Friday, May 16, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Mom finds a treasure for me?

 photo DuffyTable004_zpse921f5de.jpg
Hear that? Mom's home! I wonder what she went to do without me.
Hello there lovers of bears, Disney, and other things super cute! My adventures have been rather lacking lately. :( Sad I know. Mom promises me that I get to go on a big adventure next week so I guess I will have to be patient. But mom says she has a surprise for now. She was off doing chores and said she spotted something for me. I wonder what it could be.
 photo DuffyTable005_zps6fde3cbc.jpg
What is this?! A table just for me?! Mom and dad have a table but it human sized. This table looks like it will fit me perfectly.
 photo DuffyTable006_zpsec72049c.jpg
Standing on my own chair. My very own chair! XO
 photo DuffyTable007_zps65a6c34e.jpg
Sitting down at my very own table. Mom says someone tried to throw it all out. But she rescued it and cleaned it all up just for me.
 photo DuffyTable008_zps8c23c774.jpg
Lets see how my cars look on my very own table.
 photo DuffyTable009_zps2f869049.jpg
All this space just for my Cars figurines. Sometimes I zoom them around on the carpet but this is going to be much better.
 photo DuffyTable010_zps0896b42b.jpg
Tables are also made for eating at so I shall set mine to my favorite thing...Cars!
 photo DuffyTable011_zps902aaf32.jpg
How does it look? Can't wait for dad to make me dinner now.
 photo DuffyTable013_zps876f1f23.jpg
My table is just the right size to have a friend or two over. How perfect is that? Thanks mom for rescuing this for me. It's fun having things Duffy sized you know?

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