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Isshuukan Friends episode 7

 photo friendsepisode717_zps91570385.jpg
Well happy birthday there Yuuki!
WEEE! Today should be a busy day. Well a productive day anyway. I got a house to clean, bags to pack, and anime to blog. So naturally I should stop surfing the internet doing useless things right? XD Hopefully anyway. Here is an anime post while I wrangle load after load into the washing machine. Isshuukan Friends episode 7 to be exact. Spoilers for summer time sadness and accidental confessions.
 photo friendsepisode73_zps25698027.jpg
Yuuki is the nicest boy ever. So sweet and kind. So...we are just friends.
Episode Summary: Yuuki watches as Kaori talks in class to others, mainly Saki's friends but still. Yuuki is happy for this development but is a bit sad because the one on one time has decreased. He dramatically lays his head on his desk while Shougo is all x_x. During gym class Saki's friends Maiko and Ai ask Kaori what her relationship is with Yuuki. Kaori answers honestly, that he is her wonderful friend who is kind and wonderful. Maiko and Ai conclude that Kaori and Yuuki are too pure for words. The trio stop to watch Saki not jump at all during the long jump....yet Maiko praises the girl anyway. There is slight discussion about which boy is better, Shougo or Yuuki in which Saki does not partake in since she can't really remember the boys. Maiko decides that they are all friends now as Saki is friends with Kaori and calls Kaori by her first name. Kaori almost dies from shock and embarrassment. She tells Yuuki she made more friends and gave them the brief rundown of her memory issue. Since they have to deal with Saki all the time they seem to understand. Yuuki notes that Kaori must be filling her diary with more things besides him now....Trying to not be sad and dejected Yuuki asks for Kaori's math help after school and stresses the alone part. She seems okay with it as Yuuki has a nervous heart attack. They study inside the classroom and right off the bat Yuuki is all blushy faces. Shougo is still at school and as he walks by notes how lovely dovey everything is in there. Yuuki gets embarrassed blushy face and marches Shougo away, saying he wants ALONE time with Kaori and he doesn't need his help today. Shougo leaves Mr. Bipolar friend alone and continues on his way. He sees Saki in the hallway struggling with a poster. She seems to think she knows him but he refuses to give her his given name. Back in the classroom Yuuki is trying to study but is worried that Kaori is bored. He decides he needs to make things interesting for her by making small talk. You know about people's favorite numbers and what not. Kaori seems to have a reason for liking math but it makes her sad to think about it. Yuuki goes on and on about Kaori's good qualities including that she is cute. Yuuki embarrasses himself to death while Kaori tries to understand his meaning. As Kaori decides it is a good thing even though a boy has never said this to her before Yuuki is still blushy face. Especially when Saki reveals herself in the doorway. She asks Yuuki for help with the poster since she is short and she just made fun of him. Saki then proceeds to make the process of hanging a poster complicated and Yuuki almost falls as Kaori watches on. Maiko and Ai appear as Saki was supposed to meet them in the library. Yuuki promises to finish the task which makes him look lovely in Maiko and Ai's eyes.
 photo friendsepisode712_zpsb09e3964.jpg
Story of Shougo's life.
It's almost summer vacation and Shougo seems as excited as he possibly can get. Yuuki is worried as he won't see Kaori everyday. Shougo thinks he could use it as a test to see if Kaori can remember him. When Yuuki turns that down Shougo says to just talk to the girl. Yuuki doesn't want to bother Kaori if she seems fine with this break. Yuuki continues to talk about this later. Even if he did invite her to do things over break what could he do that wouldn't look like a date?! Shougo is like...are you for real...just take her anywhere. Yuuki tries to talk to her about it after school but she is excited about where her dad will take her this summer. Yuuki is sad but says nothing. The last day before summer break comes along and Shougo asks how things went since Kaori doesn't have a phone so planning things after the fact will be hard. Yuuki is like oh I will just go to her house if all else fails....Shougo basically kicks Yuuki and tells him to go find Kaori NOW. Yuuki thanks Shougo for the courage and vows to repay his kindness one day. He finds Kaori before she gets too far and asks if she wants to see him during break. She says yes simply and he freaks out. She then realizes that there is no school and she wouldn't normally see him. She sees his point and smiles, saying they should hang out. Monday rolls around and Yuuki gets ready for this meeting when he realizes they didn't set a meeting place. He runs to Kaori's house but her mom says she already left. Mom is all smiles when she sees his silly face. Yuuki takes off to the only place he knows they can meet alone and in private, the school roof. Kaori is there feeling weird about wearing her normal clothes at school. Yuuki realizes Kaori recognizes him, that he didn't have to introduce himself. Kaori gets all blushy, saying she just knew it was him. That she felt as if she has met him before. Enter AWWW faces. Later on Kaori surprises Yuuki with homemade cookies for his birthday. Shougo let her know the date was coming oh so discretely and she wrote it huge in her diary. Yuuki gets so touched he loses his brain and asks how she feels towards him. She smiles and says she likes him. Before Yuuki gets too excited he confirms that she likes Shougo and Saki and math and kittens and raindrops. Oh poor Yuuki. THE END!
 photo friendsepisode713_zps0bbbbf7f.jpg
I want to have plans with you but opening my mouth and saying that would make even more feelings!
