way. Thinking about why this happening. He also listed another possibility. If Kaori is that good at pretending to be someone in class maybe she is pretending now. He didn't get to elaborate on this point as Kaori got upset and Yuuki got mad. I am not sure what Kaori would gain from this. She hears what people are saying about her in class and has no friends. Why would telling Yuuki this lie help her in life? She didn't know Yuuki before and unless she is a super cruel person who is just bored this lie is elaborate and the friendship is odd at best. So yeah not seeing why she would lie because she isn't really getting attention except from Yuuki. Still Shougo probably wanted to look out for his friend. And was listing possibilities.
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But...but...friendship is magical.
Yuuki did not take kindly to these possibilities. Kaori was upset too but Yuuki is like no this is my friend and how dare you say these things to her. So...get off our roof Shougo. A fight? Oh no. Shougo had a good point and Yuuki knows the truth and took it as Shougo calling Kaori a liar. In a nice way. I think Kaori should have been the most upset about the situation, like um this is my life! Do you think I am having a great life here with no friends and no crepes? NO CREPES! Instead Kaori was upset because Shougo and Yuuki are fighting. Because of her situation. Kaori values friendships a lot and the thought that Yuuki has lost his friend because of her made her sad. Yuuki insisting that everything was okay didn't make her feel okay. :( I like that Kaori is a good girl at heart but she should be upset at her situation too. Boys are like that I think. A few punches and I am sure things will get better.
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:( Just leave Kaori alone, she ain't bothering anyone.
Due to some special events a lot of their classmates had to stay after school. Sounded a bit...special to me. Gotta make the plot go a certain way, don't ask questions about these mysterious circumstances. Just know that some students had to stay after school. Because. And they had to be certain students who are bad or lazy in math. That way it could look sad when Kaori had to go back to the classroom for her forgotten notebook. Now...I am not going to lie. I did some gossiping when I was in school. That is what everyone does. Even now people gossip. I just don't see how Kaori was interesting enough to gossip about. We had some shy people in our high school class and no one ever picked on them. But I guess some people need a target and since Kaori is good in math and the math representative (IE Slave) that won't let them get away with crap....they are going to pick on her.
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She might be weird but at least she isn't trash talking people.
So instead of Yuuki and Shougo making up the traditional away Shougo helped Kaori and since Yuuki saw this all was forgiven. Or temporarily forgotten. Kaori wants to avoid conflict so forgetting her notebook on this everyone stays after school day was not a good thing. I don't know if I would have stayed in school that long. I would have just put my fake face on and grabbed the notebook. Instead Kaori waited and by that time the gossiping girls were in the classroom...gossiping about her. Instead of watching Kaori cry Shougo retrieved the notebook. He didn't exactly defend Kaori. Like yeah she is a bit weird...but you two are rude. So there. Also stick up for yourself Kaori...or explain yourself in a super round about way so people can understand you better. Yeah that's it. Now I thought Kaori would have considered Shougo a friend after that. But since he lost a few points earlier maybe he is back in the neutral area. He and Yuuki are okay now though. Thanks for helping I got to get ready for Monday to roll around.
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GREAT! Now Yuuki just needs to change his name to omelet.
And Monday does come, as it does every week. Time for Yuuki to be nervous. Only this time Shougo seems to understand the stress and might be more supportive this time. The roof time awkwardness never happens this week. Instead all of Yuuki and Kaori's hard work seems to have paid off. Or the fact that Kaori is crazy and made 237283 omelets. Perhaps anyone would have remembered making that many omelets. Still the number triggered the memory and Kaori was overwhelmed. She remembered something! Quick run to the hallways and have a dramatic moment with Yuuki. Yuuki was very excited about this new development. I think it was well deserved. They just need to make things stand out right? Sorta like learning a new language, having to connect the old words to the new ones. Hello my name is Yuuki. Can we be friends since you made me 18 million omelets last week?
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Why do you remember Shougo and not me?!
The episode ends with Shougo revealing that he was listening to this conversation and now believes Kaori has memory problems. Probably because she was so genuine about the issue. The notebook was important to her and her reaction to one simple memory was overwhelming. So Shougo will believe now. But what is this? Kaori remembers Shougo? Clearly she remembers him because they aren't friends yet but Yuuki having his moment of freak out after having the moment of happy was fun. Why is he more important?! Oh so jealous Yuuki. But after that Yuuki seems to be on a more positive path. We are now three strong. We can do this. Everything will be okay....or so I thought. And then the QueerRats came and everyone died. X___X Surely that will happen. Until next time.

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