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Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 4

 photo gokukokuepisode418_zps6ecf7b7c.jpg
No more transfer students. Excuse me while I get the door.
Wow. I just took a look at the place where I normally download anime and....I am super behind. Like how did this happen behind. X____X No really how did this happen? I guess my house is rather clean and the Disney autograph book that I am making is halfway done. Oh and my mind is full of movies I watched last week. Clearly I needed to watch and blog more anime. CLEARLY. So up now is Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 4. Spoilers for Ryouta thinking it is going to be okay while his friend lays in pieces on the ground. Maybe. Couldn't see you know.
 photo gokukokuepisode410_zpse4ab3222.jpg
She? Oh lord we got some chest bursters around the corner?
Episode Summary: When we last saw our heroes things were not going so well. Ryouta found his long lost Kuroneko and understood why she doesn't remember him. Only he watched her get cut in half just like Kana's vision. Like literally in censored pieces on the ground. For some reason Saori was too busy smirking to hear the normal human behind her and Ryouta stabs her in the censored heart. He is like you better turn back time or you will die. Oh yes the reason Ryouta stopped losing his mind so fast is because Kana actually DID explain what Saori's other power is, which is to go back in time 1 minute. But it uses a lot of her magic and can be dangerous. Ryouta demands she turn back time and she goes bitch please and slices him to pieces on the ground. But Ryouta did hit her in a vital place so she does end up going back in time a minute. This actually causes her to manually hang up for using too much power and it is a bit anticlimatic that Ryouta saves the day. They tie her up and Mr. Head Evil Dude is told that Saori failed. He figured that since she is a loser and goes back to watching his screen with something gross growing in a tube. Back inside the room where no one else comes to stop Neko and Ryouta ever Neko has decided that they should take Saori with her. Because witches are friends and are in this together. Ryouta is like is you serious but Saori is like I have a tracking device on me, I can't leave if I tried. Ryouta senses a woman is in trouble and goes to help Saori figure out how to take off the tracker when Saori attacks him. This goes no where as the plug is suddenly pulled on Saori and she melts into goo in front of Ryouta. According to Saori (you know not now) and Neko the harnest plug things on their neck is important to the lab. Very important. Suddenly...this nasty looking slug thing crawls over as if to take Saori's harnest. Ryouta loses his mind and stomps on the thing until it dies. He then realizes that the word harnest probably doesn't mean harness, it probably means HER NEST. As in a nest for these creatures. Clearly he is amazing and knows all. They decide to put all this trauma aside and get the pills. They rush home on the train where Neko thinks they are cutting it super close. They arrive at the conservatory to see Kana is alive. Kazumi arrived and saved half of her remaining pill with Kana keeping them going until the heroes returned. Kazumi takes her one box and walks her blood trail self away. Then Neko spends the next 348923 minutes blushing and thanking Ryouta for saving them. GIVE KANA THE PILLS! Ryouta leaves and knows that Saori must have killed them thus Kana's vision was right and time turned backwards.
 photo gokukokuepisode413_zpsef89c561.jpg
Too bad Kuroneko couldn't see this.