So I thought to myself when I was watching this will be easy to blog this episode. It was cute but not much happened. A lot of looks and blushy faces. Then I look at my summary and I go oh. That's sad. :( Being brief is clearly not a skill I possess.
 photo friendsepisode7_zpsf5ff8241.jpg
But what about me?!
Since Saki talked openly to Kaori in class other people have taken to talking to the girl. Like everyone was off gossiping about her and spreading rumors but that is what high schoolers do. Drama has to happen or school would be just a place to learn and exercise. We can't be having that. Once Saki showed people Kaori was human and had feelings....well everyone saw it at once. The ice was broken. Kaori is not a robot and can show emotion on her face. I guess no one wants to approach a grump. Well a girl grump. Boys can be grumps right Shougo? Yuuki is watching this with mixed feelings. Of course he wants Kaori to be happy and not lonely. He wants her to make up for lost time. Friends for everyone. But on the flip side being Kaori's only friend made Yuuki feel special. Like this is our tiny world and I am everything to her. And that is slowly chipping away. Yuuki isn't being super possessive or creepy but I can understand how this is new for him too and he has to learn to share.
 photo friendsepisode76_zps935f3fc3.jpg
I used her first name and she almost melted and died! HOW CUTE!
Besides Yuuki can't do everything for Kaori. No matter how awesome a friend is it is better in life to have more than one friend. You case ya'll have a major fight. I kid I kid. But no I think girls and boys can be friends with each other but they probably need to have same sex friends too to balance it out. Yuuki can't be there for girl talk. I mean I guess he could...but when the girl talk is about him that might be awkward. Or not since Kaori didn't understand there was girl talk happening all around her. I like that Ai and Maiko have taken Kaori under their wing. Given the fact they put up with Saki's...issues all the time they must have experience with being that good of a friend. It will make Kaori look a little more approachable too. Maybe those rude girls will come crawling back and apologize or something. This is good for Kaori even if she doesn't know it.
 photo friendsepisode75_zps97da839e.jpg
Negative 5 points!
Saki and her pathetic jump. Oh Saki. OHH SAKI! It is hard to make fun of her athletic ability when I had planned to exercise the last two weeks to get ready for this upcoming Disney trip that's been months in the making. Yeah I walked for 48 minutes one day and I nearly died. So who am I to make fun of Saki? Oh you mean she didn't even try and I would have at least made it to the dirt and fallen on the ground trying? Carry on then Tenchi.
 photo friendsepisode77_zps0bb86333.jpg
If that is okay with big deal...please don't get mad at me!
Something that happened during this girl time had Kaori running to Yuuki for advice. Or at least comfort. Okay maybe she just explained what happened. Maiko and Ai have decided to make official, their friendship with Kaori. First names and everything. Hurry go and tell Yuuki this new development so he can have more things to be jealous about. Haha kidding. He was happy for her. And then got jealous. Because what about alone time? Since Yuuki is pure and doesn't think in underhanded ways....he really accidentally thought of how he could spend time alone with Kaori. The boy is in need of some serious math help. So does Saki but I bet she needs help in every other subject because of her memory issue. See Yuuki? Legit reason for spending time alone with Kaori. Due to their fight last time Yuuki had to be careful how he worried things. But since Kaori can't remember every detail Yuki probably was safe. That or Kaori was really trying to be friendly with Shougo to help Yuuki out and she didn't understand his “anger” while this jealously of spending time alone isn't registering on her this seems wrong scale.
 photo friendsepisode79_zpsc77dd104.jpg
Oh snap was that out loud?!
I am sure nothing came out of this studying session. Well no studying anyway. Yuuki was too busy looking at Kaori and being concerned that she was bored with what they were doing. Helping some study is boring by nature so what did the kid expect? Makes me laugh. XD Kaori is just so happy to have friends and a different life now she is all for helping. In between the glances and not studying they did talk about a few things. Yuuki probably thought he was talking about something safe when he asked why Kaori liked math so much. This triggered something inside of her, more than the obvious fact that she had no friends and threw herself into her studies. Something with math is connected to why her memories reset hmmmm. But then there was talk about favorite numbers and how Yuuki thinks Kaori is cute. Oh he said other things but that was something that stuck out in her head. Made him look obviously in love (like) with her. But since Kaori is relationship stunted from her years of solitude she took it as a compliment. Like she was raised all alone and this is her first time interacting with other human beings. She knows it means something but she acted with such innocence Yuuki almost died from cuteness overload.
 photo friendsepisode78_zps07386b44.jpg
Just keep your calender open for all the days I do need you.
