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Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 7

 photo gokukokuepisode712_zps6eb00555.jpg
You get an alien and you get an alien. Everyone gets an alien!
Where has the day gone? So much done and so much yet to do. Got get packed and to bed for my early morning wake up call at 6 am. An anniversary trip to Disney is calling my name folks. But before I leave for the long weekend it is Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 7 time. Spoilers one being maimed this episode. Shocking yes I know.
 photo gokukokuepisode78_zps3c27de6d.jpg
I ain't got time to teach you, I got witches to save!
Episode Summary: After Neko blows up the pen Kogoro the amazing scientist seems to want to know Ryouta's story. First Ryouta wants a few things done, the first being to synthesis the pills. Kogoro points out he really has no idea what is going on and asks that Ryouta explains. Which Ryouta does in a not recappy way. Getting back to the pills Kogoro opens his mouth with some scientific jargon. Depending on the ingredients and methods used to make these pills it would take 6 months to a year to make any more. Ryouta is upset because they have one month supply of pills. Kogoro thinks some more and decides if the pills are made with some special kind of component and every single student at the college worked on it...they could have them done in a month. Maybe. Ryouta gives him the second piece of what the hell, the tube holding the alien egg or whatever. Back at the conservatory the girls are talking about how Ryouta is doing his best to save them. Kazumi wants to live because she has things to do. Kana concludes it is probably sex. Kazumi tries changing the subject to Ryouta always taking care of them. Kana says it's okay to use Ryouta since he is in love with Neko. The next day at school Kazumi greets Ryouta in her own rude way which causes other boys to become jealous of Ryouta. It appears that Kazumi doesn't give them the time of day so they hate Ryouta. In the classroom some girls are surrounding Neko and ask her to go to karaoke with them after school. Neko agrees to this date but reveals to Ryouta she has no idea what karaoking is. Ryouta explains the process and teases Neko at the same time. She blows up Ryouta and invites him on the trip at the same time. Ryouta says he can't go uninvited because he is Japanese duh. He gives Neko some cash and tells her to have fun. Neko freaks out because their thumbs accidentally touch and it sends her heart racing. While Neko goes to karaoke Ryouta goes to his job as a private tutor. He sorta bails out on the girl rather quickly which the girl calls him out on. Ryouta is a bit of a drill sergeant and tells the girl to stop her whining. Meanwhile at karaoke Neko's friends are hanging out with boys and she herself ends up next to a classmate who seems to like her. He tries to confirm first that he isn't stepping on Ryouta's toes but Neko ruins the mood anyway when she says his touch doesn't make her feel nice and dizzy. She sings a song and decides to take a break in the hallway. She runs into Ryouta who makes up some BS about being there when really he was coming to watch out for her. He leaves for home and calls himself a creepy stalker.
 photo gokukokuepisode711_zps72c69003.jpg
Yeah aliens and stuff. I saw one. I think they found them 100 years ago. Because I heard a rumor.
Kogoro calls later and says the pills the witch take are the kind that will take 6 months to a year to make. Ryouta is upset but vows not to give up as the lab is still out there. He gets to the conservatory and finds all the girls in bathing suits because it is hot inside. After Kazumi kicks him around for a bit she says she needs a computer part or kiss her usefulness goodbye. Ryouta was going to Akihabara soon anyway and she can come. Ryouta decides to ask Kotori about the alien she claimed to have seen at the lab or if she even knows where the lab is. Ryouta describes the gross alien he saw during the pill stealing and Kotori describes a different meat like alien, probably relating to a discovery made about 100 years ago. The other witches talk about if they saw this or not, some not understanding what they saw at the time. This makes Ryouta remember that Kuroneko thought she saw an alien once too. Kotori also provides information about a super duper powerful witch at the lab that has enough power to destroy the world a few times over. Neko seems to think it might be her job to kill/fight that witch given what was said during the time of her escape. Since things are going badly the girls as Ryouta about the pills and surprisingly Ryouta tells them the truth. They go oh...figured as much. They pretend it's okay but Kazumi cries about it later. Neko asks Ryouta to have the pills made anyway in case they can help other witches down the road. The day of Akihabara has arrived and Kazumi is late, blaming it on the fact she wanted to dress up for their date. Ryouta reminds her it is not a date a million times. They arrive at Akihabara and Kazumi goes to work insulting otaku and virgins buying porno games. She sees a maid handing out flyers and demands to go to a cafe even though Ryouta is like oh no. They end up buying the expensive computer part and Ryouta feels bad for the girl. He ends up taking her to a maid cafe where she declares all her dreams have come true. Kazumi declares this the best day ever. Ryouta reveals why he came to Akihabara in the first place. He wanted to turn on the machine that Neko gave him and he thought this area would help block the system or help hide them a bit. He turns it on and the screen has German text on it along with a map. Ryouta seems more excited about the map when Kazumi tells him what the text says. Kill all the witches and only then will the truth be revealed. Oh I see then. Also included in this episode Mr. Creepy met with the chair people as he told them he was sending out a special witch to handle the people. The chair people talk about how the discovery 100 years ago is beyond important and nothing can stop them now. THE END!
