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Black Bullet episode 4

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....This child is grade A creepiness right here.
Look at this?! It's no where near the end of the night and I have another post for you. What a roll I am on. Or I was supposed to post this last night but I got tired and crashed instead. Either way....good morning to ya'll. Or afternoon. And here is a lovely post from Black Bullet. Episode 4 is quite amazing. Everyone lives and Rentarou saves them all. Or the amount of pairs left in Japan is like 4 and they are in deep trouble. You know, the same thing.
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Wait where is this going....
Episode Summary: Kayo, Enju, and Rentarou continue on, looking at this weapon of mass destruction. They are nearing the area where Hiruko is supposed to be when things go poorly. Obviously. Many large Gastreas appear. Basically surrounding the group. Instead of everyone fighting the huge group Kayo is like no, you go on ahead and protect Shougen for me. Rentarou protests but Kayo points out they could all die or she could provide cover for them. Rentarou and Enju leave after making Kayo promise to not die. They make it to the area, a broken down looking town. It is quiet which is a bad thing. Well that is probably because there are tons of dead bodies on the ground. Before Rentarou can say anything Shougen emerges from a building, asking where his sword is. He falls on the ground, his sword in him. Hiruko and Kohina appear, the ones having done all this damage. Enju and Rentarou are the ONLY team in the area. Seitenshi and her team are very worried. Kisara marches her happy self in and is like just because the nearest pair is 1 hour away doesn't mean all hope is lost. Rentarou WILL win. Because of who he is. Forget about the fact he nearly DIED 5 hours ago. Trust in Rentarou. Rentarou really has no choice but to fight one else is there. I suppose that Enju and Kohina were fighting at this time. Rentarou starts off the battle awful, just like last time. He is getting super hurt when it is revealed....Rentarou has Varanium body parts. During the initial war Rentarou lost his right arm and leg and left eye by protecting Kisara and Sumire gave him the choice to have Varanium parts. This is why Kisara thinks the boy is going to win the battle. Because he didn't have those parts last time? Hiruko seems taken back that Rentarou is like him. Guess he wasn't the only one. This makes Hiruko open up on why he has done this, summoned the huge Gastrea. Because...he and Rentarou are weapons and if there is no war they will be useless. And that would be the saddest thing ever. He also sorta tries to mention the Chosen Children being treated badly but Rentarou is too pissed off to listen much longer and starts attacking again.
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I like how it's just dangling in his hands. X___X
Despite having these Varanium parts Rentarou doesn't do too well. Enju is fine but soon Rentarou is full of holes in his body and bleeding all over the place, as if the human body has 20 gallons of blood in it. Yay for Varanium. Hiruko decides to wait a few minutes before giving Rentarou the death blow. This is enough time for Rentarou to pull out the syringes that Sumire gave him at the hospital. They are not to keep Enju's infection in check but to give anyone super healing powers like a Gastrea. There is a 20 percent chance that the individual will turn into a Gastrea themselves so Rentarou pauses...then shoves all the needles into his body. He is healed and doesn't turn into a Gastrea. After Rentarou doesn't die he seems to gain the strength of 10 whos plus 2. Hiruko is simply no match for Rentarou and soon he is beaten. His body ends up in the ocean and Seitenshi and company seem to think this means the asshole is dead because the censors can't pick him up. Enju goes to finish off Kohina but Rentarou wants to leave her alone as she is no longer an enemy. Okay. Suddenly...the level 5 Gastrea appears. Guess it was summoned. The military starts firing away but apparently Varanium is not in their budget. Plus the damn thing is massive. The only thing that can stop it is a massive weapon that uses Varanium. You know, the one the team passed on their way to Hiruko. Rentarou is given this mission, to turn on the machine so off he and Enju go. They get there and the place still works. All the while normal missiles are not working on the creature. Rentarou gets everything set up...but there are no missiles left. OH I SEE. What