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Isshuukan Friends episode 5

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So...this looks like a new development.
Weee a second post before I go to bed. And I have already watched episode 6. I just need to keep up the pace of watching and blogging two episodes a day and I will be all caught up by the time I go to Disney. You know so I can get behind all over again. X___X Be positive though Tenchi. POSITIVE! For now here is Isshuukan Friends episode 5. Spoilers for a new friend. A bundle of annoying joy.
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Maybe slight overkill with your personality there Kaori.
Episode Summary: While Kaori and Yuuki have a great relationship on the roof they don't talk in class. Kaori still acts like her cold self which makes people think she isn't nice. Kaori apologizes for her coldness later to Yuuki who apologies too for breaking the no talking in the classroom rule. Yuuki sorta brings up the fact that they COULD talk in class but this is Kaori's wish. She doesn't want people to talk about her friend. Yuuki tries to understand and hopes she can make more friends one day. He decides that following these strict is a symbol of their friendship. Or so he though. On the roof some girl is watching the pair smiling like a crazy person. The next day Yuuki is called into a meeting with their teacher since his grades suck. He makes a grand announcement he will be late to lunch as his way of communicating to Kaori. Kaori waits alone on the roof and is surprised to see a random girl show up. The girl has a very annoying voice and her name is Saki. She talks...slow and weird and dances up to Kaori, going on and on about Kaori being her friend, more like a sister, maybe like a mother. Kaori gets overwhelmed and can't handle all this. Saki explains she has been watching Kaori a lot and looks up to her. She just does her own thing and Saki wants to be like that. Before things get too weird Yuuki and Shougo appear on the roof so Kaori can hide behind them. She explains this girl wants to be her friend and obviously this is odd. Saki acts like she has no idea who the boys are despite being in the same class. Yuuki proudly announces that he is Kaori's only friend. Saki smiles and says well I guess Kaori has two now. Kaori skips off, having already promised to eat with her other friends. Kaori asks her to only speak on the roof, not the classroom. Saki looks confused but agrees. Kaori asks Yuuki about this situation and he encourages her to at least try. Well...the next day Saki greets Kaori out in the open. Talks to her all the time. When Kaori reminds Saki about the no classroom rule Saki seems confused, like she doesn't remember. She seems to agree again but then keeps on talking to Kaori. Kaori doesn't talk back and others watch these conversations, assuming Kaori is being mean to Saki. Kaori escapes to the roof, where Yuuki finds her and tries to comfort her. He explains that Saki is too much but Kaori seems to like Saki's specialness. Yuuki thinks all Saki wants is to talk...which is super obvious. So Kaori does talk to Saki in class which semi surprises Saki's other friends and classmates.
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Twice the boys equals twice the creepy?
Kaori takes Saki to the roof and explains her memory reset issue. Saki fails to understand what the big deal is since Saki is a very forgetful at times. Like super forgetful. Kaori tries to explain it is a bigger deal but Saki seems convinced it is the same and Kaori actually knows when she will forget so it's easier. Saki celebrates the situation by saying they will be using their first names now hurray. So when Yuuki comes to the roof for lunch with Shougo he is shocked to see his lunch gone (eaten by Saki) and the girls are on a first name basis. He becomes more XO when he learns the girls have plans after school Friday. The date day arrives and Saki is so happy she makes a scene in front of the school, dragging Kaori down the street. Yuuki has become super jealous and convinces Shougo to help follow the girls under the pretense that Kaori is new to this friend thing. So the spying begins. First Saki and Kaori go for the place Yuuki and Kaori tried to go on their one date. Kaori mentally apologizes but has a great time as Yuuki melts from a distance. The girls then try on clothes but it ends up being...funny animal clothes. The girls continue to walk around and talk, Saki happy seeing this different side of Kaori. Yuuki is happy to see Kaori having fun. Kaori ends the day taking notes in her diary. She explains what she is doing to Saki and Saki is like psht we had so much fun you will remember. Shougo takes the time to tell Yuuki that he went to elementary school with Saki and she didn't have many friends at all. She was teased all the time for being forgetful and things were not good for her. So Saki seems happy to have Kaori now. Saki leaves positively while Kaori stays and cries out of sadness and happiness? On Monday Saki greets Kaori happily and Kaori gives her the who are you stare? Everyone looks at Saki as she processes this potentially upsetting information. Then she is like WOW it's true you did forget. You are like me! Saki introduces herself and Kaori remembers eating the crepes. At the sight of Kaori being nice Saki's other friends come over and Saki introduces Kaori as the most forgetful person ever. Saki's friends tease Saki how that isn't possible and Kaori laughs. The whole classroom sees it and though Kaori is shy about it Saki keeps it going. Kaori keeps on interacting with the girls and even smiles at Yuuki. This signifies she recognizes him and that the no talking in the classroom has been broken. There is hope folks! THE END!
