Friday, May 30, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad part 1

 photo DisneyAnniversary2014003_zpse2e9c20a.jpg
Packing for our trip fun!
It's finally here! After months and months of being coped up in our house with NOTHING to do I finally get to go on another trip. And not just any trip. A super fun trip to Disney World. I love going there! Mom and Dad planned it around their wedding anniversary and the 24 hour Show Your Disney Side Event. How can someone be up for 24 hours? Guess I will find out.
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Up early and ready to go Thursday. I wish we lived closer to Disney, the car ride is long. :(
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After a quick stop to the huge mall with the hotel in it we finally reached Disney. Dad loves mom a lot and always slows the car down (not stops) so she can take a picture. XD
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Other people were supposed to come on the trip but it ended up being only Mom and Dad. I think they liked it that way.
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We ended up staying at the All Star Sports resort. Mom says she will never stay there again due to the noise and millions of rude children/adults. XO Plus she hates sports. So where will we stay next time?
 photo DisneyAnniversary2014037_zps1d626e98.jpg
After Mom and Dad got their annual passes renewed (an anniversary for that too) they went to Epcot to take a few pics and make some pennies. Mom loves squishing pennies.
 photo DisneyAnniversary2014049_zps3424dcab.jpg
Mom and Dad were all over the place on their first day of the trip. They went to a hotel I have never seen before to eat food I have never seen before. Oh wait I think I did when we went to see Dad's family once. They were very yummy!
 photo DisneyAnniversary2014069_zpse2da5bf6.jpg
Traveling to Downtown Disney. Mom says it looks like a hotel mess.
 photo DisneyAnniversary2014070_zpsc7424874.jpg
Mom really liked this little lamp but he cost a lot. People spend a lot at Disney don't they?
 photo DisneyAnniversary2014071_zps54532812.jpgPicture
The reason for coming to Downtown Disney was to get this limited edition pin for the party...tomorrow. Why was it not at the park on the party day?
 photo DisneyAnniversary2014073_zps48c90a98.jpg
Mom and Dad were going to get up REALLY early tomorrow for the party. So we ate dinner and went back to the room. Dad got me changed while mom took a shower. Dad and I slept well while Mom was going to buy water balloons to throw at people. But we are Disney. Lets have fun with no sleep yes?

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