With all these pills Neko makes it to the school trip which is magical as Neko walks around with friends, not just Ryouta. She stops and looks at the beach, tears in her eyes. She feels as if she was meant to be here, that this is what she has always wanted. Ryouta is glad Neko got to see the beach as Kureneko never got to. Due to time being reversed Ryouta never saw the moles. Now that Neko has pills she is able to attend school bleed free. She seems to be doing well....more like better as she is not dumb, just never exposed to school and these concepts before. Later Ryouta asks Neko to join the astronomy club under the guise that she can stay there. Well Kana too but they will hide her if anyone comes by. Neko doesn't want Ryouta mixed up in this as he could die. But when Ryouta doesn't back down Neko trusts him enough to give him a package, the one she received from a fellow witch upon escape. There is important stuff in this bag so surely she should give it to Ryouta. Kazumi meanwhile is at the conservatory talking to Kana. In this episode Kazumi questions why Kana doesn't move because...she can. HMMMM. Before Kana can threaten Kazumi with her secret Neko and Ryouta return soaken wet from the rain. Good thing there is a mixed onsen here. Neko lets Ryouta go first and he is a little sad that he doesn't get to see Neko's boobies. So Kazumi arrives at the onsen and lets Ryouta see EVERYTHING. He is embarrassed and Kazumi goes out of her way to be annoying. She leaves, saying that Ryouta now owes him a boobie fee. Ryouta turns to yell at her and of course he falls on Neko's giant boobies. It becomes awkward so Neko leaves. Ryouta gets upset at himself as he didn't check for moles because hello boobies. Elsewhere at the lab Mr. Evil has captured another witch. He wants answers on where other witches are and since captured witch is bleeding she will sing for some pills. She knows where THREE are. Back at the conservatory Ryouta is like...why is Kazumi setting up a bed? Well she is cashing in the boobie fee and she is staying there now. Ryouta is upset since these boobies weren't even that great to begin with and what if they get caught? Kazumi beats Ryouta and goes to bed. Ryouta goes home and looks at the packet Neko gave him. The container has a fertilized alien egg and the phone thingy thing he doesn't dare turn on in case he is tracked. He finds the whole thing amusing because he has spent his entire life looking for aliens and now that he has them maybe...he is stunned. Ryouta finds the situation less amusing when Kazumi transfers in to his school/class the next day and asks to join the astronomy club. Back at the creepy lab Mr. Creepy let the captured witch die. As he watches her get washed away he gets called into a meeting with...some important people that have cool seats and fog effects. They aren't happy about the witch escaping but Mr. Creepy makes excuses. The other people remind him that witches are his main concern and he needs to focus on the plan. Mr. Creepy says the plan is underway and he has sent out another witch to round up the others. At the astronomy lab Ryouta starts yelling at Kazumi for making this transfer look super obvious. As Kazumi says to calm down a girl walks in...claiming to be a transfer student and wants to join the astronomy club. The super happy girl introduces herself as Kotori and the audience sees that she has a harnest. THE END!
 photo gokukokuepisode4_zps3daa305b.jpg
Ryouta is talking like he knows way more than he is letting on.
Just kidding folks. Just kidding indeed. Everything got better. No need for all those tears last episode. It was just a joke. HAHA are you laughing? No? I didn't think so. Unless there is a magic pill store out there than Ryouta hasn't stumbled upon. Things will still be sad as these stolen pills won't last forever. But Ryouta seems to be focusing on the bright side of life. His happy little harem is growing and times are good.
 photo gokukokuepisode43_zpsf3313a30.jpg
I am mentally unstable right now but can still manage to pull a plan together.
But before that....times were really bad. Probably couldn't get any worse. Ryouta was like WOOHOO Kuroneko and I were meant to be. Pull out the sappy song.....oh wait Neko is dead. Never mind. Put the music away. Ryouta took a moment to go nooooooo and then was like no it will be okay. And put a huge hole in Saori's chest. I think anyway. It was censored. So I guess it could have been anything. I guess Ryouta's NOOO moment was quiet and rather fast since Saori in all her witch power didn't hear Ryouta come up from behind. Saori has range so......maybe she has to wait a time to use her powers again?
 photo gokukokuepisode45_zpsde9d5a18.jpg
I'll turn back time after I kill your ass.
Anyway why isn't Ryouta upset about Neko being dead? Probably the same reason he wasn't all that upset about being killed himself. Into many pieces. Resident Evil style. Because in the last episode there was a cut away. Kana explained that Saori had TWO powers but we only heard about one. The second one is the ability to turn back time for about a minute. So Ryouta and his amazing ability to think fast on his feet (does he have two super powers too?!) forced Saori to turn back time by fatally injuring herself. Like yeah bitch kill us. Now you die too unless you change the future. Going back an entire minute WOOHOO these powers are amazing. No really I like that they are sorta limiting. Makes them not seem so out there. Saori tried to play a tough game of psht I am the best...but her censored heart was hit so she had to turn back time. Not that Saori knows but she still managed to hurt Neko and Ryouta in the end. The whole reveal on who Neko is has been forgotten as Neko has covered up herself....
 photo gokukokuepisode48_zps41c4682f.jpg
Considering they run away killing witches I would assume the harnest were important and not the girls.