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XO You can't just march in and demand to be a Yuuki!
Hmm....not really a fan of this episode. And it has more to do with than the fact that Saki has an annoying voice. Because she does. Obviously that was going to come up right? Saki is just...a lot. But there was more to my meh about this episode than Saki's...Sakiness.
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Yuuki trying not to be hurt.
I mean when I sit down and think about it Kaori growing as a person is important. Very important. Yuuki acknowledges that as well. But since I am not part of this situation as I am a real person and they are anime characters I am not jealous of this new Saki relationship. I just feel bad for Yuuki. He just seems very unlucky even though he is trying so hard. All this progress is thanks to him and he seems to not be reaping the benefits. Yes it is about Kaori and he should be doing this for Kaori, not to help himself....but that would be nice. He did stick his neck out there and his feelings could be potentially hurt every single week. Yet Kaori is remembering Shougo and making a LOT of progress with Saki in less than a week. I just felt bad for him. Like...:( okay I know this is great for Kaori but what about my feelings? What about my crepes?
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But people could look at you differently if they knew you two were friends....
Rewinding to the beginning of the episode. Despite Kaori and Yuuki being friends there is still the no talking rule in the classroom. She acts like her normal cold self even when he is trying to help which just furthers her reputation as an icy girl. Her excuse is that she doesn't want people to talk about her friends. It is just easier to put this face on in the classroom. I am not sure I agree with this way of thinking. I mean...people are talking about her anyway. But if people saw her relax and talk to another person in the classroom they wouldn't talk about that person OR her anymore. I thought that before I saw the end of the episode but yeah...seems rather obvious. But Kaori has been dealing with this for a while and maybe it's her way of coping. Just that it makes her look like more of a isolated person, self fulling prophecy.
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Err and who are you?
I think Yuuki would have kept up this rule. As he said he thought it was a sign of their friendship. Like look at me I am Kaori's friend and that is all that matters. I think he would have tried to improve things for Kaori. He talked about her making news friends. He does the diary things. He tries to make process happen. But clearly Saki came in like a hurricane and blew everything out of the water. I guess it could have gone either way. Kaori could have run away screaming from the girl and taken 10 steps back in her process or....well embraced this change. Just know deep down Yuuki is the one who made this possible. He made Kaori strong enough to endure the crazy and persistence that is Saki. Planted the seeds and made her accepting of this..change.
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Wave that flag high Yuuki.
Saki came in like a wrecking ball ya'll. Remember that song? You know before Frozen came out. Saki apparently has been watching Kaori for a while. Not everyone was talking crap about her. That some people like a strong, independent person. Of course Kaori really is lonely on the inside. Yeah but still Saki came in with positive reasons. Even if she was a complete psycho about it. Be my friend sister mom!!!! Like damn even if Kaori wasn't....Kaori with her problems that would still be a lot to handle for anyone in Japan land. Good thing that Shougo and Yuuki came up to the roof when they did. Quick hide Kaori. Why is Shougo not considered a friend yet? I guess he is Yuuki's friend in Kaori's mind so she can remember him better? Anyway despite Kaori looking really nervous and not seeming happy about Saki the new girl was like okay we will be friends now okay. Poor Yuuki trying to act all proud about it.
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Follow the rules or get out! XO
On the roof before Saki bopped to her other friends Kaori said that she would agree to this friendship thing...but only on the roof. Not the classroom. So naturally Saki spends the next day or two talking to Kaori every single chance she gets. At one point it boarded on crazy, even if Kaori didn't have this rule. Like slow your roll kid, we are new to this friendship thing. And it is pretty obvious how Kaori acts in class, why did Saki think it was going to change for her? Everyone knows that Kaori is...a cold person who talks to no one. All Saki did was make Kaori look worse. What do you mean you asked me to not talk to you on the roof? I don't remember that. But even after Kaori rereminded her Saki kept on talking to her about homework and shampoo and hugs. To be fair Saki's friends weren't like the gossipy girls. They were just worried that Saki was getting her hopes up against a girl who doesn't want friends. Like errr so what is going on here......Still the rest of the class was very confused.
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But I forget EVERYTHING!
