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Isshuukan Friends episode 6: Friends=cake

Well hello there my lovely readers. Three days in a row of posts? I must have lost my mind. XD Or maybe I have finally gotten on the ball. I try I try. You know, in between rain drops and the sky looking like midnight at 2 pm. I also was working a bit more on this autograph book I am making for Disney. I probably should have made it out of a spiral notebook and not a composition one....the thing is so thick and it doesn't even have pictures or stickers in it yet. I am sure it will be fun to carry around.
 photo friendsepisode613_zpsff56995a.jpg
No kidding there mom.
So for now have one anime post. It broke up my day so I wouldn't spend all afternoon with paper cuts and sticky fingers. Glue sticks for miles! What episode did I get done today? Isshuukan Friends episode 6 was next on my list of things to do. Spoilers for silly moms and evil math.
 photo friendsepisode62_zps4f691e12.jpg
Shougo is such a trouble maker! XO
Episode Summary: The kid's homeroom and math teacher is listing off a bunch of names. It turns out those kids have to retake a math test and if their grades don't improve he will past out their test answers so everyone can see how stupid they are. Saki and Yuuki are named and Yuuki freaks out. During a break Shougo and Yuuki go to the roof so Yuuki can beg for math help. Help he probably should have asked for before. Shougo makes fun of Yuuki being dumb and Kaori agrees to help. Yuuki tries to think of a place to study when Kaori naturally thinks of her own home. Yuuki has the world's cutest freakout over that idea as Shougo calls him perverted because obviously Kaori is beyond innocent. Yuuki decides that going to her house is okay..but still wants Shougo to come along. Saki comes out of nowhere and says her math grades are in trouble as well and Kaori needs to help her too. So onward everyone (including Shougo) go to Kaori's house. Which apparently is big and lovely. Yuuki gets nervous since they didn't call the mama ahead of time but Kaori says it will be okay. They enter the house and upon hearing there are FRIENDS over she freaks out about cake and being a good hostess. Kaori declares this all okay. They go to Kaori's room and discover how Kaori knows to read the diary every day. She slightly freaks out over this and Yuuki declares it cute. Shougo breaks out the mangas and Saki attempts to do the same thing but Yuuki tries to get them on track. Kaori tries to tutor the two is clear they are really bad in math and maybe have lied to get into their school they are so bad. Mom comes in with some snacks and tries to thank people for being her daughter's friend, mainly Yuuki. Apparently Kaori talks ALL the time about him...sometimes embarrassing things. Yuuki goes on and on how HE is the grateful to the Mom.
 photo friendsepisode610_zps0640ce5b.jpg
Shougo must look like a clown.
After the snack Yuuki runs to the bathroom and Kaori attempts to talk to Shougo. She says it is hard to talk to him, it's not easy like it is with Yuuki. Things get quiet until Yuuki returns and he assumes Shougo did something awful. Saki informs him that Kaori wants to be Shougo's friend. Saki tries to make Shougo look more friendly and Kaori attempts to talk to Shougo. It becomes clear Shougo is the problem. Shougo sighs and points out that they are ALL friends or else he wouldn't be there. So Kaori is touched and asks Shougo to continue being her friend. Soon they study the night away. As they are leaving Saki has to return to the house to get her forgotten phone which gives Mom time enough to slip Yuuki a note. The next day Yuuki tells Shougo the note asks him to meet with Mom after school. Yuuki is of course worried. Shougo says logically all the mom can do is ask Yuuki to stay away from Kaori OR explain Kaori's memory problem. And since there was cake it has to be the memory issue. After being nervous and taking the make up test Yuuki runs to the park. Mom has been waiting a bit but is happy to see him. She cracks a few jokes and then gets down to business. Being Kaori's friend must be hard and she really appreciates what he does. She explains Kaori was in a car accident when she was in 6th grade. People saw her run out in the road on purpose. When Kaori woke up she didn't recognize any of the friends that came to see her. Mom further explains before that day Kaori had no problems making friends, that on that day Kaori had been going to see one of her friends. But there is no physical reason for Kaori to have forgotten her friends and Mom thinks Kaori is doing it on purpose. But now Kaori is happy and Mom implies that being the boyfriend might be better. When Mom returns home Kaori happily talks about her friends at school, something she used to do. On Friday Saki talks to Kaori in class which makes her friends talk to Kaori. Yuuki finally asks Kaori if it is okay for HIM to talk to her in class and she says yes, it just feels new to her. She tells Yuuki her favorite part of reading her diary on Monday is Yuuki asking to be her friend each and every week. And that she will continue to look forward to that next week. Of course Yuuki is happy. He knows that her problem is a pain but making Kaori happy is something he looks forward to as well. THE END!
 photo friendsepisode617_zps5fa02ecb.jpg
Clearly Mom wants things to move along even faster.
