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Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 6

Bleh. Just a bleh day. A day when nothing really bad has happened but nothing amazing has happened either. Just a normal day of chores and TV. Maybe not a bleh day then? More like a normal day. Not every day can be amazing and I certainly wouldn't want every day to be awful. Just an uneventful day thus far. Yes that is the wordage. Uneventful. XD Get those blehs aside and be grateful for normalness.
 photo gokukokuepisode65_zps09ca09e5.jpg
You tell her Neko!
Since the commentary version of the The Thing is slightly disappointing I guess I will get caught up on Gokukoku no Brynhildr while I can. Episode 6 is up now. Spoilers for girls with big hearts and stupid ideas.
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That's a nice tree.
Episode Summary: Neko and Ryouta look on in horror as this Shino girl bleeds out. Kikako walks over to the armless girl and rips out her harnest. Neko still has a glint in her eye, that she wants revenge. Ryouta points out that Neko shouldn't risk her life on a dead girl, only the living. Neko looks upset but was about to agree to leave when Kotori just runs out in the open screaming for Shino. I SHALL SAVE YOU! Obviously Kikako being 5 feet away sees the stupid girl and starts walking over. Neko tells Ryouta to run as her plan is now to save an alive girl...Kotori. Ryouta is against this plan and Kana is screaming that her vision is going to come true just that Kotori isn't the actual killer. Kazumi tells everyone they need to get out of dodge as the explosion has caught the interest of nearby cops/people. Ryouta notices a flaw in Kikako's attack so if Neko wants to play the hero he can help. Neko gets out in the open and Kikako focuses her attention on her. Neko tries the whole we shouldn't be fighting at all speech which Kazumi finds stupid in this situation. Still Kazumi uses the cameras and nearby lights to block anyone from casually entering the area. Kikako gets ready to fire her blast and....Neko flings herself on the ground away from said blast. Ryouta the genius has figured out that Kikako's blast is powerful but takes a long time to charge and she can't switch the beam mid stream. So Kikako just keeps firing away and Neko keeps on blocking it. The plan is to get Ryouta close enough to Kikako to hang her up. He is distracted when he sees Kotori running off in the other direction. He finds her near a pole where she was using her own hair ribbon to tie herself up. She had planned on switching places with Neko so Kikako will kill her instead. Ryouta clearly is not down with this plan as he wants to save all the girls. Kotori starts bleeding signaling she is out of pills and hasn't taken one in a while. She says no matter what she is going to die anyway and she rather die saving Neko. Meanwhile Neko is still dodging beams and wondering what is taking Ryouta so long. Kikako is slowly starting to understand that Neko is flinging herself on the ground and is formulating her own plan. Ryouta is becoming distraught because Kotori wants to die and won't accept the pills the other girls have, saying she won't take life from someone else again.
 photo gokukokuepisode612_zps391e3266.jpg
Neko has a fun definition of okay.
