Friday, May 30, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad part 2

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Are we ready for some pictures?!
Hello there everyone!!! It's me Duffy!! Last post was all about our travel day down to Disney World and doing random things. Mom and Dad went to bed rather early by Mom's standards so they could get up early for the Rock Your Disney Side 24 hour party. How early? Well this pic was taken at 6:30. Our second line of the day. Mom and Dad got up at 4:30 to get to the Magic Kingdom at 5:50. INSANE!
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Do you like my Disney Side outfit? I love my Sulley outfit. I hope Tinkerbell likes it.
 photo DisneyAnniversary2014113_zpsf88a803a.jpg
What is this? Stitch is wearing my outfit and a magic band too? I guess I can share....
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Mom and Dad were REALLY focused on character pics today. But when Dad saw that the Mine Cart ride (a new ride!) was opened before it's scheduled date he was like lets wait in line!!! Which is good because mom still hadn't eaten breakfast.
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I think the ride was very nice but probably needed more room for Duffys. Or mom needs to get brave and hold me during the ride.
 photo DisneyAnniversary2014131_zps30dce1fd.jpg
Waiting in line for Merida while looking at the castle.
 photo DisneyAnniversary2014133_zps1c61ea33.jpg
We were all dressed in very hot clothing. Good thing I am a bear so mom carries me.
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The characters do a lot of switch outs so they don't get too hot. This is me waiting for Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet.
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Around 4 o clock Mom and Dad were getting tired. We did eat lunch around noon but it was still very hot outside. Looking at people on the street while Dad buys us a treat.
 photo DisneyAnniversary2014182_zps4d723db5.jpg
And here it is, the Kitchen Sink!!! A special treat at the Magic Kingdom just for today. It had so much ice cream it in Mom and Dad couldn't finish it all. That's a first.
 photo DisneyAnniversary2014193_zpsfffc560f.jpg
Time to ride more rides. I love Winnie the Pooh!
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Mom just couldn't get enough meet and greets today. I think they did 20? X__X Maybe more. I know they got 31 the entire trip.
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Eating lunch around 9. The park was getting pretty crowded. People were in very long lines to meet villains that weren't coming out for a very long time. And we were getting tired. So Mom and Dad decided they were done with meet and greets and rather just ride some rides. We ended up leaving the park at 1:30 AM!!! MOG we were up for so long at the park. It was so much fun but I was a super tired Duffy. I decided to stay in bed when they got up the next day to Beauty and the Beast things. I rather hang out at the hotel and get some rest with Puffy. Fun day indeed.

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