can be done? Enju believes in Rentarou so the boy rips his arm off and uses it as a missile. Only now he has to manually fire the weapon which gives him a panic attack. So much pressure. Enju has a normal moment for once and tells Rentarou she believes in him. Before the entire town is destroyed Rentarou fires the weapon and it is Gastrea bits everywhere. Enju and Rentarou have a bit more of a moment, having saved the world and everything. They go back to help Kayo only to find she is seriously injured. She is infected over 50 percent of her body which means it is Gastrea time for her. Rentarou lies and says Shougen is okay and everything is okay. Rentarou is obviously upset but Kayo is happy she could help and that she met Rentarou. She wishes the best for him and promises to be his friend. Then Rentarou shoots her. After they make their way back to town Rentarou goes to see Kisara's grandfather. Rentarou has put together Blue's Clues and has figured Grandfather has made the events of summoning the level 5 Gastrea happen without doing it himself. Rentarou is pissed that Grandfather did this to make Cursed Children look bad. Yeah. With all this information Rentarou isn't...going to kill Grandfather since he helped raise him? Yeah okay. Rentarou then goes to see Seitenshi to ask her what is going on. Because the Inheritance of the Seven Stars was a child's tricycle and there is no way it could have summoned a level 5 Gastrea. She tells him that is classified and if he wants to know he needs increase his rank so he can be told. Oh okay. Rentarou is done talking so he goes to see Enju who just got done with her appointment with Sumire. She says her infection levels are still the same and the two seem happy. Only it turns out that Sumire lied and Enju is 7 percent away from going out like Kayo. Oh I see. THE END! 

Well that completely...didn't go the way I thought it was going to. Yes because despite saying this multiple times I still go into episodes having expectations. Like well following normal anime behavior this should happen followed by this and this. Nopers. Not with this series. Just one complete WTF is going on type of day.

See I thought things were going to start off with Enju, Rentarou, and Kayo going towards the site of the battle. Meeting up with Shougen and his asshole self. Rentarou and Shougen would have words but they would squash their obvious problems to work together with the other disadvantaged pairs to fight against Hiruko and crazy daughter Kohina. Hiruko and Kohina would escape but the box containing the Inheritance of the Seven Stars would be obtained. Begrudgingly they (mainly Rentarou and Shougen) would share the reward with Kisara having to deal with Enju being jealous over Kayo. You know since she was going to suggest working with Shougen and Kayo from now as Shougen's sponsor was killed...probably by him. And cue the end of episode 4.
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Are you running right now?
Yeah none of that happened. Because I am insane. Kayo never marched into battle with Enju and Rentarou. Those two went on ahead while Kayo stayed behind to take care of all the level 4 Gastrea that were behind her. Um yeah at the end of the episode we saw how well that turned out. Kayo stated that if they all stayed and fight they could end up dead. So one person staying behind to take care of them all alone was a better idea? Oh okay girl. I think running away and back tracking would have been a better idea. Kayo was like protect Shougen for me. Um you mean the guy running around killing other pairs for cash? I am sure Shougen will be so thrilled to hear that Kayo stayed behind to protect Rentarou and Enju. He will surely replay this kindness by arranging a special meeting between his sword and Rentarou's face.
 photo blackbulletepisode412_zps59cf8ead.jpg
Err.....bye asshole?
Oh but wait. Rentarou is going to be okay. Because Rentarou promised to be a nice person and look after Shougen (an obvious lie) the first thing he and Enju see when they enter the broken down town is a bunch of dead partners. And a deranged Shougen with his massive Bleach sword sticking out of his back. So...yeah guess Shougen isn't getting redeemed. Got what was coming to him maybe? Well I guess that would have opened the door for Kisara to take in Kayo. Yeah this could still work. You know besides the fact that Rentarou should still be super weak from his last meeting with Hiruko and oh look there is the murderer right now. I am sure this will end well.
 photo blackbulletepisode414_zpsb0ccfa0e.jpg
Based on what facts?