 photo gokukokuepisode75_zps2fa44450.jpg
Time for a little fun. I think they have earned it.
After several weeks of impending doom the mains got a brief break from dying or near death experiences. I guess they earned it. No one died AMAZING! Well someone got the crap beat out of them but since she killed a fellow witch I don't think anyone was crying her a river. But she is still alive and not a giant pile of goo so yay?
 photo gokukokuepisode7_zps059b03e9.jpg
Blowing up my pens and showing me pills. How does this make any sense?!
Ryouta is all asking for favors without explaining things properly to Kogoro. Yes the man saw the pen blow up but that just means he wants to know what is going on without judging you and taking responsibility if his head is blown to tiny pieces. Breaking out the pills without an explanation, Ryouta is so rude. I was worried though that this was going to be a flashback episode when Ryouta started talking and the opening song was playing over the words. Like hot damn we can't be having recap episodes in a 12 episode series. Thankfully that is not what happened.
 photo gokukokuepisode72_zps7484d516.jpg
So I might have risked the life of the only person who could help me and....I get nothing in return. Amazing.
Kogoro took in all this amazing story...which probably only spans a time of 2 weeks. Can you believe how much has gone on in such a short period of time? Good thing that Neko has a power that could be witnessed with a bit of a kick. So now that Kogoro is all caught up here are the pills, have at it. I am not going to pretend to understand half of what the man said. And I am going to show my amazing science skills here and say I thought like Ryouta. You analyze the ingredients and start making those things immediately. No need for human trials here. Just get it done. I am sure everything Kogoro was saying was true and wasn't exaggerated for the show. Ryouta thought like I did that things could move at a much quicker pace. When really it could take up to a year if the components are complex. Kogoro tried to give Ryouta a little hope, saying if things were...a certain way and every single person at the college worked their asses off it COULD be a month. But even then that was cutting it close. Hope. Does Ryouta have it?
 photo gokukokuepisode73_zps5ab41a82.jpg
We are golden as long as she is around.
Since the pills are much more important than the fertilized alien egg at the moment Kogoro got to work on that. If it had been me I would have busted out the tube to see what was going on. I wonder how Kogoro and Ryouta know each other. Ryouta must have a lot of faith in him as this is serious crap. Yet Ryouta calls him a pervert. Hmmmmm what to think what to think. While Ryouta is worried about the successfulness of pill making all the witches are settling in for the night at Casa de Stars. Things seem to going well for them. Or at least better. There are limited amenities sure but considering what Neko and Kana were living in....a little heat might not be so bad. Plus they have each other so it is safer right? More people who understand them, even if it's just for a little while as their lives are a bit chaotic. They have to put all their trust in Ryouta, a kid they barely know but has done so much for them. They probably don't want to get their hopes up but they still manage to find some humor in the situation. Ryouta is a nice boy because he wants Neko. Duh. I wonder when someone is going to tell Neko she is Kuroneko. Memory problems you know.
 photo gokukokuepisode74_zps2197cd5a.jpg
Why won't girls talk to us :( Must be someone else's fault!