Ryouta desperately tries to think of how to save all the girls when TADA he has an idea. Kana senses he got an idea because the future has changed. Neko keeps on trying to dodge beams when Kikako uses some hooks arm thingy to tie Neko into place. Clearly the end is near. Then poof Kotori changes places with Kikako and Ryouta simply reaches over and hangs up Kikako and places a paper bag on her head. Ryouta tries to ask Kikako where the lab is and such but Neko doesn't think the girl knows. Kazumi warns everyone that she can't keep people away any longer and they are in danger since you know...they are witches. Ryouta doesn't bother with Kikako this time as she is a killer. Kikako is picked up by the lab and is going to be punished for slightly failing. It is noted by the others someone used their power to cover up this whole nonsense later. But as they escape the scene they realize that Kotori has left to die alone. Kazumi finds the club form Kotori filled out and the girl actually used her temporary address. They arrive to find Kotori still alive and with her arms which apparently is a good sign. Ryouta tells Kotori to take the pill. Kotori won't and explains why. She escaped the lab with her friend Chie but of course they ran out of pills. Kotori had a birthday soon and Chie wanted to give her the rest of the pills so Kotori could turn 16 and go to school (since Chie is a little hacker too). Chie's birthday was also soon Kotori argued but they certainly didn't have enough pills for that. Chie simply stopped taking the pills and fell apart in Kotori's hands. She asked Kotori to SMILE even when things went bad and to think of her. Thus Kotori smiling at inappropriate times. Kotori is happy she got to spend a little time in school and the club so it's okay. Both Ryouta and Neko point out WHY Kotori should live on...funny and serious. Eventually Kotori realizes they want her to live so she takes the damn pill and lives long enough to wish Chie's grave happy birthday. Later that week Ryouta goes out to buy food for all the girls now that Kotori is also living there with them. He thinks to himself that they all thought Kotori was a killer due to a missing detail in Kana's vision and they need to be more careful. He arrives at the conservatory to find all the girls naked because playing in water and having fanservice is fun. Before he is killed he cooks them a meal and brings the subject to getting them more pills. He thinks he can trust someone enough to help him but he is going to need to bring proof for this to work. He asks Neko the depths of her ability and the other girls agree to trust Ryouta. Ryouta goes to a small college and talks to a young scientist named Kogoro. Kogoro may or may not have the hots for Ryouta. Ryouta asks why Kogoro hasn't left this small town and simply the man is lazy. Ryouta gets to the point, saying he has super amazing classified info but Kogoro might be killed for it and so would he. Kogoro doesn't believe in the supernatural so Ryouta has Neko blow up several things in the office as she can see things from the window. Once Kogoro is satisfied he gets a weird look on his face, thinking this will be fun. THE END!
 photo gokukokuepisode616_zpse9642323.jpg
Yeah...I totally appreciate it all.
You know...I appreciate this anime. Because for once I am actually the one screaming at the screen. DO THIS! MOG DO THIS! Sometimes in animes the answers are out of left field. Or contact information I was not privy to thus I was unable to suggest them. With this anime we got a bunch of teenage girls with little education or battle skills. So I am glad they are not thinking things out. Unless I am thinking too highly of this show. Ryouta looks like a genius either way. 

So when we last saw our teenagers Shino was mighty dead. Didn't get a confirmation that the cat was okay. Slightly disappointing there but whatever. Instead of getting out of dodge right then and there Neko felt the need to look at Shino get her harnest ripped out. Like Ryouta said it was pointless to do anything now. Yes revenge is nice but us all getting killed is useless. Would Shino want that? No? But we have to take many precious moments thinking this all over. This show does that a lot. Like bleeding to death, have a conversation. Girl with pointy teeth and lazer breath, hang out 5 feet from her and discuss why this rescue mission would fail as a revenge mission.
 photo gokukokuepisode62_zps27ed3636.jpg
But I want to die for my friends now. :(
I do get it though. Neko wants to be a good friend. They were in this lab for years. I am sure she got close to a lot of the girls. And even if they don't know every single girl personally they went through something together. Something horrible. And then they weren't even worth saving so they had to escape together. As long as the witch isn't trying to kill the moment she wants to save them. Heck I guess a witch could try and kill her and she still want to save them because she knows that they aren't doing this on purpose. They are just trying to survive. So Neko feels bad that she couldn't save the girl and wants to stop Kikako from killing another witch. So not really revenge...well yes revenge but also a preventative measure.
 photo gokukokuepisode64_zps080f0374.jpg
And or die at the same time!
Thank goodness Kotori has rocks for brains. It gave Neko a reason to risk her life again. I guess Kotori really is a good girl and just wanted to help a fellow witch. But maybe she could have been a little more careful. Someone dangerous is right in front of you and screaming HERE I AM might not help you or the girl you are attempting to save. If I was Kikako I would have blasted Kotori first and then turned to Neko. Maybe this was like an action flick, how all the numerous baddies take their turn to attack the main character instead of attacking all at once. Or maybe Kikako is smart because she saw how dumb Kotori is and wanted to get the more dangerous witch. It is a toss up with witches. None of them have education it seems but some have better fighting/common sense skills.
 photo gokukokuepisode66_zps91142c7b.jpg
Lag causes a lot of the gaming world too.