Oh but it will. You know because something (nothing) has changed since the last time Hiruko saw Rentarou. In those 36 hours.....err....yeah Rentarou gained purpose? Because when Kisara marched her happy self into the battle room with Seitenshi she was like yeah my pair is going to WIN. They don't need anyone else. Well sweetheart if that was the case why didn't ya'll just parachute in Rentarou and Enju if they were the magical solution. Has Kisara hit her head in the last 36 hours and that is what changed because um Enju and Rentarou did the opposite of win last time. Why is everyone believing Kisara? What is going on with this Rentarou person that NOW makes him magical?
 photo blackbulletepisode416_zps6120bc3c.jpg
I like how no one but Kisara knew this. Way to go government.
It turns out that Rentarou is not a Gastrea or a Cursed Child. Nope folks. Remember how Rentarou was all SHOCKED when Hiruko explained how he was an experimental human....whatever project? Like super shocked. Like how could this be?! Well really that was Rentarou's MOG there is more than one of me? Because surprise Rentarou is a experimental whatever too. According to Kisara this is due to her grandfather saving Rentarou's ass during the initial war and Rentarou risking his life to protect her. Rentarou did get seriously hurt and Sumire gave Rentarou some Varanium body parts. His right arm and leg are metal as well as his eye (which I think is odd but whatever). That is why Sumire is all sad face, regretting her decision. Hello!!! He is not part Gastrea like I thought so this is a plus. Why so sad? He has a better chance at life now and apparently he isn't being used for evil so...what is the point?!
 photo blackbulletepisode418_zpscfb20925.jpg
But...but...I am supposed to be awesome now.
Of course one might think that Rentarou should have been portrayed as more awesome than he has been. He has been a bit Machine-Doll with calling out the ninja moves but.....if his limbs are made of Varanium shouldn't he really be injuring the Gastrea a lot more? Like just touching my arm and bam you are cut in half? I guess not. But according to Kisara this means that Rentarou will be able to kick Hiruko's ass. Um didn't Rentarou have these magical limbs and eyeball last time and he almost ended up fish food? So.....yeah. Exposing his limbs via Terminator doesn't mean that Rentarou has gotten magically better. I am glad that Kisara has faith but back up would be nice. Even if they just died while Rentarou regained his footing to get the upper edge.
 photo blackbulletepisode417_zps6a8cbe4d.jpg
That's the whole reason?!
The great reveal on why Hiruko was doing this all was a bit...jarring I suppose. Not unexpected of course. Hiruko probably thought his answer was pretty reasonable now that Rentarou is like him. He and Rentarou were meant to be weapons and if things improve....what will happen to them?! SO TRAGIC! Yeah Rentarou was pissed. Hiruko tried to give more to his answer, to make Rentarou not so angry. Think of the children Rentarou. Think about what society has done to these cursed girls. Well I don't think summoning a Giant Gastrea that kills EVERYONE, including the children will help at all. Not one bit. I guess I thought Hiruko knew more of what was going on, that Gastrea were human experiments gone wrong and he was trying to expose “the man” but that wasn't mentioned. Maybe later. 

So how did Rentarou in battle? OH HE GOT HIS ASS KICKED! Now granted he was able to hurt Hiruko a bit. Break through his shield. Couldn't do that at the meeting, you know before everyone got shot the hell up. That would make sense. Rentarou did okay. But if there was no magical Sumire Rentarou would still be dead. Hiruko WAS stronger. The giant hole where I am sure some organs were.....says so. WOOHOO Kisara. You were so right. Believe in the Rentarou because he is all magical and what not. Release the Kraken.
 photo blackbulletepisode4_zps4d8c8f34.jpg
I am sure it was necessary to use all of them at once.
It turns out those little syringes that Sumire gave Rentarou were for him and not Enju. I thought they were for him...but that is when I thought he was a Gastrea/Chosen Child since he was still standing and all healed. But these magical syringes were filled with Gastrea juice, something Enju doesn't need obviously. I am going to assume the reason Rentarou was standing at the beginning of this episode was because Sumire already gave him a shot. This Gastrea syringe will give you healing properties but there is a 20 percent chance you will grow wings and kill all humans. Sounds like pretty low odds but since I am assuming this is the SECOND time Rentarou got the shots that would sorta increasing the odds. Pushing his luck in a way. And given that he injected himself with ALL THE SYRINGES I am sure he should be dead anyway. That was so dramatic. Of course he should have died from blood loss anyway but we are putting that aside to wait out if Rentarou will turn all Spidey on us.
 photo blackbulletepisode43_zpsf4d3b753.jpg
He'll be back.