Well things are moving right along. We already got an explanation on what happened. I guess that is some fast progression. But since Kaori is already talking to people in class I guess this makes sense. Now there can be more fun antics and trips. All the while Yuuki will be thinking of what happened and how he can fix things. Because boys either fix things in animes or touch boobies. One or the other.
 photo friendsepisode65_zps958ec287.jpg
:( I miss having a house that didn't have neighbors 3 feet from your door.
So math. I used to be AWESOME in it. Like oh sorry friends in lower level maths, I am busy doing college level math in 9th grade, peace out. Now....yeah not so much. I think everyone goes through that phase, where they are young and stupid and think they know everything. Then you grow up and realize that most places in the world don't care about what you learned in high school and college so you forget it all. Use it or lose it. Except my husband. He is the opposite. He remembers all the math and music lyrics from high school but doesn't know what was for dinner yesterday. Anyway. Math. Yuuki isn't great at it. This has been hinted several times in the series. Now the teacher is like look...a bunch of you are sucking in math. Improve your scores or I will show everyone how DUMB your answers are. Is that harsh? I mean....I guess there are other ways to embarrass a student. I guess other people would argue that embarrassing a student isn't the way to go. Me...I would put those tests on the walls of the school so everyone would see. Make them shirts that said “I can't math”. Bad Teacher indeed.
 photo friendsepisode67_zpsbdb09868.jpg
You can come to my house but don't look at my poster saying we are friends!!!
I am surprised it took Yuuki so long to ask Kaori for help. X__X Like he should have asked before his grades went down the tube, almost no hope. But they are new at this friend thing and Yuuki is so shy and proper in a lot of things. Maybe he didn't feel comfortable asking for help from a new friend. Even though Yuuki makes a lot of allowances for her problems and short comings and is helping her a lot. Maybe Kaori should have offered. But then again she is new to this friend thing too. My gosh these two crazy kids are so silly.
 photo friendsepisode63_zps70289ebb.jpg
I can't be in a girl's room. XO How improper!!!!
How funny was it that Yuuki freaked out about going over to Kaori's house? Like what will the neighbors think?! I can't just go around spending time with a girl alone in her room. THE HORROR!!!! Meanwhile Kaori is the one who suggested it and doesn't see what is wrong and Shougo is pointing out that Kaori is a sweet delicate flower. Oh Yuuki. In your hopes to seem like the kindly boy who can do no wrong you perverted the situation. Kaori was just excited about having FRIENDS over. Poor embarrassed blushy face.
 photo friendsepisode64_zps84c62b99.jpg
Show me your amazing ways.
In the end Yuuki didn't have to worry. Shougo was going to come whether he liked it or not. Yuuki is constantly throwing himself over that boy looking for help isn't he? Oh and in case no one else was paying attention Saki didn't do too well on that test either. Given the fact that she forgot about Yuuki and Shougo already I am going to go out on a limb and say Saki probably doesn't do well on any tests? At all. Saki has it right though. She makes friends with a girl one week and the next she is asking for math help. I mean....Kaori loves her friends right? Of course she would want to give them math help.
 photo friendsepisode66_zpsd160fd0c.jpg
Don't trouble yourself. Cookies will be just fine.
Mom is sorta adorable. See if I had done this my mom would have lost her mind. She would have plastered a smile on her face and let them stay over...and then roasted me alive the moment they left. Why didn't you tell me?!?!?!?! So yeah things got planned in advanced at Casa de Tenchi. Kaori's mom has been through a lot with her daughter recently. So the idea of her little girl bringing home friends...well who cares if they are unannounced. The house is spotless anyway. Cake?! Do you all like cake?! Let me get your drinks. Melon bread. Would you like to stay forever?!
 photo friendsepisode68_zps1493f404.jpg
Sleeping during class?
