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Black Bullet episode 5

:( I was a bit of a slacker last night. I really wanted to blog one anime post each day this week as an attempt to getting back on track. But yeah didn't happen for a variety of reasons. I can't be killing my readers with shock though right? Yeah I will go with that.
 photo blackbulletepisode512_zps79b6301e.jpg
How dare you ruin my meal!!!!
But now that almost every single piece of laundry has been done in my house I can sit down and get something accomplished today. Well something blog wise because hello laundry for two people is actually laundry for a family of 6. Or it feels like it. So a family of 6 probably has enough laundry for 10 people and so on and so forth. A job that never ends. Up now though is Black Bullet episode 5. Spoilers for Rentarou making a new little friend who will probably die in a horrible way.
 photo blackbulletepisode510_zpse8a54856.jpg
I ain't got time for girls, I have to save the world!
Episode Summary: Kisara is randomly practicing her sword skills while Rentarou watches. Apparently she is rather good. He goes outside to practice different skill sets with Enju. She does well but apparently not showing your panties during battle is a priority for this boy. Later Kisara walks with Rentarou, asking if he had found a new school for Enju yet. Rentarou doesn't want to send her to the District school with the other Chosen Children because it barely is a school. Kisara says either way Rentarou will need money and they have a new job lined up. A bodyguard? For who? Rentarou ends up at Seitenshi's rather massive place as she has requested him. She explained that Grandfather (Kisara's) Kikunojou is out of town and one of Japan's other area leaders Sogen is coming for a visit, probably to take advantage of that fact. She doesn't know what this man wants and thinks Rentarou should be by her side despite having many other bodyguards. She introduces Rentarou to the large group, Takuto being the head bodyguard. Rentarou doesn't seem to impressed and leaves, saying he will think about it. When Rentarou gets lost in the massive structure later Takuto and some of his butt monkeys corner Rentarou in the bathroom and inform the boy he shall not be taking the job. Obviously Seitenshi doesn't need him. When they go to break Rentarou's arms Rentarou shows them what is what and causes a commotion. They run out while regular mall cops come by to see what is wrong. Rentarou and the broken mirror say nothing is wrong and he will be taking the job with Seitenshi. As he leaves the giant structure thinking something is up he sees a young girl being harassed by three men trying to hustle her for money. Rentarou throws his poor around a bit and they run off scared. This girl seems very out of it, dirty and in her pajamas. She almost falls asleep while they are talking and has to take caffeine pills to stay away. Getting answers out of her is like pulling teeth but Rentarou tries anyway. When she doesn't know the basic answers to anything besides her name Tina Rentarou is like okay lets drop you off with the police. He gives Tina his number in case she needs help later. She calls him right away to make sure the number is right and states she remembers where she lives. She goes off while Rentarou thinks all of this is odd. As Tina walks home she calls her Master, confirming she has reached the Tokyo area and will carry out the mission to kill Seitenshi and retrieve the item.
 photo blackbulletepisode515_zps87821e83.jpg
Sogen will let other countries be his second in command? How nice.