Yuuki and his over protectiveness had to check in with Kaori since Saki was a blatant rule breaker. But despite Saki's over....everything behavior Kaori likes the girl. An ideal friend. Since you know she has never had one she might be a bit special in that department, not identifying a good friend. But Saki has a good heart and Kaori doesn't want to turn the girl away despite her rule breaking. I think Yuuki thought he was going to help Kaori avoid/break things off with Saki but instead it made Kaori want to open up to the girl. Explain the rule about not talking in class. Which makes no sense but it has to do with her memory problems. So onward to explaining to another person that she forgets her friend memories every single week. Saki is like....oh is that all? I forget things too. In fact you have it easier because you know what you forget and when you forget this. Psht this will be okay. I think Kaori was surprised at Saki's reaction. I might have been like HEY this is my life and it's a big deal so please be caring. But Kaori took it as Saki is trying to make her feel better. Everyone say aw.
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But...but...what about us?!
This was the part of the episode where Yuuki was like um what is going on? This morning Saki was breaking rules left and right and now you done give her MY lunch and there is first name business going on here. Of course this is a friendship between two girls and Kaori probably sees Yuuki as a romantic interest so things are going to process differently. Still Yuuki had a right to be like WHAT?! I am trying to help and Saki is reaping all the benefits. My life is unfair, everything is meaningless. Yuuki's mom needs to make his own lunch though.
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Taste like betrayal!
I think deep down (well not that deep) Yuuki was really happy for this development. But yeah...when Saki was like lets do something after school and dragged Kaori in front of the entire school to see....Yuuki sorta lost it in that moment. What about us?! Who cares if we are a boy and girl team?! This isn't fair. Shougo come with me after school so we can spy on them. In Yuuki's mind that looked less creepy when obviously it was more creepy with two stalker boys. Yuuki was just making sure Kaori was being a friend correctly...duh. XD I think Kaori and Saki had a lot of fun. Saki didn't seem as annoying. She got her way so she wasn't all desperate and clinging. Part of me felt bad when Yuuki watched them eat crepes. Like noooo that was our thing! Trying on silly clothes...well that is what girls do. Everything was ordinary which was the point. Kaori has never done this (to her memory) so it was a big deal.
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Gosh kids!! I thought in the lower grades people were just a little mean. This is like high school anger.
All good things must come to an end though. I am surprise that Kaori hadn't explained the diary before to Saki. Saki seemed to think that the day was so successful Kaori wouldn't need to write things down. Maybe because Saki didn't realize how serious this problem was? Still it was a sad moment when the girls departed. Saki was like things are going to be okay while Kaori knew she wasn't going to remember anything. Shougo actually said more than one line this episode. Yuuki and Shougo spent the majority of the afternoon spying and at the end of the day Shougo explained he knew Saki. Apparently in elementary school she got teased for being forgetful? I mean.....are kids really that mean or are they really that sensitive? I guess if her book got torned up like that kids are that mean. Maybe Saki kept breaking promises she forgot she made and what not. Either way both girls wanted to make a friendship. It meant more to Kaori obviously since Saki has friends now...just the girl can relate to her now.
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Oh no. It's sad vision time!
Monday comes around and Kaori has forgotten who Saki is. There is a moment of X___X in the classroom as Saki acts like it is a normal day and Kaori has her mean eyes on. I think this would all go smoother if Yuuki, Shougo, and Saki started off their conversations on Monday with hello I am so and so. That would save the glares you know? That would just make sense I guess. Kaori should have asked Saki to do their first greeting on the roof though. Not that Saki would have remembered it. At first it appears that Saki is going to get upset over this rejection but then she was like....OH WOW cool you really did forget. X___X Um is Saki special?
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These were the most magical crepes ever.
Yeah that is how the episode ends. Saki makes a HUGE deal about this entire memory thing in front of the whole class and yet Kaori isn't that upset. I would have been. Everyone in the classroom was staring at them and of course Saki's friends have to come over to investigate. The tension was broken because Kaori actually did remember one thing from last week, sharing crepes. Kaori seems to remember things that she dreamed of doing with friends better than the actual people doing them. But this laughing and smiling startled people in the classroom and caused them to see Kaori in a different light. Heck Saki's other friends might be warming up to Kaori now too. Add in the smile that Kaori gave Yuuki, signifying she recognized him and that the no contact in the classroom rule had been exploded out of the atmosphere.....and this was way too many changes in one episode. X__X I am glad that Kaori has made progress but damn. After years of no friends and suddenly she is smiling and talking openly in the classroom because Saki is a rule breaker and cornered her. X__X I guess it is good that Kaori has made progress, that Yuuki has set her up for success. She had been making baby steps before but now she took a GIANT leap that was slightly unexpected. So...congrads Saki. Sometimes bulldozing over people can be beneficial? Especially if you are a cute girl in Japan land.
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Look Yuuki. Things are working out for you too.

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