There was very little studying at this study session. If there had been studying well I would assume these teenagers were aliens or something. I am sure there was studying and it just wasn't that interesting to show. I mean after we made fun of Saki and Yuuki having no math skills what so ever what else was there to do in regards to the math? Yeah that's what I thought. XD Shougo could have done his own homework at the time but he wanted to read some mangas and what not. So did Saki but Yuuki...he was trying. Go Yuuki. I am sure the effort will be worth it.
 photo friendsepisode611_zps42cdd61a.jpg
Hurry up and forget me on Mondays too sheesh.
There still seems to be an issue with Kaori and Shougo still. I think it came down to the fact that Shougo hadn't asked Kaori to be friends yet. Or stated it. Yuuki asks every week and Saki's train wreck self was like I want to be friends and sisters and mom/daughter. Shougo is just...there. He is quiet and sorta takes up space like furniture. So Kaori didn't know how to handle him and that was making her uncomfortable. You are Shougo's dear friend! So after understanding this misunderstanding Yuuki and Saki tried to help in their own special way. Because they care. Shougo took pity on everyone and was like look Kaori...I am here. Doesn't that make me a friend? Kaori is happy so...I guess that means come Monday Kaori won't know who he is either? YAY PROGRESS!
 photo friendsepisode612_zpsec31b65a.jpg
We could build a snowman.
Mom threw Yuuki a little bit of a curve ball. A note? What could this be? Since Yuuki likes to panic over everything he had to go to Shougo for help. What does she want to talk about?!??!?! Well....probably Kaori. And since she made us dinner and cake and drinks and gave us melon bread it is safe to assume she is going to talk to you in a positive way about Kaori. Not ask you to leave her alone because that might just kill her daughter and send her into a tailspin of no friends forever. Oh poor Yuuki and his brain. I did think it was cute that Yuuki pulled on Shougo, like please come with me I can't do this alone. Yes you can boy now go!
 photo friendsepisode614_zps2370153b.jpg
This is supposed to be a fluffy anime. Don't bring the sads!
Surprise the meeting was about Kaori. Of course Mom did want to talk to Yuuki about how much this means to her. That Kaori used to have friends all the way up to elementary school and this was hard for their whole family. Can you imagine having a bright, happy girl one moment and the next year just quiet and no fun? In a story that probably took too long to tell Kaori went out one Sunday afternoon to meet a friend and ended up running into the road and getting hit by a car. When she woke up she didn't recognize her friends and while the doctors said she did have a concussion that wasn't the reason behind her memory loss.
 photo friendsepisode616_zps45cf0719.jpg
I am sure Yuuki will track down this important friend very soon.
So what DID happen? Well Mom gave up all the info she had but just by Yuuki asking one question he was able to slowly put things together. This happened on a Sunday night. By Monday morning Kaori always has her memories reset. Kaori was meeting with a dear friend but was found at the intersection alone. She RAN into the intersection. And then she didn't recognize her friend's at the hospital. HMMMM. Clearly in this fluffy anime Kaori went to go see this friend and something went wrong. A fight. Not a Stop Talking About Shougo fight but something that really upset Kaori. At this time I think Kaori was told this friend was moving away and she was beyond upset. She didn't want to lose this dead friend and thought to herself it is better to not have any friends than make them and have them leave. I could be wrong and those girls at the hospital felt guilty for what they did. But that is what I think is going on. Mom has confirmed this is all mental which would be why Kaori has gotten better so fast. Like no one tried to help her like this before so she had no reason to open up?
 photo friendsepisode618_zps22ae63cc.jpg
And then Yuuki's little heart was filled with happiness and joy.
In any case Mom was just telling Yuuki what was up. How Kaori has issues and she hopes Yuuki can continue being friends with Kaori. Or even more. We got a cool mom alert here folks! XD Oh and to top things off Yuuki did well on his math test. The power of friendship is very magical folks!!!! So...Yuuki has these thoughts in his head now, a tiny piece of the puzzle to Kaori's problem. Which he acknowledged is annoying at times. Good for you Yuuki for not seeing things with fluffy rainbow glasses all the time. But that is something minor. They are friends now and making her happy makes him happy. Why look they can even talk in the classroom now. Everyone can talk to Kaori. I predict the summer trip and school festival episodes will have more and more people talking to Kaori. Soon she will be the most popular girl in the class. Good job Yuuki...I mean Kaori.

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