That night Rentarou has made a nice meal for himself and Enju. Suddenly some sick girl comes in and collapses on the ground. Rentarou tells Enju this is Miori, president of the student council at school and daughter to some huge weapon's honcho. Before they can drag Miori off the ground Kisara appears, begging Rentarou to make her food as she collapses on Miori. Rentarou knows this will end badly and begs Enju to kill one of them. Rentarou ends up cooking the new food which brings both girls back to life. Miori tries to take over dinner, explaining to Enju her father is the one who supplies Enju and Rentarou with supplies. In return Rentarou has to do a few go to school with her. So it's like he belongs to her. Kisara, who had been trying to talk about the bodyguard job and biting her tongue at Miori's suggestion Rentarou work for her, losing her mind. The girls pull out their weapons and dinner is officially over. The guarding job finally arrives. Enju for some reason stays in the vehicle while Rentarou joins Seitenshi. While they travel to the meeting room Seitenshi asks if he knows Sogen. When Rentarou was living with Kikunojou he met many of the heads of the other areas. Unlike Seitenshi the other areas are ruled by dictators and Sogen is the worse one. Seitenshi thanks him for the warning. They go into the meeting and right off the bat Sogen and Rentarou trade insults. Seitenshi tries to keep it on track but Sogen is mad that Rentarou broke that large weapon last time? Instead of pointing out that he SAVED the day Rentarou is like yeah ya'll wanted to put it on the moon and kill anything with Gastrea DNA....Sogen sees nothing wrong with that and goes on about how he will take over Japan one day and lead the victory against the Gastrea. As Japan wins the war they will lead in the reconstruction of the world and become the most powerful nation. And if people aren't with Sogen he will just take them out. They leave the meeting disturbed but neither one of them backs down. Seitenshi then explains that Varanium is found on island nations like their own and she thinks that Sogen is getting support from other countries in return for this precious mineral. That eventually people are going to start staging attacks and Japan might become a battle ground. She wants Rentarou continuously by her side. She wants to be a symbol of hope and peace in this messed up world and doesn't want to resort to violence. Enju wakes up from her nap to say that Seitenshi has small boobies and Rentarou doesn't want her. But the real reason she woke up was she sensed danger. Rentarou then senses it as well and pulls both girls to safety as the vehicle they are in is shot at and eventually exploded. Takuto and his fellow butt monkeys appear from the other cars and Enju blocks a missile meant for them all. Takuto and company get Seitenshi inside while Rentarou knows the danger has already passed. Tina calls her boss, saying she failed since the bodyguard was stronger than she thought. She promises to complete her mission and to find out who this pairing is. THE END!
 photo blackbulletepisode518_zps12b581b7.jpg
Forgot that other dead little girl, Tina is in town folks!
Moving right along moving right along! Japan has things to do people. Sure a bunch of pairs died last episode and Seitenshi is a huge liar about weapons of mass destruction. Instead of punishing Kikunojou for his almost actions he is off having fun and Seitenshi is left to be 16 and run a large area of Japan. Kayo who folks?
 photo blackbulletepisode5_zps07a4ac40.jpg
Sure you could have killed me...but I saw your panties. Get your priorities straight!
For some reason we got to see Kisara run around and be amazing before we saw Enju and Rentarou run around being amazing. Perhaps I was reading things wrong last episode but I thought Kisara had a kidney problem NOW. Maybe she was just...ill when the Gastrea attacked 10 years ago. Now it appears she is in tip top shape, using real swords and everything. Instead of pimping Rentarou out for work she should get some herself. Unless girls can't making pairings. I don't remember seeing any woman Promoters at the meeting of doom last time. Kisara doesn't want to live under her Grandfather's rule but what does she really do with her French Fry hair? But she was kicking ass and Enju was flashing panties. Go team go.
 photo blackbulletepisode53_zps4b18bb12.jpg
So she can't tell me what is really going on but I can risk my life to protect her personally?
After exercising (what is that?) Rentarou and Kisara take a little walk. Since no one knows that Enju's future is not looking so bright they still think school is an option. Where shall Enju go? Logically she should probably go to the school with the Chosen Children. It would be safer for her. But Rentarou knows that school is barely anything and she wouldn't get much out of it. She deserves better. Of course all the girls deserve better but still. Enju is risking her life, she go to a school with buildings and no bullies. Kisara is like well that will cost money so we need to have work. Good thing I got us a job. And by us I mean you. I love how she seaways that into a conversation. Pretend to talk about school and poof it is about money and work. So what is the job? Since this government is so lovely it could be anything under this...whatever goes mentality.
 photo blackbulletepisode54_zps6cfe75ed.jpg
This is me questioning your judgement.
The job is to be body guard for the day. Who is the lucky person? Seitenshi of course. Does that make any sense to anyone? To anyone at all? I am assuming that since Seitenshi is tight with Grandfather, the man who wants to KILL all Chosen Children while Seitenshi wants to protect them/give them more rights, that is how she knows Rentarou. I am not sure how this young lady came to rule over the Tokyo district when Kikunojou would probably be the better choice. But since they are the same age I am assuming she got to know the boy better that way. Even so.....Rentarou isn't ranked that high in terms of pairs. Maybe he is a little higher now that so many are dead but he still shouldn't be anyone's number one pick for bodyguard duty?
 photo blackbulletepisode55_zps484b62bd.jpg
Well since you asked so nicely....
