Friday, May 30, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad part 3

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Are you ready for some Star Wars?!
Hello there Disney Bear and Disney World lovers! It is I Zombie Bear. No no, it's Duffy. But I was very tired after our 24 hour Disney Party so I took a rest on Saturday. I wanted to be ready for Sunday was it was Star Wars Weekend Day. I hope we have lots of fun!
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Woke up early enough to get to the park while it was still morning AND to have breakfast at the hotel. I love the Mickey waffles!
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There was so much to do at Hollywood Studios. Meet and greets, shopping, shows, and other things. Here we are putting together free Legos at the Darth Mall area.
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More photo spots made for Duffy.
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Am I the Duffy you are looking for?
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Mom got me a badge with my name on it. Well sorta...since the name Duffy is copy written. What does that even mean?!
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He looks rather scary. Someone protect me!
 photo DisneyAnniversary2014548_zps534a674c.jpg
They look like Kingdom Heart people.
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What is this? A brand new bear for the family. I should have known Mom. But we will welcome him to the family with open arms. Hello there Yoffy!
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MOG! I was just waiting in line for a character when he almost ate me!! This is supposed to be Disney!
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After some rides and things it was time for some food. Hard time finding a place to eat because everyone had the same idea as us.
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Yoffy and I riding Star Tours. The lady didn't make us move from the seat this time. XD
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We went and did a drawing class and saw more characters. There was a lot to do and we were running out of time to do it. Mom and Dad ate some pizza while trying to wait for the fireworks. I watched from the safety of my plastic bag until it stopped raining. The fireworks were pretty cool! I liked them.
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How it already time to go? It's Memorial Day so I supported Dad by wearing an Airforce Uniform. Mom originally wanted to go to Epcot but they were very tired from all this walking so they took it very easy today.
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We went to a Disney Outlet store before we left Orlando. It was hard to get to but there was so much stuff there! Mom probably could have broke the bank. We got lots of nice things but not enough to fill these suitcases up. Haha that would be too much. Then it was time for the ride home. :( I don't want to leave but we had a nice trip. I can't wait to go back...but not after some rest. XD

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