So by magic (actual magic) Saori turns back the clock and TADA she hangs herself up naturally. No need for Ryouta to flip the switch. It became a little..special. Saori did try to fight back later but it was still off given how strong Saori looked. Maybe she never had to practice real hand to hand due to her other powers. That's what I would do if I had powers. Like um I don't need to exercise, I'm an X-men. I think I would have used Saori as bait or a human shield in finding the pills. But Neko has a heart of gold and the memory of a gold fish. We are witches. We understand each other's pain. Saori doesn't want to hurt us, she is being made to do this. We can be friends and escape together. With the limited pills of course. Yay friends.
 photo gokukokuepisode49_zps39e75999.jpg
Goodbye censored Saori on the ground.
Saori wasn't down for friendship in her attempt to escape. Not that it would have mattered because Mr. Head Creepy pulled the plug. Well the harnest. Guess you don't have to do it manually; you can make witch soup from far away yay! What a wonderful scene for Neko and Ryouta to watch. I sorta like that Ryouta was losing his damn mind over the random creature that popped out of Saori and the not the fact that Saori just melted into a giant ooze pile on the ground. Yeah he totally flipped out there. X__X I guess I would be flipping out too if I could put together that harnest is really HER nest. I like how Ryouta said that but then stopped. Like nooo you said the words and never talked about it again. What I think is going on is this lab is evil. Obviously. Kidnapping girls and implanting them with some sorta of alien. A parasite. This parasite changes the girls slightly IE gives them powers and the pills are to keep the girls intact. No pills and the alien matures and bursts from their bodies. If they melt the parasite just squishes away, not reaching a mature rate. The last switch on the harnest can probably make the alien mature faster and burst worth. And the harnest keeps the alien in line and there aren't many of them. That is why the harnests are important and the girls aren't. Kill the weak girls and replant the aliens in someone else.
 photo gokukokuepisode412_zps25e07ac3.jpg
Yet Ryouta the wise never put this together. They sat their traumatized and skipped to get the pills because no one else came to stop them. Seriously? What is up with this show? Not even a few regular humans with guns? This is why I think the pills should be made on the same grounds as the lab. Nope Ryouta and Neko skipped off and made their way home, worrying that math and reality might come into play and that Kana might be dead. Only she is not. Because clearly Neko's friendship speech pulled through. Kazumi isn't that much of an asshole. She really did only have one pill left. But she chose to divide it with Kana so they would all have a fighting chance rather than Neko return all distraught and they be in danger with the future seer gone. We got to stick together. Also we to have this conversation BEFORE we give out the pills. I wish Kana could make facial expressions. Like dying folks, can we talk about this later?!
 photo gokukokuepisode414_zps363a424e.jpg
But since the lab has facial recognition technology they already know who Ryouta is and none of this matters.
With their slightly new lease on life everything is awesome. Neko seems to improve in school. More like her mind is open to learning, just never having been exposed to it before. So I guess the girl is more like a genius. Neko survived and got to go to the beach. Well she did die but that was a redo folks. The point is Ryouta got to take a girl to the beach. He probably would have been more excited to know that he took Kuroneko to the beach but apparently this was a beach trip without swimming? Thus no bikini thus no moles were showing. Oh well. At least Neko scored an invite to the astronomy club so she and Kana can live there. No one will know since adults are dumb. WEEE!
 photo gokukokuepisode417_zpsfbd4c38b.jpg
I would kill that tube. You know...if it has an alien in it. Like the one earlier.