Oh and since Seitenshi is so important she should have an entire crew guarding her right? AND SHE DOES. All who are adults and probably have been trained to do this and are none to happy to see Rentarou. I am sure that under normal circumstances they wouldn't be happy. Like we are professionals and this kid is still in high school. Yeah he is a Promoter but still. Why not let me take charge of your security asks Takuto? Well maybe Seitenshi asked Rentarou for help because she can't trust this random dude from another are coming to visit AND she can't trust her own guards. Or at least she can't trust them around other people. Was that jealously going through Takuto's heart or insanity when he ordered his men to break Rentarou's limbs. Jokes on him, only two are real. But really. Really folks. We got a land filled with flying monsters that can turn humans into said flying monsters. We got citizens afraid of their own kids because they are born with Gastrea powers. We got politicians close to Seitenshi trying to summon a level 5 Gastrea for the sole purpose of framing these poor infected kids. And now we got body guards trying to maim high schoolers because they feel as if their position is being threaten. Or maybe Takuto is up to something funny and doesn't want to be discovered? That would make more sense than the random violence I suppose.
 photo blackbulletepisode57_zps5134aa02.jpg
But where is his cape?!
Instead of telling Seitenshi that her people be crazy...Rentarou takes the job as a day bodyguard. And leaves the fancy place to contemplate his life. Since Rentarou is Rentarou he can't just have a moment alone. He has to run into a strange looking girl who is being harassed by some thugs. Oh you hurt me slightly in an accident? Let me shake you down for some money. Once Rentarou ran those people off he found that this girl Tina was...odd. I am going out on a limb here and saying that Rentarou only knows odd people. Why didn't Rentarou assume she was a Chosen Child? That is what I would have assume given her appearance. Surely someone would have looked for the girl if she had parents. A young girl looking disheveled and having odd quirks AKA the caffeine pills to stay away. I suppose Rentarou did a good enough job with what he was given. Maybe working with Enju has made him more patient to how special young girls can be. WHAT IS YOUR NAME! Where do you live?! All easy questions. Now if I were Rentarou I would have walked this young Tina home since I wouldn't trust her to cross the street by herself let alone know how to unlock a door and what not. I guess that wasn't meant to be. I mean, it would have put a damper on Tina calling her master, giving an update on the plan to assassinate Seitenshi. That would spoil the surprise. Rentarou did give Tina his number so I guess he did try.
 photo blackbulletepisode511_zpsf6ec6b59.jpg
Does that mean Rentarou is sorta like a hooker? Or a kept man?
While Tina was plotting bad things in her pajamas Rentarou was being tortured in different ways. New ways. Well not new ways for Rentarou since he knew the drill. New ways for the audience. Rentarou and Enju were enjoying a normal meal, no talks of Enju's impending doom or Rentarou knowing that Kikunojou is beyond evil. Kisara and a new girl Miori show up at different times but in the same state of hunger and crazy. Feed us. So Rentarou does begrudgingly. This meeting might have been educational had it not ended in such a crazy fight that probably left Rentarou's apartment inhabitable. We viewers did learn a few things besides that Midori and Kisara both want Rentarou. The reason that Rentarou has a steady stream of bullets and equipment is because of Miori's dad's company. Because you know...of all the free advertisement he must due for them. Or you know because Miori likes him and was like DAD PLEASSSSSE! Again with no government organization taking charge of things. X___X They should be supplied by the military, not by special interest groups. But since Kisara is a high schooler with her own business I guess nothing makes sense.
 photo blackbulletepisode513_zps37519e72.jpg
Good thing Rentarou has a great track record on not bleeding to death on the job.