I know that Ryouta is not made of magic. That he is just a high school kid with a sad past. And maybe the ability to memorize everything after looking at it once, even if it holds little important in the real world. But Ryouta has been coming across super amazing, especially compared to these girls who are missing tiny details and the big picture. I thought that something...amazing was going to happen. Ryouta saw Kikako's abilities and he knew how Neko could win. It would be complicated and hard to pull off but Ryouta was going to save the day. The dramatic moment came and...Neko dodged the blast. Wow folks. Wow. How amazing is that? Let me take a moment to praise this amazing military strategy. Never would I thought to move away from a dangerous object that was trying to kill me. It's not like Kikako is a machine gun and can fire off separate blasts nor is she a lighthouse with the ability to rotate herself mid stream. go there Neko. Fling yourself on the ground and distract her while Ryouta....goes behind Kikako and hangs her up.
 photo gokukokuepisode67_zps15ebdd8e.jpg
We got all the time in the world for this conversation.
This amazing plan was put on hold though because Kotori was off looking suspicious. I would have assumed that she was running away but Kana's vision was putting everyone on edge. Speaking of Kana she was busy....making sure the future was going to change and Kazumi was busy blocking people from entering the area. Because there are stop signs and do not enter signs all over the place and Japanese people follow rules to a T or public shame. Ryouta finds Kotori tying herself with a hair ribbon to a pole so she could save Neko via her transportation magic. As you can see great ideas fall far from the tree. A hair ribbon? Does Kotori know some super amazing knot that would render Neko unable to move for a significant amount of time? Or was it just meant to be a 3 second hold as Kotori gets blown away by Kikako? Then Neko can undo the ribbon and run away herself with that tiny distraction? It probably would have gone down the same way if Kotori didn't tie herself up but Ryouta uses that later anyway.
 photo gokukokuepisode68_zpsd05ef290.jpg
But...I'm Ryouta. I have to save girls or I die!
Before Neko can be saved and Kikako stopped we got to have a moment with Kotori. Because Kotori wants to die to save Neko and Ryouta wants to save all the girls forever. These are his new precious friends and it is a screwed up situation that they are all in. NO MORE DEATHS! Because they are creepy and gross. Why would you throw your life away Kotori? Oh because you are out of pills and are currently bleeding from the mouth. I guess that makes a little more sense why you have suicidal tendencies. I like how Ryouta was giving away everyone else's pills. XD Like Kazumi took HALF of them the last time so Neko and Kana have to share the other half. Now Ryouta is giving even more away without asking the other girls? I see. Now...maybe give Kotori one and tell the girls her problem AFTER the danger has gone but even then Kotori wasn't feeling that. She won't take people's life from them, even if it is only one day. Because she is a sweet girl. Dumb but sweet.
 photo gokukokuepisode611_zpsb9089023.jpg
That's a great way to motivate your free slave labor.
Ryouta wasn't done with his amazing ideas though. Kotori's magic is pretty limited to me but Ryouta looked at that mighty tight knot on the hair ribbon and had an idea. Which is good because Kikako was growing bored of this flinging yourself on the ground and avoiding my attack crap. Oh and Kikako had hooks in her wrists so pinning Neko down was easy. So instead of trading places with Neko Kotori could change places with Kikako and Ryouta could hang her up by standing in the exact same spot. MOG MOST AMAZING IDEA EVER! Yeah Kotori doesn't have much.....common sense. Almost like these girls are lining up to die for each other. No I want to die for you today!!!!!!! This plan worked pretty well but instead of fulling taking out Kikako for her murderous ways the others flee because the popo were arriving and they would turn them over to the lab. That and finding Kotori was more important because she is a friend. I am sure we will see Kikako later, full of anger and want for revenge since Mr. Creepy is not happy with her.
 photo gokukokuepisode614_zpse5e8716b.jpg
Wouldn't want Ryouta to have to deal with that pain so she better stay alive.