Saki and Shougo were slightly involved with this cute study session. Shougo was walking by as this is his school took and Yuuki nearly lost his mind. Of course Shougo did mention how lovely dovey the scene looked but I don't think he planned on staying. Yuuki is his embarrassment and shyness made the situation worse by overreacting. Like what are you doing here? I don't need you here attitude. If I were Shougo I would have glared at the boy. Like really?! You don't need me TODAY but yesterday and tomorrow and every other day you do. Ungrateful. Poor Shougo. Saki also showed up and made the task of hanging a poster up impossibly complicated. I am sure the teacher who asked Saki to do it wasn't looking at the girl's obvious height when she asked this request. This scene was basically just set up to make Yuuki look helpful and good in front of Saki's friends.
 photo friendsepisode711_zps67cb6ac9.jpg
And then Yuuki's eyeball lazers killed Shougo.
Even though the study session goes well Yuuki gets the sads. Because it's almost summer break time. Instead of being happy like every other kid in Japan Yuuki is :(. And of course Shougo has to come to pick up the pieces. Because Yuuki didn't need him that one day....but today is a new one. Back to talking to Shougo about all his problems. While Kaori has been okay with communicating in class and lunches are always his...what about summer break? They never hang out after school it seems. I think in the back of Kaori's mind she knows that would be date like and they can't be having that yet. So naturally Yuuki was worried about their friendship and the simple task of talking to her about it blew his little mind. Also Shougo's suggestion to use this time period as a test went over as well as could be expected from Yuuki. A big fact hell no.
 photo friendsepisode714_zps18b7fca5.jpg
Shougo must be a good friend. Yuuki is the needy one and Shougo is the aloof one. Make a good pair.
Yuuki does try to follow Shougo's advice sometimes. Like casually asking Kaori about her plans for the summer. Only this is the first summer Kaori has had friends (well recently) and she is more focused on the trips her father will take her on. It never dawned on her she wouldn't be seeing Yuuki at all. Thanks for Shougo and his threats of violence did Yuuki finally point blank ask Kaori to do things over summer break. This show is about FEELINGS folks. Lots and lots of FEELINGS. Even the tiniest thing has the greatest meaning and smiles and blushes take over your screen. Reminding you that things can be simple and beautiful. Almost like explaining friendship and love to aliens. XD
 photo friendsepisode716_zps94960154.jpg
And then Yuuki's little heart exploded into one million adorable pieces.
So did Yuuki and Kaori spend time together over summer break? Yes they did. But even that couldn't be simple because Kaori doesn't have a cellphone. I am going to guess she will get one soon and there will be an entire episode based on adding people's numbers and texting people. But yeah when they agreed to meet up during summer break they didn't decide on a meeting place. Mom was sure amused by their antics. It all worked out well though with Yuuki and Kaori both deciding to go to the school and wait for the other. Something small also happened...but it was big in Yuuki's eyes. I don't think Kaori would have realized it unless Yuuki pointed it out. Kaori immediately started talking to Yuuki on the roof. There was no pause, asking if he was Yuuki. Yuuki didn't introduce himself. She just started talking to him. And it touched his heart when she explained she just felt as if he was Yuuki. Maybe a little bit of teasing since innocent Kaori didn't realize that touching Yuuki and saying she met him before and could feel it. A lot of baby steps in helping Kaori regain her memories and another big step into dating...which almost killed Yuuki.
 photo friendsepisode715_zpsc3ed4387.jpg me?!
The episode ends on Yuuki's birthday. Unless it is the zombie apocalypse or some other disaster how do people forget it's their birthday? I am calling shenanigans on that. Kaori didn't forget because Shougo is a good wing man and made sure the girl knew it was Yuuki's birthday soon. Enter the homemade cookies and giant note in the important diary of wonderfulness. Oh and Kaori confessed that she liked Yuuki. Yuuki allowed himself 5 seconds to be overjoyed with happiness before he realized that he was in an anime show with a happy girl who probably likes everyone. Including puddles, kittens, and blood laced tea. Oh poor Yuuki. Can his poor heart handle this stress? Probably since he is a good kid. I am sure Kaori will come around one day. But for now...get that girl a cellphone and eat those yummy looking cookies.
 photo friendsepisode718_zpsc10abd6e.jpg
And Disney and sparkly jewelry and crepes?


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