After a ruined meal that might have contained actual food Rentarou gets ready for this body guard duty. Enju stays in the car and at the time I thought it was odd. But when I started typing this out it started to make sense. Grandfather Kikunojou is an asshole who hates Chosen Children. So maybe this head of another area Sogen hates them as well. And maybe Seitenshi senses that other people in her body guard brigade hate these poor kids too and wants Rentarou a nonhater by her side. Plus Rentarou has some info on Sogen that might have been helpful to give out yesterday but you know...Seitenshi wanted to wait until the last minute to know who she was talking to. She knew that this dude Sogen was shady coming into town with Kikunojou gone. Rentarou let Seitenshi in on a little secret: Kikunojou is actually NICE compared to the other area leaders. Or at least Seitenshi is the nice one. The other area leaders rule with an iron fist and heart. They are good at their job but....sometimes progress cost lives. Probably some unnecessary lives. And the man they are meeting, Sogen, he is the worse one. Growing up in Case de Kikunojou has taught him that.
 photo blackbulletepisode514_zps93a0f53b.jpg
What do you mean you're not on my side now?!
With all that new info it wasn't a surprise that Sogen was on team death. Or really team Sogen. I am not sure why he even bothered having this meeting. Just to scare Seitenshi? Because otherwise it makes no sense. He knows her position on the Chosen Children and how she wants to govern things. So nothing he was going to say was going to change that. And if his intent was to get her on his side...well he failed in a spectacular way. He basically flat out said HEY I am planning on taking over Japan and ruling this nation when we come out of this Gastrea on top. Well that was the plan until Rentarou ruined things by saving everyone from Kikunojou's fail plan. But still Sogen was going on and on about how they have to do things a certain way and if people don't follow him they will be swimming with the fishes. Rentarou and Seitenshi also didn't hold back their horror faces and snipping back at him so overall this meeting was more like a mutual understanding of we hate everyone.
 photo blackbulletepisode516_zps1c7acb18.jpg
So go kick some ass Rentarou.
After the meeting Seitenshi and Rentarou take a ride in the limo, back to..somewhere. I guess meeting at her place wouldn't make much sense as Sogen could get the lay of the land in case he did want to take her out down the road. But yeah Seitenshi and Rentarou get back in the limo to a sleeping Enju because her keeping guard somewhere else would have made sense. There Rentarou and Seitenshi talk about various things. Not about what Rentarou SHOULD know, about that magical case that held a tricycle and managed to summon a level 5 Gastrea (not). No instead they talked about politics. I guess Rentarou is high enough on the totem pole to know that. How Japan is the Varanium capital of the world and that might be how Sogen is gaining favors with other country. Support me or goodbye supply of Varanium. Seitenshi is taking the we shouldn't be fighting at all stance. Which I think I support. Given how messed up this entire situation and world is...shouldn't humans stop fighting each other and work together? No? But I also see Rentarou's point. All these people are going to come after Rentarou. She will be killed if action isn't taken. But yeah...being a symbol of hope and peace is nice.
 photo blackbulletepisode517_zps44b8167e.jpg
Don't mind me, just saving your life and all.
Enju wakes up long enough to make fun of Seitenshi's chest and to tell them danger is near. 5 seconds later the limo is in pieces and Rentarou is pulling the girls from the broken glass and twisted missiles. Takuto and his useless butt monkeys do respond fast I will give them that. But it is Enju and her powers that stops the next missile from making everyone a road pancake. Does Takuto squeak out a thanks? No he is too busy forming a circle around Seitenshi in case they become another road pancake. For some reason the attack stops which makes Rentarou stop and wonder. Who was attacking them? Well it was our neighborhood sleep walker Tina. Only she is dressed, looking away, and handling a rocket launcher like a pro. She calls her Master (probably Sogen) to tell him she has failed because of Promoter she couldn't see very well. Not sure why she stopped the attack. Her storage unit was full of ammo. But maybe she doesn't fail often and it threw her off? Needless to say she is not pleased, slightly confused. She will retrieve the item and take out Seitenshi. Just as soon as she solves this mystery rescuer. Until next time!!

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