After Rentarou got all better Hiruko was toast. Probably because he stopped to see what was going on with Rentarou instead of attacking. Kohina probably should have been doing more. But Rentarou can do this folks. One two punch and into the ocean Hiruko went. The enemy has been defeated. Or has he? Everyone on team Seitenshi seems to think that Hiruko is down for the count. Well all I saw was he sunk deep into the water where sensors might have a hard time tracking him. Given that Hiruko is made of a lot of Varanium parts he might be okay being underwater. Rentarou hit his head but does the man have a squishy brain or Varanium one? Was it really cracked? I think Hiruko will be okay. Also Rentarou has a big heart. At least take Kohina into custody if you aren't going to shot her. She did kill a lot of other innocent girls so you know.....
 photo blackbulletepisode44_zpsad2e6044.jpg
Everything is clearly terrible, not awesome.
None of this matters as Hiruko has apparently summoned the level 5 Gastrea. Well you beat the super strong enemy and something so impossibly strong has appeared none of it matters. I like how this thing was classified as a Scorpion (as per the zodiac) but it looked more squid like. Either way this is the thing that nearly destroyed the world, probably took out most of Japan last time. Yeah Seitenshi and her little war ships can take it out.....with their non- Varanium bullets. Is there a reason WHY the missiles weren't made of Varanium? Shouldn't everything be made out of this material? It would still be metal so it could stop humans and Gastrea? If there is enough material to make these giant poles protecting the rest of humanity surely there is some more? Because if not they need to be gathering these spent shell casings and remaking them into usable bullets. For whatever reason these ships have no Varanium on them and the Gastrea Stage 5 is taking its sweet time taking out said ships.
 photo blackbulletepisode46_zps5ca9e316.jpg
Why can't anything go right?!
But wait. Rentarou and Enju are near that super weapon the group seemed to despise earlier. I thought it was something else, a sign that humanity was going to turn on each other when POOF the common enemy of Gastrea comes along and unites us most. Nope it turns out this weapon was to be used against the Gastrea all along so why all the long faces? Anyway Rentarou and Enju just need to start this up and all will be well. Well maybe not since Gastrea bits will be spread everywhere but still. Only this long forgotten (really, such an important weapon was forgotten?!) weapon has no bullets in it. All is doomed. Game over man game over.
 photo blackbulletepisode47_zps74606664.jpg
Deep's just saving the world after all.
Instead of letting the world end Rentarou rips his arm off and stuffs it in the hole where the weapon magically recognizes it as an actually missile. Yes I am sure that is how it works. It will have the same weight and size and have the same affect as a real missile. Just stuff it in. There was a bit of dramatics AFTER that though. Yes AFTER that. Rentarou was quick to use his own arm to save the world but actually pulling the trigger was a bit harder. What if he misses?! It would be much easier if someone else aimed because being responsible for that is too much pressure. I will chalk this up to Rentarou having a really bad 48 hours and the only people who support him are a french haired girl, a tiny tot in love with him, and some other tot he just met. So...he was having a moment. Enju was there to talk him down from that cliff and off the missile fires. Maybe it just needed a certain amount of Varanium to work regardless of shape because that thing blew the hell up. I thought it would injury it enough to allow bullets to work but you know...blowed up.
 photo blackbulletepisode48_zpsb0b0be0b.jpg
Fine. Just like you.
So after saved the world he went and found Kayo so they could form a pairing with Kisara right? Wrongo. Today is lose your arm day. Kayo defeated all the level 4 Gastrea but pretty much lost her life. Bleeding out, losing a limb, and now she is at 50 percent Gastrea. That means game over. Rentarou still has enough feeling in him to be all WHY DID YOU DO THIS! Because in the ten sentence exchange ya'll had she knew you were a good person, one worth protecting. I think she proves this point when Rentarou lies about Shougen being okay when he is clearly dead. She is dying anyway, why tell her the truth? Rentarou seems to blame himself for this death but Kayo is the one who stayed behind. :( I guess if Rentarou hadn't used all the syringes on himself it still would have ended the same so....It was just sad, Kayo wanting to be Rentarou's friend 10 seconds before he blew her away. Save the world Rentarou. The world that rejected me and gave me problems to the very end. :( So....bye Kayo.
 photo blackbulletepisode49_zpsf86abf8d.jpg
Pull the trigger!