Neko tried to talk Ryouta out of his. Because apparently she seems to think he has time to back out of all this. Because his face isn't on any video surveillance or anything. No no, Neko had to make the feeble attempt to get Ryouta out of this mess. When he refused to back off Neko was like MOG this is friendship and trust, here have my greatest secret ever. Something that was given to me during the awful escape from the lab. I mean the person did tell her not to forget that so maybe this was the best bet. The packet was thrust into Ryouta's hands and he was told it contained a fertilized alien egg. Fertilized with what? Haha. Anyway Ryouta who has been looking for aliens his whole life mused how....this is what he has always wanted and now he doesn't know what to do. Kudos to him for not immediately cracking that opened. Might be important or tracked or something. We will just tuck this away for now as there are other things to worry about.
 photo gokukokuepisode415_zpsc6d93cae.jpg
Wait say what now?
Like Kazumi!!! Hello there crazy person. Before Ryouta and Neko returned from school Kazumi came on by to see Kana. Probably because they are friends or feel as if they need to be together due to the witch thing. Kazumi is probably a hard person to get along with, regardless of how she handled the pill moment. What did Kazumi mean by Kana can walk if she wanted to? Did she already see the X-Men movie where Xavier is walking around and well and can figure that Kana can do it too? I guess Kana COULD move...maybe she has more than one magic? But I bet it would be hard for her to use otherwise she would have rescued her own ass in the fire right? Unless she was too tired...Still Kana is not pleased with this round of thinking.
 photo gokukokuepisode416_zpsf872f0dc.jpg
Not even slick fanservice. Just out there in the open.
All of this is forgotten because yay fanservice. Thank goodness it rained. Ryouta and Neko come home went from the rain and instantly it is bath time in Japan. Oh you are here Kazumi....well I will go take my clothes off and think about my life. Or censored boobies and butts can take over my screen. Kazumi is a little....brave one isn't she? Ryouta was daydreaming about Neko's boobies and BAM Kazumi is there with hers on display. I see everything. Since Neko has rocks for brains she ended up in the onsen of randomness too and it got all embarrassing. I think there should be an anime about 50 year old woman and tons of fanservice scenes to show the otaku what happens to unnaturally huge boobies in the future. But I am sure in anime boobies never sag. Since Ryouta has gone through some dramatic things recently he failed to look at Neko's boobies for moles because he was too busy looking at her boobies. It makes sense ya'll.
 photo gokukokuepisode420_zpsfe79b22f.jpg
Wait what plan?!
This episode post wasn't meant to be so long!! Let's hurry and wrap it up. X__X Goodness knows I have other shows to catch up on. So why was Kana at the conservatory? Well she wants to live there duh!!! Ryouta is forced to let her since she enacted the boobie fee on him. He tried though, saying that only club members could stay there. Well I guess I will just have to join your school then says Kazumi. These girls probably should have stayed together from the start but the threat of not having enough pills keeps these girls from effectively working together. Elsewhere Mr. Creepy has to face the music over his recent failure. Resident Evil style. So he isn't super in charge...just in that division? It seems as if the people he was talking to are his superiors. They aren't happy about the escaped witches but Mr. Creepy glosses over that rather fast. Like um we caught some of them and a lot of them died or are probably dying soon. What about the stolen pills? We are on it, sending out a AA+ witch to take care of it. Then in the next breath the in charge people are like don't forget who the real enemy is. Okay maybe they are and they didn't say that. They did mention the REAL mission and not just watching over witches. I am sure they were talking about the aliens being raised inside the girls. Because now this is Aliens Resurrection ya'll.
 photo gokukokuepisode419_zpsc3006102.jpg
Hello there new girl. Surely you can't be a witch...
The episode ends with Ryouta wanting to pull his hair out because Kazumi now goes to his school and there are three witches he has to hide at the conservatory that no one ever goes to. Suddenly..if by magic...another girl appears before Ryouta claiming to have transferred to the school that day. Just after Mr. Creepy said he was sending over an AA+ witch to kill the runaways. He got some info out of a witch who was dying. She spilled the beans for some pills and like a good villain he killed her anyway. So is this random new girl who wants to join the astronomy club the AA+ witch? Well...she is in the opening theme song (which is awesome) so I am guessing now. But since her harnest is pretty visible obviously she is a witch. YAY FOR MORE WITCHES! Get out another sleeping bag Ryouta. It is going to be busy up in here now.

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