Onward to finding Kotori. Since she is so special she actually put down the broken down house she was staying in. Neko and Ryouta find the girl bleeding to death but according to Neko this is okay because her limbs are still on. WOOHOO everything is awesome. Now before we can put the pill in Kotori's mouth she needs to tell her sad tale. Because this show really likes to push how far the witches can go before they explode. Kana bleeding to death, time for Neko and Ryouta to talk. Kotori might lose her hands any second, gotta explain her sad past. Which wasn't too long ago obviously. Basically Kotori escaped the lab with another girl and that girl Chie stopped taking pills so Kotori could live long enough to have her birthday and turn 16. Now this show is sad, we are talking about DAYS here folks. Not years. So either way Chie was going to die and wasn't going to make it to her own birthday but Kotori feels as if it is her fault. She killed Chie and took her life...even though it was Chie's choice and they were doomed anyway. Neko of course gets sad because she wants everyone to live and be happy. Ryouta tried to be funny about the situation and this combined effort made Kotori see the light and take the pills. Sure we might have weeks left now but we can have them together. Going to school and having dreams. That's the life.
 photo gokukokuepisode613_zps46ac401d.jpg
She says that as she is bleeding to death and literally falling apart. X__X Tragic.
Ryouta reflects on this as he brings the girls food. That Kana was wrong with her vision. Or really she just sees what is going to happen. Kana does not have the ability to read the context of the situation. Kotori was standing over Neko smiling. Before Chie died she told Kotori to smile and live for her, even when things got tough. Kotori took that to the extreme, even smiling in dangerous and uncomfortable situations. Kana didn't know that and assumed anyone smiling over a dead body would be the killer. So while Ryouta isn't doubting Kana's visions as truth he is understanding that they can't just take the facts without knowing the situation around them. Yes lots of thinking.
 photo gokukokuepisode617_zps147aa66b.jpg
Ryouta has more than 99 problems I think.
Ryouta also had a plan to talk about the issue of pills with the girls. Now they have another person to keep alive which means things will eventually get iffy again. Breaking into another lab might not be the key to success so they need to figure something out. Personally I think Ryouta is delaying the inevitable unless he grows up to be a chemist or whatever and can make the pills himself. But Ryouta has the delusions and is going to fix this problem the best way he can. He probably could do more fixing if the girls did more clothes wearing. It's so hot outside...lets not wear bras or shirts and spray each other all over. YAY FRIENDS! I am a bad friend because I have never seen any of my friends naked ever. :(
 photo gokukokuepisode618_zpsc6dc8526.jpg
Well that proves everything!
Eventually Ryouta got the topic back on hand and told the girls that he knows a person who might be able to help. I am glad he asked since this is THEIR secret. I would have liked all the girls to have gone to meet said friend but I guess that would be a little too dangerous. Kazumi's power might have looked cool to a nonbeliever and Kotori's would have been obvious. But Neko breaking things is awesome. So Ryouta halfway takes Neko to see some pervert scientist named Kogoro. The girls seem to be safe though from his wrath as he swings the other way. After some small talk Ryouta gets to the point. Like look I am going to tell you something amazing but you might die because of it. My husband would have walked out of the door. But Kogoro is both curious and a skeptic. And hopefully smart enough to synthesize these pills himself. That is why Ryouta went to him right? Kogoro was doubting Ryouta's words until Neko blew up enough things. Then it was all smiles. WOOHOO this is surely worth dying for. Maybe. I feel as if this group is getting pretty big which means there will be more changes for mistakes and what not. Can Kogoro be trusted? I guess we will find out next time.

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