At least the person behind this was temporarily stopped. OR NOT. Enter the grandfather of Kisara and savior of Rentarou. Somehow Rentarou put the pieces together (it was a bit complicated) and Grandfather was the one who made Kohina go all crazy. All because Gramps hates the Cursed Children. He sees the as the same as Gastrea, the ones who destroyed his family. So why should they be given any rights? He set this complicated plan in motion to make the Fair Citizen Whatever Act fail. Yes folks this crazy man planted the seeds for Kohina to react negatively and Hiruko to think of stealing the Inheritance of the Seven Stars all so a bill wouldn't be passed given Cursed Children equal rights. Because clearly that would make sense. Kill everyone in THIS city so other cities will just assume Cursed Children are dangerous and treat them like the monsters that they are so no one ever will have a chance at winning. Adding in all the pairs that died in this battle and how does ANY of this make sense? Yeah it doesn't. It is all insanity. How can humanity still be alive if this is who is left?! I really don't know. And does Rentarou about this? Like oh I don't know, tell anyone? Shoot the old guy in the face not only for treating Cursed Children AKA weapons to the Gastrea but putting the entire area at risk just because being a bigot is fun even in the future. Rentarou....just walks away because Gramps saved him once. It's okay folks. The enemy of humanity is okay because he saved one kid once. I SEE NOW.
 photo blackbulletepisode410_zps2558fc2e.jpg
I want to play a game.
So since Rentarou needs more suck in his life he goes to see Seitenshi. Maybe she knows what is going on since she is close with Gramps. Maybe she is his right hand man. Or or....Rentarou can be like look I saw what was in the case. So the whole theory that Rentarou just got mad about makes NO sense. There was no way that Hiruko could have summoned the level 5 Gastrea because....inside the damn case was a kid's tricycle. Now the world's most evilest tricycle is the one used in the Saw movies and I am pretty sure it doesn't hold any super natural abilities. So.....what the hell folks? What the hell? It looks like Gramps ISN'T in the know about anything. He thought he was being all evil with Hiruko but in the end there was NOTHING in the case. I doubt this was all a ruse to weed out the bad people in power so....what the hell. All we got is Seitenshi was telling Rentarou to get stronger as a pair with Enju so he could learn these actual secrets. OH I SEE. Well I guess we will have to wait around to find out why the Gastrea stage 5 was summoned right at the moment where Hiruko thought he was summoning it but apparently was not. Is this craziness or what? It is indeed.
 photo blackbulletepisode42_zpsbcec6d81.jpg
Well someone is a giant liar.
So after ALL of that was done Rentarou and Enju could walk home and take a breather right? We saved the world, it is going to be okay. Well of course not. Because Enju needs her check-up. I guess these shots that are given to the Cursed Children are only somewhat helpful. Or in reality they have to have Gastrea levels of about ¼ to do the things that they do. Regenerate and what not. Enju seems to be aiming for less and it is a concern among pairs that girls need to be checked out a lot. Well guess what folks. For some reason Sumire decided that Rentarou has been through enough and lied about Enju's levels. She has only 7 percent left to go until she reaches the point of no return. So.....this is bad right? It is because Enju did a lot of fighting or is the natural progression of Cursed Children? Because if so I could possibly understand why some people would be scared. If these kids are one day going to become Gastrea they need to ACTUALLY be monitored. You know put somewhere so there won't be an outbreak of epic proportions. This all seems like very dangerous business. X___X Really these kids need to be watched if only for that. I am sure this would lead to experimenting and stuff that would be equally as bad. I guess for now we will focus on Enju and if her numbers can decrease to a safer level. Because Rentarou and his new arm needs his family.

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