There is a bit of school time shown. Mainly just Kazumi and Ryouta as each girl needs a bit of time so we can get to know them. Neko is just there all the time so lots of attention on her. Since the girls have a steady supply of pills for now and their dream seems to be going to school and doing homework onward they march. But Kazumi doesn't really see the point in giving other boys the time of day. I don't know if she talks to the females but no to the boys. Which is odd given her flirtation with Ryouta. Maybe he is just special. Obviously. XD But the other boys are mad that Kazumi isn't hitting them with book bags and things. Awful really. Are they jealous that Neko and Kotori are talking to Ryouta too?
 photo gokukokuepisode76_zpsced2a321.jpg
Just....just such a perfect blend of craziness there folks.
Neko and her nonbleeding self has made some friends. And some of these friends want to go out and sing. Because that is what they do in Japan land. Neko says yes to these friends without even knowing what she saying yes to. Because the girl is desperate for a normal life and that means spending time with friends. Although the witches are her friends too. Anyway Neko is going to go singing with her new friends that don't turn into puddles on the ground and Ryouta can't go because he is a sensitive boy. I had to pause the episode when I heard that because I was laughing so hard. Such a goober that kid. Neko has opened herself up to the real world and such...crushes. Something she probably didn't have much of at the lab. I guess she could have liked girls. But given how she nearly lost her mind at Ryouta's thumb touching her own...someone has a crush. And doesn't know it. Because she grew up in a bubble.
 photo gokukokuepisode79_zps984d5cc0.jpg
Neko is a heart breaker.
Neko went off to her singing date while Ryouta went to work being a tutor. His mind was clearly on Neko though and he wasn't given it his all to his student. Demand a refund girl. He was a bit of a hard ass with that girl though. While Ryouta was not getting someone their money's worth Neko was actually acting pretty normal for her. Not losing her mind even if her song choice might have confused people. What was surprising was some guy randomly hitting on her. She is rather pretty and mysterious so it makes sense she has caught someone's eye when she is not covered in bandages. Only thing is Neko shut him down FAST. Like oh you are saying things about Ryouta and are touching me. I feel nothing at all, what does that mean? It means that everyone will laugh at the poor boy and your innocence.
 photo gokukokuepisode77_zpsed070da2.jpg
Impending doom?
We were supposed to laugh and smile when Ryouta went to the karaoke place alone. Oh he was going to sing by himself. We totally believe him. I think it was part jealously part actually caring that Neko was in a new situation. This is cute and not possessive. The moment of blushes and cute faces is short lived though. Kogoro makes a sad phone call to Ryouta. The pills are the 6 month to a year kind, not the one month kind. This is obviously very upsetting news. At the very most all they could do is pick ONE girl to live and keep her bleeding/waiting until the last moment and maybe they could stretch it out. So...have fun Neko with your singing. Because it might not come again.
 photo gokukokuepisode710_zps3c46adde.jpg
Ryouta's excited face is beyond...nothingness. XD
The next day Ryouta was really dreading telling the girls about the pills. So when he got to the conservatory he momentarily allowed himself to be distracted by the girls wearing practically nothing. Because there is no AC there buddy. I like how since it is a swimsuit it's okay. Underwear not okay. Also we need to keep on wearing this the entire time we talk right now because. That is how we get male viewers.
 photo gokukokuepisode713_zps81daa625.jpg
Psht no need to worry about her. She couldn't possibly do anything to us.
They talk about a great many things before the pills. Kazumi needs a new computer part. Would have been nice to hear about it acting up and then it broke but whatever. Good thing that Ryouta was going to Akihabara soon. Come along with me slightly perverted girl. Then Ryouta turned to Kotori and was you saw an alien once? Yeah I think I would have asked her that the second she was done saying happy birthday to her dead witch friend. Like okay so you aren't here to kill us, what about an alien? But that is just me. I wouldn't wait for anyone to put their clothes on. Kotori does her best to explain things. Like it was meaty, not eyebally. The other girls add in their own info too. That this blob of parts was just meant to scare them, some didn't think it was an alien. Ryouta briefly thought of Kuroneko and her saying she saw an alien but he was brought back into the present when the girls start talking about some super witch. Wait more than AA+? Tell me more about this amazing witch that can destroy the world.....or not since the girls think there is no way that witch could be after them. No no...I mean just because the first super witch didn't capture us doesn't mean the super evil organization will send someone better. No no, that is craziness.
 photo gokukokuepisode714_zps5c29462e.jpg
Neko is always looking out for others so of course she said this.
Since no one wants to talk about the super witch it is pill talking time. I really thought for half a second Ryouta was going to lie, thinking that he could get more pills without having to worry the girls. But Ryouta went with the truth. The girls need to trust him and he can't put that in jeopardy. Plus it is their lives. They deserve to know their odds and manage their remaining time. So he told the truth and the girls had a half of second of :( and then were like...well this is to be expected. I didn't think they were going to be mad at Ryouta. He is doing his best. I did think there was going to be tears or something but everyone kept it together. Like yeah man, I am disappointed but you did your best. Just keep on keeping on though in case these other pills can help someone else. Kazumi did take the time to cry in private which I am sure she needed to do. I just hope the other girls had a good cry too.
 photo gokukokuepisode715_zpsfeb302fd.jpg
...Figurines? Mangas? Plushies? None of that matters to Kazumi. :(
Soon though it was time to turn those frowns upside down. Or at least for Kazumi. Akihabara here we come! Sounds like my idea of a good date. No really, it does. Kazumi thought so too but Ryouta reminded her this was for a computer part. Oh okay said she proceeded to talk about embarrassing things and call people out on being otaku and virgins. Aren't you both those things Kazumi? She is too busy lalaling to hear the truth. Ryouta tried to be a hard ass about just getting the part but then he felt bad for the girl. She is having what she says is the best day ever and to him it is just a normal day. But....she has been in a lab forever, horrible things done to her. If this is Kazumi's best day ever of course he is going to suck it up and take her to a maid cafe. She might be a lot of things but Kazumi is still just a girl who wants to live. Ryouta can't be mad at her perverted ways when really she is probably sad that she won't be able to have sex and what not. So she is putting this all on Ryouta because she might not have much time left.
 photo gokukokuepisode716_zps3028e1a0.jpg
I least threaten Ryouta. Give him a reason to sell him out.
The episode ends with the real reason Ryouta was going to go to Akihabara. He gave Kogoro the fertilized alien egg already but there was another part to Neko's...present. This tiny little machine that I have no idea what it does but Ryouta knew enough that turning it on could make life harder for him and his witches. Tracking indeed. But since no one has found Ryouta even though he broke into the pill storage place whatever maybe Ryouta is overestimating the chair people. I mean....they found found these alien (whatever that might be) remains 100 years ago and only now the plan is coming forth? Oh okay. They are fast tracking this discovery I see. ANYWAY Ryouta needed to find out what this machine was all about and maybe being in Akihabara would help block any tracking or make it hard. So on the machine goes. Because maybe it will give them street by street directions to the lab and they can just walk in and steal more pills. Now..I am not sure what this machine is but it seems rather special. It was given to Neko by what looks like a sympathetic person at the lab so one would think it wouldn't say messages like kill witches and we will tell you the truth. You would think it would be more on the helpful side to whoever is aiding the witch. Maybe it got hacked by Mr. Creepy? Either way this lovely message was in German and Kazumi can read German so let the nervousness begin. Almost like they are messing with Ryouta now. Like okay we actually do know who you are and we won't kill you if you do this favor for us. Obviously a lie and hopefully Ryouta knows that. Maybe Mr. Creepy is counting on Ryouta being taken in by their here are map. Yeah we will order him to kill the witches which he obviously won't do....and he will be blinded by his need for pills he will end up leading us to them anyway. Win win situation! So will Ryouta take the bait? I am sure he will and the other girls will tag along. Will the next episode be another bloodless episode or will another harnest be harvested